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#1772 Mar 25, 2013
John Hargis wrote:
All of you people are cowards. You talk trash about people, and church's,and/or anything or anybody and you hide your idenity. You wouldnt know the truth if it bit you on the behind. You want to talk about me or my church come and see me face to face.
amen :) plus cowards never come forward

Charleston, WV

#1773 Mar 26, 2013
"you are high
Charleston, WV
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Feb 6, 2013 well do it and shut the f**k up if your that stupid. ain't nothing worth killing yourself"
I know I would like to know who wrote this becasue it is considered slander!!!!
However, I know the person who might have told this person this and it would not be his fault because he would only be doing his job.
However; do your research on people before you listen to what they tell you becasue they could be telling people stuff about you as well.
Never listen to gossip if you don't want people to listen to gossip about you. I always like to find out for myself about people before I let people tell me something about someone else. That is why I said I like to know what type of person someone is before I talk to them. Some people are considered poop sticks. I am not a potty mouth so I will not say the other word. I know how to tell if someone has a big heart becasue God has a big heart and they will usually follow His character. So don't let people tell you stuff about people becasue they are not God. God knows people ask God!!! He knows me!!! Plus if you have been on my facebook you should know the truth as well.
BTW unless your name is halo8000 then you are not telling your idenity as well.

Charleston, WV

#1774 Mar 26, 2013
Also, I think the person who said this stuff to him should go and appologize to him. Becasue you no doubt wasted his time. I don't have anything to hide from him. No one in my family does drugs. No one!!! My eldest sister was in an abusive relationship to a guy we did not know. We were not even allowed in his house when he was there. We had to sneek and wait for him to leave before we could get in. Well he killed himself and she is home with us, her and her children. There is an order filed by this man against my mother to keep us away from my sister. The jurk did not show up to Court so it got dismissed. Talk to Judge Trent Redman. You needed to know the truth before you start spreading lies on people. Talk to people who know the truth about me and my family not to people who don't even believe in God. I am an honor student hoping to start law school soon. I have a certficate and an AAS degree. I have held the same job for almost ten years. I work full time plus I go to school full time. I don't even smoke. So I would appreceate it if the person who started telling rummors about me and my family would stop being haters and get a life. I like everyone, well I try to but this kind of stuff makes you want to stay out of Churches like this. Like I said before some people who go to Church are only there for a show. My family has been in this Chruch for almost seven years. Not now!! I was raised in Chruch my whole life. But this kind of stuff makes me want to never see another Chruch in my life. I beleive in Jesus. I am not going to give up my faith for anyone. He is the one who carried me this far. So regardless of what people say about me I know what God says about me so I don't care what other people say.

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#1775 Mar 27, 2013
I've always heard the "cult" rumors but with that said I always have some random person telling me I should check it out. I have a few friends who attend service and they love it.

I made a few promises that I would check it out. The Christian store I shop at is owned by a real nice lady who attends there too.

I'm not here to bash the Church but every time someone mentions it they start off by saying "You might have heard bad things but ..." I don't know if that is a red flag or the members are just aware that people talk bad about it.

Either way I'm going to attend a service.
Ruffled feathers

United States

#1776 Mar 27, 2013
First statement to be made: I do NOT consider myself to be deeply religious, but I am very familiar with Jesus' outlook and study religious practices out of sheer curiosity...

You ALL should be ashamed. For surely, YOUR lord would be disappointed. Admit it or not, you are blaspheming, which I recall being a HUGE no no in Christianity. You are talking against a church, which is certainly an orginization that has helped many better themselves, and using Jesus and religion to argue with each other. There should have NEVER been anywhere near 1400 posts, the majority of which is bickering between each other, on a feed about a church. You all are a bunch of hippocrits. I was appalled when I saw this thread, especially due to the fact that this is from people who talk down to so many others, for not being correct, in the eyes of their lord. You people, who stoop so low to use religion, as a means to attack each other, do not deserve to gain entry into the precious heaven, which you Christians value so much. If you truely have ANY respect for your religion, nevermind dignity, as you lost this long ago, then you will cease this nonsense.

*I debated typing this from gods perspective, but you stupid Christians, being stupid Christians, wouldn't get it. You'd just get pi$$y with me. So I've spoken as an outsider, who not even a Christian, sees the wrongfulness you have done.


ANY ANSWER, OTHER THAN NO, MAKES YOU A FU--ING RETARD, and you seriously need to go back and read your precious bible.

I could say godd@mn for the next two years, everyday, and it wouldn't be nearly as bad as what you all have purposely done here.

You know what, F it. Continue your hatefilled ways, as i know you people will. It wont take two hours to get a respons to this, eventhough you shoul be in church right now and now running your mouths on topix. See where that gets you, when your time comes. Know that you, god, and I all know what your doing is wrong.

This was directed at EVERYONE on here, not most, some, or a couple. If you posted anything on here, you fueled this fire. A fire that will consume you.

...Bunch of sheep
Ruffled feathers

Morgantown, WV

#1777 Mar 27, 2013
YOu won't get a response to the above, it serves a a mere reminder of how wrong your actions are. Hopefully, it will reach, at least, one of you.
to you Ruffled Feathers

Charleston, WV

#1778 Apr 8, 2013
This goes to you Ruffled Feathers... First, what is so funny is you said we should ALL be ashamed if we posted anything on this forum good or bad? Well, well, well did you post anything??? Shame Shame on you because you a fueling the fire! You are not any better then anyone else that has posted on this forum. Secondly, I will not stand by and let anyone bash Maranatha Church. Thirdly, I know you’re not a Christian because of the language you are using. Just reading your post it sounds like you’re a very nasty person that needs LOTS of prayers (which I will do).
Been There

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#1779 Apr 8, 2013
I've been there a couple of times because I have some family that attends and I find it to be just a bit much. I'm a little more reserved and the atmosphere there makes me uncomfortable. Too many things I find peculiar.
Concerned Individual

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#1780 Apr 15, 2013
Wow wrote:
<quoted text>
I am assuming this is Tosha because you have now started KLF church. If this is you, I have now lost ALL respect for you! I was thinking about going to see what that church is like but not now. It appears you are a trouble maker and you love to gossip. You sure are starting off on the wrong foot to start and build a new church.
I do not understand why the Church has gotten so ugly and divided. We are called to unite and fight the good fight, not fight each other. I have so many times heard that people do not want to go to church anymore because of the way that church people act. This would be a prime example of the wrong way to act and behave. Love one another as He has loved you!!! In Jesus Name I rebuke the devil and his division and pray that you look inside yourself to see who's side you are working for. Its your decision to make and your choice to behave as you do. Make the right choice for the good of the Lord's purpose.
Peace and Love,

Charleston, WV

#1781 Apr 17, 2013
I'm thinking of quitting my church and going to maranatha or mabey the diciples of Christ. My church teaches hard on titheing and it seems they look down on me for paying my bills first and only dropping 5 a week or so in the offering. But we just don't have it. I drive the oldest crapiest car on there lot I live in a small small small2 bedroom house when I need 3bedrooms and am receiving government assistance but they think I'm not good enough to sing in there church or be a member because I dont tithe right. I love the lord. I'm far from a great Christian but I try. Just would be nice to find a church that will allow me to be a part of the church even if Im not driving a car that's newer than a 95 or new clothes.......

Davis, CA

#1782 Apr 18, 2013
The New Testement says it all belongs to the Lord. You must give whatever the Lord tells u to give, it may be more than 10%. 10% is a starting point. Also notice in scripture that Jesus said to render unto Ceasar what is Ceasars and unto God what is Gods. Meaning pay your taxes (what Ceasar requires) and give to God out of your heart of love for what he has done for you through giving us His son. 10% isn't much when God bankrupt heaven to give us eternal life. Your right, tithing is an Old Covenant law requirement. But sowing and reaping is a timeless kingdom principle that even works in under the New Covenant. Notice the story in Luke 18 about the Rich Young Ruler, Jesus told him that he needed to sale all he had and give it to the poor. Everything we have is the Lord's if we are truly born again. He may ask you to give more than 10%, but start there. It is a demonstration of our love for him. Hope this encourages you!

Charleston, WV

#1783 Apr 18, 2013
Don't really see why god needs my money.... the bible also says a laboring man deserves his wages. Many people and churches say tithes is not in the new testament. I'm paying my bills and getting my kids through school. Ilk give what I can. But I'm not about to make my Cadillac driveing preacher richer while I lose utilities and my kids end up in rags. I think the lord cares a lot more about my heart and faith than he does my husbands pay check

Hurricane, WV

#1784 Apr 21, 2013
You all need to trust God, be it on tithing or what ever. Quit running down a church if it is a cult so what who is it hurting? You people let Satan run your lives and you spew your vile ignorant comments in public just like a false prophet. If you knew anything you'd know when you pay tithes your supposed to do it freely and without remorse and if your giving begrudgingly of course you won't be blessed. Shut up and wash your own laundry before you start telling someone else how to remove stains. Get over Maranatha Church already leave them alone. They are praying for their enemies and anyone posting stuff against them I fear what horrors you are bringing on yourself and your loved ones. Whoever started this negative stuff a few years ago think back over the last few years since you did it a whole lot of bad stuff has came your way hasn't it? Oh and BTW to 75% of you drop the E when you add ING already. Proof you didn't pay attention in school and you probably have never even stayed awake the whole time during a church service.

Saint Albans, WV

#1785 May 11, 2013
[QUOTE who="it's a secret"]<quoted text>
You are a sad sad person. You have absolutely no idea of the things you are saying... I'm sure you heard that from someone who heard it from someone that has never step foot in Maranatha... I'm also sure that you'll right something nasty back to try an make up for your lack of knowledge about what you are saying. Lol[/QUOTE] how do they only want money the life center is free to every member of the church it's not a requirement to give them anything it's just a offering to god if you do give. You give your money to a organization so they can use it to spread the word or glorify god and that is what the bible tells us to do but screamo band youth services were a mistake and the pastor does raise questions when he cruises in his corvette but I believe this church and the pastor truly want to reach people and it wants to excite people. It is a rockstar church and that is how a lot of people enjoy worshiping god. Honestly that's not the kind of church services I enjoy but I have gone to many services there and I tell u one thing you can feel the spirit of god in that place and that is all that matters they are in it for all the right reasons
Hatingstaintalba ns

Winfield, WV

#1786 May 15, 2013
OMG , people this is a church, god house, repent and repent now!!
uh duh

Hansford, WV

#1787 May 23, 2013
some family members of a certain family need to back off.
You know who you are. Uh duh

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#1788 May 26, 2013
My experience with this church has been a positive one. They are biblical based and support many community ministries including my fathers ministry to the prisons. No one is perfect. The important thing is to forgive and live in peace as best you can.
In Christ

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#1789 May 26, 2013
Just for the record. I don't attend this church. I attend Christ Temple as I live in Huntington. I have visited and enjoyed it, but have a good friend that attends and this church has supported him through tough times in his family, and I respect that.

Saint Albans, WV

#1790 Jun 18, 2013
I have read all of this crap as far as I can and care to. The problem is if you were caring loving turn the other cheek Christians then why did the first response to the question ever occur?
You are feeding the fire with your reply. All you have managed to do is fuel the flame and now look at it. But you are mature Christians and know how to handle think not.....ask yourself truly....WWJD?
Hmmm ...or do you still ask yourself that?
Where is your wisdom?
People are always going to think bad about one thing or another and if you think this is how to change their minds you are sadly mistaken. Everyone has an opinion and a lot of them should never be shared out loud. Edify each other, not tearing each other down. This is why I stopped going to church. Too much like the world. God didn't send his son for this crap. Move on and be who God called you to be. OK I'm ready , let me have it....I would say I'm all ears for the reply but I'm signing out and won't return to this .

Saint Albans, WV

#1791 Jul 11, 2013
Go to then look up wrightway ministries . looks like he has a lot of money. The change is jingling in his pocket.

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