Review: Duro-Last Roofing Inc

Fort Pierce, FL

#21 Nov 16, 2011
any one besides me having problems with tiny holes all over durloast membranes? Durolast won't cover it under the warranty and they don't know the reasons for holes in the membrane.

United States

#22 Nov 27, 2011
I am a PM for a large commercial roofing company in Northern Michigan. I have had nothing but good experiences with DL, which is what my company installs. The priduc is far superior to the other PVC membranes on the market. The warranty is the best by far also. I have experience with another local company that install Sarnifil, which is a good product if on a budget. But in my opinion DL is long lasting, and out performs all others. Most of your issues come from the contractor, not the product. I have the opportunity to work for the very best roofing contractor in the state. I believe in this product when it us dine properly. Quality work by quality people. The low bid isn't the best way to go. You pay for what you get.
Blox in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA

#23 Feb 6, 2012
We installed Duro-Last roof on 12 buildings(flat roofs) and have problems on everyone. The contractor will not even come look at the roofs and waiting on DL to contact regarding our 15 year warranty. I have lakes on all buildings, rain pouring over flashing. Report all shoddy contractors to the state licensing boards and to BBB.

Monterey, CA

#24 Feb 19, 2012
I had a durolast roof installed approximately 10 years ago. The brand new roof was installed improperly and it took of two years to figure this out. We had to tear off the drywall in three bedrooms to discover the drip-drip style leaks that were causing dampness and mildew on the walls. After spending $14,000 and thinking the roof would last "15-20 years easy," it was disappointing to say the least. This being a residence we only had a 7 year warranty, but the installer did come back and make the repairs. I checked with a lot of people in the construction business prior to picking the roofer, and the roofer had a solid reputation. The dl membrane hasn't held up well, even though the roofer, during his sales pitch said, "You can have a hoedown up there." Yeah right. Now everytime it rains I cross my fingers the roof stays water tight. And I'm ready to pitch it!

Arlington, TX

#25 Mar 27, 2012
Ask how this product holds up to hail
The single ply man

Wynne, AR

#26 Apr 10, 2012
Keep the pool liner in the pool !!!! Any more questions tpo is way better than durocrap and we install that junk !!!!

Los Angeles, CA

#27 Apr 17, 2012
If you need help from a roofing installation contractor in Raleigh NC try
Seattle Interested

Seattle, WA

#28 Jun 6, 2012
Can you share the name of the company (maybe offline). I'm considering D-L roofing on two projects here in Seattle.
Seattle Dummies wrote:
Just had DL roof put on our very big (70'x 40') flat garage to cover an old tar roof to stop leaks. DL was folded and drapped over the old roof like a big old bedspread. Edge and corners are rounded (if you step near the edge you can feel the stuff steaching since not mounted to anything - we'll have a tear in the next year I imagine) plus (can this get worse - yes!) the extra material has left big wrinkles since not fitted well. The whole think is such a crappy look. We're out $17k to contractor and just amazed that we signed up for this (that's why we the Seattle Dummies). Contractor says its the bests he can do (must be his first big DL job). we are extremely dissappointed in this product/installation. We so sorry we didn't have a metal roof put on. we went cheap and we got screwed. We are up on the roof everyother day swabing/pushing/squeeging off roof cause it fills like a big swiming pool. The mosquito's will thank us come spring :(
Dont go with this product....

Juneau, AK

#29 Jun 30, 2012
i own Bulard general contracting in Juneau AK and we get 300 inches plus of precip a year and i havnt hade a problem yen

New Iberia, LA

#30 Jul 22, 2012
I have a double wall brick building and considering Duro-Last to apply over the existing tar and gravel built up roof. Have adequite roof dainage with galvanized down-spouts. Can Duro-Last contractors be able to use the existing doun-spouts for adequet drainage when installing a new Duro-Last roof?
Alberta Roofer

Calgary, Canada

#31 Aug 24, 2012
California roofer wrote:
As the former GM of a large Northern California roofer which applied lots of Duro-Last and many competing products, I know "Duroscrewed" is ill-informed. Every commercial roof is examined and scored by Duro-Last employees. All the problems they find must be repaired. If the scores are too low, Durolast refuses to do business with the roofer. The warranties are honored; we fixed a number of problems on roofs installed by other roofers and us. At the time, Duro-Last had a $10 million liability policy to back its warranties. Duro-Last is the only system whose warranty includes protection against ponding water. We put it on roofs with ponding problems, because we didn't have to build up the low spots. Duro-Last started out as a pond liner manufacturer. Their stuff is still that waterproof.
I Agree with California Roofer, the product is inspected to the closest detail by the duro-last staff, and as far as I know in the region i'm from, they're one of the only companies that will warranty any damage to the inside as well.
RSI Central Florida

Plant City, FL

#33 Nov 27, 2012
The single ply man wrote:
Keep the pool liner in the pool !!!! Any more questions tpo is way better than durocrap and we install that junk !!!!
TPO is a decent economical solution if you are are on a budget and want a 8-10 year fix. Saying TPO is better than a PVC that has been on the market for over 30-years is just an uneductaed statement. You can google TPO failures and find numerous articles posted by consultant firms. However eveyone is entitled to their own opinion. I prepare re-roof specifcations in central Florida including Duro-last, I also know for a fact that there has not been an approved Duro-last applicator in the Plant City, Florida vacinity for over 4-years as I have the list for bidding purposes. If you are installing Duro-last, then you are doing so without a certification.
renew roofing

Atlanta, GA

#34 Feb 19, 2013
Duroscrewed wrote:
my name says it all.
durolast roofing is overpriced and they use cheap, ineperienced contractors to make up for that high cost. You will get a subpar installation as a result. Don't let the warranty talk sway you in their direction. It aint worth the paper its printed on. Their QC team approves every job, what a joke.
I work for a company that installs dura-last it is a good product the problem is to many fly by night contractors have install it and promised warranty and fyi a dura-last roof will not get manufacturers warranty unless inspection is done by duralast themselves and they don't approve everyroof I've seen many roofs get failed by inspectors and dura-last is getting to the point they will not keep selling contractors the product without prearranged inspection as a costumer its your responsibilitytyour home work on the contractor you consider using the comapany I work for does commercial roofs for 7 11, sonic, pizza hut, long horn steak house, applebees, whataburger, mcdonalds, bonefish grill and many more. If it was a bad product these multi million dollar companies would not use it on there establishments,
those of you who have had bad experiences are victims of shady or inexpienced contractors not a faulty product.
Canadian Roofer

Hamilton, Canada

#35 Feb 21, 2013
Putting a pool liner over your existing roof will only cause more problems. When there is a leak it is impossible to find because water is now trapped between two roofs. Do it right, make sure there is no moisture in the existing roof from prior leaks and install a 2 ply Modified Bitumen membrane roof, if you are considering going over top. Best thing to do is remove the existing roof down to the deck. Duralast is the Avon Lady of roofing. Its garbage.

Louisville, KY

#36 Mar 15, 2013
Seattle Dummies sounds like he has had a very poor installation job. You have to be careful when you pick your contractors and, in the case of Duro-Last, you have to be certain that they are trained and certified for installation. If the roof is properly installed, it is stretched on with absolutely no wrinkles and is seamless. It's a top notch roof that we have installed on many sites for one of the Big-4 telecommunications companies. They will consider nothing else - and with good reason. The product is exceptional. As with anything, the product is only as good as the installation job behind it. If you want a good installer, contact Duro-Last for a certified one.
Jim Leggett

Colorado Springs, CO

#38 Jun 19, 2013
Are you in the Colorado Springs area? I had a Duro-last roof put om in 2002. It started leaking after about 8 years. After core samples were taken it was apparent the contractor had not removed the old tar and gravel roof, had not replaced rotten roof decking and has not installed ISO board. All of these were paid for. Contractor skipped town years ago.
Western Man wrote:
Duro-Last fails. I paid the high price to get a Duro-Last roof on my house 6 years ago because I wanted the best. I even paid extra to get the thicker "commercial" quality material. Now the contractor disappeared, the nearest installer is 100 miles away, the edges are leaking in multiple places where the drip-edge shrinks and tears from the roof membrane, and the roof membrane itself is developing what they call "spirals," inch-diameter circular and spiral cracks through the material. Over months, I had to contact the Duro-Last headquarters repeatedly to get even a "warranty number" which would presumably pay for the material if I paid all labor cost to fix things. Even a certified letter with photos didn't get a response from the company. Never mind the warranty, I agreed to pay an installer the whole bill to fix things, but he didn't show up. With repeated calls to the district representative I get an unanswered phone and no response to my recorded messages. And, oh yes, the screws that should hold the underlayment down are coming up through the membrane. My neighbor also got a Duro-Last roof before I got mine. His failed totally in a hailstorm. He didn't bother with warranty, simply replaced the entire roof with something else.
Jack Wilson

Boston, MA

#39 Jul 15, 2013
I don't mind Duro-Last roofing products, however, I prefer Certainteed roofing products or anything recommended by the guys at Olympic Roofing ( ).
Charles Terry Const

Midland, TX

#40 Aug 22, 2013
I'my going on 35 years in the roofing business. I have read every post here. It's a sad thing when people don't take responsibility for their own actions.
The product is "Top of the Line". The installer.....well....Our industry is full of false representation when it comes to doing the job correcty. Your product will only be as good as your installer.
I hate it when people lose money in a roofing project but it happens all the time. And the #1 reason for the the installer.
DL installer

Dahlonega, GA

#42 Dec 22, 2013
I agree with DL Elite. You guys are bashing a brand when anything installed incorrectly may fail. Sounds like you need to be on the BBB page notating the poor craftsmanship and deceit on the contractors profile to prevent them from doing the same to someone else. DL is a great product when installed by a professional.

Sorry you guys were mistreated by shady contractors. They give the rest of us a bad name.
big rob

Clearwater, MN

#44 Feb 7, 2014
I put it on every day and if it is put on right it is a great roof for Christ sake it keeps water in swimming pools pretty shire it will keep water out long as its not put on by a hack

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