Preacher for profit: Followers say th...

Preacher for profit: Followers say they were deceived by S. Flo...

There are 92 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from May 11, 2008, titled Preacher for profit: Followers say they were deceived by S. Flo.... In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

T o a chorus of "Amens" and "Thank You, Jesus," the Rev. Daniel S. Mundell tells followers God will free them of debt, even make them millionaires.

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David Golman

Hollywood, FL

#83 May 30, 2008
Join The Band Wagon wrote:
Please contact the local State Atty, And demand that he be tried criminally for fraud. We need these enemies of christ in our prison system to minister to inmates in jail. And show prisoners how to become millionairs by giving him their commisary money.If you have been scammed demand your money back and call the state attorney.
Yes, is the state attorney/Broward Attorney's office on top of this? Tilson, Swaggart, beginning to see a pattern here? Florida citizens need their day in court who were victimized by this.

Sudbury, Canada

#84 Jun 10, 2008
For thus saith the Lord, watch ministries that raise themselves up in the pride of this
world. There are two types of such ministries: those that serve Me, but have gone after
the flesh and want to raise up their name; and those that serve satan who naturally flow
into the pride of the world.
Both shall be equally judged, saith the Lord, both shall be equally judged! For I am
bringing about a judgment on ministries. In the coming years you shall see this
significantly. You shall see the hand of God against ministers that have turned against
Me, and ministries which are wolves in sheep’s clothing, which are designed specifically
by satan to deceive the world.
I shall bring My hand against them. And yet they shall rise up in greater numbers than
before. They shall flourish for a time, and then I shall judge them for their sin.
For thus saith the Lord, never again will I have My church so deceived as its been in the
past. For I shall bring a quickening of My Spirit to My people. If they will heed this
Spirit, they will know the Spirit of God speaks to certain people. And they will know
that certain things are not of the Kingdom of God--but are not of the Kingdom in any
way, but are not of anything to do with the Kingdom, but are not anything whatsoever
to do with God. But while they use the name of Jesus, while they use the name of God,
while they rise up in great religious ways; they are of satan, and they are born of him.
For thus saith the Lord, great is My Kingdom, and I shall begin to show this into My
people so that they will know who is of Me and who is not. And as I teach them
this--to listen to the Holy Spirit and receive this discerning of spirits--they will rise up
and know who to follow and who not to, who to listen to and who not to.
For My Word is going forth and we are in the preparation for the very, very last days.
So says the Lord God.

Prophecies Thru Thomas S. Gibson (2001-2004)

Sudbury, Canada

#85 Jun 10, 2008
02-08-2007, 06:18 PM
There is a waking to God's people. The spirit of slumber is being taken away from the midst of my people. Many are hearing of the new manna that I am sending from heaven. The key revelation that I have passed out is the way of the Cross.

The way of the Cross is to sacrifice your life for the Lord Jesus. To yield you mind, body and souls unto the Lord that the Lord may shine through your life. To put on the new man, and throw away the old. To make in yourself a new wine skin, that I may pour forth the new wine. That you may be endued with power to help set the captives free. It is to these vessels that are emptying old self out and making way for this new wine, that they may be able to succor and nurture others.

Have I not said in my word, that I have filled all things? That by me all things consist? Have I not said that I make all things new that your life may be hid in Christ Jesus? This is the point that I want all my children to come to. A point where their lives are hid in Christ Jesus. That he that hath seen you hath seen the Father. That the prayer of my son in the garden of Gethsemane, may come to pass, that you may be one with me. One in body, soul, mind and spirit. That we may be one. In that hour that this occurs, you will know what it means that the Son is in the Father, and the Father is in the Son and that we being one are in thy midst. When this occurs in your life, you are a new vessel fit for the Lord's purpose.

To all those that desire to become one with me, I say. Come and buy oil. Come and drink of the fountain of living waters. Let your conversation become as those that are separate from this world. Come and fill thy heart with my words. My prophetic words ringing ever so clearly to those that want to know me. Those that love me, that hold me in their minds and thoughts. Those that have separated themselves from this present evil world. Come and sup on the mountaintops with your Lord. Come away from Hollywood, come away from the prosperity seeking, the woldly carnal ways of self indulgence. Come away to a land that I will show you. The promise land that lies within the midst of thine heart.

Come to the promise land in the midst of thine heart, whereby great and precious promises are found. Come where my spirit is, within thy heart and where the reign of the King truly comes to pass. That kingdom of God that is within. Where you may receive these great and precious promises that I have to share from my mount. That you may be fully equipped with your inheritance until the purchase of your souls in my redemption.

Step out of futile attempts to come to know me, and step into the waters that baptize you, and that cleanse you. The waters of my word. Both spoken and written and whom is my Son. Hearken, I give you free access by faith. By the atoning work of my dear son, sprinkle your heart from an unclean conscience and lay hold on that part of inheritance that I give freely forgiveness of sins. Come and approach me all of ye, from the least unto the greatest. I am your Father. I am the one that Created all things. And if I have created all things, yea, I formed you in the belly of your mother. Be strong and take good courage. I am calling, calling and calling, but I will not strive with mankind forever. The time is now to repent and come to the living God, like no other time in your life. Draw nigh unto me, and I will draw nigh unto you. So ends the words of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ the Omnipotent King.
Through Jeff Rodrick

P.S. Please pass this message along to the lost

Heart-Life Ministries
4220 Sheldon pl.
New Port Richey, Fl. 34652
[email protected]

Sudbury, Canada

#86 Jun 10, 2008
Sunday, December 2nd, 2007
Jesus said:“My people, you are starting your celebration of Advent and already this vision of myrrh is an anticipation of when I will die on the cross for the sins of mankind. This crucifix is a focal point of why I came as a man in the first place to the earth, and it is why it is appropriate to be in the center of your altar so you never forget it. The people who labored to fix your cross are to be commended for their good work. In the Gospel you hear again this theme of being prepared in your soul to be pure when you celebrate My birth at Christmas. This wake up call to be always watching, can also carry over into when the Son of Man will come again. The Gospel makes a point of the sign of evil in the days of Noah. Just as there is evil all around you, so it will be when I come again. You are living in the end times because of all the signs around you that were not only prophesied, but are being fulfilled even as I am speaking to you now.”
Posted in Messages < ; |

Amen and Amen (*)

Sudbury, Canada

#87 Jun 11, 2008
My people, each one of you is formed in My image and likeness. And each time
you express the beauty inside you to another, you are then magnifying part of Me
to that person for it is I, Jesus, who created each one of you. So many focus on
outside beauty, but it is what is in your heart and soul that portrays the real you.
My people, focus on the cross, focus on the mission and come to receive My
Most Precious Body and Blood for it is there that you understand the beauty of
My love for you. My love is merciful, My love is infinite.
My people, the battle is upon you and your trials and sufferings have just begun.
Greater trials and sufferings will fall upon mankind because too many have
ignored My words of love. So many of you continue to be the blind eye and the
deaf ear that it will only be by the just hand of My Father that you will begin to
see that this world cannot remain on its sinful path. So many of you claim you
want peace, yet you put the path of evil in front of Me.
My Church no longer remains a place of reverence, but a place of worldly
moneychangers who look past My true presence in the Tabernacle. Families are
being divided because too many are caught up in their selfish desires and are not
giving of ones self to another. Rather everything has become for ones own
greater glory and honor. Children are being misguided and misled by the ways of
the world because parents have lost their focus, their focus on the mission of
guiding their children to the kingdom of heaven.
My people, where am I? Where am I when you place your Heavenly Father
second to the world? My people, wake up for eternal life is forever and this world
does not grant you eternal salvation. The reign of Satan is coming to an end and
My mercy and justice will prevail for no one steps ahead of Me. You are given a
free will but if you are not focused on the will of your Heavenly Father then you
will fall into the hands of the true prince of darkness.
Each and every day you are being tempted and your temptations in time will be
far greater than they are today. Now is the time to take heed to the Gospel
message for this world will begin to rock and tremble and your soul should
always be prepared to meet Me. Ensuring your soul is in a state of grace is the
greatest gift you can give yourself for My Passion, Death and Resurrection was
the greatest gift given to mankind. Now go forth and have peace for I am Jesus
and My hand is upon each one of you My children.
Whistle Blower

Baton Rouge, LA

#88 Mar 16, 2009
Mundell got exposed for the fraud that he is!! What ever happened to Remenay Ray, the black lady who worked with Mundell who was supposed to be a prophetess but was really a scam artist as well?
Liberals Hate America

Hialeah, FL

#89 Mar 16, 2009
Ed G wrote:
Can't help but snicker at this article......pointing out the obvious, isn't it STRANGE that people who believe in myths and superstitions and fairy tales are ALWAYS suckered out of their money?
It's just too easy........
P.T. Barnum once said " there's a sucker born every minute". Sounds like a conservative estimate.
Liberals Hate America

Hialeah, FL

#90 Mar 16, 2009
Whistle Blower wrote:
Mundell got exposed for the fraud that he is!! What ever happened to Remenay Ray, the black lady who worked with Mundell who was supposed to be a prophetess but was really a scam artist as well?
She got a job with the new administration.

Baton Rouge, LA

#91 Jul 12, 2009
Alice you are dumber than than I thought. God has exposed this man and you are still willing to follow him. Put on your gasoline underwear because both you and your pastor is going straight to HELL!!!!!
Bay Area

United States

#92 Dec 2, 2009
Concerning quotes about Rev Mundell.... Men and Women of God are called to do the Lord's work therefore they have a greater fight to Satan than any others. They are also human as everyone else is and is NEVER without faults. I can say that I believe he is a true Prophet of God however I know that he cheated on Michelle and have given his mistress money from the church offerings. He gave her a reimburstment of her $100 plus dollars for the Holiday Inn room they shared in Oldsmar Fl with lots of $1.00 and $5 because he was going to bank with money & he was even sleeping with her in Safty Harbor office in afternoons after Michelle went home. He met one of his mistresses on a dating site. I still believe in him as a christian and a Prophet of God and a very nice person but to the people of his church...stay focused on the Lord and not on man-kind who will fail you every time. NEVER worship a man but lean on Jesus and the word of God from the bible...always look past the man and have faith to beleive in God.

Mesquite, TX

#93 Dec 24, 2010
this is all just some stuff to start with a man of god anytime they are doing good the devil will put up a fight. so a man had some problems but sounds like people sidded with a scorned women this is the problem with so called christians wanna say he didnt use our money right well let me tell you ive seen what god will do when faith is the center of your giving and if you didnt get blessed becouse of him it wasnt him its what you did becouse you know you are suppose to give what god tells you and all im saying is i know this to be true with this one i gave like i was told and a week later i found $450.00 in my bank i was not expecting then i seen it several times and so all im saying is while you cast your stones dont trip on the plank.
Observer of this foolish

Winter Haven, FL

#94 Aug 20, 2014
This ministry is a no brainer. Mundell cannot go to the rich trying to offer them a thousand dollars so who is venerable but poor people looking for hope in a thousand dollars. A thousand dollar is far from a lot of money but people have sole their soul for less. If they follow Christ for food what do you think they will do in following a man for money, what a scam in the name of Christ. Christ say birds have nest fox holes but the Son of Man has no where to lay his head. Mundell corrupts the gospel and I refuse to give him a title as it relates to the gospel. I smelled that he was a rat when he pulled out his own envelopes in a service. If your collected big money in a service and asking the people to uses there credit cards he can afforded to give out a thousand dollars of the money that the congregation is given. Like a slot machine it has to reward you something if it expects you to stay and keep pulling that handle. People run around like fools hoping that they will stand out in the audience and Mundell will pick them. He now in haines city florida deceiving the people with his witchcraft its sickening, but as exodus every person wants a golden calf

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