My sister Bev runs a daycare behind the house that was on fire (27 Dyer). I was by the pool with some of the children and her husband Rick when I smelled smoke. Rick then heard the alarms going off. I told my sister to call 911 then went back to get the kids out of the pool.
Rick and Deven were in the process of doing that. When I saw how fast the house was going up, my thought was what if everyone isn't out or is ignoring the alarms? So I grab my keys and drove as fast as I could to the other side of the building. I pulled up at the same time that, what I believe was a volunter fire fighter in his white car with a blue light. He ran into the house banging on doors and I ran up onto the front porch and rang all of the doorbells. The fireman came out to tell me he was sure everyone was out. Feeling relieved I returned to my sister's to assist her with the children.
When it became clear that we were to evacuate the premises, rushing out with only our cellphones and keys we went to Shaws for some much needed relief from the heat.(we had shut all the windows and took out/shut off the ac's)
There the manager immediately set up nine childrens and two adults with popsicles and drinks. Let us use their conference and break rooms to watch t.v and tend to the children. They were extremely helpful and thoughtful. We were allow back into her home a short time later and the children made up a thank you card for Shaws.
Rick and I did talk and leave our number for the fire marshall to call us. I would like to speak with him because I feel there are some inconsistancy in the news report. If the fire dept. or the fire marshall would like to contact me, my email is
I was visiting from Haverhill, Mass. I do have an illness of my own to deal with so if I don't answer the email asap don't get disappointed I will answer. Thanks Carol