Anyone know anything about this?

"Huge beer doings in Sackets Harbor

Just picked up a hot rumor from a usually reliable source: Sackets Harbor Brewing is planning to break ground on a new $4,000,000 brewery from the ground up in Sackets Harbor this summer. Capacity is planned to be in the 10,000 bbl+ range; if that seems outlandish, remember that Sackets Harbor already has a fairly well-known contract presence. The brewery will include both bottle and canning lines, and will produce both Sackets Harbor beers and a long-promised line of soft drinks. They will also be competing for the growing trade in small-batch contract brewing.

My source says they may have already acquired the ground and tax breaks (they oughta get tax breaks, IMO: this area needs the jobs). If you're wondering where the Sackets Harbor brewpub is getting all this money, they are now part of a new holding company, North Country Hospitality Company, a regional group of restaurants, resorts, recreation outfits, and a bakery.

It's all more of the Second Breath of Microbrewing."