I would like to comment to a old, grouchy resident of Sabula. My daughter is 21 years old and is currently employed by AmericorpsNCCC. For this old man who verbally abused her and her squad today, June 9th, at the lake....SHAME ON YOU! First of all, get some manners, you don't speak to women that way...secondly, read up on what they do for our country! How dare you tell them that you are the one that paid for their van, you are the one that puts gas in the van, you are the one that pays their salary. Let me tell you something...you ol' fart! These young people work hard! Probably more than you ever have! They make $13.00 a day! And when they complete their time, they get money to be used towards schooling! You are an ignorant, old man! I don't know if your dog just died or your wife just left you...but change your attitude and realize that these kids are working for you!!! They came to the lake to take a break, cause they worked close to 80 hours this past week. Get a life old man! And leave these young people alone!!