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Glasgow, KY

#1 Jan 14, 2010
It"s ashame. A man gets his social security started and want do anything for any of his kids. But he can give his uncle 2,200 dollors. So he must have gotten a big back pay. It's a shame. And he was sealing their food stamps to his mother. When he got his check he is not able to do anything for them. This man name is EDDIE MCBEE. What a sorry excuse of a man. I don't live in tennessee.I Don't Uderstand How You Can Live With Yourself EDDIE D.

Bedminster, NJ

#2 Jan 18, 2010
Huh thats funny know alot of them.

Harrogate, TN

#3 Jan 30, 2010
i know a lot of deadbeat moms too!!!!

United States

#4 Jan 31, 2010
Amen! It's ashame when there is babys born and they get stuck with crappy parents ! Use birthcontrol cause we all know u only like making them not keeping them!

Kodak, TN

#5 Sep 30, 2010
travis anderson is a dead beat dad for sure
megan f

Smyrna, GA

#6 Oct 3, 2010
travis anderson a dead beat dad? umm well not really he came got his daughter frm my house last weekend an he bought her diapers an everything an tht little girl loves him to death.. ya he might have his habbits but who dnt atleast hes puttin effort out! un like some ppl! i knw alotta dead beat moms to.... an really who cares bout this sh**!!!!

Beaverton, OR

#7 Oct 10, 2010
anderson is my friend my school if anybdy talks to him tell him to holler at the chick who took him with her and her prom date to prom and i dont belive anderson would be a dead beat dad

Knoxville, TN

#8 Oct 12, 2010
We should make a list of every guy who is a dead beat dad. So that other girls will know not to sleep with them and get pregnant... TOP OF THE LIST
is Dustin Hannifin.. who else wants to add there dead beat babys daddy on here.
The Queen


#9 Oct 12, 2010
FEDUP: You laid down with this fellow and made a biby with him. Did you know that he had other children with other women? Did you expect him to treat you differently?
Telling others that a boy/man will desert them after they're pregnant will not stop girls/women from sleeping with him. Some dumb twat married one of the Menendes brothers after they were in jail for killing their own parents. I think that's a little worse than running out on a pregnant girl.
If you want a man to support your baby, marry him before you sleep with him and MAKE a baby.

Knoxville, TN

#10 Oct 13, 2010
listen her you lil snot b1tch u dont know me and he is not my babys daddy i dont have ne children.. he does not have other children by other women he has one lil boy thats it. and he doesnt care about his kid has never give her a dime never asks to come and see. well if i saw a guys name on here then i definately would not want to be with that man cuz i would not want him to do the same to me. AND ur right some girls do not care and would do it ne ways .. BUt other smart girls like me would.. so shut your mouth before you start running it. AND U KNOW PEOPLE DO HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE AND SOMETIMES THEY GET PREGNANT SO UNLESS U HAVE NEVER HAD SEX OUT OF WEDLOCK THEN SHUT THE FU&& UP BECAUSE YOU COULD HAVE ENDED UP PREGNANT AND ID LIKE TO SEE YOU GET THAT MAN TO MARRY YOU..

Knoxville, TN

#11 Oct 13, 2010
i agree with you fed up that THE QUEEN girl is out of her mind and doesnt know what shes talking about.. yea i know dusty hannifin and he is sorry he just got out of prison again and is already back on drugs.

Knoxville, TN

#12 Oct 13, 2010
another dead beat to add to the list is
Travis KING

Knoxville, TN

#13 Oct 13, 2010
The Queen made some valid points. If you girls didn't hop in the bed with everything coming and going you would not have to worry about a dead beat dad. Today people are so caught up in someone being "HOT" that they don't look at the moral fiber of a person. Look for boys/men that have character, moral responsibility, loyality, common sence, a backbone and the testicular fortitude to stand beside you through think and thin. If women don't lay down with these dead beats then we won't have to worry about them having children.

Kodak, TN

#14 Oct 14, 2010
ok soo whoever put that about travis is sorda wrong...hes not what u say a dead beat daddy....he does sometimes help with our daughter she does love him to and him may not be together but its not brooklyns fault he may not support her as much as he should but he still loves her and she loves him....i think all this on this site is bull sh*t.
TOMISS butterfly

Knoxville, TN

#15 Oct 15, 2010
well yea she makes points but not all girls are like that.. ANd i have seen in my 50 yrs of life. Men that are fantastic guys are great and then get a girl pregnant and they leave so its not just jumping into bed with a looser. many fine good guys that u would never think in a million years would do that. And they in fact do so u need to quit fu**in blaming the girls for jumping into bed with these guys. I MEaN ITS DEAD BEAT DADS.. and u and ms queen are making it look like its the girls fault and thats bullsh8t.. And yea alot of girls are dumb. but i know plenty that never would have expected or brought that on themselves so shut the he** up and quit trying to make it look like the its there fault and thats not so in alot of cases
Madam Butterfly

Knoxville, TN

#16 Oct 15, 2010
For someone that is 50 plus you sure have a foul mouth. Sure there are useless guys out there. Love is taking a chance, with anyone. But, since you are older can you not agree that these girls are sleeping with most any man that will give them the time of day? When you act like this, you should expect to be treated like this. Once again, girls should be more careful in their own choises. Its not all the dead beat dad's fault. The woman had to lay down with him in order to get pregnant. Of course he should take responsibility for his own actions, but so should she. Women have been having babies for thousnads of years now, most of us know that even with birth control there is always a chance to create life. Knowing this we should be more careful with our decisions. We know that once we give birth, we spend the rest of our lives taking care of this life we created. So again, be careful of what you lay down with. He might be good looking, but what else does he have to offer?

I myself have a child with a dead beat dad. I was married to him for 3 years before I became pregnant. Once he left me and my son, I worked my butt off, but I provided. I never asked him for anything, nor did I get anything. I look at it this way, he missed all those unforgetable moments and love. He brought that upon himself. I am older myself and I have all those memories and beautiful grandchildren to make more memories with. What does he have? A heart full of regrets, would be my guess.

Knoxville, TN

#17 Oct 19, 2010
i do agree these girls SOME GIRLS NOT ALL IGNORANT YOUNG GIRLS THAT DONT KNOW ne better at the time.. but what pisses me off the most is u and miss butterfly want to act like its the girls fault for getting pregnant with a dead beat dad., like u said u were married for 3 yrs before u got pregnant so u obviously thought he was a great guy and look what he did thats all im saying and thats what happens in alot of cases. and most girls to take accountability for what they do. THEY are raising the child by themselves. I personally have never had to deal with this been married for 30 yrs and im thankful but my 19yr old daughter got pregnant with her boyfriend of 3 yrs and as soon as she got pregnant he got into drugs and thats all he cared about. Would we have expected him to get on drugs and be a dead beat no. and my daughter is in school works and raises her lil boy by herself and im very proud of her so dont be talking about girls laying down with men the most responsible girls married or not can get pregnant but what they then thought was a great guy
Madam Butterfly

Knoxville, TN

#18 Oct 19, 2010
It can happen to anyone who has sex. Simple as that. But you all go on like its all the mans fault. A woman has to crawl into bed with him in the first place. You all have your heads in the sand if you think these young girls are choosey about who they do it with too.

With child support laws as they are its as simple as going to the state child support office and they will inforce child support collection for you. If you need the number let me know and I will post it for you. All you have to do is provide proof that the man is indeed the father of your child. If you were married to him, there is no need of proof as long as he doesn't claim the child is not him. There are now DNA tests to solve these little problems. If the man won't hold a job, he goes to jail and the woman can get public assistance for her children. So, what is the problem? Just one more thing for everyone to gripe about.

Knoxville, TN

#19 Nov 9, 2010
Snowball08 wrote:
i agree with you fed up that THE QUEEN girl is out of her mind and doesnt know what shes talking about.. yea i know dusty hannifin and he is sorry he just got out of prison again and is already back on drugs.
hey snowball- hey this is megan. im the mother of dustin hannifins child and is really back on drugs again.. I have not talked to him he hasnot asked to see landon in like 6 months.. Do u know for a fact he is on drugs. i really cant stand him and im to the point were i just dont know what to do regarding my child. i want to do the right thing but i just dont know what that is. Keep him away from landon or when he calls 2 times a year & then let him see him..
Lil ol me

United States

#20 Nov 10, 2010
JEREMIAH GOINS is a dead beat dad... He went almost a yr without seein his son and dont even see his daughter and dont pay child support on either child.. He also beat his x-wife while she was pregnant... Sorry a** hole!!!

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