I don't know about anyone else, but if they put a toll on I-95 south of Fredericksburg, I'll be taking US 1 to work and I'm sure there will be others doing the same. That's going to put an extra burden on that road.
The other thing is EZ-Pass or not, there will be backups, especially during peak driving times.
Most importantly, I don't think people realize that the tolls taken on that stretch of road go solely toward maintenance and upgrades on that road and nowhere else.
So, I'm sure that means any other state transportation money that was earmarked for that road will be shifted elsewhere.
I'd much rather see the state gas tax go up, which is transparent to most when they pump their gas.
I don't want to hear the BS that gas in VA is going to cost more yada-yada-yada because when you travel across the border into NC, which has a higher state gas tax, you don't see any difference in the price per gallon.