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#1 Dec 30, 2010
I was awoken today at 3:00 AM by a Caroline officer informing me that my mailbox-and the mailboxes of five of my neighbors-had been destroyed overnight by two 16 year-old delinquents. I live on Village Court. If you live near that area: be forewarned. My compliments to the Caroline police for taking the vandalism seriously. I wish LLo management would take the fact that the development is going down the proverbial crapper seriously. I can't wait to sell and move.

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Ashland, VA

#2 Dec 30, 2010
It may not be related, but a couple weeks ago many mail boxes on Paige Rd were knocked down as well...
lanceolot link

Norfolk, VA

#3 Dec 30, 2010
Why do you think its in the crapper? I bet you think the dues are to high too? All you do is belly ache on here mike! Oh and good luck selling your house. The property owners assocation cant stop everything and the people who beat your shit up are your neighbors. So blame the parents not the assocation. So i guess your still mad you paid too much for your house.

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#4 Dec 30, 2010
Landor is in the crapper and has been for many years. As a charter member who purchased property back in the early 70's when the place first opened and owned my property for 40+ years there I can tell you it used to be a great place, particularly when nobody actually lived there and it was more of a resort. People were helpful and friendly, the maintenance dept would lend a hand to any property owner, and everyone seemed to have a great time. There were horses to ride, canoes and paddle boats to use on the lake and a host of other amenities that were paid for by annual dues. Then came the financial problems and embezzlement and favoritism. Now there is basically nothing for five times the price, additional fees for nearly everything, a POA that thinks the home owners are there to serve them instead of the other way around and an office management staff that sucks worse then a $2 whore.

Mike the best thing you can do is what I did, sell and never return to that sh*thole and laugh as the place slowly goes under and stupid talking chimpanzees like lancelot link think they have it made there while they're quietly raped and sodomized by the POA.
Lady Smith

Jonesboro, GA

#5 Jan 1, 2011
There has been a change in management for the POA. The former general manager accepted another job a couple of months ago. The acting general manager has done a lot to improve the office. I've been on a Board committee for almost a year. I can assure you that the POA does care about the neighborhood and the residents. Very few residents attend board meetings or any of the committee meetings. The Board can only do so much without resident participation.
Vandalism can happen anywhere. You can have bad parents anywhere.
I agree that there are improvements to be made. I would like to see better enforcement of the regulations. The board and general manager are working on that. Let's hope for success.
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Norfolk, VA

#6 Jan 3, 2011
J boro man, You were probably one of the property owners who put us in the bind we are in. You made your money and left. So stay in tenn and rot into your nursing home. I will be eating bananas and try to fix all your good ole boy mistakes.

Arlington, VA

#7 Jan 4, 2011
Lady Smith:

Thank you for your comments. Yes, indeed, one can encounter combative teens in virtually any neighborhood. I seem to remember pursuing several unwise antics in my teen years too :) I was just upset (which, I would argue, is understandable). But the mailbox incident is not the only incident I've encountered on our street. I am just waiting for the day when a speeding or frankly drag-racing car down Village Court kills a resident, pet, or child. Your point on attendance at the HOA meetings is well taken. And I'm encouraged by the new management, and by the more proactive language in the latest newsletter. I'm hoping for the best (and I'm hoping that my new mailbox has a long life).

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#8 Jan 11, 2011
lanceolot link wrote:
J boro man, You were probably one of the property owners who put us in the bind we are in. You made your money and left. So stay in tenn and rot into your nursing home. I will be eating bananas and try to fix all your good ole boy mistakes.
Screw you douche bag, I sat on my property for 40+ fkn years just trying to enjoy it a few months of the year. I bought it with the intent of using it for what LLO originally was, a vacation spot. It was people like you that came in there and started living there year round turning it into a subdivision that fckd it all up for people like me the ORIGINAL land owners. It's people like you that come along and want to change this and change that, add this and add that instead of just finding a place that you like just the way it is and leaving it the fk alone. As for being a good ol boy I'm nothing of the sort, I'm a regular middle class guy from the outskirts of Washington D.C.

Believe me with 40 years of paying dues and amenities and stupid extra fees for crap that you people wanted not me I hardly made my money and ran, its more like I just got fed up with you and your type pissing and moaning, lying and cheating, and trying to turn the area into another NoVA. That and my getting less and less for more and more money.
So stay at that sh*t hole, take it in the ass and like it for all I care, I hope the place folds and goes under since it turned out to be anything but what it was originally supposed to be.
I'm down here in TN living the life of Riley in the nice quiet countryside with no stupid POA citing me because my kid left his bike in the yard or the need for security to patrol my area against my neighbors unruly kids.
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Norfolk, VA

#9 Jan 14, 2011
J boro<
I must of touched a nerve! It will be NOva and we will profit from it and it wont take forty years you sucker. I have been to tennessee and there isnt much to brag about so go shit in a pumpkin. Your dues weren't much so stop belly achin! Did you really think it was great resort? Come on! I am sure your house or shack at land or fit into my basement. You old folks are jealous because us young people are making money and living better than you did in your 20's and 30's. Dont hate old man! We are building a better and bigger place to live within the community. You wanted let it stay suspended in time while you cooked on a campfire and drank moonshine in your trailer telling your family " One day daddy is gonna get you a nice place to stay" The trailer is just temporary> Forty years later nothing! You suck and your orginal owners suck! You all will die off and the younger generation will have what we want because we bring money and influence.

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#10 Jan 14, 2011
Well well the talkin monkey has shown his real maturity, felt the need to go to a TN forum and call me gay as if that would insult someone secure in their orientation and now here thinks his youth is proof of intelligence, just exactly the type of asshat I suspected he was. Dude you talk so much crap I bet your back teeth are brown.
Actually LLO was a great resort, plenty to do, friendly people, low fees, nice and quiet, a great close get away from the rat race of D.C.. No trailers like you were obviously raised in though.
You think you bring money and influence eh? LMAO good luck douche bag, you couldn't bring lunch if I gave you the paper bag to carry it in.
As for your mansion of a house, I'm sure your puny box is near default unlike my fully paid for custom built 3500sqft home here in nice quiet TN or one of several of my other homes I still own. You see us "old" people know how to do things the right way, that's why I have several homes and you have one little box in a dump that I left by the wayside as worthless. You can only afford to live in an underdeveloped area and hope it turns into a metropolis because you can't afford to actually live in NoVA or any other well developed area, unlike me who can afford to live anywhere I want.

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#11 Jan 14, 2011
Seems like Jboroman is the one who struck a nerve if you felt the need to chase him down to another state's forums to make a childish comment. Keep your rude punk ass up there in VA cause if ya come down here with that big mouth you'll find a 12 guage stuck in it along with a boot up your ass.
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Norfolk, VA

#12 Jan 18, 2011
Hillbillies of Tennesse! Try to pin something on me will you. Tell you what any time you krackers feel like froggy leap! You old crotch cricket infested ass needs to stay out of land or business. As for punksmacker go get on with your sister in TN. Did you move to TN for the peace and quiet of Johnson City or for the meth? I know who you are jboro man and you know me. So dont think this is a random person try hard you will figure it out. In the meantime go get your guns and watch the door because change is coming!

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