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Someone who knows

Hanson, KY

#21 Mar 22, 2010
I was an inmate at LCDC for 3 yrs, I cleaned the property room and sorted the inmate files. I don't know about deputies stealing, but I know that the inmate's property is not taken care of. Most times, when I would clean up, inmate's clothing and things would be laid all over the floor like it had been gone thru and walked all over.
As far at Gates.... He is a smartass that is power corrupt. I don't know how many times he told me I was an idiot or asked if I felt like a dumbass. Not to mention the time he beat and tazed a man that was mentally handicapped. If anyone in that jail should be fired, it is that man! Besides Gates, for the most part the deputies were very respectful and treated us like they would treat anyone else. Most even going out of their way to help or get us what we needed( t.p., paper towels, ect....)
dont you know

Cottontown, TN

#22 Mar 22, 2010
The constitution is the supreme law of the land and was made to protect criminals, it seems that way anyway...
But that arrest made on that chick was wrong and she at least deserved an apology ... Officers like that give the rest a bad name, They prolly wrote that arrest down as part of the good faith or exclusionary rule, two loop holes in the criminal justice system.
But the whole jail thing is cheaper than a hotel room or cheaper than any mortage on a house, but in one of the bill of rights, it is against the law to give any prisoner unusual and cruel punishment and there should no be excessive fines or bail......you should look them up, it will make you evaluate the whole criminal justice system differ, there are so many crooked officers that only about themselves, its truly pathetic
Criminals suck

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#23 Mar 23, 2010
Our society would be better off if the criminals in prison were treated much worse.
Especially the murders and drug users.
Umm a thought just came to me.... How about the drug dealers die from the injection or overdose of their own drug hahahaha.

Greenbrier, TN

#24 Mar 23, 2010
yeah...society would be so different if they went back to the old laws...you know an eye for an eye....or a public display of ass beatings, etc...but criminals have really got it made in todays world, while the innocent has to suffer consequences
Criminals suck

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#25 Mar 23, 2010
Yea they have to suffer from the consequences of the criminals action.

Kill the criminals.
dads and mothers

Russellville, KY

#26 Mar 24, 2010
for some reason people get on forms without reading. this has nothing to do the murders but yes they should die but only by the same way.they have killed others. this form is about how things go missing once you are booked in at logan county jail please feel free to go back and read the threads

Auburn, KY

#28 Mar 24, 2010
Making it about something else seemed so much more productive at the time.

Read any thread around here, they are all like this. People obviously need a sounding board, and they don't bother to start their own topic on the thing they want to sound off about.

Regardless of one's actions that landed them in jail, their personal property (minus the $20 a day lodging they charge) should be returned.

I would report the phone stolen, call the cell company report it stolen with them, when the thief attempts to use it or have the service turned on in their name, they are busted, and then call my insurance and have it replaced.

Franklin, KY

#29 Mar 25, 2010
Sorry WRONG but you are wrong! Everyone is sworn in
just like any Police officer by the County Judge.
One may say they have money on them but can they prove it? I'm not saying it can't happen but if theres a chance that when you get under the steering
wheel that you will be breaking the law then LEAVE

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#30 Mar 25, 2010
Duh, it doesn't matter.

Their property that is taken away in prison should become public property.

The items taken from them should be returned to the people that was stolen from them or given to charity.

Bowling Green, KY

#31 Mar 25, 2010
noway wrote:
<quoted text>
I believe the police may have had a bad warrant but thats not thier fault. The rest of your story is B.S.
How do you know this is BS???? Unless you work there??????

Bowling Green, KY

#32 Mar 25, 2010
cause i work there. and it is b/s

Auburn, KY

#33 Mar 25, 2010
Hey wrote:
Duh, it doesn't matter.
Their property that is taken away in prison should become public property.
The items taken from them should be returned to the people that was stolen from them or given to charity.
But it does matter. 2 wrongs don't make a right, remember? Just because these people have made wrong decisions in life, that have landed them in jail to pay for those decisions, doesn't mean someone who acts as an authority has the right to commit a crime against them.(theft of personal property).

Theft is theft, bottom line. The law is only as good as those who enforce it, and if someone is at the jail stealing from others there is a failure in our legal system. These people who work for the jail, should be held accountable as well.

Does the jail not have cameras? Why can the recordings not be pulled to verify what people come in with, is what they leave with?(minus funds for the daily cost of lodging)

United States

#34 Mar 25, 2010
But prisoners are on prison to learn a lesson. Their lesson should be taught to them in the most extreme ways.

Criminnals are and will always be the scum of the earth and should be treated as such. Even when they are out of prison.

Especially gang members, drug users and murderers.
konvo krusher

Clarkson, KY

#35 Mar 26, 2010
dads and mothers wrote:
yes it is hard to have evidence when you don't get to watch someone go threw your shit as i said i know how much money my son had there is no mistake just some one there stealing as far as breaking the law my son missed driving school at the court house NOT any out drinking and driving trying to get out and kill a family in a car wreck i know you would feel sorry but it don't bring the famliy back or my little girl!! and to be honest you sound like a deputy taking care of home base so what do you buy with your cut.and what about the cell phone..<quoted text>
u broke the law. I didnt kill a family. Thats why im not sittin in jail rite now. Ur pathetic. Quit bein a loser and grow up about it. You will never beat the system.

Auburn, KY

#36 Mar 26, 2010
If you had read closer konvo krusher... the OP wasnt in jail, their child was. AND their child missed traffic school, he didn't kill anyone.

It might be time to contact the school board about the lack of reading comprehension skills in their school system.

Madisonville, KY

#37 Mar 28, 2010
get over it tards

Bowling Green, KY

#38 Mar 29, 2010
joe wrote:
cause i work there. and it is b/s
Funny your name is Joe???
Ex Deputy at LCDC

Portland, TN

#39 Mar 31, 2010
Yes there are some crooked Deputies there, and Captain Gates is as crooked as they come. The SORT team is famous for finding the same dope over and over in places where they don't have to make up an inmate to be guilty. He is a military wanna be who wears his uniform and gun all over Central City on his days off. When the "HERO" saved the man as reported in the paper was he in uniform or not? It didn't say. If you go to jail drunk, then yes your cash is usually gone. If you go to jail Mexican, then your cash is always gone. Billy Jenkins has a very strict "don't ask don't tell" policy. Captain Clayton got caught running his personal little whore house in Bill Jenkins office for God sake, and he still works there.But Bill has enough dirt on everyone that he won't be booted. And honest deputies quit because I ain't going down with there ship. I'd love to go back, but only after a change. And lets not forget Lt. Erby, unless he is a Captain now. Not sure what he has on Bill, but him and Gates run the jail. Erby had a 38 cal. handgun belonging to the jail that went missing, and he oddly was sick the day the state police came to lie detect him. But once again it all blew away. EVEN though Erby isn't legally allowed to carry a firearm except for his time at the jail... Strange...
angie morgan

Bowling Green, KY

#40 Mar 31, 2010
i have never been in LCJ b4 but i no capt. gates and i have so for many many yrs ps he is my cuz and i use to live with him. he is an ass but he will stand up for who is in the right. capt gates was my best friend when i was growing up and and always there to back me up so let him do his npo matter what u say his word over rules yours. FOR ALL YOU LAW-BREAKERS STAY OUT OF JAIL AND YOU AND YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE DEPUTIES OR CAPT. GATES.

Auburn, KY

#41 Apr 1, 2010
dads and mothers wrote:
have you even looked at any of these comments who gives a shit about watch cable tv three meals a day and snacks once a day. I am talking about stealing money!! and property!!YES jail is not suppose to be fun but a DEPUTY is a sworing in officer not a thief there is a law about stealing the way the cops are in this town there is a good chance you could land in there just remeber don't take you money because i will say i told you so! <quoted text>
deputy jailer is not a sworn position dumbass

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