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#41 Oct 30, 2012
Katie Vondenhuevel wrote:
Fred Greene just handled my custody case, he's a crook.
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I hired him and paid a $1400 retainer and he never done anything. And while my case was still open, my ex hired him for a child support issue against me. I wondered if that was illegal?? Unethical and crooked for sure.

Livermore, KY

#42 Nov 1, 2012
nutty buddy wrote:
jay joines is good, ken or cory all really good!
Jay Joines is a closet dwelling, misogynist prick.
Good lawd

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#43 Nov 1, 2012
Ken Williams by far....
not jay

Elizabethtown, KY

#44 Nov 1, 2012
Sorry excuse for a lawyer!

Russellville, KY

#46 Nov 2, 2012
My time went down from 6 months to 11 days when I hired Stewart.

Auburn, KY

#47 Nov 3, 2012
Ken got a hot gf though.
Clan of the Cornfed

Russellville, KY

#48 Nov 4, 2012
That crazy woman who walks around talking to herself is the best lawyer in Russellville. She takes cases every Thursday over at the Bethel Dipper until they run her off for peeing on the sidewalk. She works cheap.

Russellville, KY

#49 Dec 3, 2012
What makes an attorney the best? Is it how much he earns or how mean she is?
#50 Dec 24, 2012
Fred Greene is a crook no doubt about. Ken Williams used to be good, but he went & turned into a douche bag. I like Randy Epley, he is sweet & he doesnt charge u extra to talk to u, but all that a side go to Bg
I know the best one

Russellville, KY

#51 Dec 25, 2012
Joe Tom Hubbard he got me outta several drug charges and a murder so try him hes the best
Just me

Morgantown, KY

#52 Dec 31, 2012
Jason Petrie from elkton

White Plains, KY

#53 Jan 2, 2013
duh wrote:
Stewart Wheeler. He may be a bit crooked, but for the money you pay, you get results, almost always in your favor.
All attorneys are crooked !!!!

Since: Sep 10

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#54 Feb 14, 2013
Wheeler and Joines, Elizabeth Wilson and Gill...all work/worked together for the success and more retainers garnered of whichever client's turn it is to "win." They like to have court during off hours on cases, having parties fly from many states away for hearings only to refuse to allow the defendant and plaintiff to participate in the hearing in person in the courtroom..deciding at the last minute to reschedule, after spending an hour in the courtroom laughing loudly and joking with the three of them. Wheeler tries to coerce clients (the day prior to the hearing) into another retainer over and above what he already asks for to get things done. Wheeler worked with Elizabeth Wilson to gain emergency custody...allowing her to schedule hearings, not notify his client there even was a hearing, allowing Elizabeth to sway Gill with whatever trash came out of her mouth..gaining "temporary" custody for 8 months!!!! for a crack-headed, neglectful, abusive parent with 3 prior domestic violence orders signed by the same judge, Gill. In the meantime, Wheeler plays innocent that he's out of town...and had asked Wilson to reschedule over the phone and through a letter..yeah yeah...knowing full well that this is their plan..sway Gill while the other client has no attorney present..taking their kids away for doing nothing, zero, zip, zilch wrong. I know by experience that Wheeler conspired with Wilson to sway cases..with the excuse being that he was out of town and Wilson refused to reschedule...her having done this "several times to me-Wheeler...and several times to Joines, as well." Joines also goes along with the coercion by ALSO refusing to complete his portion of the guardian ad litem duties and submitting them to the court..because I refused to pay Wheeler more retainer than he already asked for. It wasn't a difficult case. Because I refused, he said that he would not finish his ethical duties to represent me before the court, and that he would not submit my paperwork to Gill to sign..agreement that Joines, Wheeler and other attorney had agreed to...unless I paid double the retainer. To this day, many many years later, Wheeler, Joines and Gill have yet to fulfill their legal duties in the courts in my case. Totally unethical on the coercion...unethical on conspiring with Wilson to toss our case back and forth to each other..when there was only one responsible, capable parent. It does not matter who is guilty and who isn't...it's all about what games they want to play so that each attorney can possibly ask for more money..keep the two clients at each other's throats...and let's see how much we can instigate and keep the money flowing. Best answer to this question is that..with Logan's good ol' boy politics, there aren't any visible "good" "best" attorneys in Logan Co. If you expect to battle successfully or efficaciously in court, you will need an attorney that does not know Gill, Joines, any of the other parties...best way to do that is go several counties over...definitely not Todd county..or even Warren. I left my home state over the good ol boy politics that wrecked our lives, made us homeless and most importantly..court-sanctioned my children to be sexually abused by family member..repeatedly. God help you if you have to deal with Joines, Gill, Wheeler or any of the other crooked, heartless people in Logan.

Since: Sep 10

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#55 Feb 14, 2013
guardian ad litem, I meant Randy Epley...Joines for also not doing his court duties.
rvk stinks

United States

#56 Feb 15, 2013
I'm. Glad to see I'm not the only one that sees this going on in our court Systems. And it is true if want a good lawyer who isn't biased you'll have to go out of state to find one. But as everyone on here knows; they run that courthouse alot different than anywhere else'(sum people call it a three ring circus) they're gonna either get a lot of money out of you or put you in the punkin' patch.and as far as the newcomer that just moved here I'm sorry but you just entered THE TWIGHLITE ZONE! Nee noo nee noo nee noo nee noo!
rvk stinks

United States

#57 Feb 15, 2013
Sorry I meant twilight ' I went to rville ha ha! Agreed fred greene sucks I gave him a 1200 dollar retainer and he didn't even know my name at court. So embarrassing. I wanted to fire him but the nice deputies had other plans for me. Ha ha! The least he could do is bought me a toothbrush cuz he already knew where I was going. I think'maybe he forgot that too.

New York, NY

#58 Feb 16, 2013
Wheeler is defintely a crook, when I first filed for my divorce almost 6 yrs ago now our custody battle was nuts because we were both angry and we both of course want the children. Our battle lasted for a year when I finally said forget this and signed the papers. I simply wanted out of the marriage, I didnt want to lose my children, which I didnt it wound up with joint custody and my ex as residential who still lives in Lewisburg. I moved out of state just to simply break free from my ex-husband. Of course that was easier said than done, I went through a lot of mental abuse in that relationship & when I did grow the balls to leave him my ex pulled his 9MM on me. I called LC cops and they let me leave with my children. To this day I am 100 miles away from my kids and stuck with only 30 mins on the phone a week to my two minor children, my ex lets me see them how it is outlined in our papers. I have spoken with Wheeler many times now and he just wants more money. I think the 3k was enough in the beginning. He is defintely a crook, and like Wilson karma will come soon enough. Our judicial system is totally corrupt. Where is the fairness in these custody/divorce battles. Why should I have to shell out more money just to have it set in writing to see my children more often when I am a good parent and pay my child support religiously, while my ex gets to live high on the hog and try to play God with our children and him and his new found wife try to shun me from their lives. So glad my children are getting older now and all in due time will no I am not the only "bad guy" in this situation!

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#59 Feb 16, 2013
Isn't Elizabeth Wilson deceased? Just saying. I see many things said about her but she has been.gone for a while now. Just saying.

New York, NY

#60 Feb 16, 2013
Yeah thunder Wilson passed away awhile back.

Bowling Green, KY

#61 Feb 16, 2013
Just me wrote:
Jason Petrie from elkton
oh no no no he told me in the battle for my kids for me not to get upset on the stand cause the judge frowns on it took everything in me to keep from it in the end the judge was mad cause i didnt get upset and throw a fit. So i can not agree. But everyone has the right to their opinion

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