Captain D's Main Manager Sleeps With ...

Captain D's Main Manager Sleeps With Her Employees

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Auburn, KY

#1 Jan 30, 2010
My dude said he slept with the manager of Captain D's, Linda, several times and now he can do anything he want to. Getting a job there is an easy way to get laid!

Bowling Green, KY

#2 Jan 31, 2010
Concerned, so if your dude slept with Linda and he can do anything he wants to...why are you concerned??? You called him your dude, maybe not if he said he slept with are these lies he makes up to make you jealous or are you making them up because you feel threatened??? You are old enough to understand that words are like bullets, once you fire them, you can't get them back. Do not spread this kind of garbage about other people. even if it's true, I am assuming he is 18 and she is older, so both know what they are doing. Big question: You cite your dude, yet you topic title says "employees" plural. You are irresponsible. I don't believe it at all.
Deerlick WAY

United States

#3 Feb 1, 2010
I believe Concerned...I've heard the same thing. They say she smokes alot of pot and steals alot of money...must be nice. I know these are rumors...but usually rumors orginate from some kind of truth, so Puddin he is obviously concerned that a place to eat in town is becoming a sex shop!
former employee

Paducah, KY

#4 Feb 5, 2010
i used to work for capt ds in rville and linda was my manager for the year that I worked there. The accustaions that "concerned" and "Deerlick WAY" are throwing out there is not only ridiculous but hilarious to anyone that works or has worked there in the past and TRUELY knows what goes on. First off, Lindas is in the building at all times and for the ppl that has never worked there, the kitchen and back part of the store is opened for everyone to see what is going on at all times, so if this was going on it would have to happen infront of everyone and it was NEVER seen!! Second, if you feel your boyfirend is sleeping with her, then why would you be with him?? not only would that be stupid on your part but it shows to anyone reading that you started a rumor without thinking it out because you just made yourself look stupid. Third, you want to say that she smokes pot and steals... How would she have worked there for as long as she has and not got caught stealing?? It dosent happen like that!! While I was working there a girl got caught stealing and it was caught and she was fired before the night ended. Its not possible for her to have EVER done anything like that either!!! And the smoking pot thing?? Where did you come up with that at?? Thats what everyone gets accused of on this site when there is nothing else to bring up!! To sum this up, Linda was a great manager to work for and I loved my job while I was there and would go back anytime!! Also, if a manger was doing all that she is being accused of doing, they would not have won award after award and would not be so highly thought of!! Dont try to run a business down and if your bf told you that "concerened" you need to research that further... It would have NEVER happened!! Im sorry that you have nothing better to do then sit on a computer and start shit.. You may wanna go get a job and along with that, a life!!!

Newport, KY

#5 Feb 6, 2010
Sounds like a manager that has her employee's interest at heart. Maybe I could give her a raise. Perhaps a little overtime. The benefit package sounds better than what I have now.
Former Employee 2

Auburn, KY

#6 Feb 8, 2010
Let me set the record straight because apparently none of you people know what really goes on there. First off, the kitchen can been seen from a customers view but there is apart of the kitchen that only employees can see. Therefore anything can happen in those places. Another thing is that the store doesn't open until 10:00 and there are usually only 2 or 3 people there before open and one of those people is Linda and the other one is a guy in the kitchen with her. And sometimes a female up front. Also there are things that go on that should not go on in a restaurant and to former employee I happen to believe that you are a current employee. The girl to which you refer to as being fired did not steal the money, but was set up to be framed by another employee that still works there. I think you are a former employee because no one has quit or gotten fired that worked there when the girl worked there so therefore if you know about the instance, you must still work pitiful. Also Linda is not always in the building. To be honest, there are more instances where I found her outside smoking than actually working. And about the smoking pot and dont have to be a genius to get away with either in that store...obviously. If you liked Linda and you thought she was a great manager you must be stoned out of your mind or you are a kiss ass...or both. To add to that...they haven't won many awards...the sales suck...the employee turn over rate do most of the people who work there. My final words are to former say to get a job and a life to concerned...but from my point of view if you are working at Captain Ds maybe you should take your own advice.

Paducah, KY

#7 Feb 11, 2010
No when I say former I mean former... and you make yourself sound ignorant as hell.. you are admitting that there is another person there with linda and the guy in the mrning.. What they do it infront of her?? And their may have been someone else caught stealing since I left but the one im talkin about (b) got caught at night takin 100.00 out of the main drawer and Linda wasnt even the manager then.. it was alazy one who payed no attention!!:) but everyone knows who started this..move on. Seriously, go do what u got ur degree in and see how long that works and dont be maad about loosing yuour job sweetheart!!:)

Russellville, KY

#8 Feb 11, 2010
Who the hell would be mad about losing a job at CAPTAIN D'S?? Yeah..theres a career for ya!! haha I would much rather be like former employee 2 who actually has a degree than spending the rest of my life selling nasty fish!!
former employee 2

Crofton, KY

#9 Feb 11, 2010
lol...former employee...don't know who you are but i'm sorry to tell you I didn't lose my job at captain d's and i don't have a degree. Guess you are thinking of someone else. I work at a factory making 12 dollars an hour.
haha yeah

Lewisburg, KY

#10 Feb 12, 2010
former employee 2 wrote:
lol...former employee...don't know who you are but i'm sorry to tell you I didn't lose my job at captain d's and i don't have a degree. Guess you are thinking of someone else. I work at a factory making 12 dollars an hour.
that's somthing to brag about

Auburn, KY

#11 Feb 12, 2010
I love captain d's its very good fish, i like the hush puppies in particular, - borat from kazakhstan
former employee

Paducah, KY

#12 Feb 12, 2010
funny cause everyone knows eactly who you are and all i can say is just drop it..if u hate capt ds so much dont go back and leave it alone!! and the factory comment was stupid i mean you are actin like that is soo much better!! and for you to be in the education field you need to set examples and your definately not doin that!!

Auburn, KY

#13 Feb 12, 2010
I still like the fish and slaw, very well very good

Lewisburg, KY

#15 Feb 15, 2010
Former employee it sounds like you are jealous or something. What does this have to do with you? And to Borat I like the shrimp better.
Tricky LC

Lewisburg, KY

#16 Feb 15, 2010
Whats it matter to anyone? I mean if I worked there I now know a quick way up the food chain there.
Easy raises and easy promotions.
Sounds like you're hatin on Linda because you tried to move in on someone she was f*ckin. This shit goes on everywhere, fast food, factories, office buildings, EVEYWHERE!
There is also no sense in baggin someone for working fast food, its a job and someone has to do it!
take care

United States

#17 Feb 16, 2010
I'm at the highest position at corporate with Captain D's and Linda is being evaluated. She won't be with us much longer.

Bowling Green, KY

#18 Mar 8, 2010
are you people nuts? Linda don't do that shit. my FIANCE works there and she has NEVER came off to be anything but nice

Hanson, KY

#20 Mar 11, 2010
its funny how prople are sayin dat she dont sleep wit her employess....cause she do my baby daddy worked there and i caught them f**kin when i went to pick him up so it sounds like to me yall need to get ya facts straight b4 u take up for sumbody

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