OMG! Jessica Peirce-Witt is pregnant ...

OMG! Jessica Peirce-Witt is pregnant with lance bibbs baby

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dont doubt it

Pittsburgh, PA

#2 Nov 5, 2010
i'm not surprised at all. That bitc* ain't nothing but a hoochy with a bunch of baby daddies. She's done been with every balck guy in russellville. She supposed to be ambers friend which is what makes it so bad. Thats why she don't have no friends, she always be messin' with everybodies man. so word to the wise ....if anyones her friend, you better watch out or she'll be having a baby by your man. or giving him a std. lol. Can't wait to see justins face when that baby comes out a black
dumb bitches please

Rochester, KY

#3 Nov 5, 2010
u dumb bitches r so damn stupid...really...this is jessica witt...spell my name right before you put shit on here.(u must not really no shit) u must really have no life. u aint even gonna make me mad because ive never been wit no lance bibb!!! amber, my husband justin nos that, and so does lance. and really how do i have a bunch of baby daddy when i only got two kids by curtis wright...guess yall cant fucking count either... so im laughing my ass off at yall...and i have no thats funny too. dont be mad cuz i got a damn good husband who takes care of me and my two kids.
proud mommy

Bowling Green, KY

#4 Nov 5, 2010
are you sure that you aient pregant by darwin from rent a center.. you to sure got cozy when you worked there or at least thats wat all coworkers were sayin..and honey let me tell you i know who you are and you are a nasty slut..good thing you and curtis aient together anymore and wats even sader is you had to go marry his sisters ex husband, i mean really could you just not deal with not having curtis there some way or another??? you need to grow up and quit living off mommy and daddy and put your big girl panties on and take care of your kids instead of everybody else having to...btw how is all the free stuff from rent a center working out for you considering you stole it all!!! trifflin bitch!
jessica witt

Rochester, KY

#5 Nov 5, 2010 so glad u know everything about me. my husband was never leagally married to nicole. and how tha hell do i live off my momma and daddy when my daddys been dead bitch for 5 years. so i guess u dont know everything about me! me and my husband take very good care of my kids. i aint stole shit in my life so quit running ur D*** suckers!!! lol cuz really u tha one who sounds fuckin dumb. dont be mad cuz im friends with darwin and his WIFE chasity, there some of the best people Ive ever meet. get a life cuz its sounds like u tha trifflin bitch trying to start

Pittsburgh, PA

#8 Nov 5, 2010
it sounds like don't none of ya'll know what ya'll talking about. if you don't know, keep your mouths closed. if ya'll got something to say about this girl,say to her face,or you need to leave her alone. when the baby gets here, then if the baby comes out black, then you can say something, until then just shut up. peole get me these days, always got something to say about people. all of ya'll sound like a bunch of kids, if only you could hear yourselves.
Ex co-worker

White Plains, KY

#9 Nov 5, 2010
Get em girl!!! Don't let these buster ass punks get you down!! And ps. I never did get my Michael Wadell hat!!! stay up girl!!

Russellville, KY

#10 Nov 6, 2010
Why is everyone talking about this chick? What about Lance? He the one that got an old lady at home and MAY have gotten the baby sitter pregnant. Sounds to me like yall may want to talk about him a little.
best friend

Rochester, KY

#11 Nov 6, 2010
ive know jessica for a long time and she luvs her husband very much and they been tryin to have a baby..and yes its her husbands for all tha haters out there...sorry to burst ur bubble. this baby is their blessin and quit hatin, be happy for her. but its cool all her REAL friends know tha truth thats why we nor her or her man is even studyin this dumb shit...she stays at home wit her kids and goes to school and doesnt bother nobody, thats why i really dont understand why her name is evn on here.and really lance bibb, out of everybody in rville thats that best yall could come up with? really...yall are hopeless...i pray for yall..i really do...

Prospect, TN

#12 Nov 6, 2010
Ya'll got to be kiddin If you was a real friend of hers, then you would know that she ain't nothing but a TRUE wh*re. This b*tch has done slept with everybody. Yea, lance is a wh*re too but all guys are, right? She's the one pregnant with another mans baby not her husband either. Well after i think about it, two H*ES are meant to be All because she's in school don't mean a d*mn thing, sl*ts go to school too, ya know? I'll quit hatin' when i get d*mn good and ready. If she don't want nobody talkn' bout her ass then she needs to quit spreadn that nasty p*ssy round. lol. yea, i said NASTY. I've had plenty of guys come and tell me that sh*it ai'nt worth spittin' on, let along f*cking. Thats why she couldn't get nobody but lance. He'll f*ck anything that walks. She ain't nothing but a train ridin' h* oh and her husband can vouch for that, yup, if he'll f*ck her with another girl in the room at the same time then she's down for anything. Really, who shares there husband with another b*tch. Not a real woman.
just holla

Prospect, TN

#13 Nov 6, 2010
If ya'll want to talk about somebody it needs to be justin. he got some good d*ck and he KNOWS how to spread that around. Beleive me, i know. If only jessica knew about that. Him having another girl in the room is obviously a regular to him. Two months ago, i got to experience that first hand. He definately rocked my world. Not to mention my best friend. If it was left up to me, he could leave that b*tch if she so nasty and come and get back with this. Oooh justin, you know who this is, you know my number sexy. We definately need to hook back!!!!!! Every sense that night, your all i been able to think about. If jessica is doing you like that, then you know i can treat you better than that. just holla at me babe!!!!!
Her mother

Dunmor, KY

#14 Nov 7, 2010
Let me tell all you childish acting low lifes. It is sickening how people are so jealous in this damn town. How in the hell do u all know soo much about her and Justin? Are you with them 24/7. No I don't think so!!! Just because she keeps the baby does that mean she is with the daddy. I happen to be her mother and I know what kind of person she is. DOES YOURS???? You all need a real life if this is all you have to do is talk about other peoples lives when you don't know shit. Take a look a your self. And yes my two grandchildren belong to Curtis Wright and so what who she married and this grandchild belongs to Justin. Seems like alot of people in this town r just jealous. Is it because you can't have a family,
nice home and vehicle. Stop living off the government and you might stop being so jealous of what every body does and has. OMG get a life!!!!

Murphy, NC

#16 Nov 7, 2010
awwwwww. does momma have to take up for the little You got a lot of room to try to take up for her, you don't know a damn thing about jessica, you might think you do but you don't. You'll see when that baby comes out not a white baby. She probably got her hoochy ways from you. you learn what you see growing up. lol. Jessica grow up and quit asking mommy to take up for you, you little cry baby b*tch. Maybe ya'll can go out wh*rin around together. lol. Plus justin probably done hit that. lol
omg this is 4 u

Rochester, KY

#17 Nov 7, 2010
omg wrote:
awwwwww. does momma have to take up for the little You got a lot of room to try to take up for her, you don't know a damn thing about jessica, you might think you do but you don't. You'll see when that baby comes out not a white baby. She probably got her hoochy ways from you. you learn what you see growing up. lol. Jessica grow up and quit asking mommy to take up for you, you little cry baby b*tch. Maybe ya'll can go out wh*rin around together. lol. Plus justin probably done hit that. lol
this is ur girl jessica, all i have to say is since ur so miss billy bad ass come say it to face better yet come to my mfing house since ur now so much about me i sure ur now where tha fuck i stay...holla at ur a dumb mfer...for real...but its funny cuz i think i know who ur are so i got sumthang for ya....come get at me...i got hatas...i must be doin something so damn right since u so all in my shit....dont b mad cuz i got a fine ass husband who takes damn good care of me and mine,his baby is due on june 2( so u can keep more tabs on me).. nice house and a car thats paid for, and 2 other beautiful smart talented id want to b me too if i was silly bitch....grows some balls next time lil miss OMG and use ur real ya wont...if u a REAL women u will...but only lil kids hide behind screen names....oh and fyi...u aint hurting mine and justins relationship...we will be thinking about u this weekend while were gone on our little get away trip...yea he spoils daily...but dont be too mad...and really im sorry ur so anger with how my lifes turned out to be soo great...i hope one day that u can find REAL happiness like i have....i wish u much luv hata mrs.jessica pierce-witt...thats so u have the correct spelling of my last
omgs friend

Pittsburgh, PA

#19 Nov 8, 2010
oooohhhh. does the baby feel better now. Sh*t for one, your truck ain't sh*t. That mothaf*cka is so older model, little ass ugly rims, doody green color, and your house ain't nothing to brag about either. and your man is a damn hoe. Nothing in your life is worth bragging about. smart kids? lol huh thats funny. This baby will turn out like the rest of them, we all know lance is dumby. You ain't shit bitch, so quit getting on topix and replying back to what we say about you b*tch. lol. this is what happens when your a wh*re in r-ville
omg this is 4 u

Rochester, KY

#20 Nov 8, 2010
omgs friend...really...well tell ur girl keke i said whats up..has she got off that meth yet...i hope so for little lee... i no this is her and her skank ass but i aint mad at ya...what goes around comes right back around...why u downing my ur car paid for...i doubt it...i bet u live in tha GHETTO and pay rent or better yet its paid for by the and my kids keep them out ur mouth, bet u wouldnt say shit about to mine or curtis face...and once the fuck again i hate to burst ur bubble that u live in my child is by my husband--Justin Witt...not Lance Bibb, u dumb ass...but im guessing ud really luv for it to be...and bitch i must be tha shit since ur and "ur friend" r all in my shit...and as far as me getting on topix and replying back to u im grown r u my fucking i dont think so...but this is tha last time im getting on here i have better things to do...its called having a life!! and once again ur hiding behind a screen name...guess u aint a fuckin bad as u sound...cuz u can keep sayin all u want i really could care less....u aint making me mad or stressing me out--not one ur little plan didnt work...all ur doing is making urself look stupid!!!!and word to tha wise id be finding a new friend, but it takes a skank and slut to no i guess ur a perfect holla bitch... much luv mrs.witt!!!oh and if u forgot my due dates june 2...i want u and "ur friend" to see mine and justins baby..we find out dec 18 if its a boy or girl...we'd luv to show him or her off to u...ur even more yall are more then welcome to come to our house..or the hospital...we will be in bowling green at the medical center...hope that peace
whatever jessica

Murphy, NC

#21 Nov 9, 2010
nobody cares where your mixed baby is gona be born b*itch. you can say whay you want, justin will see you for who and what you really are when that baby is born. Then he can finally leave your ass and com and get with this. you are so stupid for not knowing what he does behind your back. you gettin on here actin like ya'll really got a good relationship, if its so good then why would he talk about you behing your back to me. personally i get tired of hearing the sh*t. everytime you think hes at work, guess what???? he is with me. you are so dumb for not knowing this whole time. this sh*ts been going on for months. but you can be blind all you want to be, that just means more justin for me. fyi. d*aaaaaammmm he's good in bed. oooohhh, but you probably already know that. that is.... if he wants you at the end of the day, after me wearin his ass out all day. lol
me again

Murphy, NC

#22 Nov 9, 2010
by the way who the hell is keke? cause this is noy her

Russellville, KY

#24 Sep 1, 2015

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