Really EK? You should be ashamed

Really EK? You should be ashamed

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Utica, NY

#1 Jan 10, 2013
To the EK girls JV basketball coach. I don't think I can put into words just how ASHAMED you should be yourself but then I think your ego is to big for you to even understand. You are NO kind of role model for these girls and are teaching them absolutely nothing. And this has nothing to do with their basketball abilities it has to do with you and lack of knowledge as to what a true coach is. You treat some of those girls with total disrespect and YOU are showing these girls that BULLYING is okay by things you say and your actions. I can not believe that EK has allowed someone as low as you to be a mentor, role model, and coach to these kids. I highly doubt you are any better as a teacher because someone so ignorant and self centered can not meet the needs of children. I hope some day real soon SOMEONE in that school opens their eyes and can see just what you are doing to these girls. ONE TEACHER CAN MAKE A HUGE IMPACT ON A CHILD'S FUTURE AND EK IS ALLOWING YOU TO MAKE A VERY NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THOSE GIRLS. I HOPE YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF FOR MAKING 13 and 14 YEAR OLDS CRY YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A MAN

Utica, NY

#2 Jan 10, 2013
Lori brewer sits back and let's this happen as well and Diane Scott, well can't expect much from's sickening
Whaaaa Whaaaa whhhaaa

Providence, UT

#3 Jan 10, 2013
You are probably an angry parent who's kid sucks at basketball and sits the bench. get over it. Your loser kid will never play.
For sure

Edwards, NY

#4 Jan 10, 2013
well im glad i noticed this conversation.. yes i agree with you diane has her favoretes when it comes to playing basketball.shes no basketball coach..ive heard a lot of parents say they dont like her.

Utica, NY

#5 Jan 11, 2013
I am not sure that they even have a real coach in that school anymore. As far as being a pissed off parent you are wrong. I don't have a daughter in the district. Everyone can see the coach only plays the girls who wear tiny short shorts and their mothers smother him with food, gifts, and whatever else they are doing for him. Sad but true these parents are showing the kids it's all in who you know and who you blow. What a shame. It's awful to go watch a game like this last one. Leave some of thr best players on the bench you think you are cool. Watching him around those girls is just gross. I would not allow my daughter to be alone in the locker room wit this boy/man?
sick of it

Edwards, NY

#6 Jan 14, 2013
wow, your right.

The teachers and teachers friends think they are the intelligent ones. They THINK that they are smart enough people don't notice. They preach about alcohol abuse, drug abuse...etc. Yet I see teachers at Last lap acting like whores in heat, having to be carried out, puking in the street, pissing their pants...all the good stuff people do when they have had to much to drink, been there myself. At least I will admit it, I don't walk around thinking I am superior.

They also preach about sex, internet postings etc. I know of an incident where an 17 yr old girl posted some pictures of herself on facebook. She was in a low cut shirt, etc.....She was ridiculed for it. Ok fine, but one of the teachers who thought it was the worst thing ever was at the last lap the following weekend dirty dancing, I mean really bad.... now think about that.

I am not saying all teachers are like this, there is a circle there, Diane Scott is in that circle.

The teachers and friends are "programmed" They follow each other, "program" each other...smooching each others asses. They learn and feed from one another.

This area is going is about to explode...people are really tired of all this.
sick of it

Edwards, NY

#7 Jan 14, 2013
Oh and whaa whaa...Thanks for proving my "being programmed" point

I read another thread about an unfair coach and some other moron had the same reply.

You guys have a lil books of these default replies?

Do me a favor, toss the book aside. I will give you ample time to try and come up with YOUR own reply

good luck, I know its hard
bumble bee

Ithaca, NY

#8 Jan 14, 2013
hey everyone the superintendent is at her desk waiting for more complaints on these two so PLEASE,PLEASE call or email her or go to the school she needs more support about this.there have been alot but we need more so please call or go with your concerns lets get educated coaches BACK into the ek sports ones that dont BULLY and can ACTUALLY COACH.they have belittled our students ENOUGH time for the parents to take a stand.There are alot of complanits flying around need to be on her desk asap.THANK YOU all you concerned parents..LETS DO THIS
bumble bee

Ithaca, NY

#9 Jan 14, 2013
hey everyone bet you can all guess who posted under the ...whaaaaa,whaaaa,comment cant we???now THATS an ADULT i would want coaching ANY child,anyone with me on that.Seems HER child plays the whole game and tattles every min to THE COACH ON JV.enjoy the glory FOR NOW karma DOES catch up.For pretending to be important YOU ARENT you snuck in under the radar but WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE.haha have a nice day whaaaa,whaaaa and by the way real adult talking about other team members like that yea your a real winner GROW UP mcdonalds hires people like YOU everyday...

Clinton, NY

#10 Jan 14, 2013
Maybe, just maybe the parents in the EK district should stay out of it? Seems to me that everytime you all get involved it only makes it worse for the school, the kids, and the community as a whole. Pick up a whistle and clip board and go be a coach. It's that simple!

De Kalb Junction, NY

#11 Jan 14, 2013
First of all. at that level all students should be allowed to play, thats how they learn. This is not the first time that it has happened and probably will not be the last, but it doesnt just happen at EK, it happens everywhere.
We should try to teach our children that playing ball is a way to have fun and getting along with others. nothing else, but sometimes we get caught up in the winning part that we forge what we are there for.....having fun....
I think we as parents should inform the school that we are not happy how things are being done, but inform them in a way that we do not always criticize but offer help in making the sport enjoyable.

Ithaca, NY

#12 Jan 14, 2013
well people who attended the game at lisbon say if coach jim would have taken number 2 out when she screwed up for the 3rd time in the first quarter ek would have won.and whos the older woman that hangs around him,his boss??she has short black hair.

Ithaca, NY

#13 Jan 14, 2013
possibly his mother??

Ithaca, NY

#14 Jan 16, 2013
YES i heard the woman who hangs there while jims coaching is his mother,WEIRD well its apparent hes no coach but bring your MOTHER to the games huh...
ought oh

Ithaca, NY

#15 Jan 19, 2013
well mr hagan,jv bball coach at ek,seems you like little girls whats wrong with these parents who think its cool caues he lets their girl play the whole game you dont think ANYTHING is a little off balance about that??also hear the same gilrs are wearing mini skirts to school to impress WHO AND WHY wake up ek somethings goin on did ANYONE check his background??well there are some people checking,so should have been done BEFORE he was hired.....seems theres alot going on at ek thats being swept under the rug need to pull up the rug is this why the principal got let go???if so bring her back we have a right to know about these teachers or coaches who are with out girls..NEED BACKGROUND CHECK ON THE COACH...ASAP

Edwards, NY

#16 Jan 31, 2013
If some of you people are so concerned with the coaches at EK maybe you should think for a minute.. If Diane didn't coach this year the varsity team wouldn't of had a coach no one else put their names in for it.. And the other person who put their name in for the j.v girls didn't want to do it anymore so maybe instead of harassing the coaches for coaching so we could have teams you should be thanking them... If you're so upset about the way they coach maybe you should go get your coaching licence and you do it.. And another thing j.v and varsity sports do not have equal playing time it's not modified.. At least they're trying.

Sacramento, CA

#17 Jan 31, 2013
I used to go to ek and when you played sports it was all about your last name and everyone knows it. If you don't have the last name you might as well not play sports unless you want to sit on the bench. From a athlete I agree that coaches have their favorites and that will never change. I was a junior and my coach would put her cousin being a freshman before she ever thought of putting me in. Get used to it is all I am going to say

Utica, NY

#18 Jan 31, 2013
The girls probably would have been better off without the two coaches they have. Neither coach seems to know much at all about coaching basketball. Maybe if the two of them would concentrate a little more on the teams and not each other they may be a little more able to do their jobs. It's a big joke and that's too bad for all the girls involved on both teams.

Edwards, NY

#19 Feb 1, 2013
Alright i guess you'd rather have both coaches quit and not even have a girls basketball program? That makes sense.. and I'm sure if you were good you would've played.

Ithaca, NY

#20 Feb 1, 2013
well seems we have an idiot among us look at your judge its you are the only one who agrees with these so called coaches possibly are you one of them they are PLAY COACHES and are so involved with each other they cant concentrate on what their doin they need to go to coaching school..... when i went to school we didnt have to buy our coach chinese food and wear mini skirts to school to be able to play,we were all treated equal and by the way the last few games since the jv coach startyed playing some of the girls that can actually PLAY bball they have won..HELLOO that proves he was playing certain girls for certain reasons..they both need to go seems diane has let it go to her head and she needs to step down so ek can have a real jv and varsity bball team......

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