Capital Murder Trial In Toddler's Dea...

Capital Murder Trial In Toddler's Death Opens

There are 12 comments on the Tyler Morning Telegraph story from Sep 14, 2010, titled Capital Murder Trial In Toddler's Death Opens. In it, Tyler Morning Telegraph reports that:

BY KELLY GOOCH Staff Writer RUSK - A Cherokee County jury heard opening statements from attorneys as the capital murder trial for Jamie Blackshire began this morning in Judge Bascom Bentley III's court.

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Mrs Taylor

Ashburn, VA

#1 Sep 17, 2010
I have known Jamie for years. He is such a good person I dnt believe this is real he would nt harm anyone. May GOD bless him and his family
Jury Foreman

United States

#2 Sep 17, 2010
Mr. Blackshire was and is guilty of this crime, but the J'ville PD totally botched this investigation. The crime scene was never secured, there were only three pictures taken of the house before the child was even pronounced dead at the ER. They never went back and obtained any evidence to tie either him or Ashley to this heinous act of violence against an innocent child. Neither his nor her vehicle were ever searched for evidence. The ER did not take a liver temperature of the dead child, so no exact time of death could be determined. The day care center did not time-stamp the entry of the mother and the other two children the morning of the murder, so her story could not be confirmed. No phone records were subpoenaed, so testimony of alleged phone calls made to the baby sitter could not be confirmed. The baby sitter perjured herself in open court testimony. The JPD investigator never established physical contact of the defendant against the child as stated in the grand jury indictment, so the jury could not say beyond a reasonable doubt that he actually committed the crime. The defendant did manage to successfully evade the police for two weeks until stopped for a traffic violation and gave one and only one statement. By then, any wounds to his hands from striking the child had adequate time to completely heal. There was no transcript of the 911 call performed by the prosecuting staff. Assistant DA Rachel Patton did an admirable job of trying to prosecute an extremely difficult case, but there was never the critical evidence that put Jamie's hand, feet, or the unknown weapon against the body of that child. Mere presence of him in the house all weekend was not enough, since she also could have performed this heinous act. Former prosecutor Sorrell was allowed to retire without appointing a successor to follow through on the prosecution of this case, and our District Attorney Beckwith allowed this case to gather dust on the shelf from July 05 thru 2009. Shame on him. To understand the impact of this case, you will need to obtain a transcript of the Judge's comments after the verdict was read aloud. Those comments to Ashley, Jamie and all of the relatives in the courtroom that allowed this murder to happen, should be published in every newspaper in the country, and the bleeding hearts that think we need to continue subsidizing this welfare abuse perpetuated by these professional welfare mothers and deadbeat dads that refuse to own up to their familial responsibility may personally kiss my posterior. My hands were tied, I had to protect the laws of TX and the USA, and let this murderer free because of the incompetent and incomplete murder investigation. May GOD bless America, but I fear that we are doomed as a civilization and have seen our best days. May GOD forgive us all, and may we learn to love our neighbor as ourselves.
Hey jury foreman

Pasadena, TX

#3 Sep 18, 2010
Jury Foreman wrote:
Mr. Blackshire was and is guilty of this crime, but the J'ville PD totally botched this investigation...
Looks like Elmer Beckworth's lying to state legislators, the appeals courts and everytime he's opened his mouth in the last 25 years has caught up with him. How can an untainted Cherokee County jury every convict when the prosecutor is a documented pathological liar?
Apparently Beckworth didn't plant the jury with enough people like you.
The only reason this case was "dusted off"" and taken off the shelf was so Beckworth, et al could grandstand it before the Fall elections. As you so eloquently said, there was not one shred of evidence linking Blackshire to the deceased infant. Sudden death syndrome does happen in toddlers. If all this "botched investigation" of infantcide took place, how the hell can you say Blackshire is guilty of anything but being Black in Cherokee County? You wanted to convict Blackshire's black behind didn't you, because Bentley allowed sweet Rachel Patton tell the jury about his previous run-ins with the law. Hmmmmmmmm?

Furthermore, Bentley is like a spoiled little kid from a bad 1940's BW movie. He runs his mouth during the trial in order to sway the jury his way, i.e. his admonishing the defendant's witnesses "not to perjure." It's perfectly OK for the D.A.'s witnesses to lie on the stand. An ethical and professional judge would keep his fricking mouth shut during the trial and let the jury decide if witnesses are telling the truth. Bentley's job in his fat spoiled brain is to have the outcome he wants---not for the jury to decide. Bentley doesn't care one iota about this child's demise; if he did he'd keep his mouth shut during the trial so his statements couldn't be used for an appeal/remanded back to his stupid ass.

As in the Cherokee County corruption blog says over and over, Elmer Beckworth and the district court are planting jurists such as yourself who willingly convict based on what you "feel in your heart," as opposed to the physical evidence presented by the State.

Do you know how many hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people have gone through this collosal waste of tax dollars? Did you ask yourself why the heck Beckworth, et al would present a "botched investigation" to you to ponder? Is it so Rachel Patton could learn the next time to prosecute things the dirty way, by having the district clerk make sure the 12 jurists were already in the bag? Like they always do?

We all stand up and applaud you for your civic service, and for upholding the law Cherokee County is incapable of. Your decision to actually uphold the law is a long time coming for Cherokee County. It is a major blow for the despondent Beckworth family this weekend for a grand jury foreman to actually look at the lack of evidence and uphold the US Constitution. You and your fellow jury panelists have made the life of that innocent child not be in vain because justice is served. Cherokee County "law" enforcement will cover-up the child's blood on their hands from the "botched investigation." You should watch yourself, also; bad things happen to those who expose their incompetence and criminality.
Hey jury foreman

Pasadena, TX

#4 Sep 18, 2010
P.S. IF Blackshire had molested the child, then Beckworth/Bentley would have put him on probation and court ordered counseling at the Rusk State Hospital so the Blackshire family welfare checks could stay in county.
IF Blackshire behaved himself, heck he could moonlight as a narcotics informant for the DA's office like Michael Harris. He could get away with murder.
Sick and Tired

Crockett, TX

#5 Sep 18, 2010
Why is it that every successful black person has to be a welfare mom or dad. If you would do a little digging you would know that...Ms. Cannon was a struggling single mom who raised her children w/the resources she had. She struggled and put herself through college. Has never been a quitter and never made "welfare" her first priority. She is the kind of person that works hard, cares for her family, would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it and she had it. I am sure this situation would never be an issue had the DA and PD just done their job instead of acting like they had. This was a waste of taxpayer dollars. How can the judge use Gods'name and those other choice words he used in the same sentence? and it was all caught on tape. I am sure this will be nationally known, that is what is a disgrace and makes me and others sick...
Jury Member

Tyler, TX

#6 Sep 20, 2010
Anyone who reviewed the evidence and sat through this trial knows what happened, and who was involved. Everyone feels the same way and knows what happened, but total lack of investigation left us with the result. We followed the law, it's all we could do.
Hey Jury Member

Pasadena, TX

#7 Sep 20, 2010
Jury Member wrote:
Anyone who reviewed the evidence and sat through this trial knows what happened, and who was involved. Everyone feels the same way and knows what happened, but total lack of investigation left us with the result. We followed the law, it's all we could do.
Elmer Beckworth and Bascom Bentley hoped you wouldn't follow the law. Bentley had a tantrum because he's never seen an indigent defendant's attorney actually place on the record the incompetent frame job that is a Cherokee County "investigation." It blew his mind that the procedural breakdown of the Jacksonville Police Department was actually discussed during the trial. Bentley actively tried to sway your vote throughout the entire trial; the judge couldn’t keep his mouth shut and let the jury decide who was telling the truth.

Why didn’t Bentley chastise the “investigating” officers? Why didn’t Bentley chastise the county for botching the time of death? Why didn’t Bentley chastise CPS for not doing their jobs or a follow-up? Because Bentley is totally cognizant that Cherokee County has never been held accountable in court for their deliberate lack of child protection standards. He puts pedophiles on probation to keep them in county and in the system.

If there wasn’t any physical evidence linking Blackshire to the deceased, then why the waste of taxpayer dollars to try him?
Did Blackshire finally admit to something 7 years after the fact, i.e. did the Jacksonville PD have an illegal tap on the guy’s phone and overheard him talking about it? Did the man admit to it over the phone last year? Does Elmer Beckworth have in his possession the phone conversation of the man admitting to laying his hands on the child?
Did Bentley hear the tapes? Did y’all share it with the rest of the jury members?

Why isn't there a public admission to the Blackshire family phone conversations being illegally intercepted for the last 7 years until they got a break in the case. At the same time you say you know the man is guilty without one shred of evidence presented to you. You “know what happened and who was involved.” You’re saying you know in your heart Jamie Blackshire is guilty because you believe the FFe’d up investigator. And as in Bentley’s reaction “How dare they put the Jacksonville PD on trial!!!”
In the mental midgets’ minds you’re supposed to convict because Bentley and investigators and the sweet heart assistant district attorney is telling you to.
Preponderance of the evidence (i.e. he could have done it/ he’s the only suspect) VS. beyond a reasonable DOUBT.
How dare you doubt the DA and district judge!!!
Shame on you for eternity.

Will you're at in why not ask the judge why he held a removal hearing for his bailiff ("not showing up for work for 2 years") the day before the officer was indicted in Federal Court for drug trafficking :

Ain't that convenient? And you're supposed to believe him?
Bentley Victim

Louisville, KY

#8 Oct 27, 2010
Bentley is a rogue judge...

You are EXACTLY right about how it works.

When I saw Bentley in action it blew my mind!
He says the same things in other cases while running his mouth.

Our family member wasn't fortunate enough to have a jury. That person was completely at Bentley's disposal.

Peter Griffin has more glass!
Bentley Victim

Louisville, KY

#9 Oct 27, 2010

heard it on the X

Pasadena, TX

#10 Mar 9, 2011
judges aren't supposed to run their fat mouths after the verdict is read and tell the acquitted and his family to "go to hell." It is unethical.
Now Bentley's running off at the mouth is part of the court record because dumb ass forgot the KLTV tapes were rollin'. ;

He should have read the verdict, thanked the jury then left, but he wanted to interject himself into the jury's decision as he did throughout the trial.
Why did he let this go to trial to begin with?
Why not back 7 years prior when it happened?
Because they all wanted to grandstand this poor child's death.
And it backfired.
Jury Foreman

United States

#11 Mar 10, 2011
Sudden infant death syndrome didn't have a thing to do with that child's death. That won't break your thigh bone clean in half, nor will it pulverize your liver into a pile of mush, that was the result of a grown man with a sick mind stomping that kid to death with his feet and having the criminal good sense to keep his mouth shut about it. But since they never examined his hands or his feet, it wasn't in the court room. But he draws $750 a month because he hears voices in his head, and has never worked a day in his life. And we all pay him thru our taxes.

Pasadena, TX

#12 Mar 12, 2011
Now is the time to castigate the guy, not by an "impartial" judge right after the verdict is read. Bentley's "wonderful speech" to the jury (as it was immediately spun after he realized the cameras were still rolling) is quite a bit different than the go-to-hell rant going viral on the Internet.
Why didn't Cherokee County CPS look into this child?
Why didn't Jacksonville PD investigate it properly back in the day?
Because they were too busy covering up Larry Pugh raping women in the City Cemetery and harassing the drunks over at the House of Israel.
The only people who did their jobs were the JURY.

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