the law roun here
rambo rabbit

Lebanon, KY

#1 Aug 4, 2011
hey fellers,
Jus lettin yall no thut me an ol skunky smeelz is a bout ta "cleen haus "younce bin gittin a way wit to en ol skunk have had hit!we er makin a neighburr hood watch.we alreedy gut or weapons layed out, so iffn yall like being whopped wit a roll of frozen blonie keep hit up.las time we beet a feller till the Meyer wore of the oscar!we er gunna make hit a law thut if you got more than 3 dogs, one better be a huntin dog,if You don't give tha go ahead wave at tha stops we er gunna put you in tha wall.thursdays is wurshin more big bloomers hangin on tha porch win tha church bus lease one elvis statue must be visable from the road.if you raise more peas than you kin put up, tuff no more tryin ta lay em off on gud people who jus hate yur wife harlene don't want yur little gals chasin er boy tubby.he ain't reedy fer thut yet. hes jus 25,he ain't bin out of the haus fer 2 months caus of em gals sangin ta him thru tha winder et nite.he can't git no sleep, makes him reel mean.he asked fer cornflakes tha uther day en harlene give him sugar bears, he throwed hit up in tha air en hit landed on et lil ol dog we call peewee. hit was a goin roun an roun under thut bowl en harlene thot hit was a demon, she gut tubby ol hockey stick en slap shot thut dog all tha way out tha drive way.hits still crosseyed. so keep yur gals away.I em letting yall no iffn tha blonie ain't gud nuff we gut a cantalope in a pillar case!be seein ya
skunky smeelz

Coal Center, PA

#2 Jan 31, 2012
hey fellers an gals,this heres yer ol buddy skunk.My bruthar rabbit has bin a tryin ta brang order to tha place roun here in cushin.he is a tryin ta be reel neighbur like but, looks like hes gunna half ta git kung foo on no. 1 thang thum gals whut is a sangin em luv songs ta tubby, is gunna be locked up.harlene has gut a hole dug en she means ta throw sum hot tale gals in feed yer own dogs an kids.thay hang roun our porch till dark ever day.dogs barkin,kids fitein em fer tha biskuts harlene throws out.she kant let em in tha haus caus thay aint haus broke.the dogs neither.no3.juss caus you wear boxer unnerware don meen thay kin be stretched across tha hood ta bloomers in tha yard on sunday!now I bin takin me sum fitein classes.en bin attackin harlene by surprize ta git gud at furst, I amit she waz a whoopin my kan.but now, I win 5 outta 12,soon as my eyes go back in focus, I thank I kin do watch yer bin warneded

Coal Center, PA

#3 Feb 1, 2012
did ya'll weman no thut yur men waz a buyin beer?whut ya'll gunna do bout hit?want me ta sick ol harlene on em?she kin hide on tha roof of em ol sin holes whur thay buy tha stuff ,than she will jump and flop em to tha groun.she kin git bout 3 regular fellers in one flop.the green berrets kicked hur out fer being to mean, so shes got time on hur hands nowadays. let me seein ya

Nacogdoches, TX

#4 Feb 7, 2012
oh this is hilarious!

Coal Center, PA

#5 Feb 8, 2012
I em proud ta say I got 4 big felles and 2 lil ones lass nite.I had to use sum rasselin holds on tha biggest un.the lil ones kinda jus layed thur wheezing like wore out koon dog.I broke bout 7 cases a beer en 4 gallons wine.I stunk, so I wushed hit off in tha creek.never mine em grinnin deers en possums, hit'll ware off.I jus em glad ta do my part. I feel like I shud go to the hospital en see the ones I bout killt.I em jus thut seein ya
lonely gal

Ashland, KY

#6 Mar 20, 2012
who want s to be part of the watch with me?I em sure lonley out here in the dark ,all by myself.too many dogs and bubbas hollering too.whats a gal to do?
Hill country

Moneta, VA

#7 Apr 18, 2013
Well ,I see the smeelzfily are trying to be friendly, still you don't respond? Why that's not very neighborly.wheres your manners?sounds like they mean to shape y'all up
No rednecks please

Faber, VA

#8 Jun 2, 2013
Hey did y'all get the new bingo calendar?when is pork skins and root beer night?i can break even that night.
Skunky smeelz

Faber, VA

#9 Oct 18, 2013
Hey I am bout at let s you fellers an gals know that the government thang is done .so I'll be lettin y'all in to fish an hunt in the holler agin. We had to buy all them cow gates so we gotta charge ya.hits gonna be 2 dollars fer big guns an 1 dollar fer lil kids.we got at ol game warden on er tale too,he's Juss itchin ta stik his big ol snot sucker don't tell hit, but if ya ware sweat pants you kin hide sum if your katch, now make shur you got gas in the truck. I run short lass time,an soon as I walked up to tha house tha cats claimed up my pants leggs an cut me up good.lil rascals .but we had a Possum in the cellar do hit was seeing ya
Skunky smellz

Faber, VA

#10 Oct 23, 2013
Ok you goof troop, hits bout ta be hallerween. We got inside info what yur up to. Now Juss so y'all no, the ol dog poopy sack ain't gonna an ol rabbit bin feeding the hounds roun here cheese fer 3 weeks now.yall Thor they was sick, naw they plugged up. An the ol to lite paper tree thang , we shorted you out thur too. We put catalogs in a tha bathrooms an toilets . Have fun throwing em at tha house offended we catch ya stealin punkins, we are gonna make you spend time wit ol harlene.she needs some practice dummy's fer her king foo. Her ol man ain't healed up yet.she throwed him in tha ol rain barrel and rolled him in the crick. So watch yer step ! 10 4
Skunky smeelz

South Boston, VA

#11 Jul 4, 2014
Well well well,here we are et a nudder holerday. An hits a big ol fire startin don't y'all git to relaxed me an ol rabbit is a watchin thangs.we seen the gunpowder in tha well box.hits been soaked Juss so ya an fayetta pored hot grits on hit.she don't like she scraped em back gal harlene come home and heated em up fer lunch, we gut a sky lite now rite over tha stove.ol harlene finally gut et ol mustache fact she ain't got but 5hairs next to hur face now.hits hot weather so she ain't,we ain't gonna put up with y'all putting fare crackers in hot dogs this year. Y'all caused ma ta look fer hur teeth fer hours.turned out they was in her hat.we seen em cause she's was fun watching hur check everybody's mouth ta see if they was steelin. Em.but,now quit that! The sangers needs ta show up half hour early.we need hep sittin up tha tent.brang a chair er bench,it was a hard seein ya

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