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Rescuing Angels Anima l Shelter

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Trisha Graff

Englewood, NJ

#1 Sep 16, 2006
I recently went to a website called . There is a puppy by the name of J.B. on there listed as being located in Rushville. The comment states that this puppy is due to be euthanized on Sept 22nd. How can they have a name like rescuing angels and then kill them. I urge anyone who can to look at this puppy, and if you have the means please adopt it. I live in NY, and this just breaks my heart. I would also urge this shelter to become a "NO KILL" shelter. If they are euthanizing animals that they find on the streets, or abandoned the animals have a better chance of living where they were.

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#2 Oct 3, 2006
Do you know anything about rescue groups? They try so hard to save every animal out of the pound that is adoptable but there are just too many! These dogs are often not in the rescue groups BUT ARE IN THE POUND! I admire anybody that works in rescue and does all they do, it's hard and very draining! Have you ever rescued? Start your own rescue and then judge your own slanderous remarks.

Richmond, VA

#3 Oct 4, 2006
Even if every person in the country adopted a dog, there would still be millions of them without homes. Pet overpopulation is that bad. For every dog to have a home, every person in the country would have to own SIX DOGS. That's every PERSON, not every household, so that includes infants. Therefore, it is mathematically impossible to be a truly "No Kill" shelter. The group I volunteer with is "no kill", meaning we don't euthanize dogs we can't find homes for. However, we can only take so many. Those we can't take go to the pound where they ARE euthanized if no home is found.

So, what do you suggest, Trisha? As long as people are irresponsible and refuse to spay/neuter their pets, there will be no other alternative for some dogs than to be euthanized. Unless, YOU want to provide the funding to feed and Vet millions of dogs.

Since: Dec 05

Palo Alto, CA

#4 Oct 4, 2006
Best as I can tell, is just a spam site.
Trisha Graff wrote:
I recently went to a website called . There is a puppy by the name of J.B. on there listed as being located in Rushville. The comment states that this puppy is due to be euthanized on Sept 22nd. How can they have a name like rescuing angels and then kill them. I urge anyone who can to look at this puppy, and if you have the means please adopt it. I live in NY, and this just breaks my heart. I would also urge this shelter to become a "NO KILL" shelter. If they are euthanizing animals that they find on the streets, or abandoned the animals have a better chance of living where they were.

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#5 Oct 4, 2006
Wow-somebody needs some clarifying information (Trisha). First off, I HATE seeing adoptable animals getting euthanzied it's one of the main reasons why I started rescuing. Most of the time the pounds job is to "catch and kill", many don't have the resources to put the animals on petfinder, this is why I and so many others volunteer to do this. In the state of IL, we are only allowed to have FOUR fosters. Sure, we would love to save all those sweet animals at the pound but legally we can't go over our limit without losing our own license (which determines are eligibility to pull these innocent animals out of the pound).

Most people involved in animal rescue are unpaid volunteers that simply love animals and hate to see them get euthanized. I don't know one person in all the pounds that I work with that "likes" to put adoptable animals down, however when there is not enough room, they have to do it. It sucks being a rescue and playing "Schindler's list" when it comes down to it, you have to chose who lives and who dies when the public doesn't adopt them.

The last sentence of your post, Trisha, you state that the animals are better off "abandoned" or fending for themselves on the street. I'm sure your heart has sunk to the pit of your stomach when you have driven past a dead dog/cat on the highway. How about the ones that are forced to scavenge for food and become the victims of angry homeowners and get shot/trapped? What about the kittens that get into trouble with predators when they have no place to hide? What about the innocent animals that wander and get into fights? They walk around with injuries for days and lack the proper nutrition to heal up naturally. Abandonned? What about the hundreds of animals that are left in apartments/houses without food/water when their families move?

This is why there is the animal control welfare act, every state has one. Every county has to have an animal control officer, he/she brings these abandoned/lost animals to the pound where they receive the basics: food, water, shelter. That's better than living on the street to fend for themselves. Unfortunately there are just way too many animals in the pound and not enough homes. When the euthanization tech puts the animal down, it's a heavy burden on their shoulders. They hate doing it! They give the animal one small shot and their lives are over within minutes. I do not like unnecessary euthanasia, however it's better to see a n animal end it's life peacefully then to die a slow painful death of starvation/dehydration, diseases, injuries/abuse etc.

I remember feeling the way that you did, I started my own rescue to do something about it, now I no longer criticize the people that have to put the animals down/the rescue groups that don't have the room. If everybody would do their small part, spay/neuter their pets, adopt a shelter animal, volunteer time, donate, etc, it would help these animals out so much!

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#6 Oct 5, 2006
Trisha Graff wrote:
I recently went to a website called . There is a puppy by the name of J.B. on there listed as being located in Rushville. The comment states that this puppy is due to be euthanized on Sept 22nd. How can they have a name like rescuing angels and then kill them. I urge anyone who can to look at this puppy, and if you have the means please adopt it. I live in NY, and this just breaks my heart. I would also urge this shelter to become a "NO KILL" shelter. If they are euthanizing animals that they find on the streets, or abandoned the animals have a better chance of living where they were.
Wow Trisha, I don't think you're seeing the big picture here! Many rescues just go to the shelter and just take pictures of the dogs hoping they will get adopted as well as foster. Why are you blaming the shelters? They are not the ones who produced these dogs! It's the greedy breeders and the people who don't s/n their pets that are responsible for their lives! In one county in the south a town even made it legal to shots cats on the spot because there were too many strays on the streets. Is this what you want things to come to? What other choices do we have? At least in a shelter or rescue they are given a CHANCE.
You are the second person I've seen who has talked crap about animal control officers or shelters. Do you think these people do these jobs for fun? There are way too many animals and not enough people adopting them out. They can't live in a pound forever because there isn't enough money being donated.
I praise Rescuing Angels for all of their efforts. They can't save every dog, but they are trying more than the average people are. It's really out of their control, people need to adopt shelter dogs, foster, and s/n their pets.
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United States

#7 Oct 5, 2006
I put dogs in the gas chamber
Yes, I Gas Dogs and Cats for a Living.
I'm an Animal Control officer in a very small town in central North Carolina.
I'm in my mid thirties, and have been working for the town in different positions since high school.
There is not much work here, and working for the county provides good pay and benefits for a person like me without a higher education. I'm the person you all write about how horrible I am.
I'm the one that gasses the dogs and cats and makes them suffer. I'm the one that pulls their dead corpses out smelling of Carbon Monoxide and throws them into green plastic bags. But I'm also the one that hates my job and hates what I have to do.
First off, all you people out there that judge me, don't. God is judging me, and I know I'm going to Hell. Yes, I'm going to hell. I wont lie, it's despicable, cold, cruel and I feel like a serial killer. I'm not all to blame, if the law would mandate spay and neuter, lots of these dogs and cats wouldn't be here for me to gas. I'm the devil, I know it, but I want you people to see that there is another side to me the devil Gas Chamber man.
The shelter usually gasses on Friday morning.
Friday's are the day that most people look forward to, this is the day that I hate, and wish that time will stand still on Thursday night. Thursday night, late, after nobody's around, my friend and I go through a fast food line, and buy 50 dollars worth of cheeseburgers and fries, and chicken. I'm not allowed to feed the dogs on Thursday, for I'm told that they will make a mess in the gas chamber, and why waste the food.
So, Thursday night, with the lights still closed, I go into the saddest room that anyone can every imagine, and let all the doomed dogs out out their cages.
I have never been bit, and in all my years doing this, the dogs have never fought over the food. My buddy and I, open each wrapper of cheeseburger and chicken sandwich, and feed them to the skinny, starving dogs. They swallow the food so fast, that I don't believe they even taste it. There tails are wagging, and some don't even go for the food, they roll on their backs wanting a scratch on their bellys. They start running, jumping and kissing me and my buddy. They go back to their food, and come back to us. All their eyes are on us with such trust and hope, and their tails wag so fast, that I have come out with black and blues on my thighs.. They devour the food, then it's time for them to devour some love and peace. My buddy and I sit down on the dirty, pee stained concrete floor, and we let the dogs jump on us. They lick us, they put their butts in the air to play, and they play with each other. Some lick each other, but most are glued on me and my buddy.
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United States

#8 Oct 5, 2006
I look into the eyes of each dog. I give each dog a name.
They will not die without a name.
I give each dog 5 minutes of unconditional love and touch.
I talk to them, and tell them that I'm so sorry that tomorrow they will die a gruesome, long, torturous death at the hands of me in the gas chamber.
Some tilt their heads to try to understand.
I tell them, that they will be in a better place, and I beg them not to hate me.
I tell them that I know I'm going to hell, but they will all be playing with all the dogs and cats in heaven.
After about 30 minutes, I take each dog individually, into their feces filled concrete jail cell, and pet them and scratch them under their chins.
Some give me their paw, and I just want to die. I just want to die.
I close the jail cell on each dog, and ask them to forgive me.
As my buddy and I are walking out, we watch as every dog
is smiling at us and them don't even move their heads.
They will sleep, with a full belly, and a false sense of security.
As we walk out of the doomed dog room, my buddy and I go to the cat room.
We take our box, and put the very friendly kittens and pregnant cats in our box.
The shelter doesn't keep tabs on the cats, like they do the dogs.
As I hand pick which cats are going to make it out, I feel like I'm playing God, deciding whose going to live and die.
We take the cats into my truck, and put them on blankets in the back.
Usually, as soon as we start to drive away, there are purring cats sitting on our necks or rubbing against us.
My buddy and I take our one way two hour trip to a county that is very wealthy and they use injection to kill animals.
We go to exclusive neighborhoods, and let one or two cats out at a time.
They don't want to run, they want to stay with us. We shoo them away, which makes me feel sad.
I tell them that these rich people will adopt them, and if worse comes to worse and they do get put down, they will be put down with a painless needle being cradled by a loving veterinarian.
Please Read

United States

#9 Oct 5, 2006
After the last cat is free, we drive back to our town.
It's about 5 in the morning now, about two hours until I have to gas my best friends.
I go home, take a shower, take my 4 anti-anxiety pills and drive to work.. I don't eat, I can't eat.
It's now time, to put these animals in the gas chamber. I put my ear plugs in, and when I go to the collect the dogs, the dogs are so excited to see me, that they jump up to kiss me and think they are going to play.
I put them in the rolling cage and take them to the gas chamber. They know. They just know. They can smell the death.. They can smell the fear.
They start whimpering, the second I put them in the box.
The boss tells me to squeeze in as many as I can to save on gas.
He watches. He knows I hate him, he knows I hate my job.
I do as I'm told. He watches until all the dogs, and cats (thrown in together) are fighting and screaming. The sounds is very muffled to me because of my ear plugs.
He walks out, I turn the gas on, and walk out.
I walk out as fast as I can. I walk into the bathroom, and I take a pin and draw blood from my hand. Why? The pain and blood takes my brain off of what I just did.
In 40 minutes, I have to go back and unload the dead animals. I pray that none survived, which happens when I overstuff the chamber. I pull them out with thick gloves, and the smell of carbon monoxide makes me sick. So does the vomit and blood, and all the bowel movements. I pull them out, put them in plastic bags.
They are in heaven now, I tell myself. I then start cleaning up the mess, the mess, that YOU PEOPLE are creating by not spay or neutering your animals. The mess that YOU PEOPLE are creating by not demanding that a vet come in and do this humanely. You ARE THE TAXPAYERS, DEMAND that this practice STOP!
So, don't call me the monster, the devil, the gasser, call the politicians, the shelter directors, and the county people the devil. Heck, call the governor, tell him to make it stop.
As usual, I will take sleeping pills tonight to drown out the screams I heard in the past, before I discovered the ear plugs. I will jump and twitch in my sleep, and I believe I'm starting to hallucinate.
This is my life. Don't judge me. Believe me, I judge myself enough.

United States

#10 Oct 6, 2006
newt wrote:
Best as I can tell, is just a spam site.<quoted text> is not a spam site. It's THE best resource we have for helping our pets find a forever home.

Virginia, IL

#11 Dec 4, 2006
Rescuing Angels doesn't have a shelter, it even says so on their website. It very clearly states that the animals are in the pound and on death row, they try to get them adopted before it's too late. People that hate to see animals get put to sleep should do their part to help instead of talking sh!t about others that are actually doing something about it. I hope Rescuing Angels stays around, they are doing a great job!
h hearse illinois

New Albany, IN

#12 Jan 16, 2007
I agree with Moody A F B, GA. If everyone is disgusted with all the animals that have to be put down every year....Then lets all come together for Good of the Cause. Let's do what every it takes to get a Law passed, so that it is manditory for people to get their pets spayed and neutered. Take your anger and your hurt, put it to good use. Right now we all are trying to do our little parts to help. But let's look at the big picture. Like children, animals need someone to be their voice...So let us be their voice.

Virginia, IL

#13 May 5, 2008
Well Michelle, Here you are preaching to the choir about how you save dogs! Hmmm, sounds a little fishy to me since you didnt save my dog for me when it landed in your shelter! And for the other comment up here that says Rescuing Angels doesnt have a shelter, your right about that NOW, they dont, they were shut down for hoarding as of April,2008. Because she was doing something unlawful, and that includes harboring a stolen dog, and not returning it to its owner when its owner called on it and the dog was still in her posession. Ask me how I know? Because it was MY sons dog! Thats right, she had my 10 yr old son's dog and knew and admitted that YES it was our dog, but would NOT give him back to us. Now we dont have him anymore, nor can we find him, because she lied to us over and over! Said he was adopted somewhere up in northern Illinois in Galesburg to be exact. I looked up every pound, every vet and even put an ad in vet office's there, the local papers, the people's name she gave us, I called them and they had never heard of her. Rescuing Angels was and still is a JOKE, she was NEVER out for the betterment of those poor animals, they WOULD have been better off without her. I just thank GOD she is closed down. But we still pray that we find our Blaze (OR Cupid as she re-named him when she adopted him out instead of giving back to his humans who loved him)
My son misses him something terrible and we will never give up on finding him,and are in the process of taking her back to court to find out and hopefully force her to release his adoption information. As someone has a stolen dog, that already had and still has a family!!!!
Rescuing Angels,(Michelle) is where she belongs now! SHUT DOWN!

United States

#14 May 19, 2008
I agree, Rescuing Angels is a joke, Michelle cant take care of her three children let alone a bunch of unwanted dogs. Lets face it, No one is perfect but to take a childs dog and give it to someone else is heartless! How much money did Queen Michelle pocket on that one dog? She has other motives besides the dog.

United States

#15 May 19, 2008
If the rescues would rather have the dogs adopted, Why do the have such high price tags?_A cockapoo on the Rescuing Angels site is 350.00 If it was 50.00 it might get adopted out.

United States

#16 May 30, 2008

Romeoville, IL

#17 Mar 9, 2011
She gets those dogs out of kill shelters. The shelter will not adopt the animal out until a certain number of days. Most of the time it is only 10 days and then the animal can be killed or adopted out.

First of all why was your dog out running around where anyone could pick him up or he could get hurt? Second why did it take you over 10 days to look for him in the shelter? You must not have been looking very hard and it sounds like you didn't care much about how lost, scared, and lonely he was.

You should be THANKING Michelle for saving him from his death and finding him a family who really cares about him. If it wasn't for her the dog probably wouldn't be alive! If I were his new family I would not give the dog back to you. He would probably end up on the street again and with a worse fate.

You should stop being so selfish and be happy that the dog is with a family who cares for him and loves him more than you obviously did. Be more responsible and make sure that your animal doesn't end up in the shelter for 10+ days.

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