Why did white men mix with so many bl...

United States

#299 May 11, 2012
Milky White Man wrote:
A white man can never be sexually attracted to a black woman as they are so frigging ugly. I like dark skin but I just can't stand gorilla like facial features. Anyway, it's only my opinion.
Some black ppl mixed with white ppl look good tho.:)
I'm not racist!
You just said you like dark skin idiot huge contradiction.. there ugly white people as well with ugly dog faces so dont go there...
have nerves

Phoenix, AZ

#300 May 22, 2012
First of all, most Blackwomen are not attractive to pale men, for the one who saying Blackwomen are ugly, they have small dicks, look corny, smell like a wet dog..and whats up with them headlice eww!!..I see hundreds of ugly, nonblack people daily
and Blackmen are with whitewomen is not for there looks,cuss the ones that Blackmen be with are fat and ugly as sin, there are with them cuss they can control them..wow the nerve of some whites. pale skin is soo ugly
Beautiful Black Woman

Indianapolis, IN

#301 May 26, 2012
I don't understand why "GROWN" people still have to show their ignorance with the comments like the ones posted here. It's sad that people can get so off topic and try to bring people down in attempts to make themselves look good. Making stereotypical comments about any race shows that you indeed are a racist. Saying blacks go around eating church's chicken...I don't even eat chicken lol...saying Black women are uneducated, this 24 year old Black woman right here graduated from California State University EB with a 4.0gpa and my Bachelors in Chemistry and I am currently a chemist/research assistant in a Laboratory making a very decent salary, and I know older White men and women who aren't on my level...saying a white man could never be sexually attracted to a Black woman...My fiancee is a White man who could tell you different lol and all of the White men I've ever dated, have only ever dated Black women because they said they are not attracted to White women. Of course no one is going to be attracted to everyone that they see, that's like me saying that I'm attracted to all White men, that definitely isn't true lol but for you to say that all Black womena are ugly is just ignorant and I know it's not true, if you seen me you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off of me lol haha. I'm not just talking about the racist comments coming from the White people either, there was a lot of ignorant stereotypical things said about White people that came from Black people too. It's sad that we are in the year 2012 and there is still lots of racism to deal with, I believe that is the biggest obstacle that this world will ever have to get through and I know that while I'm still living on this earth racism will still be alive. When will you people grow up and learn to see the bigger picture in life and stop worrying about the color of someone's skin.

Leesville, LA

#304 Jun 21, 2012
black is beautiful!! first of all, we were all created by a black man(jesus), therefore we are all black deep down, even if your skin color doesnt show it!! and for the record black women do have coca cola bodies(nice curves in all the right places). alot of white women are flat chested and have pancake asses so i understand why the masters would want to sleep with the slaves

Dearborn, MI

#307 Jul 2, 2012
TEE wrote:
black is beautiful!! first of all, we were all created by a black man(jesus), therefore we are all black deep down, even if your skin color doesnt show it!! and for the record black women do have coca cola bodies(nice curves in all the right places). alot of white women are flat chested and have pancake asses so i understand why the masters would want to sleep with the slaves
ROFLMFAO!!!!! The scary part is you're probably serious. ROFLMFAO!!!!

Altrincham, UK

#308 Jul 6, 2012
It is true that it is better to speak freely than to fight but most of what I read here is utter nonsense and prejudice. Please try not to be extreme in your comments and also think before you speak (or write). There are beautiful people in all races as well as intelligent ones. Beauty in itself is a very personal taste which varies through the ages. Our grandfathers seem to prefer the plump ladies, whereas now the slim type seems to be preferrable. If you talk about culture then I can agree that there are specific behaviours that are different and one may or may not agree with them, but remember most customs were created as an adaptation to local needs. Let's celebrate our differences but remember we are more alike than different and racism diminish us all...
eddie will

Atlanta, GA

#309 Jul 31, 2012
why cant we all just get alone
beaus after all when we die we all go back to what we where from the begining.dirt so dirt will remain because its nbwhat the earth is made of
Westvirginiamoun taineer

New York, NY

#310 Aug 1, 2012
Ignorance and racism are character traits of true Neanderthal's. It is 2012 and people still feel this way?? In the days where as a country we are crossing racial barriers of old electing a black president people are still this ignorant? I'm absolutely floored right now. Bigotry and racism are more alive than I thought damn shame.
I tell the truth

United States

#312 Aug 5, 2012
To wowee, the majority of white people malest their kids, have babbies with them and have relations with every one in the family. Black people was not doing any of that until they hook up with freaky nasty white women, now generations pass and we have to deal with your plagues. IM JUST SAYING.

Las Vegas, NV

#313 Aug 11, 2012
No one; but no one is a bigger pedifile; rapist; child molester; and murderer than the white male. White women like Casey Anthony kill thier children and get away with it all of the time. Come on!!! These are all WHITE CRIMES!!! Who molests little boys and girls in catholic church, white men. Who kills there children and cry that it was post pardem depression, white women. Who gets angry with people who cross them and the goes and puts cyonide or nitro glisern or other poison in their food to kill and get even with them; WHITE PEOPLE!!!! These things happen among whites all the time; but nobody ever wants to come clean and talk about it. And, yes I'm 100% black and 100% right. White people do these things all the time in a very arrogant and selfish way and very often they get away with it. They do these things because society says it's a white man's world and he can do what he pleases. Oh yeah; don't forget they are also the majority of classic wife beaters.

Jacksonville, FL

#314 Sep 27, 2012
Most whites had sex wit them back then because it was easy access and plus alot of whitemen was attracted to blacks i cant say they were all raped by them but im sure they didnt like the process but was doing so to obey master or to make him satisfied
The Truth

Charleston, WV

#315 Oct 9, 2012
Black women are a 100 times better then white women.
Common Sense

United States

#316 Nov 20, 2012
White men raped black slaves, because they could. Power and property are the main reasons. Any other explanation on here is racist and insensitive for no reasons. I want every racist person to say their ignorant comments to a black person's face, because the internet is becoming the new klu klux white sheet.

Pineville, LA

#317 Dec 31, 2012
It is what it is.
White man

Austin, MN

#318 Jan 6, 2013
I would have been very excited to have been back in the days of slavery and having women for slaves taking my slave girls and sleeping with them and having babies with them it took us over 200 years to take their real black colored girls and lightman them out but now you got the Somalian seer they're turning our colored children back to black just now we've got 'em lightened up but now these blacks are coming from Africa and making our babies really black I wish we had slave their slave year I wish were slave masters today
Normal Guy

Troy, MI

#319 Jan 10, 2013
You are all racists and should be ashamed. All of you. All sides. Get over it and stop making excuses for your selves and blaming other people for your own issues. Worry about yourself and become your own productive member of society. You have no excuse not to.
Slick rick 66

Nottingham, UK

#320 Feb 18, 2013
The comments on here on- regards to white woman, injecting there lips and tanning there skin as some substance. Also injecting there asses to imitate black woman is relevant. I've been saying the same for years. It's the same as, some idiot stating, that Elvis Presley, gave black people the blues music, and not the reverse. Bottom line, there is, white people, have always taken anything of worth from black people, market it, and make millions. White people even imitate black people, but yet they are hated by them. I believe white folks, are the most confused race, of modern times.
truth be told

Greenford, UK

#321 Feb 21, 2013
El Diablo Blanco wrote:
In perhaps the most shocking crime figure of all is the number of White
rapes against Black women. Statistically, it is 0! Because they have
fewer than 10 cases nationally.
According to murder figures released by the Justice Department in 2002,
, Black predators are at least 22 times (2,200 percent) more likely to
murder White women than the reverse. In regard to gang attacks including
the horrible specter of gang rape, the figures are literally off the
charts, with at least a 200 times (that's 20,000 percent!) greater
chance of Blacks committing gang assaults and that includes both White
men and women victims!
The staggering personal tragedies connected with these huge crime
numbers should be a national scandal. Yet, the facts go largely
read more UDDOJ & FBI data at :
So what are you going to do about all this information my black friend. Got anything worth positive to spk about your black community. Are you getting your hands dirty to find ongoing solutions to the problem you describe or are you running away to live in the next white enclave until a 'white flight' from the area occurs.

Blame it on the blacks - doom and gloom I see. Sounds like you got a serious dose of white mentality thinking. Fact is white men raped black women during slavery times. A great excuse for those rapists and warped peodiophiles to run rampant!!

Fact is if caught doing these unspeakable crimes today they would be punished according to present day law so less of it. However, not to be too negative there are genuine mixed relationships between the white man and black woman in this day and age would you believe. The white man and black woman do marry or live in a loving and fruitful relationship.

Grand Rapids, MI

#322 Mar 14, 2013
They mixed with them to make more slaves, and just from the pure european hatred and satanic over powering ego they had and have still. They didnt do it for love, well maybe the white man was in love, but i know the black women couldnt have been cause i wouldnt be in love with a person like that who stripped me of all my culture, home,freedom and clothes. Its incidents like this i just HAD to get a DNA test for. I think we should do that horrible stuff back to them. The people today had nothing to do with it but the slaves back then did nothing to deserve it either. The prophecy: the child has to pay. And now, alot of Africans dont see African Americans as their own. These dirty people have left a big dirty footprint on humanity forever. Hopefully this white gene will run out and we can be rid of the problem. I feel bad for the people who are today now mixed without the relationship being voluntary. And they did it cause alot of white men are adulterers. They had wives to have sex with, so why they raped female slaves idk thats their psychological problem. All in all the real reason may be forever unknown cause they are dead now & we cant ask them why. I always wondered why they were so lazy n brought other ppl from way far away to do their work. But today a white person loves to open their mouth n call a black person lazy.
Normal Guy

Saginaw, MI

#323 Mar 14, 2013
First of all you are all obviously racist. Just stop it. You sound as racist as the people in Detroit.

Second of all there are many cultures who have pillaged each other throughout history. I.e. Egyptian (Africans)who enslaves the Hebrews (Caucasians) for thousands of years. This is not exclusive to Europeans. Other slave holding cultures were the Aztecs and Mongols. In fact the Mongols introduced the idea of slavery to Europe. This culture was established by the Shang dynasty n China in 1600 BC. They also castrated their male slaves.

Third of all, it was other West Africans who sold the slaves to the Europeans. This is a West African culture of violence which still exists today i.e. Darfur. There is not however a tradition of slavery in East Africa. This is also why Native Americans were never enslaved - it was not culturally acceptable to them. They did however have their entire contentment stolen from them and were almost eradicated. They are the ones who should really be complaining.

Summary: Although awful, and completely unacceptable the amount of time African Americans were enslaved in the US pales in comparison the that of the rest of world history. Additionally, the slaves were already enslaved in West Africa by other Africans. So you should blame them too.

So, all of you stop being racist. It all sucks, but you aren't the only culture to have had this happen to you. Nor will you be the last.


I have been / lived all over the country. Detroit, the city, not the metro, is the most openly racist place I have ever been to. Atlanta - not really racist, North Carolina - not that racist, North East - Not that racist, Out West - Not that racist... For the love of me I have no idea why people in Detroit are so racist. I mean there are cultural tensions everywhere in the world. But I have never in my life seen anything like the racists in Detroit. It is no wonder we cannot all get along and simply solve what issues we have. It is truly unbelievable. I doubt anybody in the city knows much better, as they have likely not traveled and are spoon fed distorted (Politically motivated) information from supposed "community leaders". As a native Detroiter, I am just so sick and tired of my beloved city being the butt of jokes across America. The reason it is; is because of Racists like you all. So please shut up with your racist garbage.

Don't be racist. It sucks. If you live in the past you can never move forward.

Please move forward.

If you are however interested in learning about history in its full context and not just selectively pointing out racist observations. Please check out this Youtube site. Its an easy overview on history. It is also kinda fun. Trust me you will find something you enjoy in here.


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