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#64 Jun 27, 2012
New evidence suggests Oakland County Child Killer is still alive, not popular suspect

Prosecutors say evidence points away from suspect Christopher Busch as Oakland County Child Killer

Author: Kevin Dietz, Local 4 Defenders

Published On: Jun 25 2012 11:08:19 PM EDT Updated On: Jun 26 2012 04:28:33 PM EDT

Part of 6,000 pages of evidence in the Oakland County Child Killer case were made public under the Freedom of Information Act.

Prosecutors are being allowed to speak out about specific evidence in the case. Bombshell No. 1 involves suspect Christopher Busch. Sources tell Local 4 that Bush did not kill Mark Stebbins, Kristine Mihelich, Jill Robinson and Timothy King. Victims' family members have believed Bush could be the killer for decades.

"There isn't a piece of evidence that we can point to and say Mr. Bush killed Timothy King, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich or Mark Stebbins," said Paul Walton, chief assistant Oakland County prosecutor.

It is the first time prosecutors have gone on the record to say there is zero evidence suggesting Busch is the Oakland County Child Killer. His DNA does not match the physical evidence they have.
"Whatever evidence that may or may not exist does not come back to Busch," said Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper.

Police sources have told Local 4 that Busch's suicide scene is suspicious and may have actually been a murder. They know he had a drawing of a tortured boy that closely resembled victim Mark Stebbins. Ropes were found in his closest. He had a blue Vega car which looked like the infamous blue Gremlin spotted at one of the abductions.

None of that matters because investigators now tell Local 4 Busch did not commit the murders. Someone else did and that suspect is still alive. The suspect will be arrested very soon if prosecutors get the right kind of DNA match.
"When we're going in and arguing for a conviction to a jury, we're generally going in there with something referred to as autosomal DNA and that is generally DNA with statistical analysis to the 15th power," said Walton. "That is like on in a quadrillion ... 15 zeros after that."

Prosecutors can't talk about who they are seeking because it is against the law to discuss a grand jury investigation. However, listen to what prosecutors have to say and you can decide if the killer is still alive.

"We are a prosecutor's office that is looking to bring a case to the light of a courtroom for potential prosecution and to hold someone accountable," said Walton.

"They're going forward and they've made a lot of steps," said Cooper. "Momentous steps."

The prosecutors are on a manhunt for someone who is alive. They have been beefing up the task force and getting results.

"Looking at physical evidence, sending physical evidence to the lab, looking at things freshly," said Cooper.

The prosecutors also want to clear up misinformation on evidence in the case. They confirm four child victims all had white dog hair found on them, but none of the white hairs are from the same animal.

"And then when that was expanded out to potentially other suspects, there hasn't been any consistency in animal hairs other than it is white animal hair, period," said Walton.

Not only are the children not connected by the same white dog hairs, the carpet fibers believed to have been on all four victims are not necessarily from the same carpet. They are just similar in color.

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#65 Jun 27, 2012
"The scientists are telling me it means exactly that. It's in the same optical plane. It's in the same color scheme," said Walton.

The shotgun shell in Busch's room cannot be matched with the caliber used to kill Jill Robinson.

"They even took it to NASA to try and see if they could get an identification of the caliber and there was no way in which they could do that," said Cooper.

Prosecutors also say they have tracked down the scientist who analyzed the ropes found at the home of suspect Busch.

"He conclusively told us that he was aware of these facts and that had there been any blood on that rope or ligature he would have sent it on to the evidence unit," said Walton.

The prosecutors say the families of the victims and media outlets continuing to push Busch as the Oakland County Child Killer have misinterpreted public documents and have not seen the real evidence.

"I keep seeing things in the media that are just so wrong, so inappropriate," said Cooper.

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#66 Jul 21, 2012
Calabrese: Oakland child killings' ugly prosecution
No sooner does Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper announce what could be a major breakthrough in the Oakland County child killings case of the 1970s than a full-scale prosecutorial war erupts between Cooper and her Wayne County counterpart, Kym Worthy.
Wayne County has had its own investigation going on for years because, although all of the victims were from Oakland County, one of them was found in Livonia. You'd think investigators would work together on such a case and would not let egos and territorialism get in the way. But you'd be wrong.
Cooper's announcement that 70-year-old Archibald Edward Sloan - a convicted sex offender currently serving a life sentence - is a "person of interest" in the case drew an immediate rebuke from Worthy, who is upset that Cooper's decision to go public and seek tips about Sloan's associations at the time may be hindering Wayne County's own investigation.
Or should I say "rival" investigation? That appears to be how Worthy and Cooper see it. Cooper went public with Sloan's identity because mitochondrial DNA links him to two of the victims - Mark Stebbins and Timothy King. It's not enough to charge him, but it's enough to seek insight from possible acquaintances about what Sloan may have been doing in the 1976-1977 period. That's why Cooper appealed to the public for information.
Look. I am not an expert on criminal investigations, so it's not my place to tell either of these women how to do their jobs. But I'm pretty sure publicly sniping at each other, while conducting two entirely separate investigations, is not the way to do it. You don't have to be a crime expert to know that.
Then again, I don't know why anyone should be surprised at this point. This entire investigation has been a series of failures, embarrassments, false hopes and retreats back to square one. Thirty-five years after the last murder, we haven't even had an arrest, let alone a conviction. I am not suggesting that people haven't worked hard on the case. Berkley Det. Ray Anger practically made it a personal crusade until his retirement last year.

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#67 Jul 21, 2012
But the effort as a whole has been a complete fiasco. From the exhumation of David Norberg's body in 1999 to the insinuations about Christopher Busch, we've dealt with a seemingly endless parade of leaks and hints that never went anywhere. We learned recently that the whole blue Gremlin fixation was a waste of time, as Timothy King's brother Chris tried to tell investigators that he saw the same car still parked in the same spot the following day - meaning it couldn't have been the killer's car - but they ignored him because he was a kid, and wasted their time interviewing every blue Gremlin owner in Oakland County.
And in recent years, the father of one of the victims has gone public about his frustration with Cooper, whom he says will not return his calls and will not provide him with information he seeks about the case.
And now, to top it all off, we learn that prosecutors of adjoining counties are engaged in an all-out war and conducting rival investigations.
This whole thing has been one of Southeast Michigan's darkest hours. These families have borne the burden and sadness of their children's fate for their entire lives, and today they are treated by investigators like an annoyance. Many of us who were kids in Oakland County at the time - Jill Robinson was my age, and lived three blocks from me in Royal Oak - have been permanently affected by the fear and horror that we and our parents lived through.
In spite of it all, the Sloan announcement gives me hope. The same guy's hair on two of the victims? Yeah, that sounds like a major breakthrough all right. I'm praying they get the tips they need to get the truth, so we can finally know what really happened, and who really did it.
That is, if the investigators can put aside their feud long enough to actually finish the job.
From The Michigan View: http://www.michiganview.com/article/20120719/...

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#68 Oct 7, 2012
Letter to the Oakland Child Killing Task Force in Michigan

Investigator D. Tullock
Oakland County Prosecutors Office
4th Floor West wing
1200 N. Telegraph Road
Pontiac, Michigan 48341

Investigator Tullock,

Let me first begin by expressing how surprised I was to hear from your office, as I was completely dismissed by your department in 2007 after two weeks of emails so to hear from you out of the blue was incredibly surprising. I also have to state that I am more than curious as to why now? The skeptic in me wonders if it doesn’t have to do with the pending $100 million dollar lawsuit brought forward by the parents of the murdered four children, but I will put that aside and do what you asked me to do and detail the reasons why I believe events surrounding satanic killings and my family in Omaha are connected to the four ritually murdered children you have on your books in Oakland, Michigan. However, I should warn you that, because I am concerned that this is just going to end up in some file somewhere- by the time this letter reaches you I will have already posted it on my blog at http://www.DavidShurter.com and shared it with others. I want to make it clear from the very beginning that I am not doing this so that you can cover your butts with some lawsuit- but rather because I think that these situations are not only connected, but they also need to be exposed.

First of all- my father had close ties with Michigan. Growing up in Niles, Michigan- my father’s family basically owned the town of Cassopolis- as our last name was not Shurter but Rathbens-(not sure of the spelling). My great uncle Phil- who lived in Cassopolis- was the man who first inducted my father and his younger brother into the cult- just as my father tried to induct me later on. As strange as it sounds- this connection to Satanism in my family has been generational, but as far as my father and his family are concerned- much of our background originated in Michigan.

You asked about the significance of lunar cycles and killings- and what you need to understand is that these cycles are incredibly important to Satanists- and the killings happened around “holidays” that Satanists adhere too. Just so we are clear- these are the dates of your murdered children… Mark Stebbins-Feb.15th 1976————-Jill Robinsion Dec.22,1976———————–Kris Mchilich Jan,2 1977———-Tim King,March 16th,1977. Each one of these coincides with a time when I KNOW that things were hot and heavy in Omaha. Let me explain.

In my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story-(which I am sending you along with this letter), I talk about a man who came in search of his missing daughter- A man that I was forced to murder when I was ten, which just happened to be in 1976. By this time, my family was basically on the run- moving first to Fremont to escape the problems that were being presented at the time of child disappearances and murders of a ritual nature that were happening in Omaha at the time, and then to Graettinger Iowa after my family murdered the man in our basement. I detail the events in my past in the book, however, I want to make it clear that this whole child trafficking and cult activity had been going on for quite some time before I ever came along- and actually- from my research, has been going on a lot longer than I ever expected. Here in Omaha- everything publically is connected to a failed savings and loan called Franklin Credit and the events that came out from that- but the truth is, there had been serious rumblings for over a decade before- and Franklin was actually the catalyst that was used to silence what was really going on here. Before Franklin hit the news- there had been a serious attempt at trying to silence what was happening here- which I also detail in my book- which is the reason why I believe that your killings in Michigan are connected to events of my family here in Omaha.

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#69 Oct 7, 2012
My father was a pilot at the time, and flew constantly- which my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter- who was married to my father at the time, spoke of at my father’s memorial service. My contention is that my father and his friends decided to try and deflect the rumors about the Satanism that was being practiced in Omaha by deflecting the issues to a different state- thus you ended up with four satanically ritual murdered children within a year’s time. Captivating the nation’s media- it very cleverly took the heat off of Omaha until things eventually exploded a decade later. Your children, I believe, were a smoke and mirror campaign to deflect what was rumored to be happening here- and looking at it historically- it worked marvelously.

The fact that you discovered the children so easily and in the way you did, tells me that they were left there to be found. Especially in Michigan, where you have more forests than any place I have ever been. Logically it would have been easier and much safer to hide the bodies, but the fact that they were displayed the way they were leaves no assumption that these bodies were meant to be found. Growing up in the state- and traveling all over all of his life, my father knew your areas well, and so I figure that since he was involved as a high priest and was not only a child murderer but also a pilot, these are the reasons your state was chosen. Also- my father was indoctrinated into the cult IN Michigan, so it would have been a pretty logical assumption to think that your issues with this would come out instead of Omaha’s if any investigation was REALLY presented regarding these killings.

One of the reasons why I don’t trust your office is because you MUST know that a man in 2006 was arrested and connected to Satanism in your state- and the article that I read online at CNN news was that it was reported that he wasn’t acting alone. Perhaps it has already occurred to you that maybe you should check out your books and see who CNN was reporting about- but the fact that no one connected with all of this has any idea what I am talking about tells me that you haven’t. I was sitting in the law offices of Frazer and Stryker at the time- and was only able to read the article over the receptionists shoulder sitting in the waiting room- so I was unable to save the details- but because it happened when it did- I am positive that it happened in middle to late 2006. Regardless- you HAVE to know the details of this- and the fact that much of this has the history of corruption that it does- trying to silence it as simple “satanic panic” and social hysteria- I must look at your office critically.

Who you are looking for behind these murders is not just one person but rather a group of people. If you are interested in more- read my book and then get back to me if you want. However- all of the dates correspond to what was going on with my family at the time, and also fits with the activities that we were involved with here.
Thanks for your time,

David Shurter

October 6, 2012

Littleton, CO

#74 Oct 21, 2012
To all of this I must add the information about the Boy Scout cover-up, which includes an incident in Orchard Lake covered-up in 1958, involving Troop #101, an event or events covered-up in B'ham in 1962, involving Troop #1611, three different event reports in 1965 involving Troops #80 and #141 in Utica, a 1969 event or events in Bloomfield Hills involving Troop #1034, a 1970 event or events in Berkeley involving Troop #1083, plus an event in Westland in 1973 involving Tony R. Kassel and Troop #865 (of which there is an extensive written record about on the site). There are plenty of other Oakland County BSA incidents after 1975 too including a Royal Oak event in 1978 involving Troop #1604.

The LA Times database can be user- arranged by date, State, and Troop number by using the little icons to the right of each column header. The LA Times database contains the records of 171 different events and involving Michigan and their attendant cover-up by BSA top management in order to protect their organization's reputation, which easily could involve thousands of primary and ancillary victims when neither abusers nor victims were responsibly dealt with nor treated by BSA management.

Here is a link to the LA Times database if anyone wants to look: There must be at least 30 different Wayne County reports too.


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#75 Oct 25, 2012
http://news.yahoo.com/oakland-county-child-ki ...

This is Debbie Jarvis and I am the mother of Kristine Mihelich who was the third victim of the Oakland County Child Killers. In response to Jessica Cooper’s continued effort to detract from the facts by calling people names and making baseless statements for the sole purpose of covering for her mistakes and failures, I say turn the cases over to the Department of Justice for an independent investigation. Or take your name off the ballot and stop providing a disservice to the citizens of Oakland County. The Public needs to demand that Jessica Cooper turn the Oakland County Child Killer cases over to the DOJ for an independent investigation so these and other cases under Cooper’s control may be solved. Victims of the now described American Legion Serial Killers include: Mark Stebbins, Jane Allen, Jill Robertson, Kristine Mihelich, Timothy King, Patricia Spencer, Pamela Hobley, Donna Serra, Laura Wilson, Cynthia Cadieux, Sandra Butler, Kimberly King, Kim Larrow, and Kellie Brownlee. These are the names of victims of the American Legion Serial Killers that have been identified so far. The names of the kids Jessica Cooper does not give a damn about. Think before you vote. Would you want Jessica Cooper in charge of any investigation that involved the abduction and killing of your child? I can answer that as a victim’s mother… NO! You Should Also Know; Some of These Serial Killers Still Live In Oakland County Today. VOTE FOR MIKE BISHOP AND LET THESE SERIAL KILLERS BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES.

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#76 Nov 2, 2012
But the murders were never solved. During this time, dozens of chiefs of police led thousands of police officers in Oakland County’s cities, townships and villages. Four (4) Oakland County Prosecutors also served in office during this time: L. Brooks Patterson until 1988; Richard Thompson until 1996; David Gorcyca until 2008; and Jessica Cooper since 2009.

Throughout those years, many conspiracy theorists surfaced, spinning false leads and misinformation into wild speculative theories - some of which sounded cogent until it is was determined that facts were taken out of context and woven into disjointed and unsupported fictions.

So the cases remain open today. But now, there is a renewed and intense investigation being conducted by an expanded Task Force that was first created in 1977.

The following are questions and answers that may clear up some of the misconceptions that continue to surface and circulate about these homicides.

When was an Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK) Task Force formed?

The original, formal task force was formed in January of 1977. The Michigan State Police (MSP) and the police departments where the children were last seen or where their bodies were found received a federal grant to help pursue the investigation. When the federal grant money ran out in December of 1978, the task force was formally disbanded. However, the investigations continued, throughout the ensuing decades, and individual departments developed and tried to share information when it became available. But, the efforts were not concentrated or centralized.

In 2005, MSP began re-examining cold cases with advanced scientific testing. The four cases known as the “Oakland County Child Killer” cases became part of that review.

When Jessica Cooper became the Oakland County Prosecutor in 2009, and, after being apprised of the renewed efforts, she contacted the Oakland County area police departments and asked them to formally join the MSP in the scientifically renewed investigation of the child killings. Under the new task force, the investigation has become stronger, more active and more cohesive. New investigative and testing

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#77 Nov 2, 2012
techniques not in existence decades ago are generating new leads. The Oakland County Sheriffs’ Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are also active participants in the investigation, as they have always been, providing invaluable assistance.

Were these four children the only child victims during the 1976-1977 period?

No. Unfortunately, there were several other children of various ages who went missing or were killed during that time period in other areas of the state. But only these four (4) killings were attributed to the “Oakland County Child Killer.”

What is the role of the police in an investigation? What is the role of the Prosecutor?

The various police agencies in the county are responsible for conducting the actual investigations. Among other things, they identify witnesses, conduct interviews, obtain statements, collect and test physical evidence, execute search warrants and arrest those responsible. They then submit the results of their investigation to the Prosecutor’s Office for review.

The Prosecutor’s Office is the legal arm of law enforcement. It is NOT an investigating agency. The Prosecutor’s Office may help the police by drafting search warrants and consulting with police concerning the legal aspects of the investigation. The Prosecutor’s Office may also, on occasion, use its subpoena powers in one form or another to aid the police in the investigation. But, it does not itself investigate.

When the investigation is complete and the police bring the results to the Prosecutor’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office reviews the evidence to determine if a prosecution is legally possible. That means a studied review of the reports and physical evidence to determine what evidence would likely be admissible in court and a careful determination of which charges, if any, can be brought.

The Prosecutor’s Office does not have the powers of arrest. Nor does it have the authority to tell the police what or how to investigate. A Prosecutor’s Office can only initiate criminal charges and prosecute someone in court with the assistance and cooperation of the police. Likewise, the police cannot present a case in criminal court (other than a traffic ticket) without the assistance of the Prosecutor.

What is a conspiracy theory?

A conspiracy theory is a theory that claims that an event or series of events is the result of a plot by a covert group or organization.

In the Oakland County Child Killer cases there have been numerous conspiracy theories that have developed to explain the abductions and murders of these four children. Some very bizarre theories have been offered. In one theory it was thought that the children were being abducted when there was a forecast for snow. In another, a local psychologist was convinced that the killer was trying to send him messages according to where the children’s bodies had been dumped. In essence, a conspiracy theorist forms an opinion and manipulates some of the evidence while ignoring other evidence to fit the theory.

What about Bob?

In October 2010, a representative from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office spoke by phone with someone who identified himself only as “Bob.” The conversation was taped in its entirety. During that conversation,“Bob” read a rambling statement outlining a theory that the Oakland

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#78 Nov 2, 2012
County Child Killer abductions and murders were related to pagan holidays, the lunar calendar, and Wiccan rituals. As bizarre as his statement was, he was politely encouraged to bring forth whatever information he had and to discuss specifics with investigators.“Bob” never contacted the Sheriff or the Prosecutor’s Office again.

“Bob” continues his bizarre claims in media interviews that he has information about the child killer’s identity, but won’t reveal the information without first being provided additional information about the cases which law enforcement officials refuse to do for very critical reasons addressed below.

Who is Paul Hughes and why did he file a $100 million lawsuit against the Sheriff, the Prosecutor and representatives from MSP?

No one can answer that question since Mr. Hughes provides no basis in law or fact to support his lawsuit. Mr. Hughes will have to stand before a Federal Court and answer as to why he should not be sanctioned for filing a frivolous law suit.

Why can’t the public know who and what is being investigated?

As long as there remains the possibility that there are still living suspects that could be held responsible in a court of law for these crimes, the release of such information would be detrimental to any potential prosecution. Law enforcement officials would be giving out information which, at the very least, could help potential suspects craft explanations and alibis and possibly destroy evidence in their possession before it could be discovered. And they would be telegraphing all the moves of the investigators. All of this would obviously be extremely harmful to the investigation.

Why can’t the Prosecutor release its knowledge of the case to the victims’ families?

Statistics from the FBI tell us that 86% of all children who are harmed are harmed by people that they know, love or trust. This is not to say that any family member is even remotely involved in these cases. But there is a statistical likelihood that the guy down the street, the babysitter or someone close to the family may be involved or close to someone who is involved. Disclosing information alerts potential targets and provides them with opportunities to invent explanations and alibis and otherwise “cover their tracks.”

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#79 Nov 2, 2012
In addition, the publishing of some information, such as polygraph results, is actually a crime. Moreover, there are the ethical and professional obligations to respect and protect the privacy of innocent people on whom investigations may touch, no matter how tangentially. Finally, should the investigation produce charges against an individual, family members are frequently called as witnesses, and pre-trial publicity compromises and endangers the integrity of that prosecution because sometimes such witnesses conform their testimony, even if unconsciously, to what they have read or seen in the media.

It is not the province of Prosecutors, without the safeguard of a trial to make pronouncements of innocence or guilt in the media - as much as that might alleviate the pain of the victims’ families. In fact, such a public pronouncement could actually undermine a future prosecution should another perpetrator ever be identified.

Even the most sophisticated of family members can fall prey to a conspiracy theorist. Family members have waited decades for answers. They are in pain, and there are theorists who exploit that pain to write books, seek fame or achieve political or financial gain. They don’t have to be talking about Wiccans and lunar calendars like “Bob.” Every couple years or so someone raises a suspect’s name. Then, without the careful but sometimes slow and tedious investigation that requires going back to source documents and scientifically re-testing and re-examining evidence, another “theory” comes forward. More disjointed, unsupported and unexamined material comes into the public domain and, once again, the families are given false hope as they center on the suspect of the moment. In 2007, one of the families even brought an unsuccessful wrongful death suit against one such “suspect.” Sometimes the pain and the need for resolution is so great, the families misdirect their frustration. The highly skilled and professional men and women of this present task force have collectively spent thousands of hours going back to the original source documents, and tracing down leads all over the country, and re-examining and re-testing the evidence.

While our sympathies always lie with the families, even those who sadly, despite the glaring conflicts of interest, seek to be at the center of the investigation, the direction of their frustration belongs elsewhere. The pressure to make public the details of an ongoing investigation establishes dangerous precedent for law enforcement and greatly impedes, if not destroys any chance to bring a potential living culprit to justice in a court of law. The expanded task force has only been in existence for three (3) years, not thirty-six (36), and it has made momentous strides. Those strides can only continue, if the task force is left unimpeded to do its job.

Don’t you have to talk to the victims’ families pursuant to the Crime Victim’s Rights Act?

The Crime Victim’s Rights Act, MCL 780.756, pertains to giving victim’s information about the proceedings AFTER a charge has been brought.

After thirty-six (36) years is it still possible to prosecute someone?

Absolutely. In the first three and a half (3½) years as Prosecutor, Jessica Cooper has prosecuted and obtained convictions in cases even older than the disappearance and murder of these children. As long as sufficient credible evidence is obtained and/or is still available which identifies a living person as the murderer and proves his or her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, a criminal case can be filed and prosecuted and won.

In 2009, David Tweed was tried and convicted for the 1986 murder of 71 year old Donald Vance.

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#80 Nov 2, 2012
In 2010, Nolan George, who was identified as a serial killer, was tried and convicted for the 1968 murder of Gwendolyn Perry.
In 2011, Wilburn Cooper was tried and convicted for the 1978 execution-style murder of David McKillop.
In 2011, William Hess and Darrell Castles were tried and convicted for the 1979 robbery and murder of Julius Schnoll.
In 2011, Robert Nowak was tried and convicted for the 2001 murder and dismemberment of Troy Moross.
The success of these cold case prosecutions depends on the police being able to find compelling and admissible evidence. Such evidence may be in the form of new witnesses coming forward or physical evidence that can be re-tested with new technologies, such as DNA.

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#82 Dec 11, 2012
Mike wrote:
Is david shurter "bob"?
No, Shurter has his own agenda. He has a web site and wrote a book about his upbringing in an atmosphere of devil worship in Omaha NE. He is not into the OCCK cases too much, though he suggests his family "could have" some involvement.

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#83 Dec 28, 2012
A feature length documentary film (release date not known).

Four children were abducted, murdered, and their bodies dumped in a fourteen month period in 1976 and 1977. These heinous acts sparked the largest manhunt in United States history up to that date. The Oakland County Child Killer Taskforce handled thousands of tips, interviewed 19,000 people, pursued leads from every imaginable source, and to date have made no arrests, and achieved no conviction. The Oakland County Child Killer case is one of the highest profile unsolved serial killer cases in United States History.

The Film

We will use the power of the moving image to revisit the case in a way that is only possible in a long format documentary film.

It has been said that a documentary film is created in the editing room, which could not be more true. We will shoot close to 100 hours of footage and make our edit to show the human impact that this case has wreaked on the lives of all those it touched, without being exploitive or sensationalistic.

We will explore the theme of ‘evil’ in the film as a sub plot of the film, for the deeper one looks into this case and the acts that took place, one can only come to the conclusion that an evil, exploitive conspiracy was in place and functioning.

We will have never seen before interviews with victims families, investigators, forensics experts, that will all lend a tragic authenticity to the details of the case. We will also focus on one of the many false flags that were pursued with thousands of man hours of investigation; the blue Gremlin.

Other themes presented will include, the missed opportunities of the task force, the 35 year quest of Barry King, father of Tim King to get justice for his son, the Fox Island pedophile ring, the explosive 2006 admission of the polygraph expert who admitted to interviewing the killer of one of the children, and the most up to date developments in the investigation and quest to bring the killer or killers to justice.

The Team

Jim Killeen: Writer, Producer, and Director
A Birmingham, Michigan native, Jim wrote, produced, and directed “Google Me”, a documentary that explored the meaning of identity in the modern world by traveling the globe to meet other Jim Killeens he met through a Google search. The film was distributed world wide and can be found on Itunes, Amazon, Hulu and Youtube. Jim was proud to be a guest on Oprah.

J. Reuben Appelman: Story Editor
J. has nearly completed his book “Murder City Shakedown” on the case, studying nearly four-thousand pages of previously confidential police documents, interviewing dozens of the priciples involved in the case, and brings a reporters objectivity to the process. J. has produced and written for several films, including “Jens Pulver: Driven”,“Playground”, and “Person Of Interest”.

Heather Winters: Producing Consultant
Heather has extensive experience as an Executive Producer in the Documentary genre. She was a producer on “Super Size Me”, and executive Produced “Anywhere USA”,“Convention”, and “Class Act”. Heather will focus on selling the film into all revenue channels available to the film.
uncle holmes

Ogden, UT

#84 Dec 30, 2012
I would love for there to be a film about this case. I was born, raised, and lived in the area during these killings. I still live in the area. I was 13 when the killings occurred.

I still remember watching the local Detroit News on TV when these kids were being killed. I remember going out to eat with my parents at a restaurant on Woodward and on the wall there was a poster of Kristine Mihelich during her disappearance and before she was found, asking if anyone had seen her.

What baffles me about this case is how in the world did no one see anything during the abductions? After reading about all the evidence it appears to me that the most likely killer would be Christopher Busch.

The drawing of Mark Stebbins, the rope, the dates that he was out on the streets, his history of molesting children. And where he lived is close to where Timothy King was last seen. If I'm not mistaken I think he had a blue car similar to the Gremlin.

I'm thinking it was too close of a call of getting caught after Timothy King. So he stopped the killings. Couldn't live with it anymore and killed himself.

I'm thinking the police know there's a good chance it was him but won't admit it cause it was a huge blunder in letting him go when they had him. Another possibility is the dad paid off the police to get him off.

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#85 Mar 17, 2013
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Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 3:54 PM
To:[Barry King]
Subject: about T King memoir

Hi Barry,

The following is my recollection of the events surrounding your son’s abduction. I was keenly interested to read about Chris Busch. If the authorities knew about this individual at the time why didn’t they haul him in and have me look at him in a line-up? I would be interested in seeing photos of him contemporary with the abduction.

And then from his narrative:

Page 1

On my way home from work I decided to stop at the supermarket and pick up some breakfast groceries (milk, eggs, etc.) for the following morning. As I pulled my new Alfetta GT into the parking lot, I immediately noticed a young boy on an orange skateboard. He was using the natural slope of the parking lot to build up speed as he headed downward toward the market. At the last minute he would jump off the board and the board would continue on into the bricks of the building. Fearing that the flying skateboard might damage my new car, I decided to use one of the parking spaces farthest from the store.

After locking my car, I noticed that the boy on the skateboard was talking to a young man by the side of the building. My immediate impression was of a father talking to his son. The young man was about 25-30 years old. He was wearing a plaid shirt jacket and jeans. He was also wearing a baseball cap over his shoulder length hair.

As I started walking towards the market entrance, I glanced at an older man sitting in a car. He had backed his car into the parking place now opposite my parking place, but closer to the building. He was facing me as I walked towards his car and the market. He fixed his gaze on mine and continued to start at me intently. There was something unnerving about this man and I remember thinking that he might be a car thief. He looked to be about 55-65 years of age. He had totally grey hair and looked about 20-30 pounds overweight. He had a very round face.

As I walked by him I glanced back at his car and tried to commit his license number to memory. The numbers were easy, three twos and I made up a quick phrase to try to remember the letters. Unfortunately, to this day, I cannot remember the phrase I used to remember the letter make- up of the license plate. The make of the car was a 1973 Pontiac Le Mans 2/door coupe.

I continued into the store where I did my shopping and came out about 15-20 minutes later. All three persons were gone: the boy, the young man and the older man in the car.

I had not been paying attention at the time to the news about the abduction of kids in the area. Had I done so I may have been more suspicious of the situation involving the boy and the 2 men. As it was, I was only concerned possible damage or theft to my new car. All I had seen was totally forgotten when I got into my Alfa and returned home.

I would only remember these events about two weeks later when my best friend and colleague Steve B. was talking to me about a kidnapping in our area with another designer. It was a little boy named Timmy King. As I listened they mentioned about a boy and a skateboard. At this point I asked if the skateboard was orange in color. They answered yes. I then asked where the kidnapping was supposed to have happened and was told it was the supermarket by Steve’s house. This made me recall the evening I was at the market, and I asked if the night in question was the really warm evening about two weeks earlier. He said yes, and asked me if I had seen something?

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#86 Mar 17, 2013
At this point I told him my story about seeing a young boy with an orange skateboard in the market parking lot. Steve immediately implored me to go to the authorities. I told him that I really could not remember any more than that, and that I could probably add nothing new to what the police already knew.

A few days later my ex-wife called and asked me to sign some papers to complete our divorce. She asked about how I was doing and I said fine, and then told her about maybe seeing the missing Timmy King in the supermarket parking lot on, maybe, the evening he disappeared. Her reaction was the same as Steve’s. I still resisted saying I could remember nothing else and would be of no help to the police.

As chance would have it, my ex attended a party that following weekend where she was introduced to a young man. This man turned out to be one of the FBI investigators assigned to missing children cases.

Well, bright and early, the following Monday morning at work, I was paged over the studio PA system. I was asked to come to the corporate security offices. The FBI wanted to talk to me. I looked at Steve and he pleaded innocence. He said he had nothing to do with this.

I left my desk and went to the security offices. There were two agents there and one of them explained that he had met my ex-wife at a party and she had told him about our conversation of the past week, and about what I had witnessed. I explained that what I told my ex was the extent of my recollection. They then asked if I would be willing to go under hypnosis to help with my recall. I replied that I was skeptical, but was willing to help in any way I could.

The hypnosis session was conducted at the University of Michigan campus. In attendance were the two agents, a sketch artist, and the psychiatrist who would hypnotize me. While under hypnosis I remember wondering if I was really hypnotized. I only remember feeling extremely relaxed, but still aware of what was around me. Or so I thought.

When the session ended I had thought maybe only 15-20 minutes had elapsed, but when I looked at my watch I was shocked to see that 4 hours had passed. The agents were very excited about my observations. I was able to confirm the possibility that two men were involved. This information was some that the FBI had only speculated on. From my description the sketch artist was able to get a pretty good likeness of each man. But, the most important information was my identification of the car that the older man was sitting in. It was a 1973 Pontiac Le Mans 2/door coupe.

It turns out they already knew about the make of the car. When the previous victim had been dropped off, the car had backed into a snow bank and left a perfect impression of the car’s rear bumper. As for the car’s license number, I could only remember the last three numbers: the three 2’s. For some reason the phrase I had made to remember the preceding 3 letters was not retrievable. To this day I still cannot remember it. I can only surmise that numbers are stored in a different part of the brain than the phrase would be.

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#87 Mar 17, 2013
I was able to show the agents the exact spot on the wall where the boy’s skateboard had impacted the bricks of the supermarket building. They took small samples of the brick and discovered pieces of the orange neoprene material that the skateboard was made of.

Years later I saw a picture of John Wayne Gacy after he was arrested for his crimes. I felt that this man might have been the older man I saw in the Le Mans that long ago evening. I learned later watching a TV program about his crimes, that he had a younger sidekick that roughly fit the description of the other man I had seen talking to the boy. It is something I have pondered all these years.


And did the FBI or the Michigan State Police ever release this information or the drawings of the two men the witness saw? No they did not. They told this witness that they didn’t want the information about the LeMans coming out because they did not want to alert the owner of the car. They were too busy pulling over every single blue AMC Gremlin in Oakland County to bother with this LeMans. The LeMans comes up again and again. More later.
Nineteenseventys ix

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#88 Mar 29, 2013
from cathybroad blog.


Yesterday a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Debbie Jarvis, the mother of Kristine Mihelich, who was abducted and murdered in January 1977. The above link does not discuss the particulars and hopefully I can read the judge’s decision to consider her rationale. Among the comments to the link is the ever-present, classic misunderstanding of why these lawsuits get filed:”Hey, how dare you try to cash in on the death of your child?” I no longer respond to comments like this. I know everyone thinks they know what they would do if they found themselves in a similar situation, but trust me–they don’t. Debbie Jarvis isn’t after money. She wants the feds to step in because this thing reeks so badly.

One thing is very obvious here. None of the leads were adequately exhausted. Officials lament the fact that people keep talking about various suspects and theories, in essence saying “get over it; it will never be solved.” That may be, but if that is the case, come clean about what you DO know, tell the communities it was botched so badly that there will never be adequate answers (if any at all), and quit spending money on the charade.

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