Hey girls, if u need advice on boys i...

Orlando, FL

#446 Dec 26, 2012
More or less using this to vent. I've been best friends with my boyfriend since 9 th grade. We graduated in 2008 and didn't decided to date until 5 months ago. About a month into dating he got arrested and was sent to jail, the judge sentenced him to 90 treatment facility (weed addiction). He is only allowed to make a phone call everyother day and his mother and I share them. Saw him last Sunday was suppose to hear from him that night but never did but then was hoping to hear from him on Christmas, but never did, but his mom did....feeling kinda left out

Los Angeles, CA

#447 Dec 27, 2012
Hey Well Theres This Guy And I Really Really Like Him Like Everytime Im Around Him I Feel So Comfortable I Can Be Myself Around Him We Always Mess Around When We Hangout , And He Knew I Liked Him Since Last Year And Like Outta No Were He Nessages Me On Facebook Saying Kickeht And Other Stuff
Idk If He Wants To Be Serious With Me Or Just Sees Me As A Booty Call? I Even Told Him I Still Have Feelings For Him And All He Said Was Cool xD ,& it Really Hurt And I Cried Over Him Cause I Dont Feel Good Enough & Once My Friend Asked If He Was Talking To Me And He Said No That Im Just A Friendd Which Confuses Me ? And Hurts Ne Alot To Know Im Not Perfect For Him :'( And Im Tierd Of Waiting And Feeling Hurt
Can You Please Help Me?

Schaumburg, IL

#448 Dec 28, 2012
Alright so I really need some help!!! I have a boyfriend and I really do like him but this other boy likes me too. I think I have feelings for him also. But now he's making me choose between him and my boyfriend. And my boy friend has no idea this is going on... I just have no idea what to do or what to think. I have to choose soon but i don't know what to choose.

Bristol, VT

#449 Jan 3, 2013
You people need to get a life

Coventry, UK

#450 Jan 4, 2013
Does sleepin with a lad after only just meetin him a couple of hours ago make me a slag?

Arlington, VA

#451 Jan 5, 2013
Hi so i kinda like this guy and btw were the same age, so i like him now but last year there were rumors that he liked me, but this year we go to partys and i would be dancing with my friends and when the guy i like would come and we would dance really close or grind, and when the slowsongs come on he instantly pulls me away from any other guy and we would slowdance really close.... Well like a month later im walking in a hallway at school and hes right infront of me he knows im behind him so he reaches his hand out for a high five but i dont high five it and says when im walking infront of him why wont you hold my hand? I said im gonna be late,(i really was) he said off in the distance fiesty i like , right infront of hus friends. Remember i like this guy but im nit sure if he likes me and hes having a party a week from today and its starting to worry me because i am really starting to like him. I dont know if hes playing with me or really likes me. I need a ton of advice. Its alot more complicated then what i wrote but my thumbs hurt. Help?


#452 Jan 14, 2013
Yah go for it just dont go too far like kissing and what not but sure u can have up to 3 bfs when ur ten:-)


#453 Jan 14, 2013
Hey please help my crush likes my enemy but she dont give a sht how do i keep his eyes on me

Pointe-claire, Canada

#454 Jan 25, 2013
Well um there's this guy that I've been texting and I really like him. Acouple weeks ago I accidentally told him over text that I liked him and he said he liked me too. But I don't know if we're datting and I don't know if I should ask
Also we haven't talked in acouple days but I don't wanna annoy him and text him first.
So umm what do I do??

Albert Park, Australia

#455 Feb 5, 2013
Hey so there is thus guy ( the reason I'm here) and he has been in my class for three years. The first two years I we were just friends and I didn't notice him that much but this year is different. I spent half the year figuring out if I like him or if he is just a good friend and I finally decided I liked him. Our names are in alphabetical order so we sit together in every class , it started off with him teasing me and joking around even play punching me and pulling my pony tail. His friends all said I liked him and everyone tells us t go out but we both ignore it. One day he was saying his perfect girl and his friends said he basically described me. I didn't tell anyone because I hate faulse hope... I tried not to believe he liked me back but there was always a little place in my mind where I believed he liked me . He tells me a lot about his family and other personal things that other people don't know ( I feel like I know the real him not just like him for his looks like every other girl) he is really caring when he isn't around his friends . Recently I started getting more shy around him and I hate it but I'm scared of looking stupid. I guess what I'm trying to ask is what do I do ? I'm so confused and I feel that it is too late for this year he is only in one of my classes and we rarely talk.( we don't talk much out off school like over fb or text ) and I guess that means he doesn't care to talk to me .. I really thought he liked me . Any piece of advise will help please .
Thank you

Castleford, UK

#456 Feb 7, 2013
You should talk to him about it, what is a relationship without honesty. Depending on your age you should think sensibily ok? Dont make mistakes

Castleford, UK

#457 Feb 7, 2013
Hi! Honesty is the most important thing, so talk to him. Be open. Ask him what he wants. I have a boy friend who talks to me bout his feelings all the time. It make life a hole lot better. Be sensible

Castleford, UK

#458 Feb 7, 2013
Well it means you don't have any respect for yourself.

Bakersfield, CA

#459 Feb 19, 2013
ok so im 14 and im a freshmen in high school and theres a guy in my pe class that i happen to have a crush on and so me and a group of friends were hanging out at pe and we were all talking and everything and he was starring at me and when our eyes met we would smile and after a couple of seconds we would both look away and he kept making fun of me and starring at me and he was aslso looking at my bff and poking her so im not sure if he likes one of us or both of none idk and sorry for switching the subject

Marianna, FL

#460 Feb 20, 2013
ok so im 13 and I have a crush on this guy in my pe class (Johnny) but my friend Tori also likes him and she always flirts with him but she knows I like him first. What should I do? I don't want to mess up mine and Tori's friendship.

York, UK

#461 Feb 27, 2013
I'm 17 my fella is 20, we have already had sex before but that was when we were friends, I don't want to rush things, how long should I leave it before we have sex?

Willoughby, OH

#462 Mar 2, 2013
Last night I had a dream about my crush, we act like we hate each other but we don't because we make each other laugh and happy when the other one is sad. Well I had a dream that my crush was being sweet to my best friend then asked her out and she said yes. Later in the dream I woke up feeling pretty hurt. Even though it was just a dream. Then I realized if he went out with someone else I would be seriously hurt. And now I feel like I'm in love with him. I don't think he would like me back, but I need advice because I don't know how to deal with this. Thanks!😃

Lake Oswego, OR

#463 Mar 7, 2013
I like this boy, but I am really close with my neighbor who happens to be his cousin. She always jokes about how Wierd it would be if we got together. As far as i kniwnHe only thinks of me as his cousins neighbor. How do i get him to think differently or maybe find out if he likes me?

Lake Oswego, OR

#464 Mar 10, 2013
I like this boy, but I am really close with my neighbor who happens to be his cousin. She always jokes about how Wierd and funy it would be if we got together. As far as I know he only thinks of me as his cousins neighbor. How do i get him to think differently or know if he like me?

San Antonio, TX

#465 Mar 14, 2013
Hi. Okay this isn't exactly bf troubles it's just a guy. Okay so my cousin is having a quincenera. And I am standing in it. And she asked this guy I liked, and he's been like a "friend" for a while. But my cousin was like would u wanna stand in Sasha's quince she didn't say who yet. And he was like I can't dance, but every time he would be close to saying yes something would go wrong. And I want him to do it cuz he wants to, not being forced. Please help anyone

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