6 Fullerton officers involved in fata...

6 Fullerton officers involved in fatal beating placed on leave

There are 161 comments on the Los Angeles Times story from Aug 2, 2011, titled 6 Fullerton officers involved in fatal beating placed on leave. In it, Los Angeles Times reports that:

All six police officers involved in the fatal beating of a homeless, schizophrenic man in Fullerton have been placed on administrative leave.

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Long Beach, CA

#21 Aug 4, 2011
Glad wrote:
Thank you for keeping the nutjobs and thieves off the streets Fullerton Police. My hats off to you for a job well done.
Yeah, you'll be saying that after that Gang of Six meet your son or daughter on the street.

The problem here is one (to six) rogue cop(s) and a department full of enablers. A Good Cop that does not stop or report a bad cop is not a good cop at all, but just one of the gang.

The big, ugly, stupid, and mean one-eyed Fullerton cop is going down. The really big and tough dudes in prison are awaiting his arrival with giddy eagerness. There will be no protection there for him. In fact the only folks that hate cops more than prison inmates are prison guards...yeah, they will have fun deciding which shower he goes to, which cell he stays in, and which yard he walks in...they will make a game out of his discomfort and guessing where and how it will occur, and we all know what "it" means.
red angel

Temple City, CA

#22 Aug 4, 2011
You must all remember that there are bad apples in every police departmnet but the greatest prolblem is getting them out. It is easy to say that a good cop should report a bad cop immediately but everyone has failes to realize that in police business if you open your mouth and report a fellow partner then you are in deep shit!. A snitcher cop will not survive in any agency, he will treated badly, demoted, ignore and more so no one will come to his rescue when ever he/she is in need of help on the street.

I know that for fact because i for once was a deputy for many years. i saw the illegal corruption, the falsification of reports and the planting of illegal evidence on innocent civiliansl. What is so ironic, has it was mention earlies in this blog, the black community has it the wosrd because they are constanly been abuse and frame with illegal charges by rogue cop on the street and in the county jail facility.

I spend many years in men central jail and i reported certain incidents to my first line sergeant and his response was" keep ur mouth shut, this is how we do business here. I then went to another sergeant and he in turn asked me if i was a buddyfuquer or a team player. Eventually, with my constant complains i was then transferred to another facility at wayside and there i saw the same abuse of inmates and falsification of reports. I spoke out to fellow deputies about their behavior and they in turn pass my name around th entire facility and made my name Mudd and made my everyday work a nightmare. Subsequently, i resigned and now working construction.

Sinc leaving the sheriff departmen i have never been so happy in my life with a clean conscious.
Protest at the Cops Homes

Salem, MA

#23 Aug 4, 2011
at least ya know where to find those coward cops..at home fabricating their alibis..just organise and make a visit..dont let this event die down...the cops need to be held accountalbe like any other American citizen..

Willowbrook, IL

#24 Aug 4, 2011
Schitzophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder, etc, are a disease that turn people into lethal zombies and they should all be executed!

Autistic guys especially make me cringe! Recently, I was at the Taste of Lombard in Chicago's west suburb of Lombard and I saw an autistic piece of sh1t put his arm around a woman's throat and nearly snap her neck while posing for a picture with her. And he had a really skinny woman, too, and one with that type of facial/neck physique where her "under-chin" area bends upward just behind the chin and forms a narrow V shape, like a Pac-Man facing directly downwards, where her "under-chin" area meets the top of her neck, basically in the shape of the sole of a high heel shoe, and that guy had his entire arm wedged so tightly in there that it pushed her face up a good 30 to 35 degrees, and then another gal took their picture, with his camera! Boy did I want to rip that guy off that woman and beat the living crap out of that guy! But unfortunately there were 2 police officers nearby who would have seen it, so I could not even touch him! That guy could have snapped that woman's neck like a twig and killed her instantly, exactly as Lennie did to Curley's wife in "Of Mice And Men."

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#27 Aug 4, 2011
what cracks me up is that some cops can't figure out why the public is afraid of the police...go figure.

United States

#29 Aug 5, 2011
It's more than a "few bad apples". 90% are as bad, or worse, than the scum they arrest. Power abusing thugs and nothing more.

Very few are good guys, trying to make a difference.

Hopefully, a few will soon get what Kelly Thomas did.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#30 Aug 5, 2011
police officers are self admitted adrenaline junkies. it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you were NOT an adrenaline junkie...then you wouldn't've joined the force.

they all signed on for this. beating people, driving like a madman, shooting people and (not least of all) waltzing into every situation and taking charge. using their new tazers or expandable batons....they all live for that. why else would they have signed up?...

United States

#31 Aug 5, 2011
Daves Blowguns wrote:
police officers are self admitted adrenaline junkies. it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you were NOT an adrenaline junkie...then you wouldn't've joined the force.
they all signed on for this. beating people, driving like a madman, shooting people and (not least of all) waltzing into every situation and taking charge. using their new tazers or expandable batons....they all live for that. why else would they have signed up?...
Well, that and the fact many bimbos are drawn to pigs. LA County Sheriffs really like the young ones in the Explorer program.(No parent with half a brain would allow their daughter to be in that program.)
An Observer

Torrance, CA

#32 Aug 5, 2011
After seeing the pictures of Mr. Thomas, and knowing about these new "less than lethal" weapons the police have that are designed to subdue a person without causing death, I think the Sheriff should send deputies to Fullerton P.D. to arrest all six officers. The FBI should be looking into the civil rights violations committed by these officers. The chief should be fired as well as be investigated for civil rights voilations. The City Council should consider contracting police services out to the Sheriff's Department until the FBI and the Sheriff's Department completes a thorough investigation of this incident as well as an investigation of this police department.

These officers should not be protected from the same laws they are supposed to uphold. They certainly didn't intend to kill, but they knew their actions could lead to death, they used excessive force and murdered this man. They should be held to answer for their actions just like any other person who is suspected of committing a crime. They should be arrested and jailed, not put on paid administrative leave.

Leitchfield, KY

#33 Aug 5, 2011
wow i cant believe what they did to him, i watched the video on youtube, very sad indeed, i am from kentucky and will support you in getting real justice over there, i cried watching what was done to him, god bless his family and i hope everything goes well and i hope justice is served to those crooked policemen.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#34 Aug 5, 2011
should we all just accept it?....the police are above the law.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#35 Aug 5, 2011
What about the mother and father of Kelly Thomas, did these two not have a responsibility to their son to see that he was taken care of? Why would responsible parents allow their mentally ill son to roam the streets, have no roof over his head, no food, no care. It says quite a lot to me, when I know they had custody of him and refused to deal with it and allowed Kelly to face the unknown alone and completely helpless. I blame the parents 100%. They should be held accountable. It tells the world they would rather see their son dead than help him.

Fullerton, CA

#36 Aug 5, 2011
Wiki leak the video and all radio calls all cruiser video and audio it is all remote backed ip digitally. Wiki leak all previous run ins with the victim and all officers involved. You will see. They knew who he was and that he was mentally jandicapped. This could have neen ir kid drunk in fullerton. Beaten to death. Look in the mirror could you handle that? Charge and arrest them now not later.
Leon 45 Jones

United States

#37 Aug 6, 2011
I've met alot of police in my day and I jus gots to say I got lots of respect fo them. They got a tough job. I ain't never fought back but I seen cats fight em.

What they did here in this situation was justified and warranted yo. Lots o crazy azz people game the system like this wacko. Its good they took him out before he shot up the place and killed someone. Word
old man

United States

#38 Aug 6, 2011
The six animals are running scared for their lifes , a lil taste of their own intimidation on the streets , who's the man now pigs???

Since: Aug 09

Walnut, CA

#39 Aug 6, 2011
Glad wrote:
Thank you for keeping America's homeless, worthless, felons, and nutjobs off the street. America supports our Police Departments.
In America we don't do it by summarily beating them to death. Seig Heil Nazi puke.
Al Samson

Phelan, CA

#40 Aug 6, 2011
Ask any one in the police dept. and they will say that the old days of joining to Serve and Protect are history.

Today's police are in it for the most expensive retirement schemes in America. They answer to NO ONE because their Union bought the Democratic Party in the State.

The sick part is that the Voters fell for it.
L Murray

Fullerton, CA

#42 Aug 6, 2011
Glad wrote:
Thank you for keeping America's homeless, worthless, felons, and nutjobs off the street. America supports our Police Departments.
I'd say Hello Officer. But that's only part of it, so let me say Hello you Nazi piece of shit Officer, stay in NC we don't need another one out here.
Bottlenosed Dolphins rule

Broomfield, CO

#43 Aug 8, 2011
All six of these empty sacked faggots should be beat to death in the street with aluminum baseball bats and then pissed on by the public as they twitch and draw their last worthless oinks.

These six pork swords are no different than the thugs who beat brian Stowe..they should be given death and nothing less.

The Fullerton city manager is also an empty sack who needs a visit from the grim reaper too.
Brother in blue

Broomfield, CO

#44 Aug 8, 2011
Police officers are up to the necks in human feces,let's be honest,Kelly Thomas should have been aborted as a child,he was nothing but a blight on society.

All these six officers did was take out the garbage! I don't get all the outrage,now there's one less gibbering goon beating off in the stater bros parking lot,this is a good thing.

Besides,where was papa ron when his little cumstain was out stealing and raping? I find it funny daddy comes out of the woodwork when there's millions to be made.

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