La Jolla's Water Deficiency

La Jolla's Water Deficiency

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james marple

San Diego, CA

#1 Jan 15, 2013
Some California cities enjoy an ample supply of pure, cheap water even though they get less rainfall than San Diego. Here we see a constant water crisis, according to their public servants and news reporters. But those folks omit or distort critical truths like that fact that we throw away our rainfall.

La Jolla's situation is a prime example of the absurd planning that self-serving public servants push upon politicians. With 31,000 people in its planning area of 82,000 acres this community's low rainfall equals nearly 2 million gallons per home. Yet residents bathe and swim in expensive but grossly contaminated water from the salty, slimy Colorado River. That water is "safe" according to County and State officials. But they ignore facts and figures of federal agencies that reveal a heavy load of complex chemical compounds of unknown synergistic toxicity that pass through skin.

What would it cost and how long would it take to catch and store enough of an overabundance of rainwater to meet all needs of La Jolla's homes and businesses? Concerned citizens are likely to be amazed at what they can do to protect their family's quality of life if they just do their homework.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#2 Jan 26, 2013
Why should La Jolla residents be concerned about how rainwater is managed? Ten reasons.(There are many more.)

1. to reduce their local and state taxes
2. to reverse constant escalation of their water bills
3. to lower their electric bills
4. to reduce their natural gas cost
5. to keep their homes from sliding downhill
6. to give them pure drinking water
7. to eliminate their water shortages
8, to end pollution of their beaches
9. to improve their microclimate
10. to preserve their air quality

Of course, each lot and street should have been disigned to guide rainwater to storage, as in Fresno and Phoenix. That was ordered by the 1945 State Legislature. But since past public servants did not make this happen it is now up to voters to choose politicians who will hire managers willing to apply the simple tech that gets the job done

La Jolla residents would benefit hugely from finding out how public servants should comply with State laws that order them to save all stormwater. With this knowledge they will realize the full benefits of smart planning and persuade neighbors to vote wisely, choosing politicians who instruct our public servants properly for a change.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#3 Feb 7, 2013
Big storm due tonite, likely to flood many streets and yards, bring more landslides and cliff collapse.

But that's standard procedure in this community where 10,000 heads of households are too busy or too timid to demand that their politicians manage rainwater intelligently.

Although just one inch of their rainfall could meet all their needs for a year and a half they must depend upon the grossly contaminated water that County officials provide because their community was planned by public servants who did as they were told, not as they knew they should.

So their cliffs are falling, their beaches are polluted and they shower in water carrying complex chemical compounds that pass through their skin to uglify and accelerate aging. It's sad to see these folks suffer just because they don't bother to find out how to fix their broken plumbing.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#4 Feb 19, 2013
After out-of-state trips I have to remind myself to not fili a glass out of a faucet because our water is not fit to drink.

I find this annoying because it is so unnecessary. But i reach for the bottled water anyway because my favorite doctors say this will give me a few more years in which to 'harass' politicians about their failure to manage our superabundant rainwater properly.

Water district wordsmiths claim our tap water is "clean enough" but federal experts have made it clear that river water containing sewage effluent does serious but invisible damage if we drink it or even just shower/swim in it.

They cannot say this publicly, of course. That would cost them their jobs because it would make voters unhappy enough to stop electing professional politicians for a change. But their many studies showing severe damage to aquatic life where sewage effluent is dumped into rivers are more than sufficient for thoughtful people to get the message. Municipal filtration systems cannot intercept the complex chemical compounds toilets produce.

Environmental activists protest about damage to frogs but sensible people take note of the mutations in all species and sex changes in fish, connecting these dots to epidemic levels of autism, asthma and cancer in populations that drink imported river water.

I look forward to the day when Internet forums become 'civilized' enough that members will post their opinions, ideas, information freely so that we ordinary folks can finally be on the same page in knowledge. Once sensible people get a clear view of the true costs and benefits of managing land-water-energy properly they will see how all of us benefit from this and how quickly smart planning can happen if enough people demand it.

And we will be able to drink pure, cold tap water for a change.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#5 Mar 3, 2013
Question: Why have we been saddled with another $20 billion-plus debt for expanded importation and desalinization features when our water usage has dropped dramatically in the past five years? There is no water shortge, just a lot of clever Professional Engineers and contractors extorting our wealth by deceiving and 'rewarding' public servants so that our politicians are fooled into perceiving a "water crisis".

We now know that our mountains generate more than ten times as much runoff as our households use and that guiding this to storage in our huge natural underground reservoirs would end flooding and stream-ocean pollution while giving us pure cheap water for a change. But we were not collectifely smart enough to elect politicians wise and honest enough to adopt the commonsense planning and design needed. So now we will see a major increase in our water bills to pay for unneeded water importation / desalination plus much higher property taxes to pay the $4 billion+ cost of cleaning that stormwater we are throwing away to the ocean.

A couple dozen concerned citizens could correct this mismanagement if they cared enough about the health-safety-welfare and quality of life of their family, friends and community. Palm Springs-Phoenix-Fresno fixed their bad planning because smart citizens cared enough to network and inform voters properly for a change. Its worth noting that Palm Springs residents, with just 3 inches of rain, pay half as much for cleaner water and use all they want.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#6 Mar 21, 2013
What would it cost to modify La Jolla's storm drainage system so that 1/3 of its stormwater is diverted to storage so that residents don't drink or bathe and swim in imported water containing a virtual cocktail of variously toxic chemical compounds?(USGS and university studies have shown that many of these can pass through our skin to accelerate aging, damage DNA in the brain of a fetus and cause asthma-autism-cancer.)

How long would it take to build the dams and pipelines needed to provide plentiful pure water?

How much would our taxes, water bills and electricity costs be lowered if we adopted this commonsense planning and design?

This collection-storage is working beautifully in Fresno-Phoenix-Palm Springs-Hemet, more than meeting the public's needs even though these areas get much less rainfall.

Can our politicians explain why we are denied the use of our plentiful, pure rainwater? Or would they leave this up to managers of our water districts and public works agencies whose job security fears preclude informing us fully and fairly?
james marple

San Diego, CA

#8 May 10, 2013
Subject: CRWM Comment to IRWM-RAC committee
An abbreviated summary of comments by members
of Citizens for Responsible Watershed Management:
- The process of formulating comprehensive watershed management plans for each river basin in San Diego and adjacent counties would provide a clear view of all planning options. This, then, would allow residents to understand land, water, energy and transit matters fully and therefore be able to participate effectively in this planning.

- The three California Resource Conservation Districts of this area were created and empowered for the specific purpose of managing land and water in the most equitable and cost-effective manner. RAC committee members could learn about this planning by accessing federal and state experts who would fully inform them and the general public of all costs and benefits.

- Diligent application of the ordinary, low-tech land planning methods recommended by these experts would accomplish proper management of land and water resources at less cost and with more public benefits than ongoing planning. The Best Management Practices of the USDA and the Low Impact Development of the USEPA can be implemented immediately by revising policies of local agencies to bring compliance with the letter and spirit of State statutes.

- CRWM comments posted on the UT online forum and several local TOPIX forums discuss various aspects of land/water/energy management. These are intricately interconnected and must therefore be dealt with as a package of planning options rather than as separate problems. The CRWM model comprehensive watershed management program for the Santa Margarita and other rivers was designed by federal and state experts with this feature a central focus. It may be viewed at the EMA-RCD office in Murrieta or in Riverside County Flood Control & Water Conservation District files.

The problem most frequently cited in CRWM critiques of IRWM-RAC activity was the considerable size and complexity of its "Planning Study Recommendations for San Diego IRWM Program" and "Strategic Plan for the Future of Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM)". County and municipal employees pointed out that this "information overload" causes inattention that precludes thoughtful response. Put another way; Obviously excessive and/or irrelevant detail plus convoluted planning confuses and distracts RAC members so that critical issues get too little attention.

- Members of the RAC committee appear, collectively, deficient in levels of education and specialized training that would permit them to judge the matters in this list wisely by applying lessons of their life experience. Formally trained planners speak this language, the general public that pays their wage does not. Less verbiage would help committee members interact and input more effectively.

- The core element land/water resource planning advocated by USDA-NRCS experts is recognizing that rainwater managed from wherever it falls to its point of use becomes a valuable asset rather than a nuisance, a destructive force or a hazard. This "onsite retention" focus, explicitly prescribed by California Legislators in their original Water Code, is standard practice in major metropolitan areas, with the policies and practices that have been hugely successful in Fresno and Phoenix wholly applicable to our situation.

- The RAC committee cannot in good conscience contiue to ignore its obligation to present complete and accurate information to stakeholders so that they may make wise decisions in coming elections. Only in this way can ongoing planning be steered in the proper direction to produce the most cost-effective and publicly beneficial planning of water resource management.

James Marple for CRWM
james marple

San Diego, CA

#9 Jul 18, 2013
An 8,300-mile tour of 27 states over the past two months provided close-up views of several hundred examples of sensible rainwater management, where public officials are wise enough to guide rainwater to storage instead of dumping it downstream.

It's unfortunate for all Californians that a majority of voters prefer politicians who cannot or will not apply the same tech so that each community is self-sufficient int water supply and does not have to support a bloated public works bureaucracy that has not corrected chronic flooding and water pollution.

The reduction in taxes, utility bills,insurance costs and mortgage payments that would come with this planning - that Fresno and Phoenix have demonstrated to be the most cost-effective and publicly beneficial mode - would be a spin-off benefit of electcing politicians smart and honest enough to hire and properly instruct water district and public works agencies.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#10 Jul 29, 2013
The Carlsbad Desalination Plant's 17 billion gallons yearly will supply 283,000 homes. Lake Henshaw's 88 billion gallons would supply all the million homes in San Diego County plus those in Murrieta and Temecula.

But the public servants who depend on water importation, desalination and recycling schemes for their job security have done a very good job of burying this alternative out of the sight of honest politicians.

We are being committed to another $14 billion in debt for new dams and desalination without being informed about what it would cost to strengthen the Lake Henshaw dam and pipe the abundant water behind it to our homes.(Generating a huge amount of cheap hydropower as it falls 1/2 miles.-- Some of the questions that arise:

1. What would it have cost to strengthen the Lake Henshaw dam and pipe its water downhill?
2. Was this alternative to the "Emergency Storage Plan" evaluasted in environmental documents?
3. Why do Vista Water District customers have to pay for imported water when nine times as much as they use is deliberately wasted in defiance of the California Water Code?

And why haven't our news services asked - and answered - these questions?
james marple

San Diego, CA

#11 Nov 9, 2013
Our public servants may consider themselves too busy to respond
to comments by the Professional Engineers who advise CRWM.
More likely, they are smart enough to realize that our facts and
figures, taken from federal and state files, can't be refuted without
opening the huge can of worms that composes San Diego's comfy
collaboration between professional liars, politicians and the private
sector that uses them to generate huge windfall profits from our tax
and utility dollars.

Councilperson Lightner's staff appears wholly uninterested in the
opinions of 'outside' experts who are not subject to coeercion by the
many agents of the criminal element of San Diego's private sector.

The primary news sources in town are focused on pushing one of the Councilmen who have failed to speak out about the corruption into the Mayor's office. Protect your assets is the name of the game in La Jolla
and Countywide. Perpetuating their feather beds by providing false information through naive or corrupted news reporters has worked
fine for them, so the game's not likely to change.

This month will bring the first of a vlood of water/electric rate increases
that past City Councils have committed us to. It's no wonder they and
their crooked cronies want one of their own to be elected Mayor.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#12 Dec 8, 2013
A La Jolla resident stopped by today with his water bill for
an explanation of why his rate will rise after 2015 while
his neighbors who use more than 20 times as much water
will pay even less per gallon for it than they do now.

We showed why the more his neighbors use the lower their
per-gallon cost will be, contrary to the cleverly misleading
City water dept website.

He recognized the unpleasant truth that he is paying for
their extreme overuse of water and has been forced to
bathe in it for many decades without knowing that its heavy
metals and waste medicines were passing through his skin
to degrade his health and damage the brain cells of his kids
from before they were born through their growth to adults.

We expect he'll work hard to make life unpleasant for the
politicians who abetted this theft and criminal misplanning.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#13 Jan 24, 2014
There's an ironic twsit to the game of wealthy San Diegans manipulating politicians so that they pay only $6,000 a year for
water instead of the $30,000 they would pay if water district
employees were not instructed to give them this huge subsidy.
(Orange County officials give no breaks, in fact they charge
water hogs up to ten times as much per gallon.)

The pools and hot tubs of wealthy folks are kept full of imported
water that carries a huge load of waste pharmaceuticals, heavy
metals, waste hormones, pesticides, fungicides and herbicies.
They and their children are much more affected by this cocktail
of complex chemical compounds than 'ordinary' folks who merely
shower in this water from the grossly polluted Sacramento Delta.

USGS studies show that these toxins easily pass thorugh our
skin so that swimming in them can tranmit 20 to 50 times as
much toxic material into our bodies as just drinking the water.

Wealth does not compensate for ignorance so the children of
people who use far more than their share of our water supply, in defiance of society''s unwritten rules of fairness, are suffering the
most from this. Their rates of autism, asthma, gender confusion
and cancer are unavoidably higher.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#15 Aug 27, 2014
Apparently the good folks of San Diego are either not interested enough in
their health-safety-welfare to occasionally browse public forums or they
are locked by their ignorance into believing only "official" data.

Common sense would tell them that letting 90 billion gallons of water run
off City streets to the ocean is not smart since they use only 30 billion.
But most have a lifetime of constant propaganda from schools and news
reporters telling them flooding must be fought and water must be imported.

So 3 million County residents are forced to pay extortion prices for water
and electricity because they don't bother to elect smart, honest politicians.

Most voters have been taught "let someone else do it" and "nobody will listen
to my advice" and "you can't fight City Hall" so they just vote for whoever
TV ads fool them into preferring.
So they all remain victims because not one in a million will get a group together
to inform themselves fully and failry for a change.
That's all it would take to fix our broken plumbing.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#16 Nov 17, 2014
A U-CA economist called to say that the water bond voters approved
will cost income tax payers an average of $610 per year per household,
with low-income homeowners paying about $57 yearly on average
through higher prices caused by business taxes.

Some will say that's no big deal because we must have the water.

But thatt's a false premise because we can have all we need by saving
just 12% of our rainfall with fedeerally recommended practices that
our 1945 Legislature ordered all public servants to apply.

We would be aware of this if not for the the land-water-energy profiteers
who took over after WW II buying up all major news and information
sources so that they could deceive-coerce-bribe politicians, law enforcers
and news reporters into ignoring this element of the CA Water Code.

The 'neat' part of saving 12% of our own rainfall is that it would bring a
dozen-plus times as much benefit as it cost, and be accomplished
within a year if we elect capable, honest officials for a change.

Plus we'd have pure water to drink instead of the slimy sludge MWD
delivers, a blend of the finest sewage effluent, cropland runoff and
urban drool that 163 million acres can produce.

Perhaps the ugliest irony of our ridiculous rainwater management
planning is that the people who benefit most by having lush green
lawns, golf courses and horse pastures are most likely to be damaged
by its heavy load of toxic chemicals that cannot be filtered out.
They swim in it more often than most because they pay way less per
gallon than low-income folks.(Contrary to what deluded officials claim.)

Search "Chorovirus ACTV-1 to see yet another reason, besides the
autism-asthma-cancer-diabetes caused by its chemicals, why we
should not be drinking or bathing and swimming in imported water.

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