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#81 Mar 19, 2009
Does anybody have facts to share on Dietz to support him as mayor instead of just Rhetoric that he's a change from Gentes?
Al Villasenor

Mundelein, IL

#82 Mar 19, 2009
EyesWideOpen wrote:
I would like to know from both sides who they will appoint to the following: Public Works, Police Chief, Village Administrator, and Finance Director.
I have been reading this thread, amongst others, and against what is probably better judgement I am responding to this because it is a direct question regarding a real issue. I may not, as someone somewhere said ever win a Miss Congeniality contest, but I have been and will always be accessible.

So, at this point based on what I have experienced I see no reason to change any of the staff. VA Huber/FD Shields/Chief Metaxa have been responsive, professional and candid with me whenever I have approached them with a question. they have always found the time to indulge me and have given me solutions and action on issues regarding the MVHOA promptly.

PW Director Clarke to the best of my knowledge has been the same. I just have had very little direct dealings with him. I will say, with the exception of the great Chicagoland salt shortage of last year, I have been happy with the roads and with other maintenance issues.

I will qualify this all with the blanket statement that my thoughts above are subject to change based on more information available to me if I am lucky enough to be selected.

North Chicago, IL

#83 Mar 20, 2009
Accessible? That's the best quality you can give about yourself after the thread? Disappointing.
Al Villasenor

Mundelein, IL

#84 Mar 20, 2009
No, but I wanted to keep it on topic, answer the question and not use this forum to stump for votes. I did not think it appropriate.

If you want a rundown on why I think I would make a good trustee, here goes. Sorry if this offends anyone, but I was asked.

I started getting involved with my community based on my dad's preaching to be involved and not just a complainer. Its ok to have issues with things but only if you make an effort to do something about it. I ran for my HOA board at turnover from the developer and have been on the MVHOA ever since. I have served as treasurer and now president for the last 1.5 years. During my tenure on the board, our dues have only increased by an average of 1.5%/year and we have pretty much broken even on a cash flow/budget basis. We have increased our reserves and have developed a 30 year investment plan to deal with the maintenance/upkeep of our capital assets. We are on track with that plan.

That springboarded into becoming involved with the village due to working to make sure my residents in MV were being treated and represented fairly on village issues. I have not always seen eye to eye with Mayor Gentes, and I think that he respects me for that. I have served the village as chair of the Hospital Task Force. That committee was successful in its mission of ATTRACTING a hospital group to Round Lake. I was not involved with the hospital after that point. I served on the Police Pension Board and am the current sitting chair of the RL Police and Fire Commission. In that capacity, that committee has re-written the commission's rules and regulations, made the hiring and promotional process more objective and as a result we have seen a more diverse group of qualified candidates and new hires.

My backround is in accounting. I am a successful licensed financial advisor and mortgage broker. I run my own business, and deal with clients and prospects every day. FWIW, my clients did not suffer the huge losses that most of the investing public did last year, I never wrote an ARM or a stated income loan. I put my clients first because I want long term relationships, not one time transactions.

I beleive that the next few years will be difficult for all municipalities. I firmly believe that I can, more than the other "new" candidates step in and be up to speed much more quickly due to my involvement with the village and my understanding of numbers and money. There will be some difficult decisions to be made, I am ready to take the harder road today if it means a bigger payoff for all residents of RL for generations to come. Too often, elected officials look to the short term and sacrifice the future. I don't want to be that guy.

I am not asking you to like me. Although, you might if you actually meet me. I know I can be difficult at times and I know that I have said and done some dumb things. I can promise you this much - I will do my best and when I am wrong I will do my best to mitigate the errors. I am not too proud to admit that. I can't afford to do that with your money and your futures. I will listen even if I don't like what you say. It may not seem like it at first, I will likely argue with you to make you prove your point, but I am listening.


North Chicago, IL

#85 Mar 20, 2009
Well it certainly shows you are much more capable than a pet groomer. But most people vote by emotion and who they think will represent them best by their character not qualifications.
American idol is an example. The likeable get votes even if they aren't the most talented.) Or if they simply represent "Change" from the former administration (some may argue Obama as a clear example). Many will vote in an unqualified candidate because they believe that person has their best interests at heart.
The question is whether people can overlook the character of an arrogant/know-it-all opinionated jerk you resonate in your blog. It is difficult to believe you have people's best interest if you publicly put people down and don't apologize for it. Rather than apologize you qualify your actions. I don't see that as being accountable or responsible for your misguided words. But that's IMO. Others may or may not share my opinion. But its their God given right to decide to not vote for you on that basis. If you showed some humility and class publicly you may have gotten more votes. Maybe even mine. I have never met you. But many haven't and will base their opinions of you on your own words in your "youshutupandlisten" blog site. The title alone makes me lose respect for you. If that's not the character you wish to eminate, you are doing a bad job.

North Chicago, IL

#86 Mar 20, 2009
BTW- calling yourself MrNo is just another example of your arrogance. You should've added -itall to the moniker.
Al Villasenor

Carol Stream, IL

#87 Mar 20, 2009
The first comment is fair. I realize that I may not be the most likeable person and have said as much here. I don't claim to know it all. I claim to know as much as anyone else. What I do do is investigate and try to do some research. I do step on on topics and make my opinions known. I am also willing to take the heat for what I say and do. Like now. I do apologize, and in fact have made amends with Gentes/Skinner/Kohlmeyer to name a few. I do that man to man, face to face. You'd be surprised to know that I have sat down after all the hubub with Mike K. in his kitchen and had a beer. We won't be haning out, but I have a new respect for him and hopefully he for me.

I have even apologized publically for the poor word choice that is referred to quite often during this campaign. I still am not apologizing for getting angry over the issue, and I never will. That was a personal issue and I am fine with it. I let my anger over an issue involving my kids get the best of me.

BTW, I took the ushutupandlisten name from the Princess Diaries so its not as nefarious as it sounds. I am not going to pretend that I am innocent by any means. I call out BS when I see it. I won't stop that. I just called out the mayor on our signs. Sometimes, that makes me abrasive, sometimes I am wrong. I happen to have a passion about my beliefs and express it. How is that different than what editorials in the paper or on TV talk shows do? Or what everybody does every day around the water cooler? Ever listen to talk radio?

I tell you exactly what I am thinking and you know exactly what I am about. I don't pull any punches and fight for what I believe is right. If you would rather have someone smile falsely at you and blow sunshine at you telling you they have your best interests at heart when they have no clue what is really in your best interests that is your choice. I respect that, I don't understand it, but I respect it.

Look, there is a good chance I don't win this election. But I refuse to change who I am just to fit a cookie cutter of what society thinks a "politician" is supposed to be.

As for the MrNo comment, just as in the Round Laker case - sorry to disappoint you. Not me. I have been reading, not posting. However, I have a know who it is, and yes they are a friend. Even I have a few of those. ;-)
Al Villasenor

Carol Stream, IL

#88 Mar 20, 2009
Here's a challenge for you Anon. If you'd like, I'd be willing to meet with you and answer any charges (I'll reserve the right to tell you if it is just way personal) you may have - talk about any issues. Face to face, man to person. No anger, no confrontation. Sometimes the written word can skew things. Really that challenge goes out to anyone willing (time allowing).

Go to and click on contact. All submissions go directly to my email.
Just Sayin

United States

#89 Mar 20, 2009
I read the article in today's Daily Herald that had bits from the Herald's candidate forum with Bill Gentes and James Dietz. I get a very Dick Cheney-type feeling whenever Gentes brings up predictions that a new mayor just means the village will be taking steps backward into crooked politics. It feels like the fear and smear politics that many people rejected in the last election. I also feel that it further widens the chasm that exists between the new and old parts of the community.

Gentes also said that one of his accomplishments was moving Round Lake out of "Mayberryism". What does that mean? Mayberry was a nice place. The people were decent and the criminal element included little more than jaywalkers and still runners. What is wrong with a small town feeling? Not everyone views lots of homes, high population and traffic congestion as the kind of progress they like to see.
Just Sayin

United States

#90 Mar 20, 2009
Anon wrote:
Does anybody have facts to share on Dietz to support him as mayor instead of just Rhetoric that he's a change from Gentes?
There were some comments from both in the Daily Herald on 3/20/09.

Newark, IL

#91 Mar 20, 2009
Round Laker wrote:
Round Lake Mayoral Election Slate 1:
United For Change
James Dietz, Mayor
Joyce Swieton, Clerk
Don Newby, Trustee
Sonia Sandoval, Trustee
Susan Triphahn, Trustee
From the News-Sun
One on this slate from Lakewood Grove hopes to get their SSA paid by all residents of Round Lake. Sorry, but you chose the SSA when you bought from the cheap developer that didn't pay for the sewer infastruture. Why should we pay for it?

Newark, IL

#92 Mar 20, 2009
One on this slate from Lakewood Grove hopes to get their SSA paid by all residents of Round Lake. Sorry, but you chose the SSA when you bought from the cheap developer that didn't pay for the sewer infastruture. Why should we pay for it?
Just Sayin

United States

#93 Mar 21, 2009
SayNo2Me wrote:
One on this slate from Lakewood Grove hopes to get their SSA paid by all residents of Round Lake. Sorry, but you chose the SSA when you bought from the cheap developer that didn't pay for the sewer infastruture. Why should we pay for it?
I am not voting for all the candidates on either slate. Which one is the Lakewood SSA person?
RL Mom2Twins

Lake Zurich, IL

#94 Mar 21, 2009
Susan Triphahn is the lady that thinks we should all pay for her SSA. Read her candidate profile at the Daily Herald and you'll see what a gem (sarcasm) she is.
Round Laker

United States

#95 Mar 22, 2009
SayNo2Me wrote:
One on this slate from Lakewood Grove hopes to get their SSA paid by all residents of Round Lake. Sorry, but you chose the SSA when you bought from the cheap developer that didn't pay for the sewer infastruture. Why should we pay for it?
While this is a neat rumor to start, it has no basis in fact. There is nothing that anyone could do to put the cost of the SSA off the Lakewood homeowners and onto the other residents of Round Lake.

Perhaps this person decided to run because she didn't like this situation and something like this is sometimes what motivates some people to get involved on a different level.
Round Laker - Lily

Lake Forest, IL

#96 Mar 22, 2009
It is not a rumor. Heard it from the horses mouth. On several occaisions. Sue has spent thousands of HOA dollars hiring an attory to try and "fight" the SSA. Nothing yet. Last I heard and HOA is not a political entity and does not represent the people on tax issues. I also know Dietz has bought in. Nice try Lily.

North Chicago, IL

#97 Mar 23, 2009
Al- Your behavior cannot be justified by meeting everyone face to face. That was my point. You will be known by public from your public words alone. If that is not your true self the majority will not know it. If apologies are done privately and not publicly rectified, your last words and impression of you remain. Just some advice. When you get into public office (if you should be voted in or in the future), you have the responsibility of representing the people you serve. Public opinion as well as private matters.

No need to meet. I'd rather you change your public character to be more respectful instead of privately persuading me who you really are. But that is up to you if it matters to you that people see you that way.
Al Villasenor

Mundelein, IL

#98 Mar 23, 2009
I appreciate the feedback. I think that if you have read in the past year, you will have noticed a slight change. Some will point to the election as the reason. Really, I have mellowed a bit as I have less to complain about. No longer being the "outsider" stomping to be heard, I can work through more direct channels without the theatrics and get satisfactory results. I have learned to "work the system" better.

Oh, I will still bluster occassionally. I can't help it, I have a passion that I cannot hide try as I might. At least I'm not disingenuous.

North Chicago, IL

#99 Mar 23, 2009
Fair remark- But you still have to be responsible over your words and think of how it might hurt people and their image. "if you can't say soemthing nice" Especially when you have misguided information. I think you know what I'm talking about. I think you are qualified. But people may be so disgusted by your behavior they will actually vote for someone else besides you without realizing they are voting in some unqualified and truly dishonest self-serving people. All to spite you. Read the comments about you in the Daily herald. Not from me. As a result, they will actually vote in the blow sunshine up the ass do-nothing/ done-nothing characters and that will not serve our community any the better.

with that thought- you still haven't really won me over. Past impressions are deep.
Al Villasenor

Carol Stream, IL

#100 Mar 23, 2009
Honestly, I am good with that. No doubt, I wish you would vote for me but I also got a point of understanding with you that I did not think possible at first.

You have approached this logically and supported your belief. If you read me at all, my intention is never that everyone agree with me. My hope is that you will think about what I have to say and consider it. You have, thank you for approaching this as you have.

I have read the comments in the Herald. They revolve around the Gillette incident mostly. I cannot take back what I said, though I wish I could. It's been said. To deny it or downplay it would not be me. With regards to that, and all the other like criticisms, I knew going in what bed I had made and am prepared to deal with the consequences.

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