Rotonda West Association SUCKS!

Rotonda West Association SUCKS!

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Detroit, MI

#1 Mar 4, 2007
Associations in general work when run properly with rules folks can live with. Rotonda West (RWA)
is not one of those associations. They target some people and ignore others.
The rules are old and never updated.
The association does not do what they collect the dues for. Instead it lines the pockets of the members of the board.
Take a look around, over grown weeds, boat trailers on their property! They don't oversee the company they hire to mow. The vacant lots look like hay fields when the are finally mowed once in four months. Do you know they charge the owner of a vacant lot the same yearly fee they do you with a home on it? Do they help or are they running people out of Rotonda West.

Columbia, MO

#2 Mar 18, 2007
I totally agree - I have owned a house there for two years and the management including the board are not there in the association's best interest, for example, the big push for a new association building (Country Club). They used association funding to push this propaganda BS and thankfully the members saw through this and voted it down. I find it offensive and illegal to use assoc. funding for propaganda purposes. Also, try to get a space at the storage lot. They lie through their teeth and you will never get one unless you are one of their chosen ones. I am retiring shortly and intend to run for the board there based on honesty and root out the current "good buddy club".

Cape Coral, FL

#3 Mar 18, 2007
rotonda west is great .

Cape Coral, FL

#4 Mar 18, 2007
winebags are useless

Troy, MI

#5 Mar 22, 2007
Yes, its very sad to watch how they spend the property owners money. But nobody is standing up because a lot of owners are overseas and they actually dont care much. One day they will... mark my words.

There is only one solution, the Association needs to be managed by an independant company.

Stop the waste of homeowners money, take care of the important things like canals, drainage moving.

Problem is they are employees of the property owners, but they use their money for useless things.

Also the Nazi like deed restrictions a minority is asking for needs to stop. Stupid letters to homeowners who park a car once in a while in their grass, thats not the purpose of the Deed Restrictions. People who like to live where every house, every roof and every mailbox looks the same should move in a Gated community, NOT ROTONDA WEST because thats what they try to accomplish.

Detroit, MI

#6 Apr 7, 2007
I get letter after letter, from the so called ASSociation RWA. I live in the Oakland Hills(bad area)the association terms it. We are looked down upon and called names. We got hit by the hurricane and we never heard the end of all the so called problem, from RWA. As for the parking on the grass once in a while that just plain stupid. They make themselves look like idiots. Then try to talk to the president of rwa he is the biggest jerk I have ever met. When we elect these people their whole demeanor changes, they turn EVIL. They make over 100,000. for what ? Associations are for overseeing constant problems. Not picking on people that put they trash out a day early. They should make a reality show of these idiots.

Detroit, MI

#7 Apr 24, 2007
Are the fines in Rotonda West legal?
Why is it that some get fines and some get NOTHING?????
Why does RWA have trailers and boats parked on the grass of the RWA Building, do they fine themselves?
Is it possible to obtained all the fines paid and not paid by residents? Is it public record?
So many houses are for sale due to the unprofessional RWA BOARD.
Look at the thousands of dollars wasted sending out all these certified letters, do to a mere violation.
Shame on RWA their not here for us, no one even treats you nice when you call.
I'm listing my house this week.....


#8 Jun 23, 2007
Gosh..I just bought a house here...I hope I don't end up regretting that...I like the place a lot right now

Troy, MI

#9 Sep 24, 2007
Don't worry Andy, it would really be a wonderful place to live if the RWA would have actually members who would think for the property owners not against.

Had a good laugh when I read the last Newsletter were they stated... We asked the Rotonda Property Owners if they would like to have tougher restrictions or loosen them up and the majority was for tougher restrictions.

LMFAO, I don't know of anybody they asked and I know hundreds of property owners here.

Rotonda is the only place where you get fined for having your lawn longer than 8 inches but the RWA themselves is leaving the grass 18 inches grow before they ever decide to cut it. They are weeds that stick out 6 feet.

Well thats what you get when people make decisions with other peoples money and only care about their own agenda.

They make over a million dollar a year from us property owners and yet they fail to maintain the canals correctly or cut the grass. But heck they try for sure every 2 years to get a new community center so they have nice offices and some old property owners can play bingo.

Do you know that non of those Organizations of Rotonda actually pay rent when they use the community center. They use it for free, so we actually pay the rent for all those organizations. Nice.

Rules are important... no trash, take care of your property in a reasonable matter, cut your grass, no trailers, boats or vehicles parked long term in the yard. Would be simple no? Doesn't need 50 people and a million dollars to take care of the canals, cut grass and maintain some entrances. Ever thought where all that money goes we pay?

But then the list gets longer every year, you are not allowed to do this or that, you need a permit for this and that... adding every year more crap.

Purpose of the Deed Restrictions is to enhance property value... Then when you want to add value they give you hell. Like the guy who wanted a Tennis Court... denied. The one that added a Putting Green had to hire an attorney to get to his right to build a personal Golf Green at his house. You want to repaint your house to make it look nice. Gotta pay RWA money first and get approval. omg... use your brain people at RWA.

Just disregard them the way they disregard you.

Most people are so upset about the RWA they don't even care anymore who gets voted on the board. Foreign property owners are mostly upset how RWA handles their business but keep quiet.

Sad, it could all be so great here.

Lansdale, PA

#10 Nov 6, 2007
Oh wow! Wish I had found this forum before I contracted to purchase my house in Rotonda! Nothing is impossible if you have the numbers!

Fort Myers, FL

#11 Dec 7, 2007
Yes good for you all I agree they treat this place likes it gold but all that money that goes to the landscapeing and cutting of medians down Rotonda Blvd. north,west,and east looks like crap but the people that add the landscapeing and cut the grass are friends of the people on the RWA board and were paying for it never saw where they had the jobs for bid??? Like someone stated why don't they get fined for the medians looking like crap how about putting some better grass thay is green and nicer palm trees?? The board has to take a road trip over to the eastcoast and goto Weston FLA. When this place looks like that then start fineing me. We should all go to the deed restrictions and board members houses and take pics of there houses becauses their houses look like crap!!!!!!!to

Comstock Park, MI

#12 Dec 14, 2007
I have been living and working in Rotonda for over 10 years and I truly think it's a great place. Deed restrictions insure better proerty values and I believe that some people cannot or will not abide by them. Those are the people who should not live in a deed restricted community. I also think it is unfair for people to imply that they are speaking for every one-I for one resent it. I'm perfectly capable of speaking for myself. I say: if you can't be part of the solution, stop being part of the problem. there will always be situations where something could have been handled differently, or better. Why not go to a meeting and volunteer to be on a committee to address some changes. End of rant.

Lithia, FL

#13 Jan 10, 2008
Why not just shoot yourself in the foot. Tearing down the area that you live in has the same results. Think of your property values. Come to a meeting, join a committee. Sounds as though deed restrictions, a community center are your dislikes. Please don't waste your life.MOVE!!!!
A motor hanging from a tree,rusted sheds, dressing a pig in the back yard should make your life a lot better.

Dearborn, MI

#14 Jan 24, 2008
To the complainers: When was the last time you attended a meeting?? What have you done to make Rotonda a better place to live. If you bothered to come to the meetings you would know the deed restrictions are being rewritten, have an idea about them, come to the deed restriction meetings.

Better yet just move out. Because no matter where you live you will be a malcontent.

CKG Good advice.


#15 Jan 24, 2008
I hope to make it to some of the meetings. Anyone know how I can get this stupid "aol" thing off here?? I live in Rotonda..

Dearborn, MI

#16 Jan 27, 2008
I can't help you with the AOL. But if you go on you can find out the real goings on in Rotonda and when all the meetings are. We are a great community just give us a sincere try. Not rumors spread by no nothings. We need people that are willing to make Rotonda the Best.

Dearborn, MI

#17 Jan 27, 2008
Mike I used to live in Boca Case subdivision in Boca Raton. I paid 375.00 a month maintenance. I'd like to see Rotonda look like that area gates, water falls etc. But if people bitch about 138.00 a year. How would they feel about 375.00 a month? Did you pay maintenance in Weston? I doubt it or you couldn't even compare it to Rotonda. Be happy or move out.

Troy, MI

#18 Feb 25, 2008

You must be on the board, a close friend or on the commitee, because that's exactly how they talk.

Be happy or move out. Unfortunately that's exactly what's happening. They make people leave, very sad.

And yes I attended many meeetings and yes I know exactly about the deed restrictions beeing rewritten, the way the board likes it, tougher more useless restrictions and more useless letters sent out. Focus on the important things.

People choosed this area because of the deed restrictions, I do agree with you, but they didn't choose to be treated like in a gated community, that's a big difference.

LET ME ASK YOU THIS. TELL ME ONE TIME THAT THE ACTUAL MEMEBERS WHERE ASKED ABOUT INPUT ON THE DEED RESTRICTIONS? Never. It's their own agenda, it's the way they want it, basta. Or leave. Thats not how you make a place with 7000 residents better, trust me.

What have I dont to make Rotonda better? I invested millions of dollars in this community, built some of the most beautiful homes in there, added property value left and right... and get kicked in the butt every single time.

It's not the 138.00/year that bothers, could be 1000.00/year, I care less, it's the way the money is spent, the way residents get a return. And I'm not talking about playing Bingo in the community center.

Anyway, it's not worth it. I will be another one that will leave when the time is right, along with many other wealthy people I know, who don't appreciate the way they are treated and how to budget is spent.

Rumors spread by nothing, lol, I have a folder containing more then 800 pages over that community.

Get a grip, people leave if things don't change for the better...

This is a forum of free speach, no reason to come here and tell people to leave if they disagree with you. That's what forums are for, discuss things.

Funny, I suggested that 8 years ago to RWA, get a forum so you actually get input from owners, but they wont do that, not even with their fantastic homepage . Why? Pretty simple if you ask me, they don't care about the input.

Proof that I'm wrong, it takes two hours to setup a forum on that site...

Let's see, I doubt it will happen.

Lithia, FL

#19 Feb 26, 2008
Putting a golf green in your front yard without sight screening which was clearly against deed restrictions was your contribution to Rotonda.

Grand Blanc, MI

#20 Mar 5, 2008
There must be money involved in becoming a board member. I don't know why anyone would put up with the bull. As for "deed restrictions", the one we have had for the last 10 years seemed to work, so what is the purpose to changed them. In my day, you called them "make work" to make more money or you have nothing better to do. Grt a life board members.

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