roseville boom car lawbreakers

roseville boom car lawbreakers

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Mark Roberts

Roseville, MI

#1 Jan 6, 2012
We are gaining ground and supporters! The Eastsider felt we are relevant enough to name our cause and our protest rally against the inconsiderate idiots who boom and thump their stereos as one of the most important stories of 2011! Check out the month of May:

Membership in Noise Free America has risen, voices are being heard and trust me, this coming spring and summer, we are not going to take your loud booming stereos sitting down! The onslaught has begun and we are arming ourselves for the biggest fight ever! Our civic leaders are taking notice and listening to our voices which will be louder than your stinkin stereos.

Just a heads up to all of the idiot boomers and to the idiot leaders who have done nothing in the past....this is your warning. We are coming to get you both! We will cost you votes and we will cost you money because you dumb deaf idiot boomers will be pulled over and you will be ticketed and your car will be impounded and you won't be able to afford listening to your booming stereos on our roads and in our neighborhoods.

You were warned in the past and our movement and our cause is gaining strength and you will all listen to us. Heed our warning. Your windows will be stopped being blown out, your cars will stopped being vandalized, only when you stop booming. To the owner of the white Pontiac Grand Prix, how did you afford the new paint job and front windshield? Oh, your insurance? Hmmmm, wonder how much your rates increased! LMMFAO! You've been really quiet while driving past my house as of late. Finally got the message huh punk?

Hope you all have a nice QUIET happy new year! Ban The Boombox!
Big Mike

Troy, MI

#2 Jan 18, 2012
Mark, you could use some rhetoric that is not so incendiary, and your argument might be seen as compelling instead of crazy.

If not, good luck to you and all the other Ron Paul supporters.
Smallie Biggs

Troy, MI

#3 Jan 19, 2012
awwwww snap! marky mark got himself some exposure in a newspaper that no one reads!
Mark Roberts

Roseville, MI

#4 Jan 24, 2012
What is incendiary and what is crazy is the fact that the jerks who run Roseville refuse to help the hard working tax paying citizen from these audio assaults. What's crazy is being forced to listen to and feel these idiot jerks and their stereos. What's crazy is the city of Roseville refusing to enforce their noise ordinance law and collect thousands of dollars every day in fines and penalties. What's crazy is our government leaders and city council doing absolutely nothing against these noise terrorists. What is crazy is the inconsiderate idiots who THINK they can play their noise as loud as they want, whenever they want and this is not the case. We are coming and we are coming to get the inconsiderate idiot boom car terrorists! We are coming with pressure, city leaders, from all across the country. We are coming Michigan lawmakers, to FORCE local and state leaders to enforce the law.
Big Mike

Troy, MI

#5 Jan 30, 2012
I see your point, but again, you make it with even more incendiary rhetoric instead of a well-thought out argument. You don't get it, and you do sound crazy. No one wants to sign up to be part of that crazy mess.
Mark Roberts

Roseville, MI

#6 Jan 31, 2012
Tell me how or why it's crazy, Big Mike, to expect to be able to sleep, SLEEP in the privacy of your own home and you cannot? How is it crazy that the city of Roseville is crying poverty and all they've ever had to do over the last few years is collect MILLIONS of dollars in revenue from these idiots who boom and thump their car systems every single day? There has never been one single day or night free from dozens of these idiots over 8 years! I give the police the exact times and dates that the boomers commence and they've done nothing. I'd like to see how "crazy" you'd get if I came by your house say, around 3:30 every morning, backed my Dodge Ram right underneath your bedroom window and blared my stereo. Or, better yet, how about if I lived next door to you and I put my 1,000 watt Onkyo system outside and just jammed every day and every night. Hundreds of Roseville residents and thousands of others throughout metro Detroit and across the country are fed up. Why are governments protecting loud booming idiots? Many municipalities are taking the necessary steps to protect citizens from audible rape, why can't Roseville. Why WON'T Roseville?
Look, I love loud music, I go to several concerts every year. Went to Lenny Kravitz last night, going to Van Halen in a couple of weeks. Going to see Chevelle, Sick Puppies in the coming weeks. There is a time and a place for loud booming music and it's not in a car that assaults everyone in their paths at 11 p.m. or 1, 2 or 3 in the morning. Actually no time should someone have the right to invade my space and violate me or my family, especially if my doors and windows are closed. I'm in my house, no one can just come in or force me to listen to their NOISE.
I'm not sure you're understanding the argument or "craziness" if you will. It IS crazy when you're fighting the forces for 7 plus years when the answers and solutions are right there in front of our so called "leaders" faces and have been there for the entire 7 years and the problem has turned into an epidemic and continues to grow every year.
I've contiued to present well thought out arguments and the powers that be refuse to listen to me or to any resident over the last 7-10 years. I've had Roseville residents tell me that they have complained for 10 plus years to no avail. The problem continues and it gets worse every year with no end in sight. Look, I realize the trying to catch one of these idiots is difficult because of their mobility. They are here for 10-20 seconds and gone the next. How are we to combat this? How can I or anyone else call into the police when we're in bed at 2 a.m. and one of these idiots booms us out of our sleep from two streets over?
That is why strong DETERRENTS are needed, and have been asked for, for 7 long years. Still, nothing from our so called leaders. Not a damn thing. That's why it's maddening, frustrating and, yes, can drive one crazy.
If these idiots ruin my quality of life, and invade my space and privacy, I should have every right to ruin and invade theirs and I know people who DO destroy these idiots' property. I won't, but I should be able to. Eye for an eye man.
I can't have a nice quiet dinner or barbecue? I can't rest and relax and watch a movie in the privacy of my own home without BOOM BOOM BOOM going off 25 times by my house every Friday and Saturday night? I can't SLEEP in my house without going to the basement and wearing earplugs?
Bull crap. Damn right I'm pissed, damn right I'm crazy about being able to live MY LIFE the way I WANT.
Icendiary? No, I know some guys who are incendiary. I'm just emphatic and we are going to win this fight, trust me on this.
The boom car terrorists are losers, all of them. Sooner or later, karma's a bitch.
It's all about respect and common sense. Unfortunately, our city leaders and the boom car terrorist idiots have neither.
Mark Roberts

Roseville, MI

#7 Jan 31, 2012
Yep, all crazy
Big Mike

Troy, MI

#8 Jan 31, 2012
Mark, you really are crazy for having typed all that out.

I live in Roseville as well, and hear all this crap plus many other things that I can do nothing about. However, I let it slide off my shoulders because there are more important things to worry about.
Mark Roberts

Roseville, MI

#9 Jan 31, 2012
Slide off your shoulders huh? When you can't sleep? When these idiots are breaking the law and the powers that be can't or won't enforce the law? I'm just sick and tired of idiots, plain and simple.

See, that's the problem with society. Most would rather vote for American Idol or watch to see what Kim Karwhoreian is wearing, but, keep the idea that there's NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT. Just shrug your shoulders and bend over and take it, instead of calling and complaining. There is strength in numbers, but only if people realize and make sure that our so called leaders work for us, not the other way around.

So, you just keep thinking that way, that there's nothing you can do. You can sit and take it, I refuse to bow to these inconsiderate idiots who THINK they can violate us, all day and night, every day and night and I refuse to take no for an answer when our government and local so called leaders tell me there's nothing or little they can do.

I've presented sure fire methods to all but eliminate these idiots who drive on OUR roads. Other cities and counties across America have taken steps to quiet these idiots and it has worked, but Roseville and Michigan as a whole has steadfastedly refused. They don't want to "offend" the lawbreakers.

A cop could sit outside of my house and write 25-40 tickets a day, more on warmer spring and summer nights. Times that by $500 and duh, the city isn't crying poverty any longer.

It's all simple, but since no one can even attempt to think clearly, including the people who choose to think that "there's nothing I can do" well, then the world can continue to sink to something crappy to live in.

You know what, whatever dude. You keep your train of thought, there's NOTHING I CAN DO!

Yep, just bend over and take it from these punks. Have fun. I know I am having a blast, aggravating everyone.

Royal Oak, MI

#10 Feb 13, 2012
We aint got no money! We cannot afford to be loud IN THIS ECONOMY!

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