Why Does Everybody Hate The Mslim/Isl...
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look out

Zion, IL

#135 Nov 20, 2013
The drones are coming
what a joke

Zion, IL

#137 Nov 24, 2013
Allah akbar Muhammad all praise Allah king of flying carpets
nate sand higgers

Zion, IL

#140 Nov 24, 2013
Oh yur right, all the blind shepple will never c it commin though

Peterstown, WV

#142 Nov 24, 2013
They are embarassed of what they do, so they lie about it. Case in poiny " we face mecca everyday " . No they face a meteor, that is in the center of mecca. Also their religion calls for the death of all infedels. But as they are embaressed they lie.
reality is a crutch

Barrington, NH

#143 Nov 25, 2013
mindy wrote:
<quoted text>thats not true i happen to have a muslim friend
Ahhhh Mindy you need to turn off the TV and read some world history books.

Did your muslim friend tell you that The muslims have been killing each other since the year 850 ad.

There was a " peace conference" in which the issue of leadership for this dysfuncional religion was to be decided. The elected leader of the group was stabbed in the back killed because both sides were not mature, or smart enough to sit at a table and talk the issue through.
Some peace conference??

Since then suni have been killing shietes and shietes killing suni over the issue of who is, or who is not qualifed to lead these morons.

Mindy thats 1,163 years pf muslims killing other muslims. that doesn't sound like a peacefull religous movement to me.
Do you know that much of the war in the middle east today is cause by muslims killing other muslims to get control of the movement?
In syria you have government vs opposition plus snui vs shiets so there are four factions at war for conrol of whats left of syria?
and who is going to rebuild this mess??
The country is totally distroyed and no matter which side wins the people of syria who are left lose.

So when you read about a bombing at a market, mosque in the middle east that is some moron muslim attacking other moron muslims.
Muslims actually bomb mosque when other muslims are at prayer. That is cold blooded and cruel.
In Iraq over 6000 muslims have been killed by other muslims in the past three months.

Hey ask your " friend which side of the issue he or she is on.
No religion on the planet has had such a long history of violence intollerance of its own movement.
1.163 years is a long time to hate and kill.

Zion, IL

#145 Nov 26, 2013
Muslim on muslim violence sounds like chicago black on black they must be subhuman also

Zion, IL

#147 Nov 29, 2013
I love how they advertise ammo on this page kindaffitting
Religious Rabies

Victoria, Canada

#148 Nov 29, 2013
mindy wrote:
i am not muslim or islam or watever y does but i have a question to ask u
why does everyone hate muslims because they r the only religon on earth that is peacful or maybe u felt threatened because they r the biggest religon and did u ever notice how whenevr zsomthing bad happens, whether they have proof or not they say it was muslim terrorists. u ppl do not have the right to talk about other peoples religon that way. we all have our belifs nd they have theirs i have to admit there are muslim terrorist but there r jewish terroriss and cristian terrorists and catholic terrorists so there not the only ones. look around there is a terrorist around every corner. god put different people on earth for a reason, maybe so we could learn diversity, or possibly to give us somthing to belive but belive me or not we r all the same. we are people, living breathing creatures. we all have hearts and brains and everything. know look in the mirror would god do this would god like this think about that. muslims respect and belive everybodies belifs so really they can't discriminate. i mean of course, yes there r discriminators of all kind out there. think about that muslims are not the only bad ppl on earth. i mean u make it sound like they r all killers and terrorists. yea there are muslim killers and criminal but there are critian and jewish and all other kinds of killers and crimianals out there, its just u never hear about them. i mean u can't seriously belive all does newscasts and magazines and watnot. put urselves in the muslims shoes. ppl r freakin bombing muslim cities and countries out there, poor innocent ppl have to die for they did nothing. u r right pretty much every muslim country has a war in it but do u really think muslims started all of them i mean almost every other religon in the world hates them so i mean think about the facts not the opinions. i am proud to say i don't really ahve a religon i belive in everything i am a pacifist u might say . all u ppl out there lookin for more reasons to hate muslims i have three words for u GET A LIFE
When anyone has too much religion, into religion too much, any religion, they starting acting like rabid animals. Too much religion makes people more likely to become a terrorist, extremist whack job. If you don't want increased changes of getting lung cancer, you smoke less or stop. If you don't want to become a religious nutbar freak terrorist, you have less faith religiously.

Lombard, IL

#149 Nov 29, 2013
The worst terrorists are the government

Phoenix, AZ

#152 Jan 13, 2014
mindy wrote:
everybody tht hates muslims answer this question: name 1 muslim country tht attacked another country thts right u cant because they dont, there hav been plenty of wars because evrybody attacks muslim countrys and muslims do fight back but only to defend themselves i mean they cant just run away they r willing to protect and take care of there country.
well dork n mindy,look at al- spazqueera news and see muslim sects killing each other everyday including women and children, see that every muslim theocracy in the muslim world is in shambles,women treated like shit in black bags,slavery,beheadings,genita l mutilation of girls,honor killings,suicide bombers,illiteracy and blind obediance to a piece of shit prophet, everything not islamic is haram, jews, christians,hindus called pigs and apes,but draw cartoons or bring the evils of the koran and its evil agenda to light and geuss what happens your unwashed minions of allah stream into the streets and start killing ,burning churches,stoning women.......deny that and then tell me im wrong!!!!?!

Chicago, IL

#153 Jan 13, 2014
atheist wrote:
Lets not forget the oklahoma city bombing done by a white christian supremcist.. or the arizona shooting of a senator, or the school shootings done by white suburban kids, or the many school shootings done by muslims? Ummm no, more like video game fanatics mostly white crazy men... yet they aren't considered terrorists... or how about our own gang violence that kills hundreds if not thousands every year... not terroristic enough for ya? I know a lot of ppl who claim the love of jesus yet are so hateful towards muslims and other immigrants, specifically minority immigrants,.. I also know of muslims who practice nothing but worshipping money... seems like here in this country thry really already assimilated taking their allah as the almighty dollar... I guess ppl need some some enemy to fuel their hatred on.. muslims are an easy target since some of their women cover and choose not to whore themselves...some of them,,,, and since some of thier men tend to stay away from partying and drugs which might seem foriegn to our liberal lifestyle... my guess is after we invade and exploit another country like say brazil or somewhere in south america (hopefully somewhere we havent already exploited) we will be saying any people who speak spanish (or Portuguese for that matter) are heathenistic evil terrorists who we need to rid the world of, not to mention the same rhetoric reiterated on the media so it is scarred into our memory every time we see someone eating a taco or celebrating carnival...u get my point? Its just a phase we hated and exploited the irish, Italians, blacks, chinese, now muslims/ayrabs...I wonder whose left on the list?
And if you think he did Oklahoma City by himself your nuts, look how fast they killed him, no way he did that all by him self wake up people

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#155 Jan 13, 2014
Facts remain....Islam will never coexist peacefully, with any other people or religion.......As we speak, they are beheading Christians that refuse to convert to Islam....

Zion, IL

#156 Jan 14, 2014
Allah akbar Muhammad all praise allah king of flying carpets!

Semera, Ethiopia

#157 Feb 26, 2014
haha wrote:
hahah how dumb you sound. Its the largest religion in the world does that answer the question.. that the most hated are fa**it catholics?
f**k you

Sterling Heights, MI

#158 Mar 1, 2014
Go Blue Forever wrote:
Facts remain....Islam will never coexist peacefully, with any other people or religion.......As we speak, they are beheading Christians that refuse to convert to Islam....
Fancy finding you here my contrarian friend. You have so many different personas on Topix. Some threads you come off as an idiot liberal. Other threads you sound like a right wing, intolerant conservative or libertarian. The only thing that I know for sure is that you really like dogs. As for the religion of Islam, it is unquestionably a religion of intolerance, murder, and subjugation. All of the evidence proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#159 Mar 1, 2014
Guess all the labels, just aren't worth a damn......

Sterling Heights, MI

#160 Mar 1, 2014
Go Blue Forever wrote:
Guess all the labels, just aren't worth a damn......
Thats something that I can totally agree with you on. How scary is that?

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