Ohio.com - Nonunion workers protest A...

Ohio.com - Nonunion workers protest Akron school district plan

There are 107 comments on the Akron Beacon Journal story from Aug 13, 2007, titled Ohio.com - Nonunion workers protest Akron school district plan. In it, Akron Beacon Journal reports that:

As school and city leaders calmly discussed a labor agreement on the Akron district's construction project Monday, the shouts of opposition could be heard from the street outside.

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Conneaut, OH

#1 Aug 14, 2007
You get what you pay for. Its about time Akron stopped using these out of town scabs that come in and low-ball the local contractors. We need to support our local businesses so its good that these out of town scabs have to bid jobs at the rate our local people have to: prevailing wage. Its only fair and our union workers are NOT over paid - they are paid a fair wage.

Bedford, OH

#2 Aug 14, 2007
Isn't it funny how Plusquelic becomes pro union when election time rolls around! Don keeps sticking his nose in everything and Akron is going to be vacant like his famous Jillians restaurant downtown, or the vacant Greystone or those that are hanging on by a thread--this guy has buried Akron and the region--get him out of office. Mike Williams could do better!

Barberton, OH

#3 Aug 14, 2007
It is not tough - hire union workers. this is Akron remember? A labor town built on decent wages.

Canton, OH

#4 Aug 14, 2007
Bottom Line:

Over pay the union wage rates for building the new Akron Public School buildings being paid for by the income tax increase instead of paying less by including non-union bids & their lower rates, and ending the income tax early.

It's all about the union wage and paying that higher rate with our income taxes. Politics at it's worst.

Thank you Alcoholic Mayor Don Plusquellic for another example of your wonderful Akron leadership-NOT.

The school board had better allow non-union bids at non-union rates or they will never pass another levy in Akron.
They better not level the playing field by paying with union wage rates.

Joe Finley has better ideas that don't waste taxpayer money.

Vote for Joe Finley for Mayor in 2007 !!!

Berkeley, CA

#5 Aug 14, 2007
the board should look at what side there bread is buttered on the tax dollards stay here and the voters may consider a school levy with the PLA other cities have it and are doing a lot better than akron with labor relations this is a union town but people in high places forget how and who made all happen look around the city and see for yourself check the jobs the labor is just enough to meet the contract when we have workers who live here with familys and are voters you want backing remember we have teachers,fire,police,and labor union that made akron grow to where it is today.
The Voice of Reason

Tulsa, OK

#6 Aug 14, 2007
They don't lowball the local contractor, they support them in elections. That's how these local dumbasses keep their jobs every 4 years. This is the worst form of election corruption of all time and it's been going on forever. That's why Summit county is the way it is. Until the majority rise up and force these idiots to hire the local contractor who has hard working people instead of the lazy Union worker who takes twice ads long to complete the project you are paying higher cost for construction and electrical work. The day of the Union is dying and when it dies in Ohio companies will start coming back here. Until then your gonna have a recession. Look at the pattern of the last 20 years and deny this statement. The AFL-CIO is holding everyone in this area back.
City Worker

Conneaut, OH

#7 Aug 14, 2007
Why does Don Plusquellic support the construction unions and not the Police and Fire Unions?

Conneaut, OH

#8 Aug 14, 2007
A lot of these non-union workers are illegal aliens hired by these shady contractors. Is that where we want our tax dollars going?

Hire local companies. The money will stay in Akron.
Back 2 the Wall

Lakewood, OH

#9 Aug 14, 2007
Attention APS board members:
It is your fiduciary responsibility to expend the hard earned taxpayer dollars that fuel your budget responsibly and in the most effective and efficient way possible. If costs are increased unnecessarily, you will be held accountable, and the image of the public schools as being fiscally responsible will be diminished.

Since: Mar 07

Canton, OH

#10 Aug 14, 2007
Now isn't this interestin'. Ol' Donnyboy, who was doin' his imitation of the invisible man durin' the Goodyear strike, is all of a sudden visible and pro union. Sorry Donnyboy, y'all had y'alls chance to in the public eye in support of the Unions.

Grump has the right idea. By allowin' only Union contractors bid, it increases the construction costs for the schools, and doesn't increase the quality.

It appears that ol' Donnyboy is stumpin' for Union backin' in the upcomin' election. I wonder iff'n he'll get all of the city worker to back him??

Time for this bum to go, vote for a change Akron.
reaching out

Louisville, OH

#11 Aug 14, 2007
the mayor allways gets what he wants,when is it going to stop,the rest of akron is built with non union work on sat and sun when nobodys looking its been like that for years
Overtaxed Voter

Columbus, OH

#14 Aug 14, 2007
Hey Don,

Does it hurt when you straddle a fence that is this wide?
ABJ Story wrote:
Plusquellic...urged the joint board to try using the labor agreement on a few schools.

''In the next segment, you can look at it and see if it's a failed exercise,'' he said.
For those "union brothers and sisters", your favorite, tough talking local candidate isn't willing to stand up for you to say "Hell, yes...Union, Yes".

For those of us who pay the taxes that fund all of these hair brain schemes, this out of touch, career politician can't understand that times are tough, the taxpayer's budgets have been drained, his "Community Learning Center" plan is a total bust, and he can't "do the right thing" and still hope to get elected.

Vote the bum (Plusquellic) out on September 11.

If this Joint Review Board (which is made up of School Board Members and elected City Officials) votes to impose this Project Labor Agreement kick every last one of them to the curb in the next time their name appears on a ballot.

It's time for elected officials to realize that taxpayers are not going to continue "laying golden eggs" for them to use any way they see fit.
City Worker

Dayton, OH

#15 Aug 14, 2007
City Worker wrote:
Why does Don Plusquellic support the construction unions and not the Police and Fire Unions?
Or CSPA and local 1360?

From the ORIGINAL (and only) CITY WORKER
Logic Wins

Akron, OH

#16 Aug 14, 2007
WHy is it most posters miss the obvious?

Using union labor drives up costs - yet many of you are the same folks complaining about higher taxes.

If you can't make up your own mind, how can you expect your leaders to?

Warren, OH

#17 Aug 14, 2007
I think it funny, that non-union workers would be complaining about an agreement that will give them more pay and better benefits for the duration of a school project. The other issue is, where are the non-union workers getting their training. Having worked in both sectors, and am now a UNION electrician, i can attest tothe lack of training out there. These are buildings that our children and grandchildren will be attending school in. I feel much more comfortable knowing a well trained tradesman is building these facilities.

Many non-union contractors, use labor companies to man these jobs, these workers are rarely fromthe Akron area, so our tax dollars are going to where ever these workers come from. These are all concerns, that need to be addressed and knowing how construction labor works, my vote falls with the PLA.
Union Yes

Massillon, OH

#18 Aug 14, 2007
Scabs No! Quit your whining and pay the prevailing wage. No one wants shoddy contractors working on Akron school buildings. Pay up or get out!

Wooster, OH

#19 Aug 14, 2007
Does anyone else see the irony that non-union workers are getting together and picketing because they aren't getting hired? It seems like they are forming a union to show that non-union is better.
Overtaxed Voter

Columbus, OH

#20 Aug 14, 2007
The ABJ Story wrote:
Akron's proposed 23-page labor agreement would require a contractor bidding on work under Akron's project to pay prevailing or union-scale wages, as well as offer the same benefits as local trades unions. This would include major items, like health care and pension, and other provisions, such as apprenticeship programs and holidays.

The language in the agreement is based on a similar pact made by Kent State University.
Q. Why in the world does such an agreement need to be 23 pages long?

A. Too damn many politicians trying to cover their back side and too many damn lawyers ensuring that they have a new source of revenue for themselves.

Make the thing 10 or 12 bullet points. No waffling. No exceptions.

It's time for our elected officials to grow a pair and to do the right thing.

Until then, Vote 'em out! Every last one of them!

Lorain, OH

#21 Aug 14, 2007
No matter who gets the contracts, watch for the use of cheap labor in the form of illegal ALIENS - which is the proper term for them, and NOT "Undocumented Americans" as DingBat Sen. Harry Reid calls them.

Here's one article link about a bridge contractor using illegal aliens as uncertified welders in structural steel contracts. If you think it's not going on here in Ohio, think again.

(There's a Skip Intro button in upper right of opening screen, to get to the printed article.)
Logic Wins

Akron, OH

#23 Aug 14, 2007
Union Yes wrote:
Scabs No! Quit your whining and pay the prevailing wage. No one wants shoddy contractors working on Akron school buildings. Pay up or get out!
I have always tried to support the contractor's unions, but I don't do it blindly. Your comment throwing all non-union "scabs" into a shoebox called "shoddy" simply isn't true. I've seen plenty of shoddy work with BOTH union and non-union groups.

Some could argue that if one could always count on union work being better, it would be worth the extra cost. Some could also argue that if the union contractor's INSURED their work was better, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

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