Canton, NY

#22 May 15, 2010
For one Tim does beat on Misty I have been there and cops have been called. He almost went to jail for pushing her through a window when they lived on Stanwix street.
Tim doess cheat on Misty and Misty does the same thing. Who knows if she really did have a 3 some with jeremy who knows and really who cares if she did and if she did than oh my god what the hell was she thinking.
Holly took a picture of Tim kissing her and posted it all over her myspace so you call can go look her up and you will see it there.
Jeremy as far as you go when you saw tim beating misty up you should of called the cops oh wait that means you would have to put the paddle down and actually do something

Utica, NY

#23 May 15, 2010
jeremy you talk all this shit about me beating misty ass when we stayed with you when you know damn well that i never layed my hands on her while we were there yeah in the past i have and i will regret it for the rest of my life but at least i learn and grow from my mistakes not wollow in self pitty grow up and get over the fact that you cant have misty no matter how much shit you talk about me
drama r u

Utica, NY

#24 May 15, 2010
wow you people are drama seekers damn. If you gonna state so called facts about these people then atleast have something to back it up. Saying tim kissed you holly and you got proof with this pic on myspace funny after three hours of looking all there is to be found of pics of some nasty slobber slut super skank posing like she got it!! lol that;s great should call your page "PIGS ARE US" wow. Jeremy you are a scum bag how the hell you gonne be all but stalking misty and tim wathing them f*uck while you jerk off, sending pics of you tiny penis that looks like a genetic experiment gone wrong then begging misty for dirty pic so you can jerk off in the bathroom to cuz your girl is as you put it nasty and lazy yet you sit on your fat ass playing video games all day while she takes care of the two kids you produced but wont provide for cooks for your fat demending ass and attempts to clean up after the dogs you mass produce but ass you do with your kids don't take care of them. You only get to keep a roof over your head cuz at grown ass is still being taking care of by yous daddy, who has to work two jobs and wear himself out just to make enough money to feed your ass! How you have your kids is beyond me. Tim and Misty do so much for thier kids and they lose them but your nasty ass can sit around and not do anything keep your son locked in his room cuz you too lazy to do anything with him, let your daughter breath in that nasty smell of your house and get RSV and say you don't know why she is sick. WOW dude you should lose your kids for ever, it's not their fault you are a scum bag. Maybe Krysta needs to realize what a low life you are and get away from you, she like your kids deserves better. And Morgan get a fucking life you don't know these people like you say you do. You just so bored with your life that you put your two sence in where it doesnt matter. Get a like sweetheart! As for soco and victor nightpro and it's me you all got it right these people are great friends and parents and this all stems from haters! Get a hobby and leave these people alone.
its me bitches

Utica, NY

#25 May 15, 2010
the only time tim put hands on me is when we f*cking! don't hate bitches for real man grow up! Jelousy green isn't a good color even for skanks and morgan Jeremy isn't even close to a credible source. Think about it he popps shit about anyone that dont feed him or give him what he wants. Of course he gonna pop shit about tim he wants me so bad he has begged me offered me money and much more just to see me naked lol man you all are crazy think before you talk. Your sources aren't credible.

Syracuse, NY

#26 May 15, 2010
its me bitches wrote:
the only time tim put hands on me is when we f*cking! don't hate bitches for real man grow up! Jelousy green isn't a good color even for skanks and morgan Jeremy isn't even close to a credible source. Think about it he popps shit about anyone that dont feed him or give him what he wants. Of course he gonna pop shit about tim he wants me so bad he has begged me offered me money and much more just to see me naked lol man you all are crazy think before you talk. Your sources aren't credible.
Well the beginning of this is a crock of shit considering Tim just admitted he put his hands on you in the past, and he didn't mean sexually considering he said he'll regret it...

Utica, NY

#27 May 15, 2010
yes your right stupidddd i did say that but like i said in the past not any time in the present with the exception of some great great sex good observation

Canton, NY

#28 May 15, 2010
Funy misty how you think tim is so faithfull to you. Really funny. Just like you claim you are faithfull to him. He did sleep with Lisa. That is a fact you just don't want to admit it because I would not be proud of my husband if he slept with that. He probally did make out with Holly and who knows about the other girls. Hell werent you all sharing Julie a while back ago. Hmmm but yet you both are faithfull to each other.
Misty he use to I am not saying he does now but truth be known probally still does beat on you. But what ever if you like to get beat on that is all good for you.
Your daughter is what a year now and how many months of that year have you actually had custody of her?
You probally all did something with jeremy and his fat ass girl. Who knows and really who cares. Instead of selling drugs with your welfare money shouldnt you actually take care of your kids?

Since: Feb 10

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#29 May 16, 2010
Ya know i am so sick and tired of ppl runnin there goddamn faces about me ok. I know tim kissed me cause the date exactly was feb 20th of 2009 the day after i got some fuked up news ok and it was at kalennas house on third st at the time thank you very much but yah know what i am not for this bullshyt no more got me im not gonna sit here and try to prove to ppl what i know is the damn truth im just tryin to make things right with ppl that mean the most to me and shyt and be there for my little girls and the guy of my dreams so yeah maybe if u all get a damn life maybe u can stop talkin about me an mine so yeah buzz off im sick an tired of the shyt peace out

Since: Apr 10

Utica, NY

#30 May 18, 2010
Tim and Misty you guys are OK don't listen to these crackheads scumbags cause they not perfect either. They just sad cause the guys on here have small penises and they need to throw people off so no one laugh at them as well as there crackhead whores who cant tell from a crack pipe and there bf small penis!

Canton, NY

#31 May 19, 2010
Got to love the scumbags of ROme always sticking up for each other. Truth is this Lady Jinxie lives on River street buys off of tim so of course she will stick up for him.
Sorry bytch my boyfriend has a real penis and def knows how to use it.
come on there crack heads. Misty use to text me all the time when she was preggo with her last kid always looking for bud or hydros. Come on what kind of real mother is that? Her kids are always taking away becuase they can not keep a place to live. Wow these are real winners. Tim caint find a job because he is to lazy to work. Misty is a crack head who pops pills when she is preggo. Oh yeah lets nominate them for parents of the year

Cortland, NY

#32 Aug 21, 2010
Nice roots, don't you have a mirror. You are ugly like misty. Amanda is right, you have to be huge piles of shit to not have your kids living with you.
Night Owl

Cortland, NY

#34 Sep 27, 2010
Misty is always poppin' pain killers, now she tells everyone she has cancer, Guess what? We wish you did, we wish you would die, then those of us that work for a living won't be paying for your welfare, that you get. You are lousy parents and I hope they take your kids away for good, and hey Misty fix your fucking teeth you cow! Tim could your feet smell any worse?

Farmington, CT

#35 Aug 14, 2013
I know this is old posting but since I meet them and only known them for a short time, but reading these post it seems that this people are semi right from what they are saying, I'm not saying there bad people but from Tim and misty saying they don't do drugs yet her husband was just recently arrested for buying heroine for I guess someone else which the place he went to get was raided and then with him and his wife had cps on them BC of it they both refused to piss test and he was kicked out of recovery, then there kids were taken away by cps and there staying with a family member, and since he was doing drugs he didn't pay rent and now she's homeless, it just seems odd that he has been arrested for drugs and claims he don't do them, yet he took a prescription pad to forge his signature to get drugs, now was arrested by the feds BC of drugs.... Just seems like these people were right on about drugs in that family, this is the first time that I know of the kids being taken away by cps but from people are saying it might be true that its a lot, I really wouldn't know but its just sad that this family is loosing there kids to drugs just wish they got the help they need

Farmington, CT

#36 Aug 14, 2013
And the cancer part she claims she just found out this year, so I guess she either lying seeing how that post was from 2010, its now 2013....just sad BC the kids are the ones suffering

Utica, NY

#37 Aug 14, 2013
misty black

South Windsor, CT

#38 Aug 15, 2013

Brooklyn, NY

#40 Aug 15, 2013
Bubba wrote:
Misty does suck a mean dick , I have to whack her on the back of the head to get to stop when I'm done!!
Nice , gets into it.

Brattleboro, VT

#41 Aug 15, 2013
They sell heroin he was on his way to get a bunch more for his trip when he was arrested...they are addicts tho always getting high.on their own supply that's why they couldn't pay rent! Over the last 5 year's they have had their kids taken 3 times and been homeless more than that...makes me sick Cps would even give people like that their kids back in the first place they are always dealing with shady people and ripping those people off just a matter of time before someone flipps after being robbed by them heroin b meth addicts are never good people to Piss off and from time to time they have been known to make meth

Newington, CT

#42 Aug 17, 2013
That explains a lot more, thanx, prolly why the feds picked him up, those poor kids having to keep going through this, they shouldn't get them back, and if she's lying about her having cancer she should be ashamed of herself BC I lost a few members of my family to cancer but if shes lying to do her pill popping thing and using cancer as an excuse I hope she too gets picked up, I just thought it was interesting on several things of how they said they don't do drugs but when my friend told me that Tim White was. Going to a house for a friend to get the heroine then it got raided by the cops, him and his wife had to be checked etc but how does Tim know where to go get it but the user didn't? Something didn't seem right to me on that? But the both of them had to be pissed test etc she refused BC she says she has social anxiety etc so she never did it he got kicked out of rehab for smoking ciggs, and then there kids were taking away by cps but never knew why but they blame cps for lying to them saying they get to keep there kids, then Tim got picked up days or weeks after by feds for crim sale cont sub 3rd and crim sale cont sub 3rd and is sitting in jail as we speak that would get him 7-10 yrs in prison, but shortly after that misty said a guy who tried to rape her before she beat him over the head with a blunt object but that's all I know then cops were called and her animals had to be out of the house she lived in including her BC I guess rent wasn't being paid and now she's going around saying she's going to kill herself if she can't get her kids back etc but reading these stories this is all true BC I looked up his and her name and 3 years back it goes on the crimes they did and hearing this bs now I don't feel sorry for them what's so ever BC they did it to themselves

Brooklyn, NY

#43 Aug 20, 2013
misty and her little friend kristen are being watched for bring drugs back and forth to utica. kristen driving a dope head snitch around whos been snitching on everybody who is getting busted. i wonder if her husband jeremy knows his wife is a heroin whore and snitch also or cps

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