President Obama is a member of the violent group referred to as the Muslim Brotherhood. International news sources are reporting on documentation and claims released by said group. American news outlets are not reporting this information at this time.

Obama is supporting this terrorist group's objective of assuming power in the Middle East. They are accomplishing this through the use of violence. They are spreading their ideology as well which includes thousands of Christians being slaughtered by their hands.

President Obama was unpleased with Egypt obtaining their freedom from such terror group and this is why we are now limiting our aid to Egypt. While Morsi was still in charge of Egypt, we gave them billions of dollars in support, 20 - F16 fighters and 200 tanks.

SYRIA: President Obama is assisting the Muslim Brotherhood ("Freedom Fighters") in overthrowing the established government of Syria. If the so call Freedom Fighters are successful, the Muslim Brotherhood would assume control of Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood attacked Syria with chemical weapons, not Assad. Obama is putting the blame on Assad to justify an attack on Syria which would further the Muslim Brotherhood's agenda. Obama is using our military to support terrorist activity and for personal use.

The chemical attack was a false flag event.


Islam is fulfilling Bible prophecy everyday and the purpose of Islam to spread the word of Allah.

Muslims are to eliminate anyone who does not agree with said teachings and/or interferes with their objectives.

Islamic theology includes the senseless killing of Christians, Jews and the destruction of Israel.

The prophesied Muslim messiah, Isa, will perform the same works as the prophesied Christian Anti-Christ.

Islam is fulfilling the will of Satan according to Biblical prophecy.

Mohammad was a false prophet.

Islam is the main false religion of Satan.