why do blacks like chicken so much?

Syracuse, NY

#27 Apr 18, 2013
why dont neggro girls wear underwear to the family B.B.Qs?
To keep the flies off the chicken.
what u talkin bout willis

Sherburne, NY

#28 Apr 18, 2013
Never mind the flies you baboon,keep your eyes,lips and pecker away from my chicken!

Brooklyn, NY

#29 Apr 18, 2013

United States

#30 Apr 21, 2013
Funny wrote:
Why are most white people so darn fat?wtf do they not work out?or is it the pork?fyi whit $hit eat more chicken and less pork,Maby then you won't look so fat and nasty.oh I almost forgot,please tell the fat nasty white people they forgot their dentist appointment...
that's true. Why are white peoples teeth so messed up? Poor hygiene maybe? Black people don't like chicken no more than anyone else. This conversation is the most productive thing that idiot low life could come up with?

Hamilton, NY

#32 Apr 21, 2013
OMG wrote:
White girls are no fatter than a black girl. The only difference is that the black girl is sporting 8 kids all by different fathers...compliments of the county. Also, I work in a dental office and black people have the worst teeth and breath EVER! The smell is horrible! Here are some fun facts about blacks. Enjoy!...http://niggermania.co m/tom/funniggerfacts/
lol so true!

Brooklyn, NY

#34 Apr 22, 2013
LOL wrote:
<quoted text>
lol so true!
lmfao you work in a dentist office,what a joke a woman that is educated woul never speak that way.first your a lier second you gota b fat,cause it hit a nerve and third we are sure your teeth are twisted.so what is it are you white n fat or white with a twisted mouth? Or is it both????? Lmfao

Brooklyn, NY

#35 Apr 22, 2013
My bad ment liar,liar lol and the d should b on the end of would,just wanted to correct myself.i knew someone would try to trip,so I would rather correct myself..lmfao.

Ithaca, NY

#36 Apr 23, 2013
amerikkkan wrote:
why dont neggro girls wear underwear to the family B.B.Qs?
To keep the flies off the chicken.
ok on some serious shit I'm Black & that shit was funny I don't care who u are can I use that joke at my BBQ?

Utica, NY

#37 Apr 24, 2013

Troy, NY

#38 Apr 26, 2013
Black...White ...Chicken ...Ribs...ect...unless you're soul less.....act like we do face to face please...because if it came down to it...we'd all cry when one is hurt.
Yard Bird

Utica, NY

#39 Apr 26, 2013
It's easy to catch, and goes great with BBQ sauce and grape soda.

Meriden, CT

#40 Apr 26, 2013
America isn't in enough turmoil, let's start a race war...nice going morons.
Yard Bird

Holland Patent, NY

#41 Apr 26, 2013
It's only a war if there's 2 competitors, whites have no competition.
Angry Old White Dude

Cantonment, FL

#42 Apr 26, 2013
Any gatdanged decent HUMAN BEING alive likes some good fried chicken, so please just STFU.
heres your sign

Utica, NY

#43 Apr 29, 2013
because it taste good .go to kfc and you will see more whites than any other race i guess chicken taste good to you guys to .the circus is gone but all the clowns are still here .retard

Coimbra, Portugal

#44 Nov 30, 2013
It's about time someone uses their brain to answer this question. Chicken has the highest amount of BCAA'S per pound. These are essential amino acids that are known to promote muscle development. Also, chicken and turkey have the highest protein per pound of all foods.
Now, we all know that black people are "naturally" more athletic. They have higher muscle mass, are generally in better shape, and get some of the best results in most sports that involve a lot of strength, agility and anaerobic resistance. So it could be theorized that they are "naturally" more predisposed to enjoy chicken a great deal more than the average caucasian, asian, and so on, because their body knows how to make good use of those nutrients.
Again, this is pure speculation, I don't have a PhD in biology, but identical phenomenons exist everywhere. For example, we all love salt, sugar and fat because they're usually rare in the natural world but we need them anyway, thus our bodies developed a way to deal with that shortage - to us, these things are delicious. So it would make sense that blacks love chicken, because its great for them.
And of course, it's delicious.
finger lickin

Minoa, NY

#45 Nov 30, 2013
Jimmy the greek should have had you as his attorney
they are easy to steal

Carthage, NY

#46 Dec 2, 2013
thats why, they dont eat beef cuz the chickens are easier and lighter to steal!!!!!!!!!!

Watertown, NY

#48 Dec 2, 2013
BobDole wrote:
I remember Dave Chapelle commenting on how he didn't know he liked chicken because he was black, he thought it was because it is delicious. I am white and I friggin love chicken. I could eat a fatal ammount of KFC skin and die happy.
Sounds to Me like u love to choke on the skin of a black trouser snakes as well.... which is better CHICKEN. or snake skin.

Watertown, NY

#49 Dec 2, 2013
Stacy wrote:
<quoted text>Show me a Baptist that don't like chicken.
Show me a southern Baptist that don't pull the meat off the bone with 1 swift sucking motion.

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