I biked the Chief Ladiga trail and the Silver Comet this past weekend. About 10 bikers stopped off in Cedartown for lunch. To our surprise, we could not find any place to eat. We walked all over and most places said, "Closed on Saturday's."
We finally settled on a bar and grill where the food was average. I couldn't even find a place that sold Gatorade.
Now that you have people biking past your city, it would be nice to capitalize on them. You have the advantage of being the only city for nearly 30 miles. If you bike 30 miles, you want to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the atmosphere.
I saw hundreds of names on the welcome ledger in Piedmont, Alabama of folks that drove hundreds of miles to do the trails. You have money passing right through your fingers.
Please pass this along to your fellow restaurant owners.

David Newton
Huntsville, AL