straight from savannah wrote:
<quoted text>There is a dishwasher designed this way, I should know, I have on at my house. It is made to auto start when the door is closed and locked in position, although I am not sure how the toddler could have closed the door....but then again, toddlers can do amazing things that we never expect them to do. I have a five year old little girl who has kept me on my toes since the moment she was mobile. Lots of times parents fall asleep while their children are awake in the house, it is tragic however I wouldn't go as far as to say this father is neglectful....children are quick, sometimes very sneaky and can get into trouble in the snap of a finger. This poor man, I pray for him and his family.
what do you do if you don't fill the machine up. I rinse and put my dishes in mine as I use them, so it is closed w/o being full all the time. I mean no disrespect, I just want to know as I need a new dishwasher.
This is a terrible tragedy(sp?) the whole family is in my prayers.