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Been There Done That

Rolla, MO

#66 Aug 8, 2012
First let me say that my experience with the Phelps county Sheriffs Department has been anything but satisfactory. And NO I have NEVER seen the inside of the jail. I am just a regular, ordinary citizen who is fed up with the politics and attitude of the powers that be within the Department.
I have found that most of the officers on the "street" are very polite and helpful. However, when you make a report and the report gets back to the Sheriff, Lt, Sgts and supervisors, it is DOA. When you do make a report four things happen: you never get a call back for updates, you have to call them, you never get a copy of the report you must keep calling to find out if it is indeed done and then if you get a copy you pay for it, in spite of evidence presented to them, you get a, there is not enough evidence, and they are quick to inform you of the successes on other cases they have worked. I will give them this, they are very polite when informing you of how successful they have been. Their arrogance is offensive!
Under the present administration, and I don't care what you did in the past, you are working for the citizens of Phelps County and on the street people talk. They are watching what your doing now. And this department, under Mr. Lisenbe's watch has fallen short. Evidently Other people feel the same because the number of votes speak for themselves. When are you going to get the fact that people are FED UP with politics. This is happening under Mr. Lisenbe's watch. We want you to do your job and listen when we speak.
People are tired of their business and homes broken into and nothing being done to solve the cases. If the dog catcher picks up a dog but if he then goes around the corner and turns it loose to terrorize someone else. What has been accomplished.
Finally, as to Mr. Dishman, sometimes we need a change. The time has come. He will either make the changes necessary to restore the public confidence in the sheriffs department or he will do nothing! Let's at least give him a chance. We have already seen what the present administration has done.

Rolla, MO

#67 Aug 8, 2012
Been There Done That,

Correct me if I'm wrong but it's not the job of the Sheriff or his Deputies to keep people they arrest in jail. That job belongs to the courts, judges, and jurys. When a person makes a report of a let's say a burglary where their house gets broken into while they are at work, and the person doesn't even know what's stolen, or the serial numbers of the stolen articles, or have any suspects in mind for the deputies to follow up with, what kind of case do you think they can build? If there are no leads in a burglary, you can explect a report to read something like "I responded to such and such, spoke with somebody who said this was stolen, but I have no leads" That doesn't mean the case is closed, it just means there is nothing further that can be done right now. If the items are located later, the case can be reopened. I know for a fact of one deputy that took a report of a stolen item and recovered it over 3 years later. He never stopped looking for it! But if you would read the first report it read kind of like the one above. There just weren't any leads.

You are right, for the most part the deputies are polite and courteous. Sometimes it takes longer to write a report that the average citizen thinks it should. This could be because of call volume and other cased the deputies are working, vacations, training, court, or of the approval process through the chain of command. And you said something about "despite the evidence given to them". There is a huge difference between speculation and evidence. If my house was broken into and I suspected Joe Smith of doing it because we got into a fight over the last case of Bud Light at Walmart then I would expect them to talk to Joe but it's not necessarily evidence. And what one person thinks is evidence another might not, or the deputies know that what someone thinks is evidence isn't evidence at all and it won't stand up in court.

I knew (know) the former Sheriff Don Blankenship. Now there is a Sheriff who was never at work and would not talk to the public. He was too worried about hunting and fishing and left the running of the sheriff's department to his chief deputy. I tried calling him numerous times throughout the years and never got a call back or his voicemail was always full. Lisenbe will at least call you back and talk to you. You might not hear what you want to hear but you will hear the honest truth, per the law, and what is good for the department and the public.
For been there or done

Haslet, TX

#68 Aug 8, 2012
Ur a total idiot. The sheriffs dept does the best they can with the tools and money they have. This is the best shape the Dept has been under since lisenbe took office.

United States

#69 Aug 8, 2012
experience wrote:
<quoted text>Why would any criminal feel Lisenbe is a threat to them or anyone else for that matter? Lisenbe can't arrest them as he still isn't commissioned to do so, he can't put warrants down on them as he isn't the prosecuting attorney, and he can't sentence them to anything as he isn't a judge. He can do absolutely nothing to anyone! I am not nor have I ever been a criminal or in any sort of trouble in my life and I am a dishman supporter based upon many very screwed up double standard things that Lisenbe has done and still does!
u must b family,a friend or just plain old clueless about dishman & his ethics & morals!
hell ya

Warrensburg, MO

#70 Aug 8, 2012
rick will win big in november, if ou dont vote for him, you wasted your vote. he has done a great job.
Mike P

Foristell, MO

#71 Aug 8, 2012
I'm just not so sure Mr. Lisenbe will win after all. I was sure Lisenbe had it in the bag but after yesterrday I'm not so sure. I think we atleast are going to have a interesting race. I never new Ron Dishman had so man friends. He has got to be feeling pretty good about this and Lisenbe better wake up.
smarter than a 5th grader

Rolla, MO

#72 Aug 8, 2012
experience wrote:
<quoted text> No he isn't. He lost his commission when he was no longer with the highway patrol.
I dont think YOU know how that works!!!! Just saying

Waynesville, MO

#73 Aug 8, 2012
I have had dealing with the sheriffs dept. Both good and bad. It is so true the can't perform miracles. They can only use what you give them. I had no problem at all with them following up with me and get copies of the reports. Yes one time I was overjoyed with the results. The next time I wasn't. The strong evidence just was not there and as stated before lawyers and judges have a part to play too. Each time the PCSD more than did their job. Just that one party was able to get a good lawyer and the PA knew it was not a strong case so a deal was made. Still justice prevailed. I think our current sheriff is doing a great job. I think he has a good control of the department and he is a fair man. No I am not family nor a friend. Just a citizen of Phelps County. Keep up the good work everyone.

Lexington, MO

#74 Aug 10, 2012
Lisenbie give Manley the boot and he would have a 4 star group of deputies! Manley being married to Lisenbies Neice should be a conflict of some sort one would think, but apparently it's all ok for that to be. I'd like to know how Ron is going to face Mr Jimmy Farris' family as well, since their case is still ongoing and he was the one to notify Farris' parents the night of his death. He was supposedly a good friend of Farris but has proven that to be as fake as himself! Dishmans done a lot of shady crap living in this town and the locals don't forget!! Even back when he was runnin wild with his first wife and causing havoc!
Papa Love

Jefferson City, MO

#75 Aug 10, 2012
I think Manley was there before Lisenbe got elected the first time, so no conflict there. I do agree he needs a shorter leash though, and not for his k9!

Wentzville, MO

#77 Aug 14, 2012
Rick Lisenbe is the best damn Sheriff this county has had in a very long time. He will be Sheriff until he decides to retire because nobody will ever beat him!

Rick Lisenbe once made a stone bleed when was still with MSHP!

Rick Lisenbe knows what the Rock is cooking... Because the Rock is Rick Lisenbe' personal chef.

Rick Lisenbe can sit in the shade... In an open field!

United States

#78 Aug 14, 2012

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