Guidry Acknowledges He Fired Shotgun ...

Guidry Acknowledges He Fired Shotgun At Estranged Wife's Minivan

There are 21 comments on the KTIV-TV Sioux City story from Jul 21, 2006, titled Guidry Acknowledges He Fired Shotgun At Estranged Wife's Minivan. In it, KTIV-TV Sioux City reports that:

Richard Guidry sits with head down in court on Thursday. He testified in his defense today.

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Holly Newhouse-Guidry

Cascade, IA

#1 Jul 28, 2006
Richard knows what he did that day even if he refuses to tell the truth as the rest of us did. He will be the one to live the rest of his life with blood on his hands that will never wash away. May God have mercy on his soul.

Union, SC

#2 Aug 2, 2006
Aquaintance of Hollys

United States

#3 Aug 2, 2006
May god have mercy on Holly's soul. It took her a week before she decided to make a comment on Richards actions. He's sitting in prison but apparently it is weighing on Holly's concious. He never meant to hurt his son nor his wife's companion. Like he said he just wanted to scare Holly. Well now she has what she wants, her freedom again.
knows Holly and Cajun

Southfield, MI

#4 Aug 14, 2006
I don't condone the actions that Cajun took towards Holly. But I think that her family butted in where it was not their place and that is part of what ruined their marriage.I have known the Kirch's for a long time and Holly's mother always thinks she needs to be in charge. From what I have heard and know it was a note from Holly's mother that set Cajun off. For CRIST SAKES all he wanted was to see his kids. IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK?????? Heck Cajun even tried to set it up to have the kids dropped at a neutural place. I think that Holly and her family should take half the blame also for what the outcome was.
balance of blaime

Naples, FL

#6 Nov 7, 2006
A workable solution was available.

Neither party gave an inch making everone including the children losere,
Who are you to judge

United States

#7 Nov 6, 2007
First off I think you need to know what really happend here I never once saw his family come down to see there grandchild that they claim to love so much. We were the third party supervisors chossen by both parents Richard saw those kids every week to two weeks and for 4-5 hours at time when we were instucted by child protective services for him to only visit for 2 hours a visitation. We were more then fair to Richard and treated very well we always made sure that Richard saw his children EVERY holiday and every other week end as said by the courts and child protective services. The day of the shooting there was a note left because his son was running a high fever and has ear proublems considering he had ear surgery in the past. I was more concerned about the boy then anyone else and I feel sorry for anyone who dont understand that a child comes first!!! I am glad we so called did but in what would you have done if you had seen marks across your daughters face and a broke finger??? Dont sit and judge someone when you dont know the a
facts. If someone wanted to scare someone you dont aim a loaded riffle at someone especially when you hear children screaming and fire a second shot at a innocent passenger. If Holly hadnt put her arm up her son wouldnt be here with us today. You do not see what this little boy has to deal with everyday. He now has to pay for his fathers actions the rest of his life. He cant hear nor see nor use his right hand. How you can you people sit there and judge Ho;l;y when she wasnt holding the a loaded riffle. The little girl who was in that van also to this day wakes up screaming saying dadddy hurt us. They may have been young but they do know what happened to them. So please dont sit there and judge us we are picking up the pieces that Richard left behind!
Holly Newhouse-Guidry

United States

#8 Nov 6, 2007
as far as i am concerned there was no meeting in the middle, richard with premeditated intent tried to kill me and my children and my friend scot. period, anyone who thinks this was less than what it really was should go to the following site and see the crime scene and injury photos for themselves, my son is permanently brain damaged, missing a large part of his brain, bullets still lodged in the brain stem that cannot be removed ever, he is deaf and blind and cannot use his right hand and scot is severely brain damaged and will never again walk or chase his children around as he once did, i had nothing to do with richard's visitation regardless of what he is trying to tell his family. That was in the hands of the court system. Frankly i dont care what his family has to say about me at all, i know what happened for years and the abuse i suffered and that i will never again be able to fully use my right arm nor ever again feel my children's hands in right one, richard will serve his time in prison as he was found guilty of premeditated attempted murder with intent to son and friend almost died, it was a true miracle of god that they survived against the odds the doctors laid against them while they lay lifeless in their comas. Justice was dully served and richard is just angry that for once in his life he has to pay for his crimes.
Newhouse family

United States

#9 Nov 7, 2007
Shadow Hawk

Carrollton, TX

#10 Nov 7, 2007 all you cry babies for Richard.... I'll make this real simple....I know Holly is no saint by any means.... But no matter what she nor the children did not desearve what had happened.. In the end Richard is a PUNK....LOOSER....CRYBABY....S HOULDHAVE BEEN DROWNED AT BIRTH WAISTE OF LIFE!! The boy couldn't couldn't handle it. Had to use a gun..... Couldn't handle it like a man!!... Prison is the one of two place best to keep him.... The other..........well thats gods choice for now!!!!!
You Dont Know

United States

#11 Nov 29, 2007
You didnt know because you didnt see them together but maybe once a year. A little hard when you live in La. and they lived in Iowa. She was a waitress I will have you know in the truck stop. You dont scare people with a loaed shot gun there is NO EXCUSE for that with crying children in the back seat as well. We saw the marks on Hollys face and her crys when she called for us to come and get the children because of his actions around them also photographs of the after math when he finished down grading her and distroying the house. From the time Brady was born he never supported him with milk, diapers or clothing we all did.They didnt even have beds we got them also So dont sit there and tell me what Holly did or did not do she has been by those kids side from the begining and it hasnt been easy since Richard left his damaging deeds done on those kids. Tristan will never see nor use his right hand nor hear from his right ear again 21/2 yrs. old and with life damaging brain injury as well. Dont tell me I should feel sorry for Richard he knew what he was doing. He cant take any women rejections and that day was because his son was ill! That should have been alot more importent!!!!
Peed off

Southfield, MI

#12 Dec 7, 2007
to knows holly and cajun, you may think you know them and their family but, you are way off and were you with them everytime she was domestically abused behind closed doors, were you there with her by phone when it happened, i dont think so to all you who were not close to the situation that think you were, shut your mouth, you know nothing.
lying southerners

Belleville, MI

#13 May 10, 2008
you are a lousy piece of shit that does not know holly at all, shut your mouth moron
knows Holly and Cajun wrote:
I don't condone the actions that Cajun took towards Holly. But I think that her family butted in where it was not their place and that is part of what ruined their marriage.I have known the Kirch's for a long time and Holly's mother always thinks she needs to be in charge. From what I have heard and know it was a note from Holly's mother that set Cajun off. For CRIST SAKES all he wanted was to see his kids. IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK?????? Heck Cajun even tried to set it up to have the kids dropped at a neutural place. I think that Holly and her family should take half the blame also for what the outcome was.
lying southerners

Belleville, MI

#14 May 10, 2008
you sir are the piece of shit, no one would even cry when you die and would not even waste spit on your ass!! see how his family cant even come back with a reason for why he shot his own family when he admited to it!!!
Mase wrote:
White trash.Yee ha.
Jr G

Lafayette, LA

#15 Aug 7, 2008
Holly said it,"I don't care what his family thinks of me" that is just mean.The abuse I witnessed was Holly giving it to him always hitting him and all he did was take it. He screwed up, he made a poor decision or was driven to it. Never should have happened, has anyone thought to blood test the twins, I don't think they or his, My man Brady is without a doubt his. I can go on and on but I am not. only two people really know why this happened and I know they both know how it could have been resolved peacfully. I pray for these kids,for Holly, Scot and for Ricky.
Holly Newhouse-Guidry

United States

#16 Feb 18, 2009
I said that I don't care what Richard's family says about me, because I know the strong person that I am, I know for a fact that your family downgrades me and witnessed it during the parental rights termination. Your Brother, Junior, tried to murder us but, thank god, did not suceed. I never raised my hand to Richard, I knew better, I knew what was to come if I did, the abuse that would happen, and do you really think that he would show that in front of his beloved family. No, he would not, the few times we visited in La. were the only times, he acted like a loving husband even if he and I both knew it was just an act. I can tell you I will spend the rest of my life making sure, he spends every day in prison he is suspossed to. I will be at his parole hearing in 2054 as will Scot and side by side we will show the parole board all of the photos taken for evidence to show them why he should never be let out of prison! I will do that for my children as will Scot. We have reached the point that we are no longer afraid of Richard.
Furthermore, you have no room to talk, it was sad to see that none of his family attended the trial to hear and see all of the evidence presented to the judge, Janell and Monica showed up in time for sentencing but, none of you attended the trial, what does that say about your family support for him. I have said it many times, he did not just destroy the lives of those in the van that day, he destoyed so many more than he will ever comprehend!

Pocahontas, IA

#17 Feb 18, 2009
Yes I did, but I have never had a doubt that they are Richards. If Richard really believed that they werenít his he could have had the dna test done long ago but he never did why?????? Because I feel he knew who they really were all he ever cared about was little Brady isnít that a terrible shame to put your own kids at risk just because his son was running a high fever that early morning and I had decided to take Brady to the e.r. isnít that what was more important is the child??? The kids always came first above anything and anyone else. We were the supervisors by both parents choice and by the court. He could have seen them the next week end we NEVER refused him from his kids we believed in him spending time with his kids and we bent over backwards so that could happen and EVERY holiday no matter if they or we had plans we made time for him to see them. That was the ONLY time he didnít get to see the kids because of Bradyís illness that morning. Yes, it could have all been avoided if there had only been so patients and compassion there. It was a sad and terriable thing to have happened.
Holly Newhouse

Prior Lake, MN

#18 Jul 9, 2009
To Junior and the Guidry Family, It is your own faults that you are not part of my children's lives, I wanted all of you to be a part of it but, you will never know the truth or the evidence presented because you are too afraid to read the trial transcripts and were all too callous to even attend your own brother's trial, belive me, the twins are Richards for sure, unfortunate for my daughter Nikita, she looks like her father as does brady, when your mother and loud mouth sister tina opened their mouths during the parental termination trial which of course had no impact, that was the moment you all lost any part of my children's lives, They know their cajun culture, I have seen to that myself, you can make out to be what you want but, i am not the one who pulled the trigger and almost killed an innocent 2 year old baby boy who nearly died and now will be severely disabled with only half of a brain for the rest of his life. that is not a poor decision that in my eyes is still murder! he took tristan's life away from him!!
There is only one person in that family that I would ever allow to see my children and the only person I still love and care about and that is Daddy Guidry. The rest of you can rot in hell with your brother who will die in prison of a very old age, I will do everything in my power to see that he is never set free! I will protect my children from that murderer for the rest of my life!
way to go

Newell, IA

#19 Mar 14, 2010
Way to go girl!!! you are brave and you rock!

Albert City, IA

#20 Apr 4, 2012
A Worker not one of his lot lizzards

Albert City, IA

#21 Apr 4, 2012
We bent over backwards to help them, for gods sake they were sleeping on floor till we got beds you were never there to see what all went on we were. We felt sorry for the kids when the time Richard locked out Holly and baby Brady and to go the neibors to call us yes he was a good dad wasnt he????? ANd there are so many more things you have no idea about.

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