Greg Moore from AGC
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Im not the only one

Maryville, TN

#1 Nov 30, 2010
What a piece of $hit, first he assaults his wife with a claw hammer, now he's threatening women with guns for sexual favors? Is he even still in jail or were they stupid enough to post bond??
time will tell

Johnson City, TN

#2 Dec 2, 2010
He will get off this AGAIN! Watch and see. His wife droped the charges and watch this girl probably will too. I beleive he even beat his first wife half to dealth and she dropped the charges too.

Kahului, HI

#3 Dec 5, 2010
Greg Moore is a danger to society and to himself. He says he is on medication but I don't think it's the right kind. First he beats his wife with a hammer and she drops the charges, Second he beats his girlfriend with the barrell of a gun and threatns her life and last he strangles and tries to kill this other girl who the paper says is a sexual partner. WTF! So let me get this straight: Wife, girlfriend, and another sexual partner. Sounds like every mans fantasy right. 3 women would be hard to handle for any man. Sounds like it was just a matter of time before his house of cards came crashing down. But dang did 3 women have to get the crap beat out of them because he can't juggle being a husband, boyfriend, and a piece of tail??? HELL NO!!!! No woman deserves to get man handled in any form or fashion. But answer me this, DOESN'T IT SOUND LIKE HE BROUGHT THIS ON HIMSELF????? Where these women not supposed to find out the truth?(come on now its hawkins county: word travles fast) Sounds like a soap opera! lol This should be a warning to all women: STAY AWAY FROM GREG MOORE UNLESS YOU LIKE THE SHIT KICKED OUT OF YOU! GOOD LUCK TO THE WOMEN THAT ARE INVOLVED IN HIS DRAMA. GOD SPEED!!!!! To bad he didn't do the entire world a favor by hanging himself properly the first time and for all future women's sake let's hope he knows were he went wrong and does it right the next time! AMEN!
watch your back women

Johnson City, TN

#4 Dec 5, 2010
First of all Greg Moore only loves HIMSELF. NOT HIS WIFE OR ALL THESE OTHER WOMEN. He is a women beating loser. I bet his father would be proud.
red alert

Johnston, SC

#5 Dec 6, 2010
Amen!!!! I could't have said it better myself.
watch out women

Wilmington, NC

#7 Dec 8, 2010
Greg Moore is POISON!!!!!!! I hope he goes to jail for a long time. He is looking at 8-10 years with 3 felonies. That is if the girlfriend doesn't pussy out like the wife did. He deserves alot worse than jail. Run the other way if you see him coming.
Are You Kidding Me

Johnson City, TN

#8 Dec 8, 2010
I heard that the wife said that she loves him, and will stay with him to the day she dies. If I were her I would be going to the doctor to get checked for any venereal diseases. No telling what the CREEP brought home to her.
Yoko Ono

Johnson City, TN

#9 Dec 8, 2010
John Lennon is dead.

That's all you should be thinking about right now.

How are the Beatles going to get back together?

John Lennon is Dead!!!
its never to late

Julian, NC

#10 Dec 11, 2010
John Lennon is the lucky one! I just hope for all humans alike that this woman beating self centered ass hole joins John in the after life before anyone else gets hurt. God be with the idiots that still have anything to do with Greg Moore. If only his stupid wife would of taught him a lesson and pressed charges against him. Who knows it could of spared the other 2 women any beating they didn't deserve. I think Greg and Pam belong together. I felt sorry for her at first but now i'm beggining to think she likes the abuse. More power to her stupid ass. She needs to keep him on a shorter leash. Sorry is the last thing I feel for Pam. Not to say she deserved to be physicaly abused but if she can stay with him after that and all the drama on top of it then she deserves everything coming to her. Get out while your still alive and never look back. Thats the best advise I can give anyone who knows this sorry excuse for a human being. He is no man by any means. Real men don't hit women. Let's pray that the other 2 women have the balls to do what his wife couldn't. He deserves to be punished!!!!!!!!
warning to all women

Wilmington, NC

#11 Dec 13, 2010
OMG!!!!! I wounder who is next victim will be??????????
Chained Heat

Johnson City, TN

#12 Dec 13, 2010
warning to all women wrote:
OMG!!!!! I wounder who is next victim will be??????????
Probably Yoko Ono, now that John Lennon is dead and unable to protect her.
Lady Lovely

Knoxville, TN

#13 Dec 13, 2010
i know what its like to be abused,so i hope justice is done to him . he dont derserve to walk the streets. no woman derserves to be treated like that. i hope he hangs himself too !! hes tried before, damn shame it didnt work ! ha ! ha !

Since: Dec 10

Location hidden

#15 Dec 14, 2010
Lady Lovely U READ MY MIND!!! and Yoko is loko for koko puffs!!!!!
like we didnt know

United States

#16 Dec 23, 2010
just to keep everyone informed greg is a snitch too. when they arrested him this last time he ratted on everyone that thought he was friends with. Jerry and Roy just to name a couple. so if you got something going on that you don't want the law to know about you better not let greg know. i guess that's his way of trying to get some time knocked off the felony charges he is up against where he beat up those 2 women. i hope he goes to jail for a long time. his dumb wife should of never dropped the charges the first time he tried to kill her.
a good read

United States

#17 Dec 25, 2010
first he beats his wife and rats out his so called friends. That's why the cops went to Roy Monroes for the so called meth lab they never found. LOL Well his dumn wife dropped assault charges and he got off with a slap on the wrist after her snitched. now he is facing charges for domestic violence for one innocent woman and 3 felony charges on another innocent woman. so now he has ratted out a few more of his friends to try and get another slap on the wrist. what a loser! he beats on 3 women in less than 4 months give or take and snitches out all the people he knows to try get himself off the hook. he may claim he needs medication but he needs more than that. hell he was supposed to go get help and take therapy after beating his wife. YEAH RIGHT! anger managment classes sure didn't do him any good for sure. he needs to be in woodridge where he can do no one any harm. the only help he needs is getn his ass kicked. he pushes pills and sells pot and god only knows what else and the cops know this. can anyone say SNITCH!!!!! this town would be a better and safer place without greg moore in it. i can only pray that is he leaves, or gets run out of town or the cops relocate him, that he takes the other woman beating assholes with him. but we won't be so lucky. i just hope his luck is running out or catches up really really fkn soon. Lets Pray!!!!!!!!!!
lovey lady

United States

#18 Dec 25, 2010
i sit here an read some crazzy shit,i bet we could right a country song,,im .the way i see it a man needs some respect for a woman,mr greg moore u will meet her one day,if u dont hang urself first!!!! HA!! HA!!! ur a joke,,!!!!
large mouth

Johnson City, TN

#19 Dec 27, 2010
He is such a joke. Why didn't Jay Leno put him on his show. Instead of the meth lab with monkeys.
Just wait

United States

#20 Jan 1, 2011
Before long he will be on America's Most Wanted!!!!!!! or we can only pray he shows up in the obituary's!!!!!!!!
urgent information

Aberdeen, NC

#21 Jan 4, 2011
Thank God he is behind bars!!!! For now anyway. Let's pray the judge feels the need to make an example of him and show him the error of his ways. He is mentally unstable but that's just the half of it. He has a brain and he is smarter than he gets credit for. He just thought he could have his cake and eat it to. 3 women are a lot to handle. A wife that is an idiot, a girlfrind that is insane, plus a man that has no respect for women and is a few inches short in the head.(Both of them, LOL!) That's a recipt for disaster! The only sane part about the entire thing is the booty call girl in the entire mix. I feel sorry for her the most simply for the fact that she was only trying to get a nutt with the wrong dick. She was dragged into a bad situation that only got worse. I know her and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let's pray that Greg Moore gets everything he deserves for the damage he has caused anyone and everyone in his life. AMEN!!!!!!

Since: May 10

Rooted in Reality

#22 Jan 4, 2011
Any so called man that beats a woman should have the exact same thing done to him as part of his punishment BEFORE he goes to jail and becomes BIG BUBBA'S BITCH. I wonder if his wife has any brothers or a father that's alive. If it were MY sister or daughter, the law would be the last thing this coward would have to be worried about. No parole from a well aimed 9mm shell.

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