out laws movin a {club M,C, to east ...

out laws movin a {club M,C, to east Tenn. are surrinding areas.

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Knoxville, TN

#1 Aug 22, 2010
Where is the big Farm located they are going to put their club house on? heard it is on the river some where around surgoinsville. they have some supper bikes and a lot of super Ladys WE would just like to welcome you bros to east TENN.

Ringgold, GA

#2 Aug 22, 2010
Who are the outlaws and what do they represent?

Since: Jul 10

Johnson City, TN

#3 Aug 22, 2010
who cares
time to eat

Dandridge, TN

#4 Aug 23, 2010
Do they have any dinner or breakfast bikes or just the supper bikes?

United States

#5 Aug 23, 2010
Terrific, they'll fit right in with the rest of the tattooed knuckle-dragging slackjaws who run around here peddling drugs and thinking they are badass.

Since: Jul 10

Johnson City, TN

#6 Aug 23, 2010
time to eat wrote:
Do they have any dinner or breakfast bikes or just the supper bikes?
lol no but I heard they have dessert bikes

Johnson City, TN

#7 Aug 23, 2010
and mopeds for a mid-afternoon snack
They R OK

Johnson City, TN

#8 Aug 23, 2010
I wouldn't be making fun of the OUTLAWS M.C. if you know much.I know some of them,and known of them for many years. They done nothing to you so let if be. You talk about the bikers peddling drugs,look in your back yard at you neighbors, your meth makers is all over. That is the #1 killer. Let them be. I welcome them. They may can even help stop all this bullsh**.anyway, you are only going by heresay.
nothing wrong

Johnson City, TN

#9 Aug 23, 2010
sorry about the double posting

Kingsport, TN

#10 Aug 23, 2010
They R OK wrote:
I wouldn't be making fun of the OUTLAWS M.C. if you know much.I know some of them,and known of them for many years. They done nothing to you so let if be. You talk about the bikers peddling drugs,look in your back yard at you neighbors, your meth makers is all over. That is the #1 killer. Let them be. I welcome them. They may can even help stop all this bullsh**.anyway, you are only going by heresay.
Dumbass......Bikers have been makin and selling meth LONG before it was ever popular around here.

United States

#11 Aug 23, 2010
Christ, some of you would welcome Hitler if given the chance... idiots. Then again, for those who believe it, supposedley the anti-christ will be welcome with open arms, looks like he will find a good audience here.

IMO this is something nobody in their right mind will want around here, unless we want more drugs and violence. This would be another nail in the coffin of Hawkins County.


The Outlaws Motorcycle Club, incorporated as the American Outlaws Association or its acronym, A.O.A., is a one-percenter motorcycle gang and organized crime syndicate[1][5][6] that was formed in McCook, Illinois in 1935. It has approximately 90 chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

There is a one-percenter motorcycle club called the "Outlaws" in New Zealand, however they are not part of the international club. It only shares the name and has a different patch design.[7]

Membership in the Outlaws is limited to men who own American-made motorcycles of a particular size,[8] although in Europe motorcycles from any country are allowed so long as they are in the chopper style. Their main rivals are the Hells Angels, giving rise to an acronym used by Outlaws members, "ADIOS" (Angels Die In Outlaw States).

Famous and infamous members
The FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitive #453, Harry Joseph Bowman, known World Leader of the AOA, in prison since 1999 for three murders, was the international president of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. During the time that Bowman was a fugitive in 1998, it had chapters in more than 30 cities in the United States and some 20 chapters in at least four other countries. American country music singer David Allan Coe was a member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.[citation needed] Richard Meyer was sentenced to 10 years in prison for beating a boy in Daytona, Florida and spent 5 of the 10 in a cell. According to Florida records, Meyer is the recognized leader of the Orlando chapter and is a Outlaw affiliate, former Skinhead and current Hammerskin Nation leader in Florida and most of the United States' Southeast region.[10]

United States

#12 Aug 23, 2010
Legal prosecutions
[edit] United States
[edit] Florida
On the morning of August 16, 2007, Federal agents along with the Daytona Beach SWAT Team raided the Outlaws clubhouse on Beach Street in Daytona Beach, Florida[citation needed] looking for drugs, weapons, contraband, paraphernalia, etc.; they tore the Daytona Beach Clubhouse apart for the better part of the day and found nothing, but removed as many of the club's pictures and any other possibly identifying information as they could find. Federal agents also raided a home in Ormond Beach and two other clubhouses around the state. The search of the Jacksonville clubhouses netted federal agents 60 weapons including pocket and kitchen knives. U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced a Detroit grand jury indictment of 16 of the Outlaws National Club's members[citation needed]. The Detroit grand jury indictment included various charges, including assault and drug distribution. Eleven Outlaws leaders and high-ranking members of the gang were arrested after a five-year investigation. The FBI said several gang members were charged with conspiracy to commit assault on members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Indiana.

[edit] Georgia
Frank Rego Vital of Roberta, Georgia, an Outlaws MC member, was shot and killed in an early morning gunfight June 24, 2007 in the parking lot of The Crazy Horse Saloon strip club in Forest Park, Georgia by two members of the Renegades MC in what has been described as a self-defense shooting after Vital and other Outlaws members followed the men from the club. Both Renegade members were shot several times but survived.[11]

[edit] Illinois
On July 30, 2008, several facilities associated with the Outlaws in the Chicago area were raided by agents from the FBI and the ATF.[12] The FBI brought in a SWAT team and an urban assault vehicle to the clubhouse in the west side of the city in case violence were to break out.[13]

[edit] Maine
On June 15, 2010 the ATF surrounded the home of Thomas "Tomcat" Mayne. Gunfire was exchanged with the ATF, ultimately killing Mayne. The ATF was there to serve a Federal search warrant for an indictment that included Mayne and 26 other members of the Outlaws, for marijuana charges and for the shooting of a member of the rival Hells Angels.[14][15][16]

[edit] Massachusetts
On July 31, 2007 the FBI raided Brockton, Massachusetts Outlaws[citation needed]. The Taunton, Massachusetts Club house was raided, but due to immunity of the Brockton club house nothing happened. Many people were arrested, including Joseph Noe, former President of the Taunton chapter.

[edit] New Hampshire
On June 27, 2006 Christopher Legere of Raymond, New Hampshire, an Outlaws member, was arrested in the murder of a man who was wearing a Hells Angels shirt [17]. The victim, John Denoncourt, 32, of Manchester, New Hampshire, was shot and killed outside the 3-Cousins Pizza and Lounge in Manchester on Sunday June 25, 2006 after he was spotted hugging the bartender, who was Legere's girlfriend. Denoncourt, according to friends and family, was not a Hells Angel member himself but had friends who were. Legere had been involved in another incident in Connecticut in early 2006 when he was charged with illegal possession of body armor by a convicted felon.

United States

#13 Aug 23, 2010
March 17, 2009, 22 people—including a correctional officer—are charged in connection with a $3.6 million cocaine distribution ring operated by members and "wannabes" of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.[18] August 24, 2009, 15 members of the Outlaws Philadelphia chapter have been arrested in connection with a methamphetine ring. Those arrested included chapter president Thomas "The Boss" Zaroff Jr and Charles "The Panhead" Rees. According to PA District Attorney Tom Corbett the gang sold methamphetine in Phila, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties in PA and in Camden and Burlington counties in NJ.[19]

[edit] South Dakota
On August 8, 2006, four Outlaws members were wounded, three seriously, in an ambush in Custer State Park, South Dakota among bikers gathered for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally[citation needed]. A woman acquaintance was also wounded. Two men arrested and charged with attempted murder were said to be Canadian members of the Hells Angels. A statement posted on the Outlaws' web site had announced Outlaws members would attend Sturgis but not make any "display of power," and claimed that they had given prior notice to federal law enforcement of their intention to sightsee and enjoy the rally.

[edit] Tennessee
On January 1, 2010, the Knox County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the Knoxville Police Department raided a house located at 205 Clifton Road to serve two arrest warrants and execute a search warrant on the property alleged to be an Outlaw clubhouse. Officers, including members of the SWAT team raided the facility just before midnight but found only a handful of elderly club members, who surrendered quickly and peaceably. Knox County Sheriff James Jones acted on information from an undercover informant that many of the members of the club would be present at the informal celebration of New Year's Eve. Arrest warrants had been issued for Mark "Ivan" Lester and Kenneth Foster for their alleged roles in a confrontation with the undercover informant earlier in December 2009, who had infiltrated the organization over 14 months ago. According to Sheriff Jones, Lester and Foster allegedly threatened the informant with a pistol and demanded his colors. The informant, who claimed to be in fear of their safety, submitted to the men's demands. Mark Lester is alleged to be the Regional President in charge of the clubs operations in both the state of Kentucky and Tennessee. Kenneth Foster is alleged to be the local Knoxville chapter Outlaw Motorcycle Club President.

Both, Lester and Foster, were arrested at the residence, have been charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping. Upon search of the residence the officers found a few legally owned handguns, small amounts of marijuana, and alleged they had evidence of other illegal activities. Both men were jailed and held in lieu of 3 million dollar bonds.[20] Other than the charges stemming from the club's unmasking of the undercover officer, however, no other charges have been filed.

Community reaction to the raid has been largely critical, with a majority of commenters on Knoxville news sites discussing the raid holding the opinion that the Sheriff's Office conducted the raid as a political move[20].

United States

#14 Aug 23, 2010
On June 15, 2010, a grand jury in Virginia indicted 23 Outlaws members on various charges related to participating in a criminal enterprise that engaged in assaults, kidnapping, drug dealing, illegal gambling, and attempted murder.[21]

[edit] Wisconsin
On June 10, 1997, US Attorneys indicted 17 members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club for racketeering, murder, narcotics trafficking, and bombing. Members were from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Florida chapters. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms completed a 2 ˝ year investigation sparked by a war between the Outlaws and Hells Angels for control over areas of Chicago and Milwaukee.

On December 19, 2000, Kevin O'Neill, president of the Wisconsin/Stateline Outlaws chapter, received a sentence of life in prison after being convicted on racketeering charges.

On May 31, 2001, Edward Anastas, one-time president of the Milwaukee chapter of the Outlaws motorcycle club, was arrested after being named in a sealed indictment charging him with racketeering conspiracy, cocaine conspiracy, and participating in a bombing.

On March 14, 2003, Thomas Sienkowski, president of the Milwaukee chapter of the Outlaws motorcycle club, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for racketeering.

United States

#16 Aug 23, 2010
Neil MacBride, the U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia, said in court papers that Outlaws recognize each other through tattoos and patches they wear on their leather vests.

"One example is a patch with the letters G-F-O-D, which signifies God Forgives, Outlaws Don't," MacBride said. "Another patch they use reads,'Snitches Are a Dying Breed,' which signifies the gang's commitment to identify, expel and, if necessary, murder individuals associated with the club who cooperate with law enforcement."

Earlier this year, Outlaw member Mark Lester told a television station in Knoxville, Tenn., that he has a right to meet and ride bikes with his friends.

"None of us are doing anything illegal," Lester said. "We're not a gang; we're a club. We ride and have fun together and that's what the organization is put together to do ... to have charitable events, help the community, and that's what we've been doing."

Lester is one of several former Outlaw leaders arrested this summer. He's now living in a Virginia jail while he and the others await trial in Richmond.

Along For The Ride

Defense lawyers for some of the Outlaws say the government is overreaching in its criminal case. They have signaled in court papers that they will challenge the portrait of the gang as a dangerous, criminal group. And they may argue that investigators entrapped the Outlaws into dealing and using drugs and violence to get their way.

In all, the Outlaws boast more than 1,500 members across the U.S. and a dozen different countries. Investigators say it's usually too dangerous or legally risky to rely on gang members to build a case. Instead, they try to plant undercover agents to go along for the ride.

That's what happened in the Virginia case against the Outlaws. Several undercover operatives became full-fledged members of the gang. They recorded conversations and tipped off police about violent confrontations in the works.

Edgar Domenich leads the ATF's Washington office. He said undercover operatives who sacrifice their own personal lives are essential to the ATF's operation.

"It only works when you have law enforcement undercover agents involved from the very inception," Domenich said.

The strategy poses some risks. Katz, the longtime gang investigator, says biker gangs have gotten sophisticated. Some use polygraphs and private investigators to check out new members. Others scour court records for evidence that applicants to the gang may have testified in a criminal case against bikers.

"More and more, they come to rely almost the way industry does on background investigations. And certainly with the Internet, it's easier to get a lot of information about an individual more quickly than it was when I did it," Katz said.

Prosecutor MacBride said that the Justice Department will continue to devote resources to biker cases because the gangs pose a threat to public safety.

"The press recently reported in New Hampshire the shooting of a teenage boy at a pizza joint who was caught in the crossfire between the Outlaws and other motorcycle gang members," MacBride said.

Investigators are still combing through assault weapons, bomb-making manuals, and Nazi flags they uncovered in searches of Outlaw property.

Law enforcement sources say more charges are likely before the Outlaws' trial in October.

Martin, TN

#17 Aug 23, 2010
we do not need them here at all.

Kingsport, TN

#18 Aug 23, 2010
Yep,while not everyone who sports long hair,tattoos and rides a Harley is a criminal,The Outlaws are a definite criminal org. on par with the Hells Angels and Mongols M.C.'s

Ringgold, GA

#19 Aug 23, 2010
This area has enough trouble as it is,we really don't need anymore,but what can be done to keep them out?

Since: Jul 10

Johnson City, TN

#20 Aug 23, 2010
lol yeah and you heard about them comming from what source...Bikers... I mean who really cares?

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#21 Aug 23, 2010
As an avid motorcyclist, I despise how biker trash like this group gives all who ride a motorcycle a bad public image. They are scum low life criminals. Only a fool would welcome a 1%er club into their community.

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