Is the Republican party dying, or is ...

Is the Republican party dying, or is it already dead?

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Columbia, TN

#1 Nov 8, 2012
What a terrifying thought.


#2 Nov 8, 2012
Maybe they should listen to the public for a while instead of trying to brainwash voters with lies and propaganda. That My Way or the Highway, doesn't work on adults.

Just stop listening to the Trumps, the Rushes, the Becks and stop throwing your own people under the bus because they actually work WITH people in opposing parties.

When it comes 2016 I know the GOP will truck out Chris Christi as their Knight in shining armor but the Republican party and wealthy businessmen threw Christi under the bus for giving President Obama a simple compliment. Just like they did McCain for saying Obama was not a Arab, Muslim there was no need to fear him. It's time the Republican party threw the thugs and hijackers out and stopped demanding everyone walk in lock step or be punished. I doubt they will.

Johnson City, TN

#3 Nov 8, 2012
This year's election reminds me of the movie "Meatballs" with Bill Murray as lovable leader of the poor and working class kids of Camp North Star (The Democrats).

Camp North Star is opposed by the mean, hateful wealthy bullies at Camp Mohawk.(The Republicans).

Most people are going to root for Camp North Star because they're nice, and not mean cheaters like those jerks at Camp Mohawk. And, in the end the lovable losers prevail, although that doesn't stop those rascals from putting Mickey's bed on a raft in the middle of the lake while he's asleep on the last day of camp.

In other words. Jerks and bullies will always lose in the end. That's a valuable lesson Republicans.


Johnson City, TN

#4 Nov 8, 2012
The film follows the antics of head counsellor Tripper Harrison (Murray) and the counsellors-in-training (CITs) at Camp North Star, a cut-rate summer camp. The main plot involves Rudy Gerner (Makepeace), a lonely kid who is sent to summer camp by his father. Noticing Rudy is unable to fit in, Tripper takes him under his wing and each morning they go jogging and bond as friends. Tripper helps Rudy gain confidence while Rudy encourages Tripper to start a romance with Roxanne (Lynch), the female head counsellor.
Candace (Torgov) "kidnaps" Crockett (Banham) in a speedboat and confesses her feelings for him. Wheels, who had broken up with A.L.(DeBell) the year before, successfully rekindle their relationship during a dance. The nerdy Spaz (Blum) develops a crush on Jackie.
Morty Melnick (Atkin) is the North Star Camp director and the butt of the counsellors' practical jokes. Tripper's favourite gag is invading Morty's cabin in the middle of the night and relocating the deep-sleeping director to unusual places such as in a tree or on the roadside.
A subplot deals with the camp's rivalry with the wealthy Camp Mohawk, located across the lake. During a basketball game, North Star is being beaten by Mohawk when they attempt their own perverse form of victory. This sets the stage for the yearly Olympiad held between the camps in which Mohawk carries a 12-0 record.
During the first day of competition, Mohawk dominates North Star, cheating in many cases to win. Crockett fails to clear the high jump bar, Hardware gets pummeled in boxing, and Jackie suffers a broken leg in field hockey, thanks to the dirty work of two Mohawk girls. The score at the end of Day One is: Mohawk-170, North Star-63. That evening at the North Star Lodge, Tripper gives a rousing speech, telling demoralized campers that it doesn't matter whether they win or lose. In unison, Camp North Star begins to chant, "It just doesn't matter!"
Newly inspired, Day Two of the Olympiad belongs to North Star as they win every event. Wheels outwrestles his opponent, Spaz defeats Rhino in a stacking contest with inspiration from Jackie and a thwarted Mohawk cheating attempt, and after 12 years of defeat Fink finally beats "The Stomach" in the hot dog eating contest. North Star now trails by only 10 points with one event left, a 4-mile cross country run for 20 points. Tripper steps forward and elects a surprised Rudy to compete against Horse (McLarty), Mohawk's star runner. The many mornings Rudy spent jogging and training with Tripper pay off as he wins the race, giving North Star its first Olympiad victory.
Later that evening, Morty, Tripper, Roxanne, and the CITs sing around a campfire and say their final goodbyes as the camp prepares to close for the summer. Roxanne agrees to come live with Tripper and, on a motorcycle, the two of them lead the buses out of camp. The movie ends with Morty in bed on a raft in the lake, then stepping sleepily into the water.


Bill Murray as Tripper Harrison
Chris Makepeace as Rudy Gerner
Kate Lynch as Roxanne
Harvey Atkin as Morty Melnick
Russ Banham as Bobby Crockett
Sarah Torgov as Candace
Jack Blum as "Spaz"
Keith Knight as Larry "Fink" Finkelstein
Matt Craven as "Hardware" Renzetti
Margot Pinvidic as Jackie
Todd Hoffman as "Wheels"
Kristine DeBell as A.L.
Cindy Girling as Wendy
Elmars Sebrins as Spaz's father

Critical response
Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 74% based on 31 reviews.[2]

During filming of the movie during the summer of 1978, Camp White Pine continued business as usual, resulting in many campers and staff members being used as extras and secondary characters in the film.
so true

Fayetteville, NC

#5 Nov 8, 2012
Sorry people but the South is never going to rise again thankfully. More women voted this year. We don't want to be in a binder, stuck in the kitchen, or have some bigot who thinks I can "shut the whole thing down" making decisions. These times they are a changing. The problem is people don't want them to but somehow think things will be different. But if you want real change stop and look in the mirror and begin with you. If you claim to be a Christian then act like it. Treat all people the same no matter what. My kids act better and treat better than most the adults.
hard times

Washington, DC

#6 Nov 8, 2012
If that the case I wish Obama would stop blaming Bush for everything.

Johnson City, TN

#7 Nov 8, 2012
The republicans pissed off the women, the younger voters, the latinos, black people, and the true non-religious libertarians in their own party who were screwed by Boehner at their own convention.

You can't win any national election doing that. Yea, you might win a small state race where 90% of the residents in the voting district are alike, but you will never win a national contest on those terms.

Rather than admit their own error, which is step 1 in any type of recovery, they simply lay blame on Tuesday's outcome on a nation that wants "free stuff".
idea guy

Johnson City, TN

#8 Nov 9, 2012
Actually wrote:
the Republican party and wealthy businessmen threw Christi under the bus for giving President Obama a simple compliment. Just like they did McCain for saying Obama was not a Arab, Muslim there was no need to fear him. It's time the Republican party threw the thugs and hijackers out and stopped demanding everyone walk in lock step or be punished.
It is time for the sane members of the party to stand up and assert control.

The nuts vote in the primaries, and pick one from a slate of nutty candidates for the majority in the party to vote on.

The tea party cost the republicans this election, because they made it acceptable and popular for republicans with extreme but hidden views on god and rape and other issues to comfortably "out" their views, much to the shock of the sane people. Without the tea party encouraging that brevity, those views would have remained contained.
Yo Mama Obama

United States

#9 Nov 9, 2012
These silly Republicans convinced some people that government can't solve every problem.But people really wanted to hear my message that the government will supply your ever need no matter what. Stupid Republicans think that common sense plays a part in elections. My electoral base just wants the promise of free stuff (mainly money).

Praise Allah (the only thing dumber than a Republican politician is the majority of the American voters)

Oak Ridge, TN

#10 Nov 9, 2012
Repubs need to...acknowledge that evolution is a fact...
and admit stem cell research will likely help millions of sick and dying people..
keep their personal beliefs about religion out of the schools.
and admit that global warming is happening right now.
That's a start.
hard times

Derwood, MD

#11 Nov 9, 2012
Or we need to admit you an idiot Leo.

Oak Ridge, TN

#12 Nov 10, 2012
hard times wrote:
Or we need to admit you an idiot Leo.
Name calling? Very intelligent. And very typical of your kind.
All emotions, no facts.
Happy Days ash whole

Newport, TN

#13 Nov 10, 2012
Leo wrote:
<quoted text>
Name calling? Very intelligent. And very typical of your kind.
All emotions, no facts.
Shut you cake hole, dork. Reprublicans are cool. Democrats are nerds. Fonzie gives the Republicans 40 cool points. Democrats hang out with Potsie and Ralph Mouth and don't get chicks at Al's Diner.

Joannie love Chachi, and Chachi loves Romney. Richie is an Independent who voted for Ron Paul. By the way, whatever happened to Richie's older brother who showed up throughout most of the first season spinning a basketball on his finger. After season two he disappears and it's like he never existed. Maybe he was a child molester, and they never talk about him. After all, we only see the Cunninghams for 22 minutes per week, excluding commercials. That leaves 167.5 hours per week that a lot could happen. If Chuck was arrested for feeling up little boys, the family probably agreed not to mention it when the cameras were rolling.

I defer to Wikapedia:
Charles "Chuck" Cunningham - Oldest son of Howard and Marion, older brother of Richie and Joanie, college student and basketball player. Chuck's rarely seen character disappeared without explanation in season two, giving rise to the pejorative term "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome" to describe TV characters simply disappearing from shows, to the point where later episodes of the show are scripted as if the character had never existed. For example, in the last Happy Days episode, Howard comments that he is proud of his "two kids".
hard times

Charlotte, NC

#14 Nov 10, 2012
We might be learning from your party how to name call Leo.

Oak Ridge, TN

#15 Nov 11, 2012
I don't have a party. I'm not taken in by any of the bull....,on either side.
I detest both of them, equally.
hard times

Waxhaw, NC

#16 Nov 11, 2012
So i guess you voted for fresh air this election didnt you Leo. Libs always know the facts as long as it agrees with them. Dufuss
Old Man

United States

#17 Nov 12, 2012
Yes the Republican party is dead.The idea of individual control and responsibility for their own life is only a memory of us old folks. Now we have sold our souls for a little security (social that is)
While the younger generation actually believes that government has the ability to "care" for them. The United States has already become a second rate country and will continue to decline.
fact check

Oak Ridge, TN

#18 Nov 12, 2012
hard times wrote:
So i guess you voted for fresh air this election didnt you Leo. Libs always know the facts as long as it agrees with them. Dufuss
I'd vote for fresh air if it were offered. At least it's benefical.
And don't put me in your "lib" box. You have no idea, "dufuss".

Sevierville, TN

#19 Nov 12, 2012
We are at a point where we have to make a choice of how we will be remembered by history. Will this be known as the election we sold our freedom for welfare, or as the point Americans stood up for the constitution and rejected the socialist path to slavery. At this point the only question to answer is.. Do you control your government...or does your government control you?

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