stabbing at the cades

Kingsport, TN

#43 Jun 13, 2012
Josh never "hit" his mother, he "sat her down" when she went for him. Would you stand there and let someone "whip you with a belt", Mr. Wilder? I think not.
And let me CORRECT you, he did NOT go to jail for "hitting his mother" - he went to jail for violation of probation. Lets get the facts straight.
Theres numerous times, so many times I cant count them, that Josh has has black eyes, busted lips, and busted noses from Choya. Even if he did knock the hell out of her, doesnt she deserve it?
Lets Get Real here. Lets be serious.
I sure would hate to be in your skank ass sisters shoes, I know that. & That old bastard that done the stabbing. "You reap what you sow" is definitely correct. I would hate to spend the rest of my time out here in the FREE WORLD looking over my back .... they both better watch it ....
Some of us out here are old and have already lived our life ... we dont care to go to prison for murder. We have lived & lived & lived ....:) Our kids are grown and grand kids too .... so it doesnt matter anymore.

Kingsport, TN

#44 Jun 13, 2012
Also, check Josh's background ... NO assault charges of any kind ... pretty amazing isnt it?
Hes never been a violent person. However, a person can take only so much of ones BULLSHIT and then they blow their lid..... This situation is like a TICKING TIME BOMB ....

Kingsport, TN

#45 Jun 13, 2012
If you really want to get technical, all Josh has EVER been charged with is "simple possession", "paraphnalia", and a violation of probation. I bet his record is cleaner than yours, Mr. Wilder. We all know what you've been in to.
Hate Choya Wilder Gang

Kingsport, TN

#46 Jun 13, 2012
Ok Mr. Jermey Wilder to my acknowledge an me talking to you before you could careless about ya crack headed sister said she will play or sleep with am man or women who will get her high or a good owl Roxy.. So what is it? You have even been known to have hit on a few women ya self dear I remember ow so well. But in this case people agrue an she is a shit stirer man abusing whore. An listen up also he went to jail over violation of probation he never hit his mother! Is ya ears cleaned out or ya need some glasses to read this? Mr. Joshua Sprigged has never went to jail over an assault before he is not a fighter we keep telling you this. I have seen him in his own house take hits from that nasty ass whore an I hats her!! She will get it soon.

Johnson City, TN

#47 Jun 13, 2012
true fact wrote:
Well for everyone's opinion the reason why nobody called 911 was because they wanted him to die apparently. josh an his family are really good ppl I know him an his family but that old bastard that stabbed him all I gotta say is watch ur back hommie cause josh has friends in low places an summer make sure u tell your sorry pos crack dad that what comes around go's around an as for choya or how ever u spell that crack whores name she's got it coming too now u too better soke as much crack as u all can cause u about to go 6 feet under >:( I love u josh spriggs always bro ur a fighter u fight for the best as for choya an doug ill be seeing you soon!!!!!!!!
Verbal threats through the Internet are prosecuted as assault.

choya getter

United States

#48 Jun 13, 2012
70sMan wrote:
<quoted text>Verbal threats through the Internet are prosecuted as assault.
Not a threat but a PROMISE, best believe this is a promise, choya see you soon

Kingsport, TN

#49 Jun 13, 2012
He beat Choya? That's a friggin joke. She beat the hell out of him. I have saw it on more than one occasion.

Ringgold, GA

#50 Jun 13, 2012
I tell you right now every wilder I have ever met or new of is trashy people that like to talk about others and how many times do you read about them in the papers all the time but you dont read about josh or anybody who's related to him in the papers. so shitt... sturring, trouble makeing trash here? hum.........

Richmond, VA

#51 Jun 13, 2012
Answers wrote:
<quoted text>
From what I hear Choya was still beating on Josh after the stabbing. If your father didn't mean to hurt Josh, why didn't he pull choya off. Did you father call 911. I don't feel sorry for you or your father. I feel sorry for Josh's family, and his daughter. You father knew dam well what he was doing, or maybe he was high. Either way, people get into fights everyday. You don't stab someone. I may not know what the "true" story is, but from what I hear he was invited over there. Also Choya does nothing but cause trouble. I hope your dad gets what is coming to him. What the hell was a 50 year old man doing with her anyways?? Hmmm... Smoking Crack?????
I hope that none of you think that i am say that what my dad did was right. It was not. And he is also struggling with that part. God forbid u or anyone u love make a horrible mistake like my dad did. Then u might not be so judgemental. I know that u are all friends and family of josh and i expect nothing less than for u to be angry, bitter, pissed off, and hate my dad. I get it. I have actually been dad was shot in his face when i was 14 and my mother died when i was 15. So i can imagine what you all are going thru. I aslo was not asking for anyone to feel sorry for me or my dad....thats stupid. I was just trying to maybe shed some light on the fact that no one knows the whole truth but the 3 people that were there. So we, including myself, can all sit here and speculate on what we think, but none of that matters in the end. And i hope that none of you are wishing anything bad on choya, my dad or myself...all that will bring u is bad karma. Only God can judge each and every one of us. Who are we to sit here and talk shit??? Not one single person that has posted anything on here can say that they have never hurt anyone, whether it be physical or emotional. So when u become a saint..or God...or any other type of higher power, then maybe what u have to say will make a difference. Until then, my suggestion is that we all pray for everyone involved...including choya and my dad. Yes, they need prayer too. For other reasons of course, but they do still need it. Think about it. I know that I am praying for them and all of you...i pray for everyone that this tragedy has touched. Once again, I am so sorry for everyone who is having to go thru this. I truly am. So call me nutty or clueless or whatever u like...but also call me real and sincere cuz thats what i really am. My prayers are with you all.
crash over ride

Kingsport, TN

#52 Jun 13, 2012
ok..lets set the record of saturday morning josh and choya where living with this man, moved in, have there own bedroom, bath etc..for 130.00 a mth...SUMMER where you aware of this, girlfriend boyfriend and suagr daddy living under the same roof ??? was it really self defence,,and anyone you is educated knows that a upper cut and thrust is planned..premeditated..defensi ve wounds are over handed, and the back of wrist to protect the whose got what...

Kingsport, TN

#53 Jun 13, 2012
Summer, befor Josh slipped into where he is now, like, Sunday, after surgery, when he was able to talk to us and communicate .... he told part of his side of the story.
When this first happened, we thought Josh was going to be OKAY, he was talking to us Sunday afternoon. Today, Wednesday afternoon, he is unconscious and on life support & fighting for his LIFE.
In some aspects you are correct as far as they ALL (Josh, your dad, Choya, Josh's family) need PRAYER but in other aspects you dont know the whole story.
Josh had moved in at The Cades with your dad and Choya. His sister took his clothes to him Saturday afternoon around 3pm. He said your father was going to allow him and Choya to LIVE there for X amount of money per month. He didnt make it 12 hours with them, then he was wounded BADLY.
So, everyone has a side of a story ... Josh has his also. If God is willing, he will be able to tell his side befor long. Then, there will be justice in this case. Has anyone ever wondered what will happen when Josh tells his side? Ever thought about the charges that will be placed on your dad? Choya? Even Josh? This is far from over.

Ringgold, GA

#54 Jun 13, 2012
you no I have lost my mom and dad and every one close to me but 2 people in my family and thats the gods honest truth I only have 2 people left in my family thats alive and im no saint but I have never once done anything to harm someone else ever cause I myself have lived through to much pain,sorrow to ever want to see someone have to go through that. so stop with the talk summer no one wants to here about chayo,dad your dad needs to read the ten commandments" THOU SHALT NOT KILL"

Ringgold, GA

#55 Jun 13, 2012
Oh GOD deliver josh out and away from the hand of the wicked and out of the hand of the unrighteous and the cruel man. Oh GOD please help josh get back with his family they love him so much and they are praying for him so dearly so please GOD listen to there prayers they need josh to wake up to them. this young man has so much more life to live ahead of him

Savannah, TN

#56 Jun 13, 2012
When did GOD start reading Topix?

Ringgold, GA

#57 Jun 13, 2012
this is a prayer to god for josh and his family have a heart you smart ass! and by the way god listens to you anywere you are at any time have a little faith or do you not no what that is hmmmmmm.........

Nashville, TN

#58 Jun 13, 2012
I'm not happy this happen to Josh but he has beat Choya multiple times and someone finally stuck up for her...It shouldn't have been stabbing him but he did need a a$$ beaten!

Nashville, TN

#59 Jun 13, 2012
and btw Choya called 911 so get your facts straight!

Ringgold, GA

#60 Jun 13, 2012
you want facts? who's laying on life support and who's out walking and talking and breathing on there on right now

Lancing, TN

#61 Jun 13, 2012
I hope he makes it through. 2 years ago my cousin was stabbed to death because his ex-girlfriend set him up. He never got to see his baby. It seems to me that Josh got set up too. I have known Josh since 6th grade even though I haven't talked to him in years. I never remember him being a violent person. I am praying for him and his family!!!!

Kingsport, TN

#62 Jun 14, 2012
hmmmm...sounds to me like theres lots to be told in this the events leading up to the stabbing..and past events of the cops being called to joshs home over arguements between the two, and reports being filed, and the circumstances around each arguement..everytime and l do mean everytime choya would be hi on crack/meth/cocaine in which josh would try to get her to stop ending with physical confrontations from choya to josh,,busted lip, black eye, busted nose, bruises..RPD needs to go and check all records and hospital reports in and around this and the events leading up to this..people get mad, cuss, smack, make threats usually its because they have been mentally or physically hurt..choya carried out a threat, that several people have heard her say " I WILL KILL YOU"..RPD needs to talk to joshs family..the longer this drags out,, the longer people can chew on it and the madder they get..right now..its the calm before the storm,,very calm,,but its brewing,,l can see it in MOTHER natures eyes,,theres a HURRICANE comin..and its not nice to mess with MOTHER nature !!!!!!!!!

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