since when is beer illegal in nationa...

since when is beer illegal in national forests?

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Martin, TN

#1 Aug 8, 2010
There's a case where a couple sheriff's deputies were arrested and charged with federal felonies because they were having sex at a designated campsite in a national forest where they had set up a tent. They were also charged with prohibited alcohol use because beer is now banned in national forests and parks, public drunkenness because they had been drinking it, public nudity because their clothes were off for sex, and child endangerment because they left the man's child "alone" in a tent where the child was sleeping in a sleeping bag at 11pm, like you would expect a child to be doing on a camping trip.

Here is the problem I have with this. I don't see how a single one of the charges is justified, and the only one that seems to have a reasonable legal basis is the "prohibited alcohol" one, but honestly I have never heard that beer was prohibited in national parks, I know for a fact that it was allowed only a few years ago so there must be some new prohibition effort underway and what is that about.
Smokey Is Speechless


#2 Aug 8, 2010
Well I wouldn't want to be camping and walk up on that sight, drunks having sex in the national park. Doesn't that attract bears, chiggers and bucks in heat. Ewww, and ouch. Poor kid or kids, to have a pill for a father. Rutting in the dirt like common sodomites. If they weren't divorced before they soon will be. The third man is not named, "the student" I hope is not a minor. I just see families hurt and shamed all the way around. I see all sorts of incompetence and crimes here but knowing this area they will get off again and again. trash that child would have been taken. Here's rules for TN parks.

Martin, TN

#3 Aug 8, 2010
It sounds like you believe that people with camping permits who are camping out should not be allowed to have sex at their campsites at all, is that correct? Or do you only object to sex if alcohol is involved. Would it make a difference to you if the couple is married? Or would you be OK as long as they are in an RV rather than a tent?

Martin, TN

#4 Aug 8, 2010
Hm, the Tennessee park rules are interesting. It says you can drink alcohol, but you have to buy it from a government vendor. So it's about profit and not about drinking.

Since: Apr 10


#5 Aug 8, 2010
There is quite a difference between National Parks and National Forests. Alcohol is illegal in some parts of some National Forests. Usually because of some local redneck partiers.
I don't know of any National Parks where alcohol is prohibited. There very well could be, but I haven't been to an NP where alcohol was illegal.
The couple apparently drew some attention to theirselves.

Martin, TN

#6 Aug 8, 2010
That's correct, an officer was drawn to their site because of her sexual screaming. The thing is that sexual screaming is a different nature from other sorts of screaming and I am 100% sure the responding officer was perfectly aware of that. He just couldn't mind his own business. Look, I understand that it can be annoying to have "noisy neighbors" creating a racket late at night. And if it goes on night after night you can have a talk with them, or install better insulation. If you are at a hotel, you can ask the manager for another room. But the idea that grown adults who are not married to other people and who are staying in campsites should not be allowed to have sex at night at their own campsight and this should be an offense that results in federal imprisonment is a rather amazing concept to me. Is society really served by the hundreds of thousands of dollars it is costing to prosecute this and keep them in prison? What actual harm did they really do?

Given that the child was nearby fast asleep in a tent, it's doubtful the woman was screaming all that loud anyway. Probably more like moaning and the officer that arrested them was a peeking tom.

Martin, TN

#7 Aug 8, 2010
The only other countries that imprison for this sort of offense are Iran and Saudi Arabia because it is a violation of Islamic Sharia law. To be honest, I can't see any difference between the attitude of the fundamentalist islamicists in the middle east and the fundamentalist christians in east tennessee. Both feel they need to be in everyone else's private business, but they don't want anyone looking into their own business.

Martin, TN

#8 Aug 8, 2010
About 30 years ago I was on a cross country trip and was camping out in Yosemite park out in California. In the campsite next to me was a newlywed couple who decided to spend their honeymoon seeing the national parks. They went hiking each day and came back and had wine and champagne they had brought with them to celebrate. I remember them making a lot of noise at night, but I was still able to sleep nonetheless. I just tried to ignore them. You know what, if everyone would mind their own damn business this would be a lot better place to live. What exactly is it that you feel you have to be in everyone's business and can not mind your own? Your children are on drugs, your spouse is having an affair, you are pregnant by your boss at work, you're addicted to opiod medications, and yet every Sunday you go to church and prance about and shout glory glory and murmur jesus jesus and you look down at a couple deputies having a beer and then sex at their own paid for camp site in their personal free time, and then you go home, beat the crap out of your kids, take some more pills, and eat some greasy food, then call your sister on the phone to gossip.

Since: Apr 10


#9 Aug 8, 2010
Someone had to complain in order to get the Ranger there. Me and some friends were chastised for laughing too loud at one campground. At another, we heard Tom T. Hall's "I Like Beer" until four AM without a visit from a Ranger. Just depends.

Martin, TN

#10 Aug 9, 2010
No, no one complained. It's all covered in the article.

"The Forest Service hires off-duty Carter County deputies to assist them with patrolling national forest campgrounds. Around 11 p.m., U.S. Forest Service Officer Scott Cairnes and Carter County Deputy Derek Hamm were on foot patrol at Cardens Bluff Campground when they heard a woman talking loudly and using profanity, the federal officer wrote in the citation."

It then goes on to say that after being drawn to the campsite because of the profanities uttered by the lady, the noticed all three of the people (the two deputies and a third man) drinking beer, then they noticed that their speech was "rambling", and only THEN did they notice sex going on. Do you really think that someone would FIRST notice that someone was drinking beer and only later notice that they were also having sex? Or is it more likely that U.S. Forest Service Officer Scott Cairnes and Carter County Deputy Derek Hamm surreptitiously watched them for some time as peeping toms.

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Flush 'em out, TN

#11 Aug 9, 2010
Perhaps if said law enforcement officers conducted themselves, in public, in a little more responsible manner and showed a little more consideration of others in the park....

Nah. Didn't think so.

Martin, TN

#12 Aug 9, 2010
Hey if you want to say that they are freaks and weirdos because they had sex with their friends at their campsite, I'll agree with that just for the sake of the argument. Heck, you want to throw in anything other than the missionary position with your spouse and only while fully dressed and doing it through a sheet with a hole in it and solely for the purpose of procreation, sure let's say that anything other than that is perverted and straight from the mind of the devil himself. In fact, any man who gives his wife an orgasm is obviously a freak and hell, let's go ahead and give women clitorectomies like they do in africa.

But we are going beyond that. We aren't saying, "It's unseemly to drink and have sex at a campsite." We are saying, "These people are criminals, and they are such a danger to society that they need to be sent to high security federal prison for a long time, at a cost to the taxpayer of $250,000 per person per year. Because it is simply THAT important that this behavior be severely punished, otherwise society will break down. There will be anarchy. There will be fires in the streets. There will be dogs and cats, donkeys and roosters all living together in sin."

United States

#13 Aug 9, 2010
This case is ignorant.
But, you are ridiculous. Have you ever considered therapy?

Martin, TN

#14 Aug 9, 2010
What sort of therapy? I tell you, my aching back could do with some physical therapy I am sure. Has to be better than the pills route the rest of the folks around here are taking.

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