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Kingsport, TN

#1 Mar 31, 2014
What is with all the low flying planes? I've heard them go over about 5 times between 9am-10am this morning.

United States

#2 Mar 31, 2014
Curious wrote:
What is with all the low flying planes? I've heard them go over about 5 times between 9am-10am this morning.
I heard them too. There's been about 7 and they're flying just above the tree line.

United States

#3 Mar 31, 2014
I saw them as well. They looked like jets to me.

United States

#4 Mar 31, 2014
Felix wrote:
I saw them as well. They looked like jets to me.
Yeah, military.
Aviation Fan

Johnson City, TN

#5 Mar 31, 2014
About 10-15 have flown over. They are flying below the legal altitude limit, which they often do in this area to practice for "under the radar" flying overseas.

They look like F-15s to me, but could be F-18s.
Rick Grimes

Oneida, TN

#7 Mar 31, 2014
It was a zombie up rising in Georgia. Plus we need help out of Terminus. .

Ringgold, GA

#8 Mar 31, 2014
I called the FAA office in Nashville about the jets flying below minimum altitude. The inspector I was connected with was nice, but said since it was military, they didn't have jurisdiction.

So, I tried other military-related searches for a number to call to report, with not much to go on. Finally, I called the USAF Inspector General's office, left a message to call me back, saying "I'd appreciate simply pointing me to where to call". Haven't heard back yet, and not holding my breath.

Not a big issue, but I'm former military, and military pilots have to follow rules just like civilian pilots. There have been some bad outcomes over the years from jet jockeys playing loose over civilian areas.

Ringgold, GA

#9 Mar 31, 2014
USAF IG's office called back a few minutes ago, was polite and professional, asked questions trying to get a fix on source/destination of the aircraft. That office in fact does handle such complaints about flying low over civilian areas. I pointed out this Topix thread, so the comments posted here are corroboration. They're investigating it.

Perhaps the pilots will be re-assigned to fly hang-gliders in Antarctica, naked.

Murfreesboro, TN

#10 Mar 31, 2014
Rick Grimes wrote:
It was a zombie up rising in Georgia. Plus we need help out of Terminus..
Call me baby.

United States

#11 Mar 31, 2014
As Retired Military myself quit complaining Sorry my thoughts are at least their our and not MIGs

think about it for a minute

United States

#12 Mar 31, 2014
sorry last comment missed the "S" in ours
Air Force Member

Sumner, WA

#13 Mar 31, 2014
Calling the IG won't do shit also it's not below the legal limit because it's a training route for Seymour-Johnson F-15s. Our C-17s where I'm stationed fly just as low some times they are called low level routes.
Air Force Member

Sumner, WA

#14 Mar 31, 2014
Also enjoy the sound of FREEDOM!!!

United States

#15 Mar 31, 2014
You gonna call and complain about our military? Get real! This used to be a regular occurrence when I grew up. There's nothing like a good old American jet flying overhead. If you don't like it, maybe Russia could use you over there. Tattletales.😼

Ringgold, GA

#16 Apr 1, 2014
LOL the predictable flag-waving comments.

The world changed a long time ago. The Cold War ended. So did the HUGE profits made by worldwide 'defense' contractors. So, a new "war" with a vague enemy called "the terrorists" was started based solely upon ONE single statistically extreme OUTLIER episode.

Now, we have the FEAR-inducing propaganda of a "global war on terror", the flags start waving again (just like in the good-old Cold War days), and the Golden Spigot to huge defense contractor profits flows freely once more. The chant becomes "We never can spend enough taxpayer dollars to protect liberty!" All in the name of "FREEDOM!!!", of course.

Well, in the actual real world I see around me (not the bizarre fantasy world of the media and politicians), the place that FREEDOM is being threatened is right here at home. Above all, extremes of corporate control over what is supposed to be OUR government -- not the corporations'.

So, tell me again, HOW are those low flying extremely-deadly fighter aircraft somehow supposed to be protecting our diminishing "freedom"? WHO is about to invade our nation? Are those vaguely-defined "terrorists" going to be shot out of the water as they dog-paddle across the Pacific with a k-bar in their teeth and a prayer from Allah on their lips? Honestly, WHERE is there a threat, except in the endless FEAR coming out of our imagination brought about by media-orchestrated marketing-hype? It is ALL a game of power and money, that's all.

Military training can be very dangerous, and should not endanger civilians, period. Saying it's okay is like saying "some soldiers came down Main Street in a HumV doing 60 miles an hour, but it's okay because they were military and were training."
Who cares

Bulls Gap, TN

#17 Apr 1, 2014
Who cares about jets running low. Enjoy freedom. You could be like some ppl that has no freedom like North Korea. Hear jets makes me feel proud to be a AMERICAN.

Ringgold, GA

#18 Apr 1, 2014
@paulie: To rephrase, you said "at least its our team flying dangerously and not their team".-- So, that makes it okay?

@Air Force Member: If you think that somehow regs can be violated because it is a "training mission", then maybe your own supervisor in the AF needs to monitor you more closely. I have a lot of stories from my military days about cock-sure service members deciding to redefine what was "legal", and maimed and dead bodies resulted. Little bandy-rooster boys and very, very deadly toys. That is why there are rules to be followed, ESPECIALLY while training around civilians.

Also, why DID the AF IG call back and ask me a lot of questions about the specifics of the overflights if it was "legal"? I would have been told, "Sorry, it's legal, bye", instead. It obviously IS legal over designated military training sites, but not over populated areas. The FAA official I spoke to confirmed this.

@seriously: So, the military is holy and can't be complained about? Why is that? The military is exactly like the rest of country - good people, bad people, lazy people, hardworking people, stupid people, smart people. Don't image it is something it is not. It's just another large organization of controlled chaos that takes itself very seriously, like the rest of them do. Not good, not bad, just is what it is.

Also, when I grew up, getting a $25 fine for drunk driving was a regular occurrence, too -- so by your implication its okay because low flying used to be a regular occurrence, then drunk driving today should be no big deal. Times change, we mature, and hopefully things get better.

Regarding your comment about "a good old American jet" and me going to Russia: I heard a rumor that the Cold War was over a long time ago. Funny how people's views of the world get stuck in time.

To throw YOUR "logic" back at you: If YOU don't like our FREEDOM TO SPEAK OUT over here, then maybe N Korea could use YOU over there. They don't allow any complaints at all about their military. You'd like that?

(I wonder if the N Korean people are told their mighty military exists to "protect them". Interestingly, the people at the top over there live VERY well while their common people live in hardship and die for slogans that end up being convenient lies. Funny coincidences to other nations, huh.)

Fire in the hole!

Ringgold, GA

#19 Apr 1, 2014
@Who cares: Really, I don't very much. As I said in the beginning, it's not a big deal. It's a fun mind game.

If my blabbering causes someone to tell me to leave the country, then I feel all proud for the rest of the day.

Not to keep the kindness to myself, I generously made 'seriously's day by telling him to go to N Korea. A highly organized society, indeed. Must be a great place, since no one THERE complains, right?


“You know they all....pretend”

Since: Nov 08

Flush 'em out, TN

#20 Apr 1, 2014
Love it when they buzz my ridge myself.
Although typically fighters, we did once get a pair of Ospreys and that sight/SOUND was amazing!
They came right down the 70 valley from VA at low altitude and it was incredible.

Sounds like freedom, indeed. ;-)
get over it

Greenville, SC

#21 Apr 1, 2014
Are you all crazy? They do this EVERY SPRING! Last year it was the opening weekend of the Bristol Races and all you nuts went bat shit crazy on Topix too. Just look it up, there's a thread from last year.

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