Wethersfield woman gangstalked
Revenge Target

Stockholm, Sweden

#72 Jan 16, 2013
An excerpt from another TIs experience:

"Stalking by proxy is like cancer. Once you've been targeted, your privacy, even in your own home, is gone. This happens when someone decides to target you for stalking by proxy. He/she has other people do all the dirty work. You will be
followed. There will be a character assassination launched against you, a very successful one. Pets will be killed. Insects, animals, reptiles, may be placed in your home. Your home and business will be entered illegally. Often, the perps make a key and enter at will. You become isolated as these
people don their little black trenchcoats and make like FBI people and launch what they tell others is an "investigation" against you. People always follow others whom they perceive to be in authority. This is my story. It's not pretty. It's not nice. But it is the truth."

To the perpetrators of this crime:

"No honor amongst thieves."

Watch your own backs....
Revenge Target


#73 Jan 16, 2013
Strategies Of Psychological Terrorism:

Perpetrated by the Basque country's ETA terrorist network against the Spanish government and any perceived "enemies".

This paper defines and analyzes the harassment perpetrated by ETA’s terrorist network in the Basque Country, providing a taxonomy of its strategies of psychological violence.

The usefulness of this taxonomy has been tested and contrasted by means of a content analysis of 19 testimonies of persons who were the victims of violence by the terrorist network.

The taxonomy of strategies of psychological violence is made up of four dimensions that emphasize the actions on the context of the persons affected, and on their emotional state, cognitions, and behaviour.

Results show the predominance of emotional and cognitive strategies.

Second sub-category is formed essentially by different forms of verbal abuse......

***Stigmatization consists of acts perpetrated fundamentally in a public space with the aim of marking out a person. This may involve graffiti, pictures, banners or other forms in public places, designating the person as an «enemy» and as a «target» of the terrorist network;

***Restrictive acts of freedoms may also include elements of other strategies, but here the nuance consists of putting pressure on the target through the presence of people;

***A strategy of isolation and social exclusion, attempts to ostracise the target and encourage his/her isolation in society. Sometimes by means of intimidation of persons of his/her social environment;

***With Control-surveillance of daily activities the target is usually informed by the Security Forces that he/she has appeared on a list of targets of the terrorist network. Some collaborators or even sympathizers may obtain information on the target which could be used to aid future acts of violence. These collaborators may be from his/her neighbourhood or work, among others.

It is important to point out that in small towns or villages where the terrorist network’s sympathizers may be predominant, it is easier to control and encourage the isolation of the person.

This makes terrorism a social communication mechanism, aimed at modifying behaviour by combining coercion and persuasion (Schmid, 2004).

The excerpts, above, describe Organized Stalking/Stalking-By Proxy....investigating real people, events, effects and outcomes.

Full article.
Fear and Loathing


#74 Jan 18, 2013
Police State:

Skeptics often dismiss those concerned about growing levels of surveillance as paranoid conspiracy theorists. But Google’s latest transparency report, released Tuesday, shows the fears are grounded in reality: Government surveillance is on the rise.
It isn’t just authoritarian regimes requesting censorship: Google says between January and June, it turned down appeals from authorities in the United Kingdom, who wanted content criticizing police to be removed. It also denied a series of requests from the United States demanding the removal of content criticizing local and state government agencies, law enforcement, or public officials.

Naarden, Netherlands

#79 Jan 31, 2013

Neighbors of ours appeared to get a puppy for Christmas, because a cute little dog turned up in their yard around that time.

Unfortunately, we soon began to both see and hear signs that this animal was being abused. A few days ago, one of my adult children both discussed with me inside our house and communicated by email with a friend that they were seriously considering making an official complaint of animal cruelty against the owner/s. Note that at no time was this matter ever discussed by any of us outside the privacy of our home.

This evening, we found the body of the poor dog in our pasture. As you can clearly see, it had been hit over the head and brutally stabbed to death elsewhere and then thrown over the fence onto our property.

These are the kinds of acts organized stalkers commit. They also happen to be the kind of acts serial killers commit.


United States

#83 Feb 13, 2013
Target's Blog:

Neighbors of ours appeared to get a puppy for Christmas, because a cute little dog turned up in their yard around that time.

Unfortunately, we soon began to both see and hear signs that this animal was being abused. A few days ago, one of my adult children both discussed with me inside our house and communicated by email with a friend that they were seriously considering making an official complaint of animal cruelty against the owner/s. Note that at no time was this matter ever discussed by any of us outside the privacy of our home.

This evening, we found the body of the poor dog in our pasture. As you can clearly see, it had been hit over the head and brutally stabbed to death elsewhere and then thrown over the fence onto our property.

These are the kinds of acts organized stalkers commit. They also happen to be the kind of acts serial killers commit.


United States

#84 Feb 15, 2013
I was gangstalk on by a group who travels to Ct from MA on he Asian casino buses Its peculiar that attorneys were mentioned in older posts about this subject because I always believed that this riff raff gang was called upon to maligned me with invented allegations because of a lawsuit that I had pending at the time I had traveled to CT Sexual harassment and misuse of personal information as well as defamation of my character were also involved the casino, the bus host was giving passenger info to her boyfriend who ningled with this gang in Boston at the St Francis House for breakfast where they go after returning on the 4 AM bus which is right before they return on the 9AM bus they have other contact gangs who come in from New York and New Jersey to CT and vice versa They travel to Atlantic City to Philly and even Delaware Its widespread Mohegan Sun and the Boston bus company, Sunshine Travel, condoned and covered up all incidents on the bus who is contracted to bring people to the CT casino These riff raff also hook up with casino security who look the other way when these gangs do something but are all too willingly to falsely finger someone else over petty infractions that they make a big deal about They also condone how these riff raff gangs set up other people and dictate who rides the bus and who gets kicked out of the casino or accused of doing something I agree with the other posters Its widespread and its happening everywhere

United States

#85 Feb 15, 2013
They use black widow spiders that are released on the New York casino buses leaving out of Chinatown to go to CT in hopes that their target will get bitten Its a silent way of trying to kill someone. The poster is right proxies are used. I saw it there was one who acted like he was Mr Nice Guy different from the rest but he actually stands in the background while the others do the dirty work often by his instigation not innocent bystander at all The police use some of them as snitches too

Prague, Czech Republic

#86 Feb 28, 2013
This is in response to the unknown woman driving an SUV that kissed her middle finger and "presented" it to me while driving through Wethersfield, CT, this morning:

Gangstalking in Wethersfield, CT. A quiet, sullen suburb of Hartford, CT with vicious, ugly inhabitants.

Notice and Look For:

Stay-At-Home Moms (Too Much Idle Time)
Retired People (In Other's Business)
Dog Walkers (Nothing Else To Do)
Group Homes (Ghetto, Ignorant, Delighted to Harass)

Consider Around You:

The balding, non-descript, bespectacled "neighbor" that stands in his backyard behind yours looking at...the trees? Then, stands in YOUR backyard looking at...the grass? Continually mows that dirt patch in his yard every time you're outside. Then, proceeds to cat-call you whenever he sees you.

The redneck pick-up-driving "neighbor" that continually starts up his lawnmower and mows the same patch of grass, over and over, whenever you're outside. And, his bloated, pregnant wife that you continually see behind her curtained, open window listening in on your conversations. When you have company, she sits with a friend in a beach chair facing your home.

The unemployed, crazy-ass "neighbor" (now dead...one down) that sits in his driveway in a beach chair with a police radio in his hand. When you drive by he waves it at you. And, his always-housecoat-clad wife that gestures at you through her kitchen window each time she sees you.

The retired, short, fat guy that walks his dog past your house 6-10 times a day. Then let's his dog shit in your yard.

The little stay-at-home-mom that has nothing better to do with her time while her kids are in school than to sit on her front wall with a cell phone in her hand. When she sees you, jumps up, dials a number and glares at you. Then, when you have company at your home, yells from behind her curtained, open window, "You're a fvcking psycho!", to your guests.

The old, surly couple that take out THEIR beach chairs, sit on their front lawn and stare at your house.(They have a very nice patio/garden out back designed by a landscape architect...go figure.)

The gang of overgrown-teenage-cheerleaders that huddle together and gesture at your home on their newly-formed daily walking tours.

The never-before-seen "neighbors" that stand in front of your house gossiping and pointing.

The strange business pick-up trucks that continuously park on the side street from your house just so the driver can get out, walk past your house and gesture at you.

The "neighbors" next door whose car alarm is set off each time you're outside. Or, in the middle of the night, slither around the back of "their" home, snapping twigs under their feet and spraying cologne in the air.

The fat, over-middle-aged "neighbor" that sits in his front yard, cross-legged no less, while you're trimming your hedges. In his hand is a hedge-trimmer which he turns over and over again, looking at it with curiousity. Then, proceeds to change into a three-sizes-too-small VELVET gym suit. With beer-gut leading the way, jogs back and forth in front of your house. Until, at last, his, also fat, sexually-repressed wife calls him inside for...dinner?

And, let's not forget the spawn of these creatures: 10 to 12 year olds that walk past your home laughing and smirking while gesturing at you.

It's a "pie and coffee" neighborhood.
It's just the stench you can't ignore.

United States

#88 Mar 8, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

#91 Mar 26, 2013
Joseph Goebbels
Head of Propaganda
Nazi Party

"The Poison Dwarf"

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

-Joseph Goebbels


Pocono Lake, PA

#92 Mar 27, 2013

How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act?

Last night (12/1) the United States Senate voted 93-7 to pass the National
Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (S.1867), which must now be reconciled with a House-passed version (H.R.1540).

Here is the bill:

This web page identifies the 93 Traitors who voted YEA for the bill and the 7 Patriots who voted NEA against it, those being Senators Coburn (R-OK),Harkin (D-IA), Lee (R-UT), Merkley (D-OR), Paul (R-KY), Sanders (I-VT) and
Wyden (D-OR)- 3 Democrats, 3 Republicans, 1 Independent.

Once signed into law by President Barack Obama, this bill will officially make America a police state, wherein United States citizens can be arrested solely on suspicion of wrongdoing and held indefinitely without trial.

Or as the Associated Press put it, the legislation would "deny suspected
terrorists, even U.S. citizens seized within the nation's borders, the right
to trial and subject them to indefinite detention."

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issued this warning:

"'The bill is an historic threat to American citizens and others because it
expands and makes permanent the authority of the president to order the
military to imprison without charge or trial American citizens,' said
Christopher Anders, ACLU senior legislative counsel.'The final amendment
to preserve current detention restrictions could turn out to be meaningless
and Senators Levin and Graham made clear that they believe this power to use
the military against American citizens will not be affected by the new
language. This bill puts military detention authority on steroids and makes
it permanent. If it becomes law, American citizens and others are at real
risk of being locked away by the military without charge or trial.'"

Branford, CT

#93 Apr 21, 2013
factions within the yale psychiatric hospital and thier partners at connecticut mental health are involved in the targeting and gang stalking of patients that have already been "nullified" yale gang stalking new haven
False Flag

Atlanta, GA

#94 Apr 22, 2013
It seems there's a never-ending supply of a--holes out there. Once, ANYONE is fed the rumors about you, they suck on it, believe it and act "accordingly".
My facebook page

United States

#96 May 30, 2013

Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#97 Jul 6, 2013

****Staff from the National Security Agency got more than they bargained for when they attempted to recruit students to their organisation earlier this week......


Tahir: "I think the question here is do you actually think about the ramifications of the work that you do, which is deeply problematic, or do you just dress up in costumes and get drunk?" [A reference to an earlier comment the recruiter made about NSA employees working hard and going to the bar to do karaoke.]

Recruiter 2: "... reporting the info in the right context is so important because the consequences of bad political decisions by our policymakers is something we all suffer from."

Unnamed female student: "And people suffer from the misinformation that you pass along so you should take responsibility as well."

Later still ...

Male student: "General Alexander [head of the NSA] also lied in front of Congress."

Recruiter 1: "I don't believe that he did."

Male student: "Probably because access to the Guardian is restricted on the Department of Defence's computers. I am sure they don't encourage people like you to actually think about these things. Thank God for a man like Edward Snowden who your organisation is now part of a manhunt trying to track down, trying to put him in a little hole somewhere for the rest of his life. Thank God they exist.

" http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/shortcuts/201...

Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#98 Jul 6, 2013

The office is a SMALL AGENCY within the executive branch that oversees compliance by federal employees with standards of conflicts and conflicts of interest, especially among members of the Senior Executive Service and presidential appointees.

"I don't know, understand why someone would want to shut down OGE's site. First of all, you'd have to know what OGE is, and how obscure an agency it is," Salamone said.


Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#99 Jul 6, 2013

"Based on my investigative work...I have come to the conclusion that
thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue
criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day in the U.S. This
conspiracy is far too active to be controlled or operated by private
enterprise whose goals are achieving financial gain. These operations
require extensive financing with no return on the investment. This
program's operations are financed by illegal black operations, i.e.,
narcotics, prostitution...

I have documentation and know that throughout the U.S., operating 24
hours a day and 7 days a week, there is a Central Command...whose
administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps and
harassment against anyone in the country...at any time, day or night. I
have files on numerous cases of active, programmatic, illegal
government harassment currently being conducted against thousands of
Americans. This makes the FBI's former COINTELPRO program, which I
worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday
school program by comparison."

- former FBI Assistant Director, Ted L. Gunderson, in an affidavit in support of F.O.I.A. plaintiff's case in Labella v. FBI, et. al., 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 37830 (E.D.N.Y. Mar.19, 2012)(Garaufis,J.)


Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#100 Jul 6, 2013
In short, the gang-stalking program is a modern-day McCarthy Red Scare. It is, for all intents and purposes, a COINTELPRO, albeit with some twists.

The term “gang stalking” is one that is generally known to many victims of this program. If one searches for any number of the hallmarks of this program,“gang stalking” is a term that one will see, as well as “organized stalking”,“cause stalking”,“community-based harassment” and “community mobbing”. Others are calling it “neo-COINTELPRO”, while some have labeled it “COINTELPRO2" or “COINTELPRO 2.0"

Whatever one chooses to call it, this much is clear:

It is government-supported and it’s spawning violence in any number of ways. There is no doubt that this program is resulting in suicides, homicides, and mass-shootings. It is also responsible for thefts, arson and other crimes — some of the hallmarks of this program.

It is decidedly un-American and runs counter to the rule of law and Constitution.

The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) ran counter to law and the Constitution during the McCarthy era, labeling many Americans as “communists.” Similarly, in Orwellian fashion, the gang-stalking program has cloaked itself in a veil of constitutionality and patriotism and, in doing so, has proceeded to eviscerate the most fundamental principles of a rule-of-law based, constitutional democracy. Acceptance by the populace of the murder of its citizens without due process, and indefinite suspension of Habeas Corpus (the “Great Writ”, which is the foundation of due process rights, dating back to England’s Magna Carta of 1215) marks the withering away of the rule-of-law based society based on American jurisprudence and established by the Supreme Court in the case of Marbury v. Madison in 1803.

In conducting this program, the government is using the specter of terrorism, as it did with communism in the past, to overreact and create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia. Using COINTELPRO and counterinsurgency tactics, U.S. citizens are being targeted in the U.S.— without due process of law, without any probable cause.

It is our contention that this program is the equivalent of domestic terrorism as defined in the Patriot Act, Title VIII, Section 802.(To be expanded…)


Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#101 Jul 6, 2013

"Democracies die behind closed doors”– Judge Damon J. Keith

For 15 years (1956-1971) the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ran a broad and highly coordinated domestic intelligence / counterintelligence program known as COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgrams). What was originally deemed as a justifiable effort to protect the US during the Cold War from Soviet and Communist threats and infiltration, soon devolved into a program for suppressing domestic dissent and spying on American citizens. Approximately 20,000 people were investigated by the FBI based only on their political views and beliefs. Most were never suspected of having committed any crime.



Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#102 Jul 6, 2013

As NSA director General Keith Alexander blasts the leaks that exposed widespread surveillance of Americans, we’re joined by Chris Pyle, a former military instructor who exposed the CIA and Army’s monitoring of millions of Americans in the 1970s.

Pyle discovered the Army and CIA were spying on millions of Americans engaged in lawful political activity while he was in the Army working as an instructor. His revelations prompted Senate hearings, including Senator Frank Church’s Select Committee on Intelligence, ultimately leading to a series of laws aimed at curbing government abuses.


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