Years Of Violations And Violence

Years Of Violations And Violence

There are 59 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Nov 25, 2007, titled Years Of Violations And Violence. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

When Gerard "Chappy" Chapdelaine was arrested in October after an altercation with his teenage girlfriend, he turned to his longtime lawyer Wesley Spears for help.

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Avid Reader

Palmer, MA

#24 Nov 26, 2007
Plus, I don't know why people are upset with the Courant for publishing a story. It's a good story, it's true, it's well written. Why the censorship? There's enough for everyone to read. If you don't like a story, why continue with it? The whole subject is lamentable, but there is a lesson to be learned from it.
Repeat offender again

Niantic, CT

#26 Nov 26, 2007
Let's see. 12, yes 12 previous convictions and he was a free man. And he was only looking at 2 years for his latest arrest. Now someone is dead because the CT law makers don't have the backbone to be tough on the repeat criminals who only get worse because they do not fear the CT courts. We can see how useless probation officials are. Case after case they screw up. They were waiting for a case report which only takes about 1 minute to fax over. How about if the probation officer was competent and did not get the report in a timely manor he CALLED BACK FOR FOLLOW UP ON THE ALLEGED REQUEST!!
Just Say No

New London, CT

#28 Nov 26, 2007
Shame on the Courant for making this guy a victim.
Shame on the Courant for wasting ink on this POS.
Shame on the Courant for getting the title of this article wrong.

The title of this article should have been Dirtbag dead, taxpayers save thousands. Then the Courant should have left the rest of the space open for something more news worthy. I suggest the Courant use the space to start reporting a tally of career criminals killed in this state and potential cost savings to CT Taxpayers.

What I donít get is, Why is it so unbelievable that a career criminal with a violent past would take it to the next level? For those brilliant legal minds, still standing there, scratching their heads trying to figure it out, read below.

This dirtbag should have never been allowed out and about based on his long history with the law! I know numerous people have said But he never did anything like this before. Well he has now and it is too late for the victim and her family. It is a known fact almost all career criminals start out committing small crimes and graduate to bigger and more violent crimes. Repeat. This is a known fact. Iím assuming they still teach this in criminal law.

As I stated in another recent post, career criminals do not want to be rehabilitated. They have chosen crime as their life passion. They like the lifestyle and enjoy the easy money. Once in a while they get caught and get sent on an all expense paid vacation to hang-out with their dirtbag friends in prison and learn new ways to commit crimes and get out early.

CT Lawmakers wake up and smell the coffee, CT taxpayers do not want you wasting our tax money trying to rehabilitate these career criminals. Change the laws and send this type of scum to Tent City.
CT Cynic

New Britain, CT

#29 Nov 26, 2007
The story was well written, but with way too much sympathy for Chapdelaine. To say the least, he was not a productive member of society. His legacy is two orphaned children and at least two devastated families. He was definitely NOT the victim in this sad story.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#31 Nov 26, 2007

wasn't he the guy in the movie "Iron Eagle"

or was it "DC Cab"........he looks so much like George Clooney
Just Say No

New London, CT

#32 Nov 26, 2007
banner wrote:
<quoted text>Your post is racist, insensitive and cruel.
You should have signed it "Madame Defarge".
Venus Enyís Post wasnít racial until you labeled it as a racial post.
I took Venus Enyís post to mean that the children were the real victims in this story and that the young lady knew what she was getting into when she had a baby with this POS.

As Doctor King saidÖ..Someday a person will NOT be JUDGED by the COLOR of their skin but by the CONVICTION of their CHARACTER. Black, White, Yellow, Green or Red character has spoken and this young lady showed poor judgment by hanging with this scumbag. Unfortunately her mom paid the ultimate price.

Haverhill, MA

#33 Nov 26, 2007
It's a shame that two people had to die because the state of Connecticut screwed up again. I think who ever did'nt put that paper work through should be charged with Capitol Murder.

“it's only a matter of time”

Since: Sep 07

West Hartford

#34 Nov 26, 2007
So much blame to go around where does one start? I would argue that those carbon based chair moisteners at the sate who leave the office every single work day at exactly 5 p.m. but who can't be bothered with finishing paper work that may have prevented this debacle should be drawn and quartered.
In a perfect world there would be no pathological families that spawn little Gerard "Chappy" Chapdelaines. But since our world is far from perfect we pay taxes on everything we buy and every penny we earn to pay people to manage these pathogens for us. I, for one, would like a refund. I don't like people like "Chappy" any more than the next guy, but he was failed as much as we were. He paid with his life because some sow on the public teat couldn't be bothered with doing his or her job.

Since: Jan 07

Location hidden

#35 Nov 26, 2007
I certainly would understand how the mother would be trying to break them up, but how did she allow her under age daughter to become impregnated by this much older sperm donor? Too little too late.
Just Say No

New London, CT

#36 Nov 26, 2007
El Duderino wrote:
So much blame to go around where does one start? I would argue that those carbon based chair moisteners at the sate who leave the office every single work day at exactly 5 p.m. but who can't be bothered with finishing paper work that may have prevented this debacle should be drawn and quartered.
In a perfect world there would be no pathological families that spawn little Gerard "Chappy" Chapdelaines. But since our world is far from perfect we pay taxes on everything we buy and every penny we earn to pay people to manage these pathogens for us. I, for one, would like a refund. I don't like people like "Chappy" any more than the next guy, but he was failed as much as we were. He paid with his life because some sow on the public teat couldn't be bothered with doing his or her job.
He paid with his life, so in the future others may continue to live. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword!

Santa Monica, CA

#37 Nov 26, 2007
banner wrote:
<quoted text>Your post is racist, insensitive and cruel.
You should have signed it "Madame Defarge".
Racism--the belief that members of one's race are intrinsically superior or inferior to members of other races.

The post was not racist. People through this word around way to often without considering what it really means.

Woodstock, CT

#38 Nov 26, 2007
DJH wrote:
We already know why "Chappy" did what he did. He was a sociopath. That's not in question, it's obvious. The more pertinent question is, instead, "Why did he become a sociopath?". This is a much larger question and there are no easy answers. We could delve into his past and, maybe, discern some key even in his life that triggered his sociopathy, but what good would it do anyone, now?
None. It won't bring anyone back to life, nor will it tell us how to prevent anyone else from becoming a sociopath, since his individual "trigger" won't be the same for others.
A better question to ask would be, "How do we prevent people from becoming sociopathic?" There are many ways to go about this, but the assumption that we can prevent sociopathy is not yet in evidence. What makes more sense is to deal with it when it becomes evident that someone is a sociopath.
One way NOT to deal with sociopathy is to treat sociopaths as victims. This just opens the door for them to manipulate others, and indulges their sociopathy rather than controlling it. Any form of "negotiation" with sociopaths only gives them MORE power, not less; and what they need is to have less power (hopefully, none!).
As for how to make sociopaths into non-sociopaths, that's also not clear. Again, however, speculating on this is not as fruitful as simply controlling the sociopathic behavior itself. Make it so that the sociopath chooses not to be sociopathic. Or, once s/he has been sociopathic, remove them from society so that they no longer have any opportunity to be sociopathic.
That is why "recidivism" historically has been considered a crime in itself; but we have forgotten how to treat it that way. We need to recall this lesson and act on it.
Great post!
A friend of Gerards

United States

#39 Nov 26, 2007
Thank you Hartford Courant for having some compassion and empathy for all involved. It is good that everything was told so people can be a little more educated with view points. I feel that someone is finally sticking up for Gerard, not stating the choices were right, but that his portion of the story was told.

United States

#40 Nov 26, 2007

Could of this tragedy been prevented? Well according to sources and facts its probalbly fair to say this inccident could of been resolved in a civil and rational manner from both families and the towns of hartford and wethersfield.

To be fair to both families of the victims, I'm not in anyway triing to justify the murders of the victims. Perhaps after you read this, it will shed some light and open your eyes.

We all know some of the facts on what happened. But why did it happened? Well according to sources and facts, here is what i have to say.

Lets start with the night of the murder. Hartford police were called to investigate a man waving a gun in front of his ex girl friends house on bolton street Hartford, Connecticut, Chanting threatning words. Police arrived and could not locate suspect. The name given to the police was a gerard chapdelaine, They mistakenly thought the brother of the suspect was the one they were looking for, so they go in the house beat him up, drag him out of the house, and throw him in the Police car. After a little time later they realize they got the wrong guy. They then release him. Logically the police officer should of asked the person in the house their name and if he didn't say gerard chapdelaine, then why was he beaten up, dragged like an animal, and then thrown in the police car like dirty laundry? The police then take possesion of the suspects car and after an hour decided that the women and 3 daughters who placed the call were in no immediate danger, even after the youngest daughter said he's gonna come back and kill us. Now keep in mind that the suspect with the gun who has been drinking and ,the mother Lorna with three children live next door to each other.

What could of been done? well the mother and daughters could of rented a motel that night or maybe spent the night over a relatives or friends house. They obviously felt that the threat was real. The suspect made a verbal threat to kill, was drinking hard liquer and, had a gun. The mixture of these three are not good. The Hartford police possibly could of posted a police officer parked near by in view of the victims residence. In most cases when someone makes a threat or is in rage especially while drinking, and with a gun, the chances of something bad happening in the first 12-24 hours are usually greater then after the 12 -24 hours. After such time the chances could substantially diminish. This would of given the person a chance to cool off and the alcohol effects to wear off. Would of it hurt for the police to stay one night near the residence? I'm not a rocket scientist , but isn't it logical, common sense for the police to stay near the residence after gathering the facts? Is it not common sense that perhaps the suspect who lives right next door to the women who were in fear of their life, and that he may come home that night? Because if a known felon is in possesion of a firearm by eye witness testimony then he is breaking the law. This now makes the suspect armed and dangerous with intent to kill. Are the police supposed to try to catch a person after he has broken the law? The answer is yes. Isn't it logical and common sense for the hartford police to watch the residence of the suspect for at least 12 -24 hours once it was determined he violated the law by eye witness account? You would think the answer would be yes, but no one is claiming the Hartford police is that intelligent.

United States

#41 Nov 26, 2007
So what did happened later that night? Around 12am tuesday. Well according to sources. A man with a 357 Magnum revolver went to a house on 47 bolton street in hartford connecticut, shot the glass of the door so he can open it. Then he proceeds in the house where he encounters the mother of his ex girl friend. She obviously was triing to stop him from shooting her daughter. So then the suspect shoots her in the head. Then he fires another round and misses one of the girls. Then almost as fate would intervene his gun jams, sparing the life of the three girls. Even though the mother didn't realize it, she saved her children. The suspect then leaves the scene. The harford courant said the suspect shot the window , then he fires again but it mis-fired which means the gun did'nt shoot, then the third shot to the mothers head and then he left. Now does that make any sense. If the suspect was there to kill his ex-girl friend and the gun still worked why would he leave, why wouldn't he continue shooting? Hello!, maybe because the gun jammed HMMMM?

What happens next is the brother of the suspect goes next door where he hears the gun shots, and was looking through the window to see what happened. The police arrive and tell the brother of the suspect to freeze, so he does. The police then beat him up again, and again throw him in the police car. Then they go in the suspects house and grab the 80 year old suspects Aunt who is completely innocent. They push her to the floor and dragged her out of the house an into the police car as she's holding on to her cane. Where is discretion on the part of the Hartford Police? Where is the communication between the officers and dispatcher on what ocured earlier that night, Knowing that their looking for a white 39 year old male, not an 80 year old women? What is their reasoning for bullying innocent people? Is this the 1960's or is it 2007 where we have sophisticated equipment like a computer in the police car so they can get instant access to a criminals past, picture identification on screen, and just about anything else.


United States

#42 Nov 26, 2007
12:30am , 12:45am or was it 1:00am depending on what statement you read released by the wethersfield police or newspaper, Hey if you look at the state police press release it said 12:30PM. They do understand it was AM and not Pm? Because thatís a 12 hour difference, and they can't say it was a typo, You know a slip of the finger, because the letter A is all the way on the left of the keyboard and the letter P is all the way on the right. A female employee at foodbag convient store in wethersfield notices a customer that came in who had blood on his hands and face and she dialed 911, according to the wethersfield police. Now you would think that the wethersfield police would know exactly when the call came in because everything is recorded including the time and, you would also assume that the Foodbag convient store has a security camera. This would also verify the suspect and time he entered the store. According to police he is confronted near the Foodbag convient store, the police officer approched him and the suspect pulled out his gun and the police officer ran to call for backup. Food bag also has a camera on the outside of the building you might want to check that. According to sources as back up arrived they spotted the suspect near Tim Hortons approximately 2:05am where on the police car speaker they told the suspect to please lay down his weapon. Also note that Tim Hortons is open 24 a day (they never close!) and they also have cameras, and people work there!. This means there are more witneses, or did the police have so much time on their hands that they told the employees to leave the area at a safe distance where they couldn't witness anything? You see the initial report said that the suspect was spotted and was confronted to lay down his weapon and several minutes later the suspect was shot. Basically the wethersfield police said this whole incident happened within a small frame of time 10 to 15 minutes from spotting the suspect to shooting him. This time frame would of not given the police ample time to make sure the whole area was cleared and thus the witnesses should of saw the whole shooting take place, as long as they were looking out the window. But if the police had plenty of time to clear the area, talk to the suspect, confirm on their radio this person was indeed gerard chapdelaine and was wanted for murder in hartford, well now this changes everything.

United States

#43 Nov 26, 2007
So what did the suspect do when he was asked to lay down his weapon? According to sources, He walk back and forth on the side walk near Tim Hortons and in the middle of the street for approximately 40 minutes. He was surrounded by at least 5 police officers including a swat police officer.
The police all had the shield of their squad cars and the suspect was in the open in the middle of the street. Remember the gun was still possibly jammed, but of course the police officers didn't know that. How many times does the police have to ask a person to lay down their weapon that is approximately 20 feet from them and, has been drinking? Is it true that they had 40 minutes watching him walk back and forth, back and forth? What were the police thinking? Didn't they ever hear of a taser gun?, or rubber bullets or maybe a tranqualizer gun? either one might of rendered the suspect so that they can take complete contol of the situation. People who shoot animals with tranqulizer guns, can confirm it takes about 20 seconds to go nite nite. Did they know who he was?, his name?, did they try and contact relatives so that in hopes that the relatives or friends could simpathize with the suspect to lay down his weapon? They had him surrounded for at least 40 minutes according to sources.

According to sources Approximately 2:45am one shot was fired, 25 seconds later a nother shot was fired. Currently the state police report said 2 shots were fired , 2 officers were involved. So the first shot was fired according to the chief of police by the swat team member and the suspect dropped to the ground in the middle of the street between the 2 yellow lines. If the first shot brang the suspect to the ground then why fire a second shot 25 seconds later Which also hit the suspect? That should have been it right? But no it wasn't, because according to sources 10 seconds after the 2nd shot was fired, a Two second rapid fire of shots were fired almost simotaneously by several oficcers. How many shots after the second shot were fired? well lets do simple math. At least 15 bullet casings were found at the scene of the Crime, we know 2 shots were fired within 25 seconds of each other , so 15-2 equals 13 extra shots. The autopsy has already revealed that the suspect died of multible gun shot wounds, they didnít say exactly how many. I guess they don't think its important to say whether its 10 or 15 bullet holes in the dead body. According to sources it was 15 bullet holes in the suspects body. Did only 2 officers fire their weapons or was it 5 or six? and should more officers be on administrative duty? or is too costly and maybe the officers who had nothing to do with the inccident don't want to work extra hours. The wethethersfield chief of police seemed concerned and said this investigation will be very costly, is he worried about spending too much money? isn't it worth the money to find out exactly what happened? Is this why so far only 2 officers shot the suspect? If this is true then 1 officer shot the suspect 7 times and another officer shot the suspect 8 times or of any other number combination totaling 15. This is a lot of shots from only 2 officers. And why would you shoot another 13 bullets into the suspect who is bleeding and lying on the ground? Now the more recent update is that there were 2 Swat team members who shot chapdelaine,
and maybe the other officers are not swat at all. was it 4 officers that shot him or more?


United States

#44 Nov 26, 2007
The police said that they did not know if the suspect fired his weapon when he was surrounded. lets do a Sound check... its 2:45am tuesday, its the dead of night , there are no cars driving near because of the time of night and they have blocked 2 And a half intersections, they are 20 feet a way from the suspect, and the suspect has a 357 magnum. Well at that time of night you would be able to hear a penny drop from 20 feet away. A 357 magnum is probably one of the top 3 most loudest hand guns in the U.S.. So I have to ask a serious question? How did 5 deaf people become driving patrolmen police officers. 5 police cars not one with their siren on to the scene, an ambulance arrives with no siren on. The police officer said the suspect was still alive, then why wouldn't the ambulance put the siren on the way, they do it all the time, oh thatís right it was 2:45Am no body is on the road, its very quiet lets not wake anybody up. Lets see now 15 bullet holes and he was still alive. Oh I know they must of all hit the suspect in his leg, oh wait that can't be true because then he would still be alive. Officers Ronald Floyd and Anthony DeMonte shot the man after he pointed a handgun at officers and disobeyed their orders to disarm, state police said. When did the ambulance arrive? This will prove approximately when he was shot because the police said the suspect was still alive after they shot him and thatís why they called the ambulance. It seems after reading many reports that both depatments wethersfield and the hartford police have conviently changed the story on what occurred that night.

United States

#45 Nov 26, 2007
When the suspect was surrounded by wethersfield police, Did it take 40 minutes to confirm that the suspect was indeed the killer of a women in harford? and if so, when the officers found out, did this play a role on the officers decission to shoot the suspect 15 times? if sources and, the combination of some press releases are true, Then did the wethersfield police officers on the scene at tuesday 2:45am. november 6th 2007 become Judge Jury And Executioner? If a police officer kills once, isn't it easier to kill again? Are we now safer in wethersfield?

Wow what a nightmare! Two people dead in the course of 3 hours. Can you blame anyone else but the shooters? Can you blame the community in which we live? was it poor communications? was it over bearing police officers in hartford? was it rookie police officers in wethersfield that became emotionally attached? why did'nt they use new technologies like the taser gun, rubber bullets or an old and very effective tranqualizer gun? Did they use the computers that are now standard issue in police cars to identify the suspect and then immediately contact members of the family in hopes to get him to lay down his weapon?, Even if the family member talked to the suspect by police radio it might have been effective. Are the police officials so primative that they would'nt entertain these thought? Is it the chief of police of both towns? what have they been doing for the past 20, to 30 years? Don't they know that this stuff has been going on for ages. Hey theres no end to the list of why this happened or what could have been done. We now know why this happened and were sickened by it. Why do people value life more after someone is gone?, Maybe because they know this could of hapened to them and or if they got more involved they perhaps could of prevented it. Was the suspect guilty of the crime? yes of course he was. I'm not hear to justify what he's done , we all know it was wrong. Even though he killed someone, isn't it possible he to was murdered injustly? Did he not deserve his day in court? Sources confirm he was drinking hard liquer and was full of rage, do we not understand that alchohol is a drug and the effect can be very dangerous? Why is it still legal? Is the answer money, money, and more money? How much do we value life? what is the price? Was this time worth it, or any other time?

I wrote this in hopes to make people in all aspects of life to understand that prevention and getting involed is the best defense we have to eliminate the on going tradgedies, and in hopes to make law enforcement officials understand that there are other alternatives to bring down a suspect with a gun. I also wrote this for people to ask a question to themselves do we really need police or should we go back to the days where there were U.S. Marshalls to bring in criminals. Please read on and make your own determination.

United States

#46 Nov 26, 2007
As I stand here on a cold november morning at the cemetary watching the brother of the deceased read aloud the eulogy and hearing gerard chapdelaine's 9 year old daughter cry, I can't help but feel sorrow for her and for the rest of the family. How does a man fall so far from grace and commit such a horrific crime knowing that his 11 year old daughter loves him? And what about Lorna Coley, mother of 3 girls who finally gets enough money to purchase a house and start to live the american dream, and then have that stripped away in a moment of rage. What about the three girls who now have no mom. We all know who took her life, thatís not the question. Are the police paid to protect and serve? Did they protect? Did they do everthing possible to protect this family? No they did not. Do they have to?

There is no constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen. It is monstrous if the state fails to protect its residents against such predators but it does not violate the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, or, we suppose, any other provision of the Constitution. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties; it tells the state to let the people alone; it does not require the federal government or the state to provide services, even so elementary a service as maintaining law and order. Well if this is true then why are we providing salaries to an organization who hands out traffic tickets , which takes from the people and is in no way shape or form there to serve or protect you. Why do we even need police who do not police. We as american citizens would be far better off to pay a private company to protect and serve us. Let the state pay the police to go after criminals, not the american people.
The police don't have to do anything to stop crimes, only to *try* to solve them.

So why would you place your life in the hands of a stranger, who isn't obligated to do anything for you?

The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired.

Maybe some people will read this and say I'm glad the suspect was killed and, maybe they will say its not my problem, or they may laugh, or cry. But the facts are, The police are not here to protect us, two people died and, both had people who loved them.

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