get kimble chase out
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#1 May 4, 2012
Get kimble chase out of our town! Let them take their cameras, huge turn over rate, 150+ degree heat and minimum wage bs to Mexico! Let a better company move in and get this greedy pos out!! Drug infested white trash Hell hole!

Dickson, TN

#2 May 4, 2012
although it isn't the greatest place, that's the only job that some people have to support their family. we already are short on jobs in roane county, so lets not try to force out over 1000 jobs. (I'm not knocking or supporting what the company does)
lil mama wolf

Fort Campbell, TN

#3 May 4, 2012
...there are plenty of good people who depend on their job w Kimble to supprt their families... Youngest it is true; there may be undesirable conditions/co-wrkrs/wages there, but you also have to stop and acknowledge the people who have worked there for yrs when the wages wer lower and have stuck w it because they need a steady job for their families. Sorry people are evrywher-cant change that. The heat IS bad, but they do offer some type of beverage & cool towels I believe-& I could b wrong. But it is not a job for every1-short answer. It is the only source of income for many tho. Jobless regions R true Hell holes...
fed up

United States

#4 May 5, 2012
Yeah get out youve ruined our town taking up space that a good company could be using. Express needs to gtfo too! They want u to be high on pills so they can pay u nothing then use that as a reason to fire you. Volkswagen will fk u scrubs up and ull suck ur own then wont u.
lil mama wolf

Fort Campbell, TN

#5 May 5, 2012
VW is not comming to rockwood & it woill only be like 60-80 jobs..?.. what will that do for the many, many that loose their jobs here? I'm not defeneding express. Dnt take this as a temp agency defense at all. And NO, no one wants ANY employee high on pills or any substance! That's just a common sense safety issue. I'm just saying I havn't seen a bidding war for plant/indusrty space in our LOCAL industrail prk. Companies have to consider renovation cost when they look at moving/relocating to new areas.

Winchester, TN

#6 May 7, 2012
Kimble Chase is not the worst job in the world. And yes it does get hot in there, but they have watercoolers and during the summer months they hand out cool packs and what not. The only reason why alot of people hate it is because of the drama that some departments have or just lazy and dont wanna work. grow up. Kimble Chase has some really amazing people working for them but they also have alot of incompetent lazies who just wanna draw a pay check and not work for what they get. If said people would actually grow up and do their job Chase would be so much better. And yes they are pretty much the lowest paid factory around here, but its better than nothing and the benefit aint bad either. i mean hell if you actually show up to work and dont get any points you get 50 bucks a month and 250 if you dont get any ponts all year. just for not skipping work without making your time up. so yah its really not that bad.
true true

Knoxville, TN

#7 May 9, 2012
fed up wrote:
Yeah get out youve ruined our town taking up space that a good company could be using. Express needs to gtfo too! They want u to be high on pills so they can pay u nothing then use that as a reason to fire you. Volkswagen will fk u scrubs up and ull suck ur own then wont u.
Although I dont agree with how you said it, you are very correct. Its places like this that promote slumming in our areas. Unfortunately they will probly always be here because mediocrity has become the norm in Roaned County.
GottverlassenGal axis

Greer, SC

#8 May 16, 2012
It sounds like someone is being a crybaby because they got fired for being incompetent. Chase isn't hard work, and the heat isn't bad unless you're a lazy fatass. I've yet to get even one point the entire time I've been there because I'm not some dumbass teenager who expects to only work when it's convenient for me. Here's a solution for everyone's bitching: don't call in, do your damn job right the first time, and grow a pair along with some maturity. "Boo-hoo, the working conditions in a FACTORY aren't suitable for my whiny ass, so the place should be shut down, forcing hundreds of people out of their jobs in the process." That's life; deal with it or go work at McDonalds.

Fort Campbell, TN

#9 May 16, 2012
it reads like two totally different places are being discussed on here.what is this place?
lil mama wolf

Fort Campbell, TN

#10 May 16, 2012
KimbleChase is a plant in the local industrl prk. They hire thru ExpressEmploymnt. It is not a bad place to wrk. They hav people that hav wrkd there for yrs & raised their familys thanks to that job. It can b hot in the summer. It is not a job for every1. Simple. U can go to Express office for more/better info than U will get on here &/or apply for jobs :)

United States

#11 May 16, 2012
Ok The reality is this place pays 7.55-8.75 the heat gets up to over 170 degrees, that's hotter than the hottest place on earth.. its infested with trashy people and drugs, The turnover rate is literally like 6 people per month at least. You make the determination if It's a bad job, I don't think its that hard to decide.

Fort Campbell, TN

#12 May 18, 2012
No! Wait! Just open a strip bar! 4 the Nookie!

White House, TN

#13 May 18, 2012
Dagger...You must really be desperate to see some "tity mommas" b/c your on like 3 different topics talking about a strip bar..jezzz go to the mouse's ear or something and get your fix need to get laid 4real!!

United States

#14 May 18, 2012
Me pen is just exploded to this
Hell No

United States

#15 Jul 18, 2012
Kimble Chase is a Dirt hole all way will be.
Worst kind of company for any town.
pill lover

United States

#16 Jul 18, 2012
I use to work on chase wasn't bad at all we fked all day and snorted pills with management. I made enough to buy them pills I needed

Wartburg, TN

#17 Aug 24, 2012
kimble chase employee 2

Harriman, TN

#18 Oct 7, 2012
i work at kimble its not that bad if you need a job its about the only place you can get a full time job i dont thinks its worth the money but im not gonna quit it pays my bills and i would say after a while get put in for hire payin jobs in the factory then it wouldnt be bad i hear dct sucks my jobs not to bad it just sucks standing for 12 hours

Harriman, TN

#19 Oct 7, 2012
i bet everyone on here that puts down on kimble proly got fired bc they didnt want to do there job

Rockwood, TN

#20 Apr 9, 2013
the job sucks, the management think they are better than the employees--even calling the office the "castle". The heat is bad in summer and pay is low. BUT it is a JOB in an area where there are few JOBS to be had. They know that people have nowhere else to go for work in this area and they exploit it. Yes there is a drug problem there, as well as just about anywhere else you go in Roane co.

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