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Rockwood Citizen

Oliver Springs, TN

#1 Feb 2, 2012
so many changes all the time at rockwood police department and it is really sad that things are not getting better anywhere in rockwood. i am not starting this post to bash anyone at all but it seems to me that there has to be a change for the better soon because for years things have been the same. we have to make changes in rockwood before we get swept under the wrong and other citys say i told you so. we all know that the higher ups look at this site so lets not make this all drama filled but lets give our true opinions of what needs to happen to make rockwood a better place all the way around.

Antioch, TN

#2 Feb 3, 2012
It will never change until one of 2 things happen A:The current people who have a hold on this City and hold it hostage with what they want done in comparison to what the people want done will have to die off, which at the current rate the City will die off first.
B: The people around here grow a set and quit putting there relatives in office and get people that have a better vision for Rockwood and let them run the City. It won't be easy because it will take a full term to expose and clean up the hidden mess that will be found. I figure it won't be long and Rockwood will be a memory to some, any city that thinks low income housing is better than Industry and I mean Real Industry not Fast food industry is not being led right. We must find the hidden agenda

Winchester, TN

#3 Feb 3, 2012
Low income housing breeds trouble!! Look at Evans Heights-the projects--

Fort Campbell, TN

#4 Feb 3, 2012
Look at the council who voted for the rezoning. It makes you wonder what their agenda is for the city. Our police, fire and Ent personal along with our school are already stretched thin. This housing project will bring in people from all around us from other counties. We need jobs that will add to our economy, bring in industry that adds to our tax base and improve our town. This will lower the value of your homes,and if you own a business that also will suffer.This is your tax dollars at work, we need to tell our city officials that we are against additional Low-income, government housing.

Knoxville, TN

#5 Feb 3, 2012
I agree Stanley, but they need to be TOLD at Council meetings and not on an internet topic that they probably don't know exists.

Antioch, TN

#6 Feb 3, 2012
Knows, they know its here they comment from time to time and most people wont tell them a meeting because they know how vendetta's are around here.

United States

#7 Feb 5, 2012
I think first off they need to elect a different mayor... one that hasnt been elected
many of times in the past like miller.. we need one that will go in and wipe out all department heads and hire his own. one that will be pro industry and one that will stop and realize how pathetic our police dept is

Fort Campbell, TN

#8 Feb 5, 2012
Rockwood needs 2 things God and Jobs..stop blaming everything's simple.
hopingforbetterd ays

White House, TN

#9 Feb 12, 2012
Reader wrote:
Low income housing breeds trouble!! Look at Evans Heights-the projects--
Yes i know this all to well in evans heights. This place is half of rockwoods problem. Why don't they get someone in this place that will do something about all the drugs, prostution, fighting, vanalizing , and underage drugs use. Not to mention all the kids here that the parents let be thugs. You can not do anything nor have anything here. If you complain to the office you get this "WELL YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO GET ALONG" give me a break, get her ass out. I think that they need to make the manager live here. Make then have a very little income and put up with all of this crap plus try to pay their bills.Someone that will not play favorites. You know the ones she likes because they can anything they want not to mention they don't have rent even if they work . So you tell me how the hell she is doing her job? Some of us are here cause we have to be . Trying to get on out feet. Just because this is the projects doesn't mean you have live like that.
hate politics in rockwood

Seymour, TN

#10 Feb 14, 2012
policman in this town cant do there job in this town or you will be lied on and fired we had a really good cop that come here with a lot of experence they were all afraid he would take there jobs and not play there dirty little games so they told he was drinking and fired we all know that could be any cop in rockwood just saying does any body know about this

Herndon, VA

#11 Feb 14, 2012
Are you talking about the K-9 officer .. Billy or something .. I hear he showed up drunk several times

Nashville, TN

#12 Feb 15, 2012
That cop lives in the city therefor he would drive his patrol car home. Um... If he showed up for work drunk in the patrol car, wouldn't that be considered a DUI? Did he have a field sobriety test done? Did he go to jail? Why didn't he make the front page of the news paper? Is it because the police department is not doing their job or did they just lie on a good officer with no proff because he knows something really good? If he had a blood alcohol test done at the hospital right after leaving the police dept and it was negitive, what would that mean? If Rockwood would cover up another officer drinking and driving and the go home to sleep it off instead of jail then someone needs to be investigated. If Rockwood lied on an officer then someone needs to be investigated!

Nashville, TN

#13 Feb 15, 2012
If he had been drinking and driving a patrol car he would have been arrested. I know a lot of people don't like the chief but he would NEVER allow that to happen. Just go ask him face to face and see what happened, I'm sure you were misinformed.

United States

#14 Feb 15, 2012
Get real people. He didn't have to be drunk to be fired. If he just smelled like it he would have been fired. U can't go to work at Hardees flipping burgers let alone go to work as a cop smelling like a beer can. And from what he told one of his buddies, he had the option to take a blood test but refused because it was against his rights. He was also heard saying he was not fired but given the option of quitting or being fired. So he quit. If ur innocent, and have a legal leg to stand on u let them fire u. Cause if u quit. U quit and can't sue or anything else because u quit. So stop talking shit about him, or what happened. If u don't know what happened its probably none of ur business anyway. If u feel u need to know go ask him then go ask the chief. Both will have different stories and u can put them together and make ur own decision.

United States

#15 Feb 15, 2012
How many DUI's did Kirby have and STILL was an officer many years? How many cars did he take out tht time he was drunk and driving? Oh yeah not 2 4get 2 mention ddnt he Also fall off sideways on his motorcycle after being stopped by an officer 4 driving while intoxicated again and again! This is Rockwood ppl its alwAys been about who u are and who u know... I like billy I've known him since elementary I hv no idea if he has drinking issues I really hope not. But let's not act like our entire police force is good they turn A blind eye a lot of the time and depending on who its about just my opinion :)

United States

#16 Feb 15, 2012
All Kirby's stiff happened while he worked at the Sheriff's Dept not Rockwood. Don't blame that stuff on them. They have enough stuff u can blame them for. U don't have to blame the sheriff's problems on them too. A Trooper worked Kirby's wreck and harriman police stopped him on his scooter. Both of them messed up the court cases and Kirby has Pat as his lawyer. So what do u expect. I got a D.U.I charge from a county deputy years ago. Couldn't afford Pat so I got Ritter out of Oak Ridge and got it thrown out over something the cop didn't do. Something about my breath test. So don't act like Kirby is the only drunk to have a D.U.I thrown out of court here. Hell if that was the case all my buddies would be in prison by now.
seen it

White House, TN

#18 Feb 16, 2012
ButtHead you are right a state trooper did work the wreck up in front of the ol sunrise market.But what you left out is the fact that steve bryant came in his truck and got kirby and took him home and he didnt go to the E.R. for like 3 hours to take a BAC test. And before you call me a lier i was there the when it happened so as far as the rockwood cops looking out for certain cops its true and it dont matter if its a rockwood officer or county.

United States

#19 Feb 16, 2012
Kirby got away with breaking the law that he's suppose 2 uphold 4 how many years? LOTS! Imagine the times he hasn't been caught.. But I will say he's not the only one and I have nothing against him personally but when ur a cop u should follow the same rules like everyone else that's the shit that pisses me off..

Hoffman Forest, NC

#20 Feb 16, 2012
seen it wrote:
ButtHead you are right a state trooper did work the wreck up in front of the ol sunrise market.But what you left out is the fact that steve bryant came in his truck and got kirby and took him home and he didnt go to the E.R. for like 3 hours to take a BAC test. And before you call me a lier i was there the when it happened so as far as the rockwood cops looking out for certain cops its true and it dont matter if its a rockwood officer or county.
Yes, Old Steve did come get Kirby that night. But Kirby was still arrested, still went to jail for four hours, "time required by State Law" bonded out on his charges and had a court date. He went thru every thing that any other D.U.I offender would go thru. My point was he was employed by the county at the time of the incident not the City of Rockwood. What his good old buddy Steve Bryant did was not endorsed nor condoned by the powers that be in city government. It was one friend helping another. Was it right? Not in my opinion. But Steve Bryant didn't lose his job. So apparently since it was not done as a official "police act" the city chose not to pursue disciplinary action on Sgt. Steve. Kirby made a shitty decision that night and drove while or after drinking, Steve made a shitty " professional" decision by going to pick him up. But it was the best decision a good old friend could have made to help out his buddy. Do these decisions make either one of them bad men? No, not in the big picture. And it alone doesn't mean Kirby shouldn't do security work at the Skating rink. Kirby was not shown special treatment by the Rockwood police department, Roane County Sheriff's department or the Tennessee Highway Patrol. He paid Cooley a large amount of money to represent him and had his day in court just like he was suppose to. And just like most of the first time offenders who appear in Roane County General Sessions Court, his charges were dismissed or something. And if my memory is correct, the second D.U.I he had went to court in Blount or Loudon County Court so he wouldn't receive special treatment. That one was dismissed I heard because Harriman Police Department, specifically the arresting officer messed the case up, didn't show up, or something. Can't remember exactly. Bottom line in my opinion is that Kirby did wrong, went to jail, and beat the system. He is not the first nor the last one to do it. The only thing different about him is he was a "Cop" at the time. So everyone wants to have a opinion about it. That's fine. Wouldn't expect any different. But now years later let him be a hose dragging firemen and sit at the Skating rink and watch ur Rug rats on Friday nights in peace. He is not that important in the big picture I promise.

Nashville, TN

#21 Feb 21, 2012
This is a beautiful area with some really good people living here. Unfortunately the legal system is not only severely lacking, but quite corrupt on all levels. Roane county is known nationally as the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state in the country. Hopefully some of this blight we know as politicians and law enforcement will be forced out soon, so that the taxpayers may enjoy a leaner, cleaner, less corrupt county.

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