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Lavallette, NJ

#1 Jul 22, 2008
I first found this Realtor on and i was initially very satisfied because the apartment i found was close to the train, In Bay shore NY, the rent was good (at the time) and it was a straight forward 1 year lease contract. I renewed my lease after a year because of work convenience but am now sorry i did.

I don't even know what to call their so called "customer Service" since it seems to be non existent. They only upgrade and maintenance the exterior of the building but never actually the apartments themselves...things were pretty much falling apart. After my second year all i wanted to do was finish my contract and get the heck i did. but then i get a bill statement saying they have to charge me to re glaze the tub...but the tun was never glazed to begin with!! Unfortunately, they still had to give me back the deposit i gave when i first moved in. Their contract states that you'll have your deposit check within 60 days after your move out date..and its been over 4 months since my move out date and still no check despite my many calls to their main office. I am not sure why they insist on delaying giving you back your money when its rightfully yours to begin with.

Although from outside looking in, their buildings exteriors are kept well, but don't expect them to provide your apartment with enough heat. Me and my wife had to constantly wear sweaters due to their lack of heater maintenance. The heat turned on but would shut off before it got warm..they ignored my many complaints about this and never did anything about it. The super never shows up even when he tells you he will.. he only picks up his cell phone so MAKE sure you get his cell number if you still choose to move to a Ben Art Realty apartment.

I've been dealing with them all these months and yet have gotten nowhere. They are rude on the phone and could care less about what you need.

before you become a tenant for this Realtor please prepare yourself to not get your deposit money for a LONG time..

I write this because i feel taken advantage of and helpless. Its unfair and unaceptable.

Hope this helps someone.





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Livingston, NJ

#2 Jul 25, 2008
Same issue with the return of my security deposit. Firstly, upon move out, they charged me almost $300 to clean a 'dirty sink' and 'dirty oven'. Unbelievable! Never had a move in inspection and at the move in inspection, I was forced to pay for things the previous tenant had neglected. The super said he wanted the previous tenants to recieve their full deposit back so he made no note of the previous tenants neglect. It's been two months since I've moved out and I still have not received my monies back and yes, the lease states deposits will be received within 60 days.

Also, heat was an issue with my apartment as well (South Grove). I worked from home several times over the winter months and the apartment was FREEZING. The heat ONLY came on around 5:30pm or so (when most people are returning home from work)... Calls to the office were useless.

The apartments are decent, but the realty company itself is a disaster! Beware.
I disagree


#3 Aug 25, 2008
Ben-Art Realty is hands on one the better management companies throughout all Long Island. They cater to whatever you need as long as it is reasonable. During the heating season, my apartment was well above 73 degrees and at times too hot. I moved out last year and my security it was released within two weeks. My apartment was in perfect condition. Maybe the two reviews above had damages. Of course, if you damages in an apartment any management is going to charge you and it will prolong your security return because of contracters, bills, estimates and so forth. My apartment was 100% gut renovated. I loved South Grove in Valley Stream but unfortunately had to relocate due to a job transter.
I disagree


#4 Aug 25, 2008
Ben-Art Realty is hands on one the better management companies throughout all Long Island. They cater to whatever you need as long as it is reasonable. During the heating season, my apartment was well above 73 degrees and at times too hot. I moved out last year and my security it was released within two weeks. My apartment was in perfect condition. Maybe the two reviews above had damages. Of course, if you damages in an apartment any management is going to charge you and it will prolong your security return because of contracters, bills, estimates and so forth. My apartment was 100% gut renovated. I loved South Grove in Valley Stream but unfortunately had to relocate due to a job transter.


#5 Aug 25, 2008
I liked very much my apartment in Bayshore, NY. When I moved in my apartment was freshly painted, the floors were polished with a high shine. My kitchen cabinets were new. I even had a new stove and refrigerator. Every month when I got my rent bill, I got a form to fill out if I had any apartment problems. This was a very good idea. I lived in 3 other apartments and I had major repair issues. The management used to come, look at my complaints, and then never come back to fix them.

In Bayshore Manor the super was very good. He always fixed things that I reported.

I had to move to NYC because my company transferred me to another branch. I was working very long hours, and I needed to be close to my job.

Valley Stream, NY

#6 Aug 25, 2008
i am currently looking for an apartment and i am very glad i read this article,i shall be staying well away from BEN ART REALITY.thank you for those making us well aware of what they are up to.good work.


#7 Sep 10, 2008
Ben-Art Realty Corp. is a responsive management company. I was shocked to see these reviews.
South Grove in Valley Stream is a great place. I loved the area, it was very convenient. When the management company got Evelio as a superintendent it was even better. When he arrived, he fixed many minute issues that I reported, and fixed them very well. He did very fine work, a real professional. My apartment was so large. It was a one bedroom but it was huge. I loved the building. It was a Tudor, and the managers redid the hallways,& recarpeted all the entrances and hallways. Several times a year they would steam clean the carpet clean. I loved the area because I didn't need my car to go shopping, and I could walk to the Rail Road every day. When I moved out, my security return was sent to my new address within one week. Don't quite understand the other two reviews.
Ricks from Bay Shore

Brooklyn, NY

#8 Sep 11, 2008
Was your apartment dirty or damaged?
My apartment was kept in terrific condition and I received my full security back. The super did a move out inspection with me when I turned in the keys and everything was smooth.
G Carter-Bay Shore

Great Neck, NY

#9 Sep 13, 2008
I resided at the Bay Shore Manor apartments and my experiences were very positive with Ben-Art Realty. The company transferred my security when I upgraded from a 1 to 2 bedroom apartment after my initial first year lease expired. The staff is responsive, thorough and professional.

Rye, NY

#10 Sep 25, 2008
I lived at the Bayshore building for 5 years and thought it was great. The property was kept up well and I never had any problems with the management company. They refunded my security in full and I did not have to wait more than one week for it. The super is very friendly and accommodating and the office staff always took care of anything I needed. I would definitely recommend living there and dealing with Ben-Art if you are looking for an apartment.

Larchmont, NY

#11 Sep 29, 2008
Their Valley Stream building is very well run. The building & lobby are both beautiful & classy. Initially, I thought it was either a co-op or condo but I found out to my advantage it was a rental. My apartment space was massive. Ben-Art Realty renovated the kitchen, bathroom, & everything else you can think of from the appliances to the light fixtures. I was very content living there. The renting office approved my application within one day & I had to come up with one month rent & month security deposit upon moving in. To my surprise, the lease was very detailed. The buidling super Evelio who was overly skilled, capable & customer service oriented. He inpected the apartment before & after I moved. I was sent specific move out instructions about one month before notifying Ben-Art that I was vacating. I was moving to Chicago & Ben-Art asked for my forwarding address so they could process & return my security. Upon my moveout inspection, I received a copy of the report from the super & I would say about two weeks later, my security was returned to me in full. I never had one issue with Ben-Art or South Grove Apartments. I would refer them anytime.

New York, NY

#12 Oct 6, 2008
I rented at their Bayside location for a few good years. The location is amazing. My office was in the city and my commute was 25 minutes on the train and only a few blocks walking distance to the Lirr. The management team runs a tight shift and the super takes care of all repairs. Tom (the super) is a real people person who cares about his tenants and makes them feel comfortable. The apartment I vacated was in immaculate condition and my security was returned within 5 days even though the lease reads 60 days. I can't say what had occured for the two reviews that had opposite experiences as I had with management. My advice, keep your apartment clean, don't damage anything, and you will be fine. As for management/superintendant, one of the best I experienced. Kudows.

Brooklyn, NY

#13 Oct 15, 2008
Great management company. Efficient and friendly office staff. All repairs are done within one or two days. There has been no run around or accuses such as "I'll get back to you". My previous management company would never call me back. Ben-Art responds right away and my super is very responsible. The Bay Shore Manor apartments are beautiful, professionally operated, and in a terrific location. This place is more quiet than any other location I have ever lived in. My neighbors are friendly although I keep to myself. I see many of the same faces each year so I assume the majority of the complex is quite content. The rent is extremely reasonable and renewal rates are very fair. The electric which I pay monthly is cheap. I used to reside in Queens and Con-Ed was almost double the price. There is tons of parking, it's a very safe enviroment, close the the mall, Long Island Railroad, and Ferry-Fire Island (great place!). My only request is that the laundry machines become card operated. Currently they are coin operated and once in a blue moon I have loose my quarters. I called up Ben-Art and told them what occured. I may not a complainer but I was just informing the management of the situation. Two days later, they sent me a reimbursement check from the laundry company for my lost money. No hestitation about recommending management and BayShore Manor apartments.

Brooklyn, NY

#14 Oct 15, 2008
My experience has been 100% opposite.
Denice Sarmiento

Thousand Oaks, CA

#15 Oct 22, 2008
I'm writing to report Todd @ Ben Art Realty whom I hear is in charge there. I was robbed @ gunpoint in the parking lot of the Bay Shore Manor Apt Complex in Bay Shore last year around this time. At that time, I had spoken w/ him and several other people regarding the lack of lighting in the parking lot and also suggested there be cameras put up in that area and in the very dark courtyard. I was told they could not put any lighting on the garage area because there is no electricity in that area, so the only lighting is against the building which is clearly not sufficient enough for the entire parking lot. They did eventually put a camera (I've only seen one although I've been told there are eight of them) and the one camera is facing the street instead of the parking lot which is useless for the parking lot. Nothing was done @ the time and then it was spring and summer so it was always light out when I arrived home from work and it was ok and I started to feel a little better.

Now I just renewed my lease this past month because I was not able to save the money needed to move due to medical expenses. Just about four days after I renewed my lease, yet another woman was robbed @ gunpoint right out in front of the complex on Garfield Street by Third Avene which is also right in front of the poorly-lit parking lot. Realizing that it is coming upon the time of year when it is dark @ 5:00 pm when I arrive home from work, and hearing that yet another woman was robbed, I was again feeling very unsafe there. I have again been in touch w/ Todd this week regarding this matter, and all I asked was to either have the lightiing and the camera situation fixed OR I wanted to speak w/ someone about changing my lease to a month-to-month lease so that I can leave if they are not going to fix these things so that I, and everyone else, can feel safer there. I don't really think that was a lot to ask just to live in a safe enviornment, but was told by Todd in his words "You have an alterior motive because you want to get out of your lease." And I was basically accused of lying and that I am making all this up about feeling unsafe living there just so I can get out of my lease??!! Apparently, besides having NO social skills whatsoever, Todd is also hard of hearing, because I did say that I wouldn't mind if they just fixed the lighting and the cameras rather than giving me a month-to-month lease, but all he heard obviously was the part about the lease. He was yelling @ me on the phone and insisting that I just have alterior motives, meanwhile I was practically screaming and crying that the real situation is that I just simply DO NOT FEEL SAFE THERE!!!!!!! This is how he treats his tenants??? Keep in mind, that I am not and have never called and nagged and made complaints about any other matters except for the fact that I just don't feel safe which is all I said from the beginning and I got yelled @ and treated like some piece of crap that they obviously don't care about.

So anyone even THINKING of moving to this complex, I'd advise against it because they just obviously just don't care about their tenants! I am actually stunned and appalled that I am being treated this way when all I ever said was that I don't feel safe there.

It is NOT safe there, there is absolutely NO SECURITY, and apparently they are waiting for someone to get raped or killed before they do anything, and the way Todd sounded so uncaring, I don't think he would even care then! I have heard from many other people that say there are other apt complexes out there that are just as much money and have actual security booths, cameras, and landlords that acutally care about there tenants. There is absolutely NO need to pay that much money to be afraid to come home from work which is what I am stuck doing since they don't care ...

Denice Sarmiento

Thousand Oaks, CA

#16 Oct 22, 2008
Not sure why this says Central Islip above, but I reside @ the Bay Shore Manor Apt Complex in Bay Shore, NY ... UNFORTUNATELY!!!!
Tenant since 1991-

Bellmore, NY

#17 Nov 14, 2008
My wife and I have been tenants at the Manor apartments for well over a decade. We love the location, it's very safe and quiet. This other review by Mrs. Sarmiento is ludicrous. I park in the same exact parking lot and the lighting is great. My wife works nights in the Southside hospital also feels very secure and safe parking there. She comes home very late and has odd hours. We pay a very fair rent,**we pay on time** and the renewal increases are very minimal. Other complexes such as the Homeproperties jack up their renewal rates. Bay Shore Manor is very reasonable. Also their rents are very fair compared to other complexes. The office staff have been very nice to us although we don't have much contact with them. We always contact the onsite office which is only about a few times a year. Our sink was leaking in the bathroom and the super immediately replaced a part to alleviate any damage. The garages are convenient. My wife and I have two cars so we rent two garages. They garage rent is dirt cheap. The grass grows really quick in the summer. Sometimes too quick. We have our apartment painted every four years. Charlie does a nice job. This fall the apartments are much warmer and cozier since the management did a major insulation job. I don't like too much heat. A lot of times my wife cracks the window although I never do. Our neighbors are friendly and courteous. I once was playing music a little too loud and my upstairs neighbor kindly asked me if I can lower it a bit. I didn't have a problem and she approached me very nicely instead of banging on the floor or turning on her radio and blasting it to compete with mine. The only incident that was kind of annoying was when Verizon knocked on our door to promote and market their new Fios (T.V.-Internet-Phone). I didn't have advanced notice they were appearing and we were sitting down for dinner. I inquired to our neighbors if they had advance notice and they said they recieved a letter with the rent bill. In the summer my wife and I go to Fire Island. The ferry is pretty close. All major shopping is close by. The laundry is in most of the building basements. The company isn't great but I hear management is changing soon because they haven't been happy with the company. I lost a three dollars once and complained and surprisingly the laundry company sent me a check for three dollars. The Long Island Railroad is down the block. Usually my wife and I take it if we ever go into the city. Hope this reveiw helps. I strongly give good reviews to Bay Shore Manor.
BayShore and BenArt

Brooklyn, NY

#18 Nov 18, 2008
My review of BenArt & BayShore Manor Apts.
The staff is really cool. The supers make you feel comfortable and they never brush you off. If you treat them as human beings instead of talking down to them whenever you need a minor thing in the same day, they will expedite the completion of their service after normal work hours. Recently they installed brand new shower heads. Not only do they look great but they have massage capabilities and wonderful pressure. Management has also insulated all the buildings which will give tenants nicer comfort in the cold. Buildings I have lived in the past had horrific lighting but the Manor exceeded my expectation on this topic. Garages are sold out. I am the first tenant on the waiting list. I was told that many residents can take one to four garages so it can be competitive. The grounds are very pretty and the landscaping is maintained well. Since departing at the end of my lease which wasn't so easy because when you love a place, it's very hard to leave. I was offered a job out of NY and couldn't refuse. My security return was sent to me within one week. At first I had to notarize a document which I thought was annoying but I definately could understand and did appreciate the whole security return process. Good luck if you live here and always know that this location,tenancy, building, and management is rare to have in one package.

Elmhurst, NY

#19 Dec 6, 2008
A few years ago, the Bay Shore Manor Complex had made many improvements to the building which surprised most of the tenants including myself. When new and beautiful carpet, a fancy paint job, and expensive light fixtures were insalled, the whole complex was delighted. I had thought that was pretty much the extent of the renovation but then the windows, roof,laundry room, intercom, and entrance doors were replaced. I then really respected and appreciated the work and dedication that the management company displayed. I continued to renew my lease because the rent is still low. Ben-Art Realty has a very reliable maintenance tracking and following up system. Sometimes I will receive a call from the office checking if everything was completed to my satisfaction. This is the reason I still live here today.

Elmhurst, NY

#20 Dec 6, 2008
Denise, they installed another light in the parking area. It's really not a big deal.

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