If your child reports child abuse

If your child reports child abuse

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#1 Oct 18, 2011
What to do

There are lots of things you can do to help and support a child ....

Most importantly, listen to the child. If they confide in you, make it clear to them you are taking them seriously and you are going to help them.


Listen to the child. Don't ignore your child. It is true that the legal system is dysfunctional and populated by corrupt sickos. It is true that the legal system likely will retaliate against you particularly if the child abuser is part of the system. The first priority has to be the child.

Long term, the community needs to rid itself of of child abusers in positions of authority like Judge William Adams. The first concern is the child.

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#2 Oct 18, 2011
What do you mean? What child abuse?

Well, Judge William Adams has held that a child should be ignored when the child reports what a child psychologist has described as "horrific child abuse."

He has held that a child's report of child abuse is no evidence and that a parent and her lawyer who relies on what a child says should be sanctioned. He has ruled that it is frivolous to believe a child merely because the child is a child.

He has ignored the fact that the child's report of child abuse was corroborated by impartial third party witnesses who confirmed that the child was where he said he was, when he said he was, with people he said abused him, etc. Actually, he lied and said this evidence didn't even exist.

He has even held it is irrelevant a proposed child care provider is psychotic, homicidal, suicidal, hullucinatory, heavily drugged, etc.

Why would a judge do that? It can be inferred that his apparent affair with one of the child abusers may explain this bizarre behavior. He was observed caressing one of the child abuser's shoulders in the hallway outside the courtroom. That's strange.

One that is for sure it takes courage to look after children when the system is corrupt. We must do it.

United States

#3 Oct 18, 2011
Who's shoulder was he caressing?

William Dudley, who was one of the child abusers according to the child.

The child reported that William Dudley, Lanette Joubert, and others told the child to lie about his mother "touching" her, among other malicious lies.

These lawyers have a history of making allegations of sexual wrongdoing in child custody and divorce cases and absurd false criminal allegations.

Lanette Joubert who is a divorce lawyer used to run a "visitation" center. The Courts regularly sent her litigation opponents to her visitation center (an obvious conflict of interest). At the visitation center, children were pressured to make false allegations against her litigation opponents.

Well, when videotapes of these interviews were subpeoned, they were concealed ultimately "lost."

This is kind of like the obstruction of justice engaged in by Judge William Adams: 1) ignoring evidence including the statements of a fully competent child who everyone agreed was bright and honest, 2) disallowing and punishing basic discovery including subpeonas of people the child said abused him, and 3) retaliation and judicial lies designed to cover up child abuse by his friends including his apparent lover Bill Dudley.

United States

#4 Oct 18, 2011
Let me see if I understand you right?

The same same Court that would believe a child's words and arrest this mother based on what the child says if the child says the mother "touched" the child out of the same mouth says this mother cannot believe her child when the child says that some corrupt lawyers were trying to get him to lie about his mother that she "touched" him? That's nuts. No, that's corruption. It is corruption of our Courts.

The mother is just suppose to do nothing? Well, this same corrupt Judge Adams ignored this mother when this mother testified that a child care provider had mental issues. He refused discovery on the topic. Later, discovery was received from a third party that the child care provider was psychotic, homicidal, suicidal, heavily drugged, etc. and he held this was "irrelevant."

Is there something wrong with him? Yes, it is called corruption. He was obviously covering up the truth and obstructing justice.

United States

#5 Oct 18, 2011
So, your child says William Dudley among others is abusing him. Yet, Judge William Adams says that William Dudley is not a relevant witness?

That is insane isn't it? No, it is corrupt. William Dudley is a self admitted child abuser. Years ago, in a somewhat similar case, a child psychologist was explaining that it is child abuse to disparage falsely a child's parent in front of the child. William Dudley's response was "That means I am a child abuser." He actually said this twice.

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#6 Oct 18, 2011
So, aren't there procedures to protect against corrupt judges and lawyers. Actually, no. There aren't any functional procedures.

As just one example, one man presented evidence that attorney ad litem was related to one of these lawyers by marriage (sister in law). This relationship had not been disclosed. This attorney ad litem fabricated a false story of sexual abuse. She never interviewed witnesses she claimed to have interviewed. The witnesses she claimed to have interviewed denied saying what she said they said. The bottom line is that she fabricated a false allegation of sexual abuse. The bar didn't care. This is one example of many. The bar is corrupt.

United States

#7 Oct 18, 2011
What can we do about this kind of corruption?

It takes work. It takes courage. This kind of corruption depends on a passive public.

We just need to say that we are not going to tolerate this kind of corruption.

You don't believe this? This a copy of the transcript. Read it.

Remove corrupt judges like this from office.

If your state legislatures will not do something about corruption within entities like the Judicial Conduct Commission and the bar, remove them also.

United States

#8 Oct 18, 2011
How do you know this child was telling the truth?

Well, that isn't the point. It is rarely known with absolute certainty whether a witness is truthful.

This child's story was corroborated by independent third party witnesses. The father said the meeting never occurred. The waiters at the restaurant where the meeting occurred said the father and child were there (with additional adults in suits and ties).

The child has said multiple times the meeting occurred and what happened at the meeting (including an interview by a child psychologist).

The child's statements were consistent with his behavior and the child knew things he could not have otherwise known. Specifically, the child was instructed to lie in support of a lie that Lanette Joubert and William Dudley had been telling for months. The child did not know about this lie about his mother until he was told at the meeting.

It is just corrupt for a Judge to lie and say there is no evidence when there is evidence is to protect his corrupt buddies Lanette Joubert and William Dudley. The fact is that there was evidence. The child's statement were evidence. Child testimony is believed in court nearly every day throughout Texas. Yet, in this one instance, this lying corrupt judge to protect his corrupt buddies based on nothing other than corruption and fabrication says that this child's statements don'ts amount to evidence. That is judicial dishonest and corruption. This lying and corrupt Judge Adams admits that he signs arrest warrants based on what children say (children he has never met) yet this mother cannot believe her child. That is outlandish corruption and judicial dishonesty. He is laughing at you the public. He thinks your stupid and won't recognize that he is corrupt and liar.

At trial, the corrupt lying attorney Lanette Joubert who accused this mother of "interrogating" her child even though Lanette Joubert had never seen the videos of the child interviews and even though one interview was by a professional child pyschologist (e.g. she was just dishonestly fabricating) "asked" the child in an aggressive loud voice, "I wasn't there, was I!!!" The child said "Yes, you were." And, yes, this is on videotape. She "interrogated" the child. The child confirmed Lanette Joubert was at the meeting.

It is very said that our courts are this corrupt. It is very sad that corruption of this longstanding nature (at least a decade) is ignored. Many children (and parents)have been hurt.

United States

#9 Oct 18, 2011
Aren't there men (mainly) in prison by the thousands based solely on the testimony of children?

Yes, in many cases, the only evidence against an alleged child abuser is the statements of the child. Often, there is no physical or other evidence. Usually, prosecutors argue "why would the child lie" and the child's words are taken essentially as gospel. This is true even with very young children even children in diapers. This is true even with children who suffer significant disabilities including mental disabilities that could affect their ability to remember and testify accurately.

Don't a lot of these child molesting cases arise in the context of ugly divorces and child custody disputes?


So, are you telling me that according to Judge William Adams, a child is believable to the extent of jailing and imprisoning the child's parent if the child accuses the parent of molesting him even if this occurs in the context of an ugly divorce or child custody dispute but on the other hand if the child says he was told by a parent to accuse the other parent falsely of molesting him well the child is completely unbelievable and his statements are not worthy of any consideration at all in fact if the other parent believes the child well the other parent (and her lawyer) must be destroyed?

Yes, that is exactly what Judge William Adams has said. He admitted he believes children who make accusations of child abuse to the extent of jailing the person the child accused (often a parent). He at the same time says that a child's statements that a parent (and his lawyers) told him to lie and falsely accuse his other parent of child molesting are not entitled to any weight at all (even though the child is without dispute bright, honest).

That's nuts isn't it?

Yes, it is nuts, and it is corrupt. This kind of behavior by our courts cannot be tolerated. It is corruption that must be revealed and fought through legal channels. The importance of this exceeds just one parent and one child. This is done to many children and parents. Those who do this cannot be protected by a corrupt legal system.

United States

#10 Oct 18, 2011
Are you telling me that if my child reports horrific child abuse and I go to Judge William Adams' court and complain about this abuse, I will be attacked?

Yes, your lawyer also.

How, then, do I protect my child (and myself)

You, don't. You and your child is screwed.

This is called corruption.

Minneapolis, MN

#11 Nov 1, 2011
Here's how Judge Adams dispenses justice, to his own daughter:



#12 Nov 1, 2011
This guy is going down!

Rochester, NY

#13 Nov 1, 2011
Judge Adams is a subhuman that needs to be beaten like he does his own kids.

Raleigh, NC

#14 Nov 1, 2011
we see you mr.adams

Lake In The Hills, IL

#15 Nov 1, 2011
Dave wrote:
Here's how Judge Adams dispenses justice, to his own daughter:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =Wl9y3SIPt7oXX
Bring him down!

Carrollton, TX

#16 Nov 1, 2011


#17 Nov 1, 2011

Levittown, NY

#18 Nov 1, 2011
Its going to be one hell of a payback.

West Lafayette, IN

#20 Nov 1, 2011
Want to know this judge's views on child abuse?
&fe ature=channel_video_title

Broken Arrow, OK

#21 Nov 1, 2011
Yep, I won't be satisfied until this guy is put in jail preferably right next some people he put there. That's what what I call justice.

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