Concerned Mom

Brownwood, TX

#1 Jul 11, 2013
My family is about to relocate to Rockport, Tx. Is this a good place to raise a family? We have 3 young children. How are the schools?

Madisonville, KY

#2 Jul 11, 2013
No, the local judge refuses to protect children from child abuse, and he is a child abuser himself.
Concerned Mom

Brownwood, TX

#3 Jul 11, 2013
marshall wrote:
No, the local judge refuses to protect children from child abuse, and he is a child abuser himself.
I see you are from Lubbock. How do you know this?

Madisonville, KY

#4 Jul 11, 2013

Rockport, TX

#5 Jul 19, 2013
Rockport is great place to live, However, the schools have a lot to be desired. The grade school was great, but jr high and high school had some serious issues. Although its been about 7 years, I pulled mine out and sent them to school in portland. I hope they have improved, but not holding my breath.

Cub Run, KY

#6 Aug 9, 2013
Its been twentyfive years since I left Rockport TX, Im quit sure alot has changed. But for me I always loved the little beach town and the people their . I left my senior year of school and at that time we had a great scool and awesome teachers.But like I said, sure things have changed. But for me I can remember it as a great place!

Padre Island Ntl Seashor, TX

#7 Nov 16, 2013
I live in Corpus Christi and I am counting the days until I can move to Rockport. I also have three young children (4,2,1). It is a great place and I go there often. I am from the area and have always loved that town. In fact, George Strait has a home there. =o)

Clifton, AZ

#8 Nov 22, 2013
There are some real morons on here.

I've been in that judge's court and he conducts himself better than most of the area judges.

The Aransas County ISD is one of the top districts in the area. Go to the TEA site.

Rockport is a friendly place and has no traffic. There are lots of good small restaurants but I would prefer a Golden Corral and a WHole Foods Market.

United States

#9 Dec 6, 2013
Yep, Steve, continue the corrupt cover up.

The fact is that he held that it was frivolous to believe a perfectly credible child (the child's statements were supported by facts, circumstances, and even third party witnesses).

There is no law to that effect at all. Children are believed in Court every day on very serious matters (up to and including imprisonment for life).

The child's statements were confirmed by a child psychologist and were videotaped.

He lied about the law. He is a liar. He covered up a crime (the child said he was asked to lie which is called perjury; he covered up solicitation of perjury). He did this on behalf of his personal lawyer involved in his planned personal family court litigation (an undisclosed conflict of interest which he did not disclose).

He lied about the law. It was a black and white lie. It was not a grey area. He awarded his personal lawyer attorney's fees corruptly. His personal lawyer was accused of wrongdoing by a credible child. He was a proper witness. Judge Adams was effectively paying his attorney through his corrupt ruling. He was covering up a crime.

Judge Adams participated in malicious lies being told (including one of the lies the child was told to repeat -- e.g. that his mother was involved in a sexual relationship which didn't exist). Judge Adams not only repeated the lie but expanded it with a ludicrous inference of potential violence (obviously a man who is supposedly having sex is therefor potentially violent to child - an absurdly stupid inference which is exactly what he inferred). He failed to protect a child from a severely mentally ill care giver who was hullicinatory, homicidal, and suicidal according to her medical records. He lied about the law in that record also (mental health is relevant in child custody cases) and attempted to conceal that evidence also. He had the records in the jury room and was told what the records said and then claimed dishonestly "I don't know what the records say" when he did know and if he had any doubt he could have looked at him. He is a maliciously dishonest and corrupt individual who ignores the welfare of children and participates in the abuse of litigants (the mother was attacked for listening to her child's outcry of abuse) and lawyers (the lawyer was attacked for representing his client in a very dangerous situation -- lawyers lying in concert about sex, lawyers asking a child to lie about sex, including potential imprisonment).

Those who participate in Judge Adams in trying to dismiss or cover up his corruption and lying are just as guilty as him. This includes dishonest and corrupt lawyers at the bar such as James Ehler and Marie Haspil and at the Judicial Conduct Commission such as the Thomas Cunningham.

When a lawyer is attacked for honestly representing his client, that is corruption. If you are the Steve who attempted to be State Bar President, you are continuing the corruption of that organization (you supported Judge Adams long after it was more than obvious that he had engaged in corruption).

United States

#10 Dec 6, 2013
These lawyers would never do such a thing? Wrong? They did in the past and they did contemporaneously.

At the same time as Lanette Joubert was saying it was frivolous to believe a child, she herself was believing a child who was saying that a local lawyer and his paralegal touched a child with a fork (among other things). That child was physically molested 8 times as part of that case including twice in one day (SANE Nurse exams).

Lanette Joubert according to court testimony told that lawyer's lawyer essentially we don't have to worry about that case because he'll be indicted this afternoon. The child later told his counselor "I hate it when they tell me to lie." Various parties connected with that situation just suffered judgment of in excess of $10,000,000.

You see, it is OK for Lanette Joubert to believe a much younger child when she pursues her endless false sexual allegations but it is not OK for one of her opponents to believe a child when the child says Lanette Joubert asked him to lie? Of course, if that child had lied as requested someone very likely would have gone to prison.

That is obvious corruption. It is intellectually dishonest. Judge Adams was in the middle of it.

When someone goes to Court they have a right to be heard particularly when their freedom and their child is at issue not attacked by a corrupt judge lying about the law. There is no way that he is truly so incompetent that he really believes a child should be ignored. This child was honest according to both parents and was not impeached in any way other than the ludicrous inference that Judge Adams' friends would never do anything wrong.

We will never have an honest legal system so long as corrupt actors like Judge Adams are given a pass (the same thing about his corrupt friends Lanette Joubert and William Dudley). The same thing about corrupt lawyers at the bar like James Ehler and Marie Haspil. This state sends people to prison every week based on statements of children (often with little or nothing more). If a child says he was told to lie that is something that needs to be heard not covered up.

Judge Adams is worse than Judge Ken Anderson in several angles. He is just luckier. His corruption did not result in wrongful imprisonment of an innocent man (not to his credit though -- he certainly would have had no problem if it had).

He sick to his inner most soul. This was a very serious matter involving immense consequences to lives and he played corruption abusing not only several litigants and a lawyer but his Court.

Corruption spreads. A judge acts dishonestly and then others like blind idiots follow his lead. People like James Ehler and Marie Haspil have little to no ethics or morality but they at least would not have involved themselves in these particular sins absent for Judge Adams' lead.

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