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Newburgh, IN

#42 Dec 29, 2012
concerned wrote:
I have heard around town that they are cutting 18 job positions. Is this true? If it true how are they going to manage the children, will they just add classrooms together or what?
Want more info than what I gave talk to the teachers and aides!! Demand the local papers investigate before it is your child stuck in a class of lunatics that is overpopulated with a teacher that is underpaid and cries everyday they have to go back.

Indianapolis, IN

#43 Dec 29, 2012
back to the real issue wrote:
There has been much talk over ending 18 positions and now teachers are stabbing each other in the back thinking it will save them when the time comes. They are having to meet the unrealistic demands of the state, their principals, and now this new superintendent.

Seems if they truly cared about the children they would not cut these jobs ad make larger unmanageable class sizes, as they did at Rockport Elementary when they cut a third grade teacher to leave 30 in a class some of which had severe behavior issues and learning disabilities mixed in with those trying to learn, but instead would do away with some of the overpaid top. Do we really need 2 principals for the high school, and our superintendent? we need a full time superintendent when EVSC has only1? Why not even combine the north and south spencer school corp. under 1 superintendent since both are having financial issues.

Lets do MORE WITH LESS in that area.

All the fun has been take out of teaching and great teachers are leaving and trying to leave. We are going to be left with the public school wasteland because all the good teachers will move on and those parents that care will move their children to home school or Saint Bernards. I think education is dead and I am looking for the first way out of here.

As far as the IPADS they are a waste of money and teaching time. Children can not be helped as easily by parents because everything's on the IPAD. They are downloading porn and are able to cover it as they know how to "jailbreak" them and cover their tracks. They are posting on facebook at school and building their minecraft empire, but I am sure this is educational. Seems like if you could find money for this you could find money for your teachers. Insurance continues to go up to unaffordable amounts per month and raises are now nonexistent.

I would hope our local paper would take time to find out more and post this for the public to see and make decisions about. Until we change the public perspective there is no hope.
Agreed. There are several good teachers who have admitted to being afraid of being cut simply because they haven't been there as long as some of the others

Indianapolis, IN

#44 Dec 29, 2012
A sibling of mine is a teacher and a dang good one and their job is hanging on a thin line... They are cutting 12-18 teachers/aides! What's crap is we need these teachers!! The new teachers are more up to date on things whereas the older to have more experience that's y we need both in our schools!!
If it was baseball, football they would be fighting this! Shouldn't education come first?!

I agree the papers need to investigate! But sadly the results of who is getting cut should be told after Christmas break.

Also, we need the aides because some students with disabilities need the extra help that a teacher can't give them with 29other students

Newburgh, IN

#45 Dec 30, 2012
I agree with Back to Issues I have found myself crying daily having to go into work.(Nice to know I am not alone) I am seeking other employment even at risk of making less because I will be ahead in the long run. I have never been so stressed, and then felt so degraded as I was also told do MORE WITH LESS. "Oh and hey by the way even if you succeed at this, there is good chance you will not have a job next year." I have watched insurance skyrocket to the point I can no longer afford this and my take home pay is comparable to a career that requires a high school diploma.(I have a masters and many hours ongoing education above that) I buy clothing, supplies, shoes, hygiene products for needy students.....I do more and more with my own money, time, and yet am told it is not enough.

Parents should take a day off, go to your child's school and observe what your child deals with daily. WHAT THEIR TEACHER DEALS WITH DAILY! Its not fair to my kids nor yours, and its about to get worse, much worse. If you are a grandparent or parent go, no matter your students age and see....NOW THAT I PROMISE, WILL BE EDUCATIONAL!

I too heard about the 3rd grade teacher reduction at Rockport. If you look back at records that is the same year that Luce 3rd grade classrooms were in the teens with very minor disabilities in the WHOLE school. The special needs teacher had such a low case load he was servicing EVERY student in the school. ARE WE REALLY SACRIFICING A LARGER STUDENT BODY AND SCHOOL FOR ANOTHER TO SUCCEED?? IS THIS OUR IDEA OF DOING MRE WITH LESS?? OR IS IT AN EVIL STEP CHILD SCENERIO WITH THE LOWER INCOME POPULATION HAVING TO DO MORE WITH LESS? Is this moral? Are these not the kids that need the MORE WITH THE LESS??(SEE FUN FACT)
That is fine however, I knew children in that 3rd grade year. Children that dreaded going to school and cried in class due to the distraction and overall chaos. I AM SURE THEY SACRIFICED THEIR 3RD GRADE POTENTIAL EDUCATION FOR A GOOD CAUSE. I AM SURE THEY LOOK BACK ON THAT YEAR FONDLY AND IT HELPED MOLD THEIR OVERALL VIEW OF THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS POSITIVELY.(SEE FUN FACT) I now share their dread, resignation, and despair in the system. Our new superintendent now wonders why are droves of parents taking their students to home school or private school.....I ANSWER DUE TO MORE WITH LESS
less=less help, appreciation, compassion, tolerance, diversity, exploration, creativity, education, love, spirit, pay, respect, school involvement

More=more testing, state intrusion, children lost, dropouts, pregnancies, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, disrespect, irrelevant learning, failure,



AVERAGE US COST FOR ONE PERSON TO BE ON WELFARE FOR ONE YEAR AS OF 2004 (very outdated best I could find):$17,076.00 for ONE person not a family or parent with child ONE person.

Pay for them now or pay for them later!!!!! But we as teachers should do MORE WITH LESS!! good thing our killers, rapists, and drug brewers have it better......on average at least 4 times better!!

Newburgh, IN

#46 Dec 30, 2012
Will your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren pay for or profit from the decisions being made about them?

Do you care enough to take a stand or are you the one that will sit back and then gripe when the time comes to pay the consequences?

I completely agree pay for them now or pay much much more for them later.

Why do we as a community not get together to form a stand, alternatives for students such as trade schools, a broader alternative school, apprenticeships, mentors etc.? I don't know about you but I do not enjoy paying inflated costs for less than sub par product just because I do not want to do the hard work early on.

Just look and read the other posts on here, is this our future? Is this what we turn out of that high school? But hey good thing that we build another gym, bought a financial helper for the superintendent, and sunk funds into the pool as this is what benefits the majority of students and gets them to the end outcome of a productive life that gives back to our community.
Not sure

Indianapolis, IN

#47 Dec 30, 2012
Y aren't ppl going to the school board?

Evansville, IN

#48 Dec 31, 2012
You would think especially since the Journal sits at every one of these meetings. I would have hoped our cutting edge paper would have asked a question or two about this. But alas every one sits by and then will complain when it affects their children. I am sure that will be teachers faults as well.
A Mom

Tucker, GA

#49 Dec 31, 2012
This is a big concern for me. My youngest goes to Luce, and we are fairly happy with it so far, but my oldest is in SSMS and I'm not thrilled. If things continue the way they are, we will probably do connections academy at home when he reached high school level. Sad, but it seems like kids aren't offered much as far as education goes at south spencer.

Evansville, IN

#50 Dec 31, 2012
yes, unless you are college bound there is not much. I agree college is a good goal, however it is not for everyone. We still need mechanics, carpenters, etc. EVEN if you are college bound they do not have enough classes. So they are made to take irrelevant simpleton classes, art and study hall multiple times a day, or cadet (which I have no idea what the point is. Sidenote:

Dear state and Superintendent,
Maybe you could use these kids to teach. Fire the teachers, hand a cadet an ISTEP test and let them teach away. That would solve every budget issue!!!)
No wonder our kids have bad attitudes towards education, we are wasting their time and boring them instead or preparing them for their future.

SSMS again they have taken away everything: Home Ec. gone, full time art gone, hands on Ind. Tech gone. Cant tell you the last time I had to fix something around the house that it required a computer. We are taking away living skills such as using tools, budgeting, shopping, cooking, sewing, hobbies and replacing with a generation that will not know how to do these things or how to communicate b/c they have facebook to do that for them. But hey when the toilet overflows they will be able to take a nice mirror shot of themselves, in the bathroom, to post on facebook while they drown:)

Evansville, IN

#51 Dec 31, 2012
Has anyone contacted the papers?

Kirkland, IL

#52 Jan 1, 2013
concerned wrote:
Well that is horrible. 18 is alot of positions to be cutting. Larger classroom sizes isnt going to be good for the kids. But yet they have and are getting more Ipads? I understand technology is changing but are they depending on the Ipads to teach our kids?
Think the iPads come out of school budget, shows what an idiot someone is. The IPads are actually SAVING the school THOUSANDS of dollars!! If you'd seen the ratty books they were using you'd get it!
The school is broke, like every other school. You don't like it? K12 is a free online home school. If your kid can't handle the public school, pull them out.

Indianapolis, IN

#53 Jan 2, 2013
Actually get ur facts straight, the iPads are funded differently then payroll so u can't even say that

United States

#54 Jan 2, 2013
CareFree wrote:
<quoted text>
Think the iPads come out of school budget, shows what an idiot someone is. The IPads are actually SAVING the school THOUSANDS of dollars!! If you'd seen the ratty books they were using you'd get it!
The school is broke, like every other school. You don't like it? K12 is a free online home school. If your kid can't handle the public school, pull them out.
First off let's be nice and productive since we are having an adult conversation on here. There is already enough immaturity on here.

Secondly the books are rented and paid for every year by the students that use them for a predetermined time and then they are replaced or resold to other schools. Using this rotation books are pretty current and the school breaks at least even on them. On the other hand the IPADS have a very short life and are already outdated. We will not be using them for even the next 5 years. As far as resale I would not think anyone would want these after they went through a school year with a student for even one year. You have an extra strain on the technology department and will eventually have to employ more in this area. which equals extra cost unlike the books. Unexpected drops, breaks, wear and tear that need replacement means extra bought. More access to materials that have no place in school such as inappropriate materials, games, chat, etc. add extra distractions in the class, waste time, and also add to the discipline issues. Now this is purely based on the high school, pretty soon we are going to add in elementary schools and middle schools so all of this will drastically increase. I personally know my elementary student would not be able to be responsible enough with the ipad (given an ipod left at the last ballgame and a ds in the washer)

Now I understand parent responsibility and paying for the ipad if it is damaged. But I am not on the bus, at ballgame locker rooms that are away (and we have already had incidents of theft), etc.

I understand these are out of different funds seems like we could have spent time applying for grants that helped with professional development, cost of pay for teachers and help with budget expenses, etc.

Look at other area schools that have tried this and now abandoned to the cost and extra distraction and access to inappropriate material. Do you want your elementary student doing homework at home and stumble into porn? We have not talked about the way they are going to handle all of our low income families without internet access. Are we paying for them to have internet or VERY pricey air cards? With high schoolers it was expected they could drive to the high school and access from the parking lot (really?), use Angelo's, or the library. Middle school and elementary can not do this, parents work and some do not get home till late, others do not have access to transportation or the money to drive to access this. So those struggling and trying to do the best for their kids are forced to have another monthly bill putting their family at risk or we pay the bill as tax payers and take more out of a non-existent budget. Those that have parents that do not care and are trying on their own to make will have no chance as they will be penalized for not having homework even though there is no way to do it without internet access. The cracks will get bigger and engulf more.

As far as the K-12 or private seems to be the best option at this point and we are actively exploring and touring now. Unfortunately for every student that is removed from the schools more money is lost and the system breaks down even more. Sad but I have to watch out for my own.
Richland 12

Evansville, IN

#55 Jan 3, 2013
Have they laid off teachers yet? Someone said it would be after Christmas break or is this when they find out about their on-going employment next year?

Is it mostly aides or teachers? I know it is still about a week and a half away will this be how/ when they announce?????????? Would like to know if it involves or concerns my kids, so we can prepare or make changes if needed. Seems like they would have notified the parents about some of this since it has to do with OUR CHILDREN. Ridiculous!!!! I am so sick of this corporation and trying to short people based on who they are. I guess it keeps spreading,

Indianapolis, IN

#56 Jan 4, 2013
They should have told the parents from each school... They should find out anytime. U can call the superintendent office I think many need to and then maybe something can be done differently!!!
There may be 1 or 2 aides left but they go to part time and then the teachers getting laid off go by the recent start date the last ones to get hire are the ones going
Richland 12

Evansville, IN

#57 Jan 4, 2013
So the newest teachers would be at SSMS:
Matt Martin, Sharon Helms, Shawn Hudson
with Hurm and Grose to follow

Rockport would be the special needs teacher

High school has a couple

Luce Rebecca would be the newest one correct, so it appears SSMS will once again be the hardest hit.

Will they move others to those spots as obviously they could loose to 3 8th grade teachers......

I cant see any other alternative than private schooling, which I agree with the above is sad because it will make the budget worse but have to look out for my kiddos. Let the private schools have the money they are already doing well with students and more money would only make them better.:)

Indianapolis, IN

#58 Jan 4, 2013
Actually it's a proven fact the majority of kids in private school are the rebelious kids when they get older. But yes they will move teachers around where needed to either a different elm or middle or high school. I know a few at Luce a couple at middle and few at rprt that could!!
Richland 12

Evansville, IN

#59 Jan 4, 2013
Proven act? Really? I would like to see the stats on that.... Every Saint Bernard kiddo I graduated with has not had any trouble and are all very productive more so than many of the other students that had o one caring about their education. I can not think of one I went to school with that has been in trouble. Tens in general are rebellious soooooo I think I will take my chances with private school rather than public with stories like the ones above and classrooms getting bigger with les aides to death students that NEED DESPERATELY ne on one.

How many times have the police been called to SSMS to deal and restrain out of control kids that had aides. Now we are taking those away? Yeah I think I'll take my chances with private school rather than have my kids in a class with that and possibly get hurt or WORSE.

Evansville, IN

#60 Jan 8, 2013
has anything come of this? I have not read anything n the papers........

Evansville, IN

#61 Jan 9, 2013
What's going on with this

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