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Bryan, TX

#59 Oct 28, 2013
Amen to you Shae!
shae wrote:
<quoted text>
And what is your definition of a pyramid scheme, please? I would love to know!
Le-Vel is the farthest from this!! There is no big-shot CEO sitting in an office getting a big fat paycheck. No vice-president or managers, with a set of managers under them. Nor is there supervisors or jusy laborers. None of that!! We are entrepeneurs helping people live a better lifestyle.
Say do you have a corporate job, may I ask?? What SHAPE does your job take form?? Exactly!!!

Since: Oct 13

Bryan, TX

#60 Oct 28, 2013
Sandy - you can go to my website http://mikuline.Le -Vel/ and find out what you need to know about the Le-Vel THRIVE products. You can also sign up for free and I will contact you and we can talk, no obligation, just you and I talking. If you want to order fine - if not, that's fine too. I can tell you that I am taking the products and think they are GREAT!
Sandy wrote:
Everyone is talking about thrive le-vel but you cannot get in touch with anyone regarding this phone numbers...kinda spooky....

Rome, GA

#62 Oct 28, 2013
Who in Rockmart is using this?

Center Point, TX

#63 Oct 29, 2013
I read the ingredient list for the Le Vel Thrive and already know based on other supplements I have taken that I would NOT be able to take this product.

You are better off eating whole UN-processed foods and going wheat free..... "Paleo" is a misnomer but they are onto a good lifestyle of eating - which I what I follow - lots of veggies, fruits, eggs and meats. The fewer grains/nuts/legumes/seeds I eat the better. And am totally wheat and soy free.

I have added only one food back to my "diet" (I wish there was a different word.) Which is coconut oil. up to 3 tablespoons a day.. am off all my supplements including glutamine which caused TERRIBLE migraines to return... and am feeling better.

Windsor, WI

#64 Oct 31, 2013
Curious2 wrote:
<quoted text>
That's what I have been told also. When they don't have it or they have reached their goal weight loss they feel like hell not taking it. It's almost an addiction. Herbs or all natural ingredients don't give you those withdrawal feelings so were not being told something. IMO
I bought a three day sample of Thrive (pill, powder and patch) I did have less pain in one area, and had loss of appetite, and added energy. I also had blurred vision and nasty headaches. I wasnt impressed but decided to give it more time wanted to make sure I believed in product and it worked before told others about it. well price for patch, powder and pill for a month was 150 bucks. I asked the gal i got sample from which was for pain and appetite suppressant (patch and pills) so I spent 119.99 (100 plus s&h). I did not notice any difference in energy, or appetite suppressed (actually hungrier in late afternoon) nor any decrease in pain. I was on their special group site and tried to sell what had left cuz wasnt working for me, well that was a no no. couldnt return for full refund onlu 50%. some gal wanted mer to friend her cuz she was the expert on stuff which she proceeded to go on and on which ended up a complete turn off of entire company. all I asked was if the product is designed to work all together pill, patch and powder why do they sell it individual. Not interested in promoting something I dont believe in just to get something for free.





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Thrive is changing lives

Rockmart, GA

#65 Nov 2, 2013
Thrive is a awesome multi vitamin! It helps with

Weight management
Pain management
Cognitive Performance
Joint support
Lean muscle support
Digestive and Immune support
Metabolic support

You do not have to sell it. You can simply just go to the website and buy it. I promise the one from gnc will not be as amazing as the real thrive! Thrive has helped bed ridden fibro patients. They are no longer bed ridden and are off their pain medication! Amazing! Has also had great results with diabetic patients! I know someone who was on 4 shot a day and is no longer on any shots thanks to thrive!!! I take thrive because I have two kids had no energy, headache every single day, and a pinch nerve in my back. Since ive started my thrive experience I have not had a single headache no back pain and great energy with no crash! It also gives me a better nights sleep! I just had a baby 7 weeks ago I was 160 at delivery and I'm now at 129 pounds! Whoop!!! Now don't get me wrong thrive will not work for EVERYONE but you will never know if it works for you till you try it!!! Here's the website that will give u more info
Just so you know

Warner Robins, GA

#66 Nov 2, 2013
Hi there. I see this thread is a little old, but I wanted to comment anyway for people finding it like myself. The Thrive capsules are vitamins with a hint of caffeine. The caffeine is all natural from plants and not man made, which is different, but it's in there. There are a multitude of vitamins from A to Zinc. I don't sell this product but I know many who do. The theory is that nutritionally we as a nation are seriously deficient. When we eat our meal plans are based on processed foods and heavy meats. While meat helps us up our protein it is full of cholesterol inducing molecules and bad fats. Most people have a grain or processed breakfast (cereal, pancakes, oatmeal, toast, pop tarts) then go on to have a nice starchy or sugary lunch (potato chips, sandwich, coke) then settles in for a "hearty" dinner (potatoes, meats, spaghetti, bread, pizza). Eating healthy would fix a great deal of things. But additionally our systems are so full of crud that our body doesn't naturally absorb the nutrients and vitamins that we need. The idea behind thrive capsules are that you take them on an empty stomach or with milk and they help your body absorb the vitamins before you eat. Most people I know don't skip a lot of meals. They use the shake mix with fruit juice and frozen fruit to make a smoothie 30-45 mins after the pills. So my teacher friends wake up at say 5:30 and take their capsules. They get dressed, get the kids up and dressed, then make their smoothies and throw them in a to go cup. By the time they are at work they've had a smoothie for breakfast. Not missing a meal, but instead having a nutritious juice and fruit smoothie with no sugar added to the shake (and a sugar free juice or almond milk). The friend that didn't feel well probably has a sensitive system and the lack of caffeine or even changes in routine and diet had an effect. Either way, this product like many others, isn't for everyone. But it isn't solely for weight loss. It is for energy, pain, etc. the idea is that when you scrape your knee, the body heals itself. When you get a cold, the body heals itself. If we give our body the vitamins missing from our current lifestyles, couldn't it heal itself that much faster and that much more efficiently? Well, yes. But most people don't have the time, money, or tools to make fruit and veggie meals for every day, so the vitamin supplements that. If you try it and don't like it then you cans top taking it. I would say it takes a week tore ally feel the effects. But popping pills alone won't make you thin. This is meant to be a helper to boost your body and help you function better chemically. I have seen the before and after pics, but the thrive capsule alone didn't do it. It came with exercise and determination. But when you feel like you have the energy to exercise it makes moving your butt easier. And when your body has more vitamins it heals and rebuilds tissues faster, making you feel better post work out and more likely to continue. I would say that is success if that is all it did. The sales people can be a little too gung-ho.. I know many personally.. Lol. But usually if you say upfront don't ask and tell them you're not interested in that they respect it. There ya go.

Apo, AP

#67 Nov 5, 2013
So.... Snake oil basically? I love how this is the only forum I can find on this product, and it's been infested by the "pushers". There have been countless products with similar (if not the exact same!) claims... There's another trending product, a coffee of some type I think, that is making claims that are equally ridiculous. I'll give it a chance when the company that produces it submits to an actual scientific study of the products effects. It has to be closely monitored, and include a sufficient sample size for each claim they want to tout as being positive. If the only evidence that is presented continues to be market drivel with no hard facts, and anecdotal accounts from each "pusher", then this product will suffer the same fate as all the others, a slow and hopefully painful death

Rockmart, GA

#68 Nov 5, 2013
Thrive is good for short term. I found that at first my pain was less and I generally felt better. After 2 weeks I noticed I was not feeling well, as in I hurt worse and had no energy. I contacted my Doctor and had a exam and blood work.It came back that I had too much of certain vitamins in my system that was having a adverse effect on my system. If you are not lacking in certain vitamins thrive can make u feel bad.

Southfield, MI

#69 Nov 8, 2013
I have been on it for 3 weeks (the patch and pills- not the shakes). I work out 4-5 days a week and eat very well. I do however ache and could drop a few pounds. I haven't lost any weight and I don't feel much different. Still have some arthritis pain in my hips and my energy level is the same as it was prior to thrive. One thing I have noticed is sore shoulder muscles for the past few days. I'm wondering if it's related to the patches? I know it's not from the gym since I haven't done any strenuous upper body weight lifting in a week or so. Just cardio lately. I'm thinking I'm going to stop with the patches to see if the muscles pain goes away. I must admit I'm nervous now after reading the review about feeling like crap when stopping :/
I will let you all know in a few days if there is withdrawal.
ranout of thrive

Springfield, OR

#70 Nov 13, 2013
Been out four days after taking for months,feel like I can't get out of bed to save my life!! Its a great product when you can afford it but god forbid you run out,its got to have something addictive..
educate yourselves

Eugene, OR

#71 Nov 13, 2013
For anyone that has questions about it, it is simple. Read the ingredients. Take them to your doctor. Ask if its right for you. Pretending like you know something about it and bashing it in total ignorance is ridiculous. Learn before you make a judgement.

And by the way a pyramid scheme by definition has no goods or services that are exchanged. If you are calling it that then you are doing so merely by the structure of the business by its "shape", amd if you look at any business or even nonprofit model you are going to see the same shape.

Again, educate yourself.
ranout of thrive

Beaverton, OR

#72 Nov 13, 2013
educate yourselves wrote:
For anyone that has questions about it, it is simple. Read the ingredients. Take them to your doctor. Ask if its right for you. Pretending like you know something about it and bashing it in total ignorance is ridiculous. Learn before you make a judgement.
And by the way a pyramid scheme by definition has no goods or services that are exchanged. If you are calling it that then you are doing so merely by the structure of the business by its "shape", amd if you look at any business or even nonprofit model you are going to see the same shape.
Again, educate yourself.
I am not only educated on it,but took thrive for three months,it was GREAT!! For the first few weeks I felt like I was superhuman,and I considered "promoting" but had no real success so decided to just be a customer,problem was,I ran out and could not afford to get more at the time,it has been four days into the second episode where I ran out, and the side effects are crazy,I seriously on day four now,have not been able to stay awake for more than an hour or so,and I'm having,what I would call,narcolepsy symptoms,I could fall asleep while sitting up,talking whatever,I admit I wasn't captain energy before I took the stuff but I was NOTHING like this,if I could afford it and have it all the time for sure,I would likely stay on it,BUT that's not being the case and this being the second time I have run out and had same results,the total lack of energy is one thing but the depression is compounded as well,I will be sticking to a healthy diet and not taking thrive anymore,though I jones for it like I imagine a crackhead does crack,and it seriously has been tough for me to not take the "extra" or leftover other friends have offered me..I just feel tha something that makes me crave it so much can not be good.

Cedartown, GA

#73 Nov 13, 2013
I hope all the dealers/sellers will be held responsible for their buyers when they start having serious or adverse health issue by taking Thrive. Someone must be held accountable....its just a money making business for some.
ranout of thrive

Beaverton, OR

#74 Nov 13, 2013
FDA wrote:
I hope all the dealers/sellers will be held responsible for their buyers when they start having serious or adverse health issue by taking Thrive. Someone must be held accountable....its just a money making business for some.
One reason I didn't promote it,though I did give out a few samples,was because I wanted to see how long it was AMAZING for,well,I'd say the first two weeks were like being super human,but it tapered off and I either had to take more for the same effect (which like with any addictive substance,you don't get again)or just accept that it wasn't working as well as at first..then I RAN is like coming off something harsh,I have been alseep for four days straight,today was the first day I felt good since I stopped,and though I still crave it,I don't want anything that lakes me feel like this,natural or not,it has something addictive in it.

Huntersville, NC

#76 Nov 17, 2013
I just started taking this morning. I am not taking it to loose weight. Good gosh I hope I don't. I already am only 115 pounds. I trying for pain managment. And so far no pain killers today yet. And usually I need one just to get out of bed. That will be worth the money if I can stop taking all these prescriptions.

Rome, GA

#78 Nov 18, 2013
ranout of thrive wrote:
<quoted text>
I am simply saying after taking it for month,when I ran out,the experience was VERY BAD,I have seen others have the same experience I did,I certainly does make ya feel great,but god forbid you can't afford it or get people to buy it..the extreme le-vel goes to to haide any negatives is shady and in my opinion bad business,if not unethical,I hady comments deleted and was blocked from a fb page for simply stating the truth..not really making me feel the product is so great and if it is its pushers are unethical.
Who blocked you?

Jonesboro, GA

#79 Nov 25, 2013
I have been taking Thrive for about 3 weeks and I don't care if I loose a single pound because I feel so much better. I have chronic back and leg pain and I feel so much better. I wish that everyone I know would give it a try and see for themselves the differnce that it makes. I think the weightloss comes because you feel so much better and are able to do more. I too was skeptical but I'm so glad that I gave it a try.
Thrive customer

United States

#80 Dec 1, 2013
My doctor told me that if you are someone who doesn't regularly take vitamins or eat well, then you can get withdrawal like symptoms from taking something like this regularly then stopping. It's called vitamin deficiency. I didn't buy thrive to lose weight either. I wanted it for pain management and mental clarity. Works great for me. When I have not taken it, all I've had is that all my pains came back. And if feeling like crap when you don't take it is a good reason not to take something, then maybe I never should have been taking my migraine medication, any tylenol, aspirin, Aleve or ibuprofen, and my asthma medication. Guess what, without all those medications before thrive, I felt like crap not taking them either. Thrive has replaced all my over the counter and prescription pain meds, and the regular dose of caffeine has worked wonders with my asthma.
no name

Cedartown, GA

#81 Dec 1, 2013
did not

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