13 year old Rob Taylor of Bartow Co. ...

13 year old Rob Taylor of Bartow Co. shot & killed

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Athens, GA

#2 Dec 31, 2010
Why are so many stupid parents leaving guns around the house?

Elizabethtown, KY

#3 Dec 31, 2010
Why are people so jugmental! "friend" u do not have any idea of the circumstances but u feel justified in judging ppl how dare u they just lost thier son

United States

#4 Jan 1, 2011
Sad sad sad

when a child is shot it usually means irresponsible parents

we have guns but not a one can be fired by a child; too many incidents like this because we try to trust other parents to be as responsible

Auburn, AL

#6 Jan 1, 2011
we had a 16 yr old killed on the west side this morning, shot in the head by reports a shooter from Ctown
Second Amendment

Woodstock, GA

#7 Jan 6, 2011
The problem here is not the gun. The problem is people who are scared to talk to their children about the dangers of them and how they are not EVER a toy. If you inform your children of proper gun safety, this sort of thing does not happen. I have guns in my home, they are loaded and are not with gun locks on them, they are however out of reach of my children. My 10 year old knows about guns (as his father is a police officer) and knows they are not a toy. It's all about teaching your children. This is a horrible tragedy, but no one can jump to conclusion and blame children, parents, or a gun. We can just pray for the families involved and advocate for better gun education.

United States

#8 Jan 12, 2011
So what did happen?
keep 5 alive

Cartersville, GA

#9 Jan 24, 2011
This is Rob H Taylor III's mom, he was my sunshine, and love and he's gone because IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS left their loaded unlocked, shotgun undert their bed. These parents have their 14 yr old son and a toddler in the house. Second amendment, you sound like a police officer, and you seriously do not lock your loaded unlocked guns up but you think if they are out of reach your good? I will pray that your kids don't ever feel the need to show their friends and no one is hurt. Their son supposedly was taught gun safety, he knows how to shoot, my son grew up without guns, my choice, when i was in 5th grade, my friend shot and killed himself with his fathers service weapon. I taught my son to stay away from guns, he was never interested at all, the other family tried to say my boy was passing the gun to their son and he pumped it himself, "accidentally", when he gave it back and it went off and shot him in the side of his head. Bullcrap, no prints at all were found on the gun, after i insisted they fingerprint it. I'm not saying this wasn't an accident, it was as far as the actually shooting goes, but ga st law and bartow county say that since the gun was in their room under their bed and the boy knew he wasn't supposed to be in there that the parents have no culpability in my son's death, the boy to this day has not told me he's sorry for accidently shooting my boy. Our laws need to be changed to protect our kids. If you have kids in your home and guns they should be locked up, everybody thinks their kids know better, well so did the other family where i sent my son thinking he would be safe, he wasn't and he's dead now, like my heart. Is a little trigger lock on your guns gonna kill you? Or wuold you rather chance someone, anyone getting your gun to do wrong, how would you feel, put yourself in my shoes, my son never even played with gun till he was 10, we didn't but them or keep them in our home. He didn't get this gun, the boy did, he didn't touch the gun, the boy did, and my son is dead and theirs was asking his mother at my son's memorial if he could go to a party, he was running around smiling and laughing!! My boy is gone, they go on with no culpability or responsibility from the family at all. Not fair.....not fair, god help me im mad....im sad, im inconsolable...my shinging star is gone, by something i was always afraid of, responsible gun owners need to be praised and irresponsible gun owners need to be punished by the law....

United States

#10 Jan 24, 2011
Ms. Taylor, you have my sincerest sympathies. I know it won't bring your son back, but I would contact the GBI as well as an attorney.

United States

#11 Jan 24, 2011
My heart goes out to you and your family.
keep 5 alive

Cartersville, GA

#12 Jan 24, 2011
Thank you guys, and believe that this is in no way over, we have and attorney and gbi is involed because it was a homicide, accidental or not, still a homicide, but this is in no way over....please pray for us. Thanks all....

Riverside, CA

#13 Jan 26, 2011
Dear Mrs. Taylor I send my deepest condolences and I pray for your family. It burn me up how these folks can sound off and say parents should teach their kids about gun safety. Under the bed was a loaded weapon how STUPID and careless was his parents and yes this would be classified as a homicide so YES the IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS should face charges along with the son should be tried as an adult. If the shoe was on the other foot then the child would be in YDC! Come on Bartow County racism still exists.
Keep 5 alive

Cartersville, GA

#14 Jan 29, 2011
jmom, today is one month, 31 days since my son was senseselly killed, i live in a small town with a big "good ole boy" population. My son touched many people, even inside the bartow county sheriff's office, but i fear we don't have the right last name, or we don't know the right people to really listen to us, also they tell us that the boys parents are not negligent in any way? HOW CAN THAT BE? MY HEART IS BROKEN FOREVER. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IS GONE. Yet they go on with their lives, we've heard nothing from them, their son has yet to say to myself or my husband he was sorry for taking our son's life. How is it fair that they face no culpability in the ENORMOUS LOSS OF ROB? I can't beleave it. I see the boy's facebook page and within weeks of my son's death someone posted pictures of him doing the "limbo" at a party? He asked his mother at my son's memorial if he could go to a party that night as he was running around like nothing had happened, i know, he was in some sort of shock, that's what i thought to...is he getting help? I hope so.......he really is gonna need it now or in the future, i don't wish ill for him, i just don't understand why no one is facing any sort of responsibility in my son's death, i'm badly hurt by this

Euless, TX

#15 Feb 3, 2011
People deal with emotions in very different ways. Some show them and some internalize them and close themselves off. Being a person that has survived a family tragedy I know that I am of the ladder. It has over been ten years and I still deal with it everyday. A lot of the people close to me don't even know of my horrific past because I show them nothing. It has effected my career and relationships. All I'm trying to say is that you can't judge peoples emotions by their actions. This young life was taken by a horrific tragic accident. Mrs. Taylor, I am trully sorry for your loss. I saw you mention that the boy that shot your son hasn't appoligized to you or your husband. This young man just took the life of his friend in a tragic accident. He saw the whole thing unfold in front of him knowing he is responsible for his friend's death. I personally think that the feelings and emotions and images going through this boy's mind is too much for any of us to phathom.

Columbus, GA

#16 Feb 4, 2011
I am a mutual friend of both families, and was very close to both boys involved. Mrs. Taylor, I cannot imagine the pain you & your husband are feeling, but I do want you to know that I am continuously praying for you guys. Rob was an absolutely wonderful young man and you are right, he touched many, many lives. To know him was to love him. I know you are angry & you are hurting, but I fear that a small part of this (based off of your post) is based on incorrect information you have been given. As I said, I am a mutual friend so I have had extensive contact with the other family involved as well and I hope it will bring you some peace by letting you know that the perception you have that they are living a normal life while you suffer couldn't be further from the truth. Not saying you wish them ill, but it seems as though you feel they don't care, when they do-very much! As far as how they felt about Rob, you know they cared for & loved him like their own & I know you & your husband felt the same about their boy. Your boys were always together and were brothers for all practical purposes. Most of the time they were inseperable. Also, I'm not sure if you don't remember this because you were understandably upset, but the boy did apologize to you at the candle vigil when you were hugging him. I was standing there beside the two of you & heard him. He also told me later that when he met with you guys at the church that he told your husband he was sorry then & that you two told him that you didn't blame him & that you still loved him. I was also at the memorial as well...while I don't remember him running around laughing I do remember that he didn't ask his mother to go to a party, he only asked if he could ride back to his aunt's house with his grandmother. I remember him smiling & laughing about some of the stories we were telling about times we had with Rob, though. When I talked to the mother & asked if she had spoken with you guys, she stated that the last word they got was that you guys didn't want to have any contact with them right now, so they have been trying to respect your wishes & give you the space you need to grieve. However, they are all deeply struggling right now. The boy is in intense therapy with a special trauma therapist, and the mother is barely functioning on a daily basis & is also in intense therapy as well. The dad is doing everything he can to keep the family from falling apart & is in therapy also. The boy is still in denial & shock. He even asked his mom last week if Rob could come over that weekend & spend the night. His mom told me he sits & stares out the window for hours sometimes. From time to time, he has flasbacks to when it happened & breaks down totally. Trust me, he is in no way acting as if nothing happened. Rob is in Heaven playing baseball with the angels, showing them how its done. Even though we want him here, he's so much better off. The other boy, on the other hand, has to live with this tragedy for the rest of his life & that is worse than any punishment he or the parents could ever face. Like "sympathetic" said, we can't even imagine what he is having to process at such a young age. That whole family is suffering with you & your family. Knowing Little Rob, I know he loved you & your husband very much. He was so proud of his family. But he also loved the other boy & his family too, and he wouldn't want you to be at odds with each other. He would want you all to heal together. Again, I am so sorry for your loss, and though nothing can bring Rob back, I pray that God gives your heart peace until you see Rob again. And I hope I helped clear some miscommunication that may have been keeping you from that peace.

Suwanee, GA

#17 Feb 7, 2011
Who killed him

United States

#18 Feb 8, 2011
Teen, out of respect for the boy & his family, I'm not going to give his name. Plus, he is a minor, and the family has already dealt with threats & nasty comments. Little Rob was his best friend, and he will have to carry this burden for the rest of his life as it is.

Suwanee, GA

#19 Feb 9, 2011
Oh ... That must be tough ... I pray for both of the familes
Keep 5 alive

Cartersville, GA

#20 Feb 10, 2011
You say your a "mutual" friend? But you obviously have not talked to me at all...but it does sound as if your family or "friends" with them. You called me Mrs. Taylor, my friends call me veronica. I do not wish ill for their family. If you knew me you would know that. You want me to know all about their suffering? If you are a "mutaul" friend then call me and i can let you know how MY family suffers, how rob's neice has broken down, how his sisters can barely function, how i cry all day everyday for the tragic way my son died, how my husbad is a ghost of himself, i don't beleave you know my family the way you are saying....but i beleave you know them extensively....do not talk to me about their pain...i love that boy and i wish him well, call me anytime
keep 5 alive

United States

#21 Feb 11, 2011
friend wrote:
Why are so many stupid parents leaving guns around the house?
EXACTLY!!!! That's why my son is dead...there was a loaded, unlocked gun under a bed and now my baby is gone to me in this life....judgmental, maybe, PUT YOURSELVES IN MY SHOES, THEN WE CAN TALK.....unless the laws are changed to make people culpable and responsible for their own negligence, more of our children will die. Will it be your child next? I pray that this doesn't happen to anyone, I don' t know that I or my husband and family will ever recover from this....
Rob Taylors Friend

Cartersville, GA

#22 Mar 6, 2012
Dear Rob,
I love you buddy. I miss you. We all miss you. I can't believe that just the day before on December 28, 2010 would be the last day that I talked to you it breaks my heart that as we as in all of your friends turn 15 and that we are Freshmans in highschool that you aren't able to do the same things. It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and I didn't see your smiling face at school. You aren't able to get your learners or play on the highschool baseball team but guess what I know that you moved to woodland but Cville had a game last night and Wyatt did great and Lane got a HR :) keep watching over all of us watch over the baseball team. I can NOT wait to see you when I get to heaven lil bud! Well I got to go buddy see you later. With a ton of love ~Emily :-) <3 <3 <3

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